Ga-In To Debut As A Movie Actress

Brown Eyed Girls member, Ga-In will soon make her screen debut in the movie My Love By My Side alongside Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won.

Ga-In Makes Her Screen Debut

Although Ga-In has had some experience from being in a MBC variety sitcom, My Love By My Side directed by Park Jin Pyo is her movie debut. Ga-In management, Nega Network announced on the 6th, “Ga-In has decided to act in the movie My Love By My Side. She is personally very nervous since its her first time taking on a movie roel. But just like how she trains hard to practise her singing, she will also work doubly hard on her acting for the movie.”

The movie My Love By My Side is about a man (Kim Myung Min) who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease (progressive neurodegenerative disease) and the self-sacrificing woman (Ha Ji Won) who takes care of him. Ga-In plays an athletic female high-school student who becomes disabled after an accident.

My Love By My Side will start filming on 10th February.

16 thoughts on “Ga-In To Debut As A Movie Actress

  1. I remember seeing her on SGB, and one of the guests said she looked like his good friend actor, Ryu Seong Bum

  2. don’t be so mean about her appearances, she looks fine to me .. it seems some of the singers start to debut as actor/ actress and actress to become singer . e.g goo hye sun

  3. I don’t care about her appearance really, but she annoys the crap out of me. Like that comment she said about G-dragon.. You can tell she use to play. Ugh.. I definitely won’t be looking forward to this movie. She should stick to BEG and BEG only.

  4. ^ Bigbangin’ what are you talking about? If you’re going to hate on someone at least take the time to know the truth before you do. Ga In didn’t say ANYTHING about G-Dragon. If you watched the episode (instead of listening to rumours and people’s comments) you would see that she didn’t even know who they were talking about first. ‘Huh’ and the answer ‘yes’ is the same word in Korean and she was mistaken for saying yes instead. It’s not her fault SGB producers wanted to make drama…

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  6. waahhh !!
    She was sooo 섹시 in the abracadabra music video 🙂

    사랑해 브라원 아이드 걸스 ^ ^

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