Tae Yeon and Hyung Don In Bangkok for Honeymoon

There were talks earlier that Tae Yeon might miss the recording of MBC We Got Married with her make-believe husband, Jung Hyung Don because So Nyeo Shi Dae was scheduled to perform in Bangkok, Thailand this Saturday. But that has been laid to rest with news that Jung Hyung Don has flew to Bangkok as well for a trip with Tae Yeon and filming will take place as per normal.

Tae Yeon and Jung Hyung Don

One official said on the 5th, “So Nyeo Shi Dae will leave the country on 6th February for a concert in Thailand and Jung Hyung Don will join them.”

On the afternoon of 7th February, So Nyeo Shi Dae will be part of SM Town Live ’08 in Bangkok Concert at the Bangkok Rajamangkala National Stadium. The concert was supposed to take place last year but was postponed due to the political turmoil. Besides So Nyeo Shi Dae, DBSK, Super Junior, Shinee plus other artistes will take to the stage and party with their fans in Thailand.

It was revealed that Hyung Don decided on the trip to Thailand so that he could cheer and give strength his young wife, Tae Yeon, who will be performing for the first time in Thailand. Expect to see something like what was shown when Solbi went to see Andy at Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary concert.

We can expect to see Yuri and So Nyeo Shi Dae again on We Got Married soon. This will only be the second time that We Got Married is going overseas after Hwang Bo visited Kim Hyun Joong in Japan while promoting with SS501.

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credit: juhyun@soshified.com/forums (translation)

38 thoughts on “Tae Yeon and Hyung Don In Bangkok for Honeymoon

  1. omg…. lucky him…

    got young age wife…and can go to their concert…for free???
    he can meet other idols as well…

    sooo jealous…

  2. I totally forgot that the concert is tomorrow. I’m not going though (unless someone gives me free ticket. LOL).

    Oh right. The press conference is today.

  3. Yeah, the press con is today’s evening. and I’ve seen a pic of fans crowded in front of the press con stage since morning.

    Gotta accept it. Thai fans are pretty hardcore too.

  4. Woooo Coolsmurf has a new love and her name is Kwon Yuri haha

    This will be interesting but I don’t think it will be like ShinHwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert… This will probably be very funny to watch and not emotional like Solbi and Andy…

    Will HyunDon cry when he sees TaeYeon singing Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby… or will he ask her to do an event for him…? Haha

  5. umm,, tomorrow i will see the concert. (I’m in Thai)
    I have to make eyes on TY … if she’ll do something to express for Hyungdon or not. LOL
    I can’t think about it if WGM give them a weird mission.
    Hope HD does not give sth strange request.

    Cheer TY*

  6. @Laura: what are you talking about?? o_0

    plz, junsu doesn’t have any relation with WGM, so don’t be stupid okay*peace.


  7. I feel sorry for her.

    I hate Hyun Don! It’s stupid how WGM’s PDs are trying to keep him around when obviously, he only ruins the show.

    Anyway, I do hope that this couple only last less than a month!

  8. lol @ the sacraficing his time, he prob dont got other shet to do, missing a few meals of junk food at home prob

  9. though comparing taeyeon-hyungdon couple to anbi feels so off. to think of how he was with saori and now with ty…

    why do the WGM production like hyung don so much???

  10. haha honestly after watching this i find them cute together! hahaha they kinda compliment each other! and tae yeon is the girl that changed don don hehehe ^_^ i think i will start WGM once again ^_^ it has become interesting yet again….haha they must thank this couple haha because in my point of view they made the show have sparkles again ^_^

  11. At first I cringed when I heard Taeyeon and Hyungdon were getting coupled together, but after watching them; they really do seem suitable as far as a make believe couple can be suitable for each other. It seems Hyungdon actually tries harder now that he’s with someone like Taeyeon, and Taeyeon seems to put him in his place in her own cute way. ^^

  12. Haha I wish I could go to concert wit tae yeon nuna and cheer her haha that b super cool but hyong don is going…:( and I hope ]>[” doesn’t perform is that concert cuz I don’t wanna c skendle xiah junsu and tae yeon… ( I not being meen to DBSK there cool too)

  13. Omo…i wonder how Hyung Don will treat Tae Yeon…
    Heard he already have lots of anti-fans..haha..
    Hope that Hyung Don can show something different this time…with his new wife…=)

  14. Its just a show.. RIGHT?!?!? please tell me its just a show!!!! pLEASSEEEE!!!

  15. they just a “virtual couple” in variety show MBC call “we got married” so the truth is taengo still fresh n single

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