Choi Soo Jin, Sister of So Nyeo Shi Dae member Soo Young Attracting Eyeballs

I am not sure why siblings are allowed when the show’s title is called Introducing Star’s Friends. But male viewers are in for a treat this Saturday evening, 7th February when Choi Soo Young’s elder sister, Choi Soo Jin will appear in the latest broadcast of the MBC variety show. Pictures of the sisters have attracted lots of attention since it surfaced on the internet.


Netizens were mightily impressed with Choi Soo Jin appearance and remarked that good genes certainly runs in the family after seeing the pictures. Some suggested she should enter the entertainment industry like her sister. There were even some who mistook Soo Jin to be a member of So Nyeo Shi Dae to which her sister, Soo Young belongs after viewing the photos.


According to someone from the show’s production team, “Choi Soo Jin is even prettier in person than in the photos. And she is the most beautiful person (sounds familiar) that has been on the show since it started!”

It’s revealed that Soo Jin will showcase her talent by dancing and singing to impress the guys while her sister Soo Young also lends a helping hand.


You can also expect a lot of laughter on the same episode when S4 turns up, a parody of the current hit drama series Boys Before Flowers F4. To give Seung Ri and Daesung some encouragement and support, fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon and their boss, Yang Hyun Seok will also turn up in person.


Can you piece together who is who?

35 thoughts on “Choi Soo Jin, Sister of So Nyeo Shi Dae member Soo Young Attracting Eyeballs

  1. wooww Choi Soo Jin so pretty !

    LOL @ the f4 parody ! it’s kind of hard to tell who’s who.. except that daesung is joonpyo and the girl in the center is jandi? andd.. seungri as kim bum?

  2. She has a beautiful sis.

    I can see her sister getting into a cf or modeling soon, if not any other offers ^^

  3. They are both so incredibly pretty… Their nose and smile is quite similar… lol

    and the S4 thing will be great with Kim ShinYoung haha I love that lady… and DaeSung is pretty funny too haha…

  4. in the first pic, soo jin looks a hell lot like sung yuri. I love their cheekbones, it’s so..pretty. Soojin looks more korean than sooyoung.

  5. wow, her sister is pretty!
    not surprised if she gets into the entertainment industry.
    xiah junsu also brought his twin on this show as well. and because of this show, his twin is now debuting as an actor.
    after all, good genes run in the blood and i can’t wait for this episode esp with the S4 hahahs (:

  6. n3ssa_chan
    They are both so incredibly pretty… Their nose and smile is quite similar… lol

    Perhaps they have the same doctor lol

  7. If Choi SooJin enters, then she should model and act instead. but you know she’s not the only siblings who joined that. Kim Jun Ho, Kim Junsu’s brother also attended that!

  8. lol @ people suggesting she should enter the entertainment industry because she’s pretty. That really says it all for the Korean ent. industry doesn’t it?

  9. Soojin is gorgeous, but her looks are typical and she reminds me of a few Korean actresses. Sooyoung has more of a unique face that makes her stand out.

  10. i wanna see this show…though im particularly more interested in seeing s4…lol! ^^ i think daesung and seungri can also debut as actors… seeing their mini drama in sbs gayo daejun…cute!

  11. Wow..that picture of SooYoung & her sister doing the heart is really pretty. I mean the sister looks really
    SooYoung is the only member of SNSD that I like so I’ll be watching this episode plus BB is gonna be on it so of course it’s more reasons for me to watch.

    S4? LMAO…everyone just doing a parody of F4 that just makes me want to watch even more.

    I agree with you though Alvin. I don’t know why siblings are being allowed on the show when the show is called “Introducing Star’s Friend” hence the word FRIEND..I get ppl say they are friends with their siblings & they are like bff but still I’m sure you have like a non-relative friend out there.
    I swear ppl are bringing their siblings all since Junsu brought his twin Junho. I sorta feel the whole bringing the sibling thing is a ploy to get the sibling notice & possibly get them into the business.

    Whatever the case I’ll be looking forward to this episode 😀

  12. Wow, a must see this time around! Choi Soo Young is drop dead gorgeous, and I think the same thing goes for her sister. Dam.

  13. Wow! Best looking celebrity sibling I’ve seen so far! I wouldn’t be surprised to see her doing CFs after this!

  14. I am so watching this for Sooyoungie and Big bang. not to mention S4 ❤ LMAO. I love BOF. I don’t know why alot of you say that Her sis is prettier, i think thye are both gorgous. And sooyoung ahs a more unique face. But honestly they sorta do look alike. Not reeally, but sorta.

  15. I can’t wait for this episode. LOVE Introducing Star’s Friend anyways, but this one seems really good. ^_^

  16. I think Sooyoung got the “cute” looks
    and her sister got the “pretty” looks
    So it’s even ^^
    lmao x]
    Seungri: Kim Bum
    Daesung: Joonpyo(?)
    Shin Bongsun: Geum Jandi
    And I dunno about the rest =.=

  17. Her sister is an absolute HOTTIE! I hope this show springboards a chance into the entertainment industry…if she feels like it.

    LOL @ the 2nd cluster of pics where SooYoung seems to have no eyebrows. Does she get those drawn on?….how long ago was this pic?

  18. soojin definitely got the genes from her dad and sooyoung from her mom
    there were also pictures of their parents taking sticker pictures with them so you can actually see the resembalance plus sooyoung is not the only with a hot silbing lol literally all the members of snsd have good looking silblings

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