Tablo and Kang Hye Jung Are Dating

It was revealed that actress Kang Hye Jung (27) is now in a relationship with Epik High leader, Tablo (29) and is now the headline story for today.

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung Dating

According to a close friend of Kang Hye Jung who revealed, “Kang Hye Jung and Tablo met during a gathering last year and only recently confirmed that they were dating. Both of them have similar tastes in terms of music, movies, etc and thus they already left a good impression on each other after their first meeting. After a few successful dates, they are now in a stable relationship.”

Compared with other celebrity couples who usually keep their love stories from the public eye, Kang Hye Jung is going the opposite direction by confirming her relationship with Tablo. Many fans have given the lovebirds their blessings. There were already rumors earlier of them in a relationship after eagle-eyed fans spotted the both of them dating around coffee joints in Kangnam.

YG Entertainment to which Kang Hye Jung is contracted under told reporters today that Kang Hye Jung did not want to conceal it at all and had admitted to their relationship. One representative expressed, “They are now dating blissfully and they would like to thank everyone for their concern.”

55 thoughts on “Tablo and Kang Hye Jung Are Dating

  1. Happy for Tablo and her (even though I don’t know who she is..) Tablo is awesome so I’m happy for him! I hope they make it! ^^

  2. Kind if unexpected and odd but good for them. It must be so much more comfortable to be in a relationship publically


    I have no idea who she is but I approve xD I hope they’ll be blessed with lots of yaaayy and awwwh from their friends fans.

  4. For everyone who doesn’t know who Kang Hye Jung is, she’s an actress who’s part of YG Entertainment. Some of her movies include Old Boy and, most recently, Herb.

    I’m really happy for both of them! 😀

  5. i LOVE Tablo <33333333333
    Im so suprised that he hasnt gotton a girlfriend sooner!
    Usually i want celebrities to just stay single forever (hahaha) but with Tablo im always questioning why hes single!!!! I always thought hed be awesome boyfriend material.

    Random…but same with Kangin.
    Glad hes on WGM :]

  6. wow!! i love tablo! dont know who hye jung is…but hope that their relationship will last! Tablo’s totally awesome.

  7. i am so happy for him. i hope he is happy. he is at that age. lol. wish them the best. good to reveal and show their love then hide it. tablo and kang hye jung, fighting!!!

  8. Wah~ Tablo oppa finally has a girlfriend! Yay! I’m happy for him. Hopefully this will keep him from being depressed.

  9. i love that tablo and hyejung are open about it…. and as much as i think some netizens are crazy… i’m hoping that epik high, specially tablo fan’s will take it nicely! i’m sooo happy for them!!!!

  10. It’s really nice to know that they are open about it.
    And they do look good together.
    I hope they last for a long time.

  11. aawww so sweet, love how much loovee tablo is getting from his fans! to be so supporting! well he deserves it, and so do every other hardworking talented artists out there!

  12. Omo! Congrats to the lovebirds~ ^^
    OMG! I’ve never thought that these two would get together…
    Hye Jung is with YG?? Didn’t know that… 😛
    Anyways, I wish them all the best!!! 🙂

  13. Well, that’s great, but I hope she discussed this with Tablo beforehand about revealing their relationship because I’d be a little upset if my SO didn’t discuss it with me before letting the whole world know. It seemed like she didn’t discuss it with him because this article just states that SHE was the one who wanted to reveal it because SHE’S that type of person. lol. No mention of Tablo in this situation except that he’s dating her. Oh, well.

  14. Its a weird combo, but Tablo’s a genius musician and Kang Hye Jung is a great actress. Their relationship will possibly be eccentrict ^_^

  15. @f, Mithra has a girlfriend which was revealed in Jul 2007, suppose they are still together since nothing bad has surfaced since then. at that time, it was revealed that they have been going out for 2 years already, mighty stable. for pictures of the couple.

  16. I really thought this was really random.. But that’s nice, I haven’t heard Tablo having a girlfriend before… Haha.. =)

  17. good for them, it must suck to have a relationship in the public eye. anyways i always thought she looked like the lady that played Janice in East Of Eden. i love Tablo, so i hope it goes well.

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