Overplaying of Soundtrack in Boys Before Flowers Criticized

Just 2 days ago, KBS Boys Before Flowers ascertained their high popularity with an impressive rating of 30.5% (TNS Media Korea). But on the other hand, the relentless use of songs from the official soundtrack in the drama has led to netizens commenting, “Are we watching a music video or a drama?”

OST Boys Before Flowers

In episode 10 shown on 3rd February, there was an insane amount of background music inserted and had an effect on the overall episode quality. In the total 69 minutes of footage, the total length of songs that were played amounted to around 20 minutes. T-Max Paradise, SS501 My Thoughts Are Bad, TB One More Time, etc were played at least twice in this episode.

If the production team overly promotes the soundtrack to viewers in the hope that they will buy it, then they have every right to be unhappy about this. There wasn’t any real need to do this since the soundtrack was selling like hotcakes and there were lots of pre-orders for it before its release. There were also cries of nepotism directed towards SS501 and T-Max singing for the soundtrack because their members Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon are part of F4 in the drama. And so naturally, their groups gets to sing it because of that.

Criticism was also directed towards the inappropriate use of music for some scenes in episode 10. Some expressed their discontent at the countless number of times that Ashily Lucky was played when Jandi appears in the episode.

Another inappropriate use was when Jandi chanced upon Ji Ho playing the piano and Ashily Lucky started playing again. Another example was when Joon Pyo dashes out of the car and goes towards Jandi to kiss her. But the moment was spoiled by T-Max Paradise suddenly playing in the background.

Netizens commented, “This is not the first time actually (overplaying and inappropriate use) but it was simply overdone in the latest episode”, “This is the 1st time that I felt that it was so agonizing listening to music while watching a drama”, “The soundtrack of this drama is a bit scary”, “I really hope that they can tie in the music with the scenes more appropriately in future”.

With regards to the criticism, Group Eight expressed, “The reaction from fans towards the songs from the soundtrack has been very good, so we decided to increase the use of the songs. We will accept all praise and criticism directed towards the drama through our forums and then adapt accordingly.”

Group Eight also dismissed rumors of a possible extension to Boys Before Flowers and assured viewers that the 24 episodes will be sufficient.

98 thoughts on “Overplaying of Soundtrack in Boys Before Flowers Criticized

  1. Well yeah it’s true, they don’t really have a diverse set of songs like Hana Yori Dango did.
    And Hana Yori Dango did have some awesome songs while Boys Before Flowers just has some mediocre songs that sound pretty amateuristic.
    And if you overplay those then people will complain.
    But they shouldn’t…cause it’s nitpicking.

  2. It’s overplaying. I mean as long as the character stop talking, they start to play it; also, when they walk, they start to play.

  3. lol.. i thought it was just my korean friends who’s acting over the background music issue… as they were watching episode 10.. they keep saying.. “aish chajungna.” or something like that.. -_-….
    i havent watched the recent episodes yet.. but its gonna be something now T__T

  4. I don’t understand why it wasn’t criticized in the first place. I really can’t stand the OST.

  5. yes, i already sensed this from ep 1, the music director didn’t pick the right music. i have no problem with the soundtrack because this drama is a teenager/idol drama so i understand the soundtrack to be K-pop-ish, but they sometimes didn’t use it properly, i mean properly is they put nice upbeat song on rather solemn scene, or one instance is the grand entrance of F4 on ep 1, they make it sound like it’s a thriller movie…
    i haven’t watched ep 9 and 10 due to the crappiness of my internet connection, but when i comment on ep 1 & 2 about the horrible (maybe the correct term is not scene-appropriate) music, i got flamed by other fanatic yt user, so i quit complaining…

  6. Ya i agree to that i couldn’t stand watching ep 10. I feel so irritated. Its like even when the character is talking, they will still play the bg music (but apparently they lower down the volume). But it is still irritating. Other than that, i was okay.

  7. 1 thing i can stand is the song, Lucky. The lyrics is pretty stupid right? Lucky in my life? Lucky in my dream???? Seriously…………

  8. I’m glad this is finally addressed. It’s been bothering me since watching the first few episodes. The songs totally ruin the great moments for me. Not only do they overuse the songs to death, they also use completely inappropriate music. “Paradise” when the boys are ice-skating and Jun-pyo is chasing after Ji-hoo to beat him up?? God and they play that stupid “Lucky” song almost EVERY time Jan-di is in a scene. I hated that song from the first time I heard but now I’ve probably heard it like 20-25 times now?
    Ugh I usually don’t even care about the music when I watch dramas but for BoF, it’s seriously distracting and annoying.
    Sorry, end rant. ><

  9. Lol. Coincidentally, I just said something about this in the BOF thread. Yeah, the songs are a bit overplayed. I’m not Korean but it didn’t take a while before I memorized the lyrics of the three most overplayed songs in the drama ‘Stand By Me’, ‘Paradise’, and ‘Lucky’. I didn’t like these three at first but as expected, it kinda grows in you as time passes by. Lol. I hope the producers don’t take off the songs completely cause as overplayed as it is, it kinda adds to the atmosphere.

  10. Oh god. Finally this issue is brought up. From the very first ep I hated the OST immediately. The songs aren’t even sad/moody for the sad scenes. It just didn’t really fit in that well. I hated almost all the songs they played but I tried to ignore it and continue to watch it cuz its such a nice drama. Just the music was irritating.

  11. it is overplayed. Frankly, I’m already tired of TMax Paradise.
    But I can never get tired of SS501 :]

    Haha, funny how SHINee didn’t make the list.

  12. LOL I didn’t even noticed that, I was SO absorbed by the drama! haha XD

    but I reckon, during the first episode when I got to hear the soundtrack, my ears were bleeding. but I’m gotten used to it by now ^^

  13. I’m going to have to agree with the netizens on this one. It was definitely overplayed and agonizingly irritating. They never fit the scenes and the songs themselves aren’t great to begin with (no offense to SS501). I mean, on occasion, maybe they’re good songs, but I think they could use some more dramatic ballads for certain scenes, not the loud and bouncy “Almost paradise” squawking at you over and over again. I sure hope they just find some new songs.

  14. Lol, was I the only one oblivious enough to not notice the overuse of the music? I am glad I didn’t notice it though because if I had, it would’ve driven me nuts during the ENTIRE episode!

  15. I agree with the overplaying the soundtrack during the episodes…especially since the soundtrack can seriously be heard ALL over Korea right now. You can’t walk down a street in Seoul w/o hearing Paradise…it gets tiring >.<

    I don’t mind that the F4 guys are part of the singing though. I mean in the Taiwanese one…they were the actual singers…it’s a two-in-one package deal. What’s better promotion than having the actors sing…and it’s not like Hyun Joong and Kim Joon weren’t singers before. They were singers before they started acting.

  16. well ya..i totally agree! the music was over the top. they jus killed it playing almost paradise all the time..i’m starting to get sick of it.

  17. i don’t mind so much the playing of the music. but the last episode was basically half music video, half dialogue. that ashily – lucky song got on my nerves with the bad english grammar =_=

  18. Yes!!! The stupid lucky song was kind of sweet at first, but now its plain annoying with its horrible grammar… Come on, they could´ve gotten a dictionary. And the Almos Paradise song is just plainly bad. Its this guy screaming at you, all the time.

    The other songs I like, maybe they should add for the next episodes other songs, they´d make more money with a second soundtrack.

  19. i don’t mind the overplaying…cuz it made me like the entire soundtrack and not just a few songs… this is the first Korean drama where i actually listened to every song in the soundtrack because i heard it so much…it became addicting!!!

    although i wish they don’t play the “Because I’m Stupid” song with Ji Hoo’s scenes b/c i like that better as the ending song, rather than Ji Hoo’s song… (nonetheless…i don’t get tired of hearing that song either!!!)

  20. although… it would be nice to play songs that are instrumental versions instead of the songs with the actually lyrics and singing…

  21. All the songs are pretty mediocre….even most of the instrumentals. They need to get a new music director and playlist. The horrible music is ruining perfect scenes in the drama.

  22. It’s so true. Now imagine that times three. Of our four housemates, three of us are watching this, but all at different times and it drives the one housemate that doesn’t watch it crazy. I didn’t even notice until she started complaining about it just today…coincidentally this article was posted.

    But they should use some other orchestral music or add another song. Wasn’t Shinee and some other artists going to sing for the OST? How about inserting those songs in as well?

  23. I still watch up to episode 3… but i feel that the success of this drama is because of the previous success of hana yori dango in Taiwan and Japanese version. The production is not really that good actually, really thanks to the story then…n the soundtrack is not so impressive as well. n they really know how to spoilt the mood by playing the-so called-soundtrack thing….

    anyway, i hope it will be better n better for next episodes, if not, it will be such a waste…

  24. for once i agreed with the netizens
    someone give them a new full set of soundtrack, i dont mind if its instrumental, classic, or not
    just not another “almost paradiseeeeee”
    or “lucky in my heaaaart” god, the girl cant sing
    listening to lucky makes me think she’s karaoke-ing and she sucks at that

    and lol @ ngpossible
    really? 3 of 4 housemate?

  25. I agree, they overplay the songs. Sometimes I wake up the next day after watching BOF episode and one of their songs is stuck in my head. I guess that’s their gole but it gets annoying really.

    I remember the episode when they went to the island and Stand By Me and Paradise were on repeat that I thought, “wow, this ost doesn’t have much variety.”

  26. I don’t really mind the Ashilly song because I always thought it was her theme song… But I enjoy the moments where they just play pure and simple music…

  27. Gee about time the music PD got their butt(s) kicked for the most inappropriate use of songs from OST I think I have ever heard in a k-drama (or anything for that matter)!

    In the last few episodes the series has shifted gears from it’s slightly manic/over acted opening episodes to more subtle (slightly more emotive performances from the actors) only for the cast and the audience to be screwed by OST!

    Whilst I do not understand korean (but love kdrama and kpop with a slightly unhealthy passion : p ) even without having to understand the lyrics you just KNOW and feel that songs used (esp that overused ‘Paradise’) just does not sit ‘right’ with some scenes.

    Honestly how can a MUSIC PD be so tone deaf! Are they blind too? How can they consider, let alone use, ‘Paradise’ for subtle scenes? The poor usage just sucks the life out of a scene. Did T-Max sleep with the music PD? WTF?

    Would have thought that given the hit that BOF is that they would have a broader OST, even a 2nd volume. Damn if they want the make $$$ from the OST why not expand the OST to more appropriate tracks, not repeat repeat repeat repeat the same &^% tunes.

    (BTW The OST in and of itself, used in moderation and appropriately is actually quite enjoyable. But if they keep this up the OST will be remembered…for the most hated kdrama OST!)

    Let’s hope they listen and tone it down from now on. Fingers (and ears) crossed…

  28. i totally hate some the songs used in this drama but i dont mind since this drama is for teenagers n they wanna use k-pop-ish songs. but seriously, choose something different once in a while would be very lovely. i agree with some people they overplay paradise and that lucky song. paradise is okay for me but lucky??? urghhhh!!! hope those pds will take note of this n PLEASEEEEE select appropriate songs!!!

  29. I think Paradise is overkill and at a point I have to lower the volume of my computer and just rely on the subtitles. An animated video of BBF guys as Chippendales at you tube.Enjoy!!

    or just look for defroster9 videos

  30. i didn ‘t notice…i’m too absorbed with each scene! hehehehe! But i still love “I’m Stupid” by SS501..i hope they don’t take this one out. I’m not korean so I don’t understand the lyrics itself, but I guess the beat of each song somehow matches the mood of each scene.

  31. i totally agree with the overuse of the soundtrack in ep. 10. When jandi was watching ji hoo play the piano, and when both were playing the piano, all i could hear was music from the soundtrack and not from the piano. Like seriously, what is the point in playing the piano if all i can hear is some dumb background music. What i wanted to hear was music from the piano and NOT the soundtrack. tsk tsk.

  32. ~i just realized i cant recall how the songs from the OST sounds like! that’s how much i ignore the background music while watching! but then again, havent watched ep 10 yet.

    oh but i do know they used one song from witch Yoohee OST though…

  33. The song Paradise is very similar to DESTINY sung by Lee Sung Wook and was one of the OST in Witch Yoo Hee or Witch Amusement Park.That was my first impression the first time I heard PARADISE and I thought it was only me.I like the song by SOMEDAY and the lyrics translated in English (saw it at VIIKII.net) is pretty cool and appropriate for JoonDi/JanPyo relationship.

  34. There are 14 more episodes people, you’ll be hearing those songs for 7 more weeks. LOL

    I find it annoying, sometimes I feel like fast forwarding the scene when the bg music starts. 😦

  35. Where can we go to “officially” log a complaint so that the PD’s can “accept” and “adapt appropriately”?

  36. “Some expressed their discontent at the countless number of times that Ashily Lucky was played when Jandi appears in the episode”

    i hate this song so much!! and i hate the song they used in “Witch Amusement” and now they recycled the song here in BOF.

    i wish that the PD listen to those criticism and stop overplaying these songs……

  37. the OST sucks, plain and simple.
    I really liked the concept and the main characters, but the awful music killed this drama for me. Just reading the recaps now.

  38. i bet if it’s dbsk or big bang or even wonder girls or snsd or shinee or maybe ss501 singing ‘paradise’ it won’t be a single damn problem fer you people to have it as the jingling background the whole airtime, rite?

    would i be surprised if that happens?

    hell no, why would i? LOLz.

  39. It did over play for a bit though. But i guess that shouldn’t be a big problem since your focus should be on the acting….(?) I guess they were trying to create some atmosphere or something like that.
    But hey, to think about it, wouldn’t it be boring for ep10 to be without those extras at the back?
    It’s like muting the parts where the characters aren’t talking.=/
    Anyhow, it’s only logical for SS501and T-Max to be singing the soundtrack since Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon are acting. I mean, it’s a marketing strategy they’ve learnt 😀

  40. I totally agree.Everytime i watch it i feel weird as i think when i don’t have that feeling,the drama plays not match the feeling of the song.I always want to complain about this actually.Thanks them for complaining.
    This is the drama ihave watch before with most music in it.

  41. I agree with the netizens for once. Most of the songs on the soundtrack are horrible and they play all of them every chance they get. I can understand the OST is popular, but to use every single song from the OST for every single episode is so annoying. At least just play the instrumental version. I especially hate the Lucky song now. They over use it so much, and her voice totally spoils the moment T^T

  42. I totally agree… it´s really not like they made a fuzz from nothing,.. haven´t yet watched the ep 10 but I remember thinking at a lot of scenes in the previous episodes that they should´ve cut out the damn music cos it literally destroyed the “feel” in the scene… overall this drama is awesome, but as to the music part it really does make some sense to criticize it, hope that they´ll change it soon…

  43. i agree that the songs are overplayed in ALL episodes. especially that LUCKY song. it’s getting on my nerves.

    everytime a song is being played, i’ll be like – “agaaaiiinnn???!!!”

  44. WOW does korean neitizens have nothing better to do?
    i personally didnt even noticed ALOT of songs playing during episode 9+10. I mean the song empphasizes the sadness. =.=”

  45. FINALLY, somebody starts to say something.. I mean I love this drama but the soundtrack is starting to bore me out. Overplaying it only makes a person tired of it. =/

  46. I hope the producers will keep the netizens’ comments in mind. This time, it’s valid.

    Alvin, is it at all possible for you to see what this article is about? they mention something about illegal videos in YouTube and something about the English subbers….

    i hope this doesn’t mean there will be a huge crackdown… 😦

  47. LOL! I’ve been expecting this topic to come up soon. I didn’t like the OST at first but it’s true that SOME of the songs grow on you as you watch the drama. It is indeed quite annoying now though, and thinking that it will/may be the same songs played for the next 14 episodes?! I hope too that they’d have more… especially instrumental songs that fits more of the scenes. But I still don’t get tired with SS501’s, Someday’s and SHINee’s songs. It’s not because I love the band themselves, but the lyrics does match the drama.

    I just noticed though, a lot of people are annoyed with the Lucky song. LOL! I kinda hate it too because of the wrong grammar. I hope Korean lyrics composers would improve their grammar?! Sorry, no offense. It’s just that the song doesn’t sound good with improper English. Just imagine your favorite American singers singing songs with bad English grammar.

    Oh well… I still love the first 4 songs in the OST! I hope they would improve this part since the drama is getting better each week! ♥ing BOF more and more! = D

  48. if that is the worst thing about this drama, then it ain’t that bad. i do kinda agree that the sweet scenes that could have done without background music were ruined by it, it is funny how people over at soompi were predicting any scene, a happy kiss scene or a sad Jandi’s family suffering scene would have Paradise playing, haha.

  49. Really?… I kinda like the music playing.
    Each song has it’s like own characters.
    If you get what I mean… XDD
    Anyways, they do play it a bit too much.
    But the songs grow on me so IDC anymore.
    XDD Lucky and Paradise are esp. My favs.

  50. haha exactly. D:
    during hyunjoong n hyesun piano time,
    its all the soundtrack booming D:
    when actually i am sure everyone wants to hear them playing

  51. I agree it’s so annoying afterwards… especially the song “almost paradise” it’s so… IRRITATING, they like play that song at sad moments sometimes?
    plus they play the songs at appropriate moments
    also they don’t have alot of instrumentals that make the mood better but instead… they just keeping playing those songs T.T
    Hope they change the music soon……

  52. i also think it’s a bit overplayed. but i think i dislike it mostly because i don’t understand korean so hearing the same english phrases over and over in the songs gets very repetitive….

  53. hah, i must say they’re right.
    i noticed it in previous episodes, there is too much songs.. it’s not uncomfortable, but i think they should stop it xD

  54. i dont know if its just me..
    but almost paradise kinda sounds like a song from the anime inuyasha. it was the beginning song for the first 2 seasons of inuyasha.
    idk. maybe its just me ?

  55. and i was just discussing this with my sis last night… she didn’t say anything so i thougt it was just me.
    it’s too too much. the song choices are not really emotionally connected with the scenes sometimes.
    i agree bout japanese version having d best choice of music. i really loved the instrumental, esp when makino was having a hard time, and flavour of life.

  56. i noticed this from like… be beginning of the series. i really didn’t like ashlies voice or the song. i like the chorus, but not the verse.
    and for the other songs, they’re kind of over used… but idk, after the 7th episode, most drama’s start to get into better songs on the soundtrack, so maybe they’ll start the change up the songs soon.

    but the song isn’t the deal, it’s the drama that i’m watching, and i love it.

  57. i usually get annoyed at whatever netizens say because theyre so freaking irritating & nitpicky…

    but i must say i agree. i like some of the songs on the OST, but yeah…they dont choose the right ones for the right scenes and the range of songs is SOO limited. especially compared to the japanese one ,which had songs for each mood so it wasn’t noticably annoying. whatever. it’s annoying.

    hopefully group eight will seriously consider some of our remarks about the drama to make it less amateur-like. even though lee minho & kimbum make up for a lot of it 🙂

  58. I’m pretty disappointed with the soundtrack. I especially HATE Ashily’s Lucky. It sounds like a 10 year old singing… it seriously SUCKS!!! It’s not worthy of being in the soundtrack.

    If they really wanna insert more songs, then have a larger and better variety of songs. Hearing the songs on replay too many times will just make everyone sick of them. Geezzz… put ME in charge of the soundtrack. Hehe!

  59. Oh… and there is NOTHING WRONG with letting SS501 and T-Max sing the songs if their bandmates were in drama. That’s just how the industry works. Didn’t JVKV sing for the Taiwan version soundtrack too? And it was a pretty memorable song… even if it was their first effort at singing. Vocals may not be on par with SS501 and T-Max… but the song became popular… Meteor Rain 😀

  60. I have to disagree with the article. I really enjoy the music in this drama and others in general. Did not find the episode to be a problem at all. I find it more boring without the music. If it is done right the music really sets the mood for the scene.

  61. The songs aren’t to blamed, neither are the boybands. It’s the MUSIC DIRECTOR !!!

    I have to admit, I mute my volume whenever that “Paradise” song plays.

  62. I agree…the songs are wayyyyyyyyyyy overplayed! And always at the wrong moments too. Like in Ep 10 when Jihoo was playing the piano and JD walked in…wouldn’t it be better if we actually heard like a nice piano piece playing instead of that LUCKY (or whichever song it was) song AGAIN for the 2000x?????

  63. i seriously did not even notice that the songs were being overplayed >.>. if i didn’t notice it, then does that mean they were put at the right times? jeez… and i really love the songs no matter how many times they’re played. i think i would have noticed it when they’re not put at the right times but it seriously didn’t take away from what a great episode it was. people should chill and enjoy the show for what it is…

  64. zzz….this is bad it’s suppose to be BGM not music video LOL…hopefully they will slow down a little on the soundtracks

  65. THANKYOU. I am glad I am not the only one who strongly felt this way.

    Personally, I thought the songs were over-overplayed from the very beginning. And on top of that, the song CHOICE was extremely poor. Lucky and Paradise are the two songs that annoy the hell out of me.

    I think the reason why they used the songs excessively is because the actual background soundtrack for the drama sounds pretty low quality and badly composed. In my eyes, it has caused the drama to be of a lesser quality. The music score is awkward at best. There were some scenes that left me wondering “who the hell composed this?! I could do a better job”

    To the producers of HYD: PLEASE stop the overplays. The songs (the handful that are good) have lost their significance and magic and are just plain annoying. Even international fans recognize this -_-

  66. what bothers me are the english lyrics in the songs…i’ll be listening to it and most of the time i’m like, “HUH???…that doesn’t make any sense lol”

    my goooooshhh
    i like the songs, they’re alright but they never
    fit with the drama scene! like when
    jun pyo kissed jan di and his mom was looking,
    it’s supposed to be serious
    not happy-go-lucky with the TMAX paradaise song.
    i think the music director is lk new to this

  68. shinee’s is okay…same goes with ashily altough the lyrics were totally weird, but it does grow in you..
    i just cant stand SS501’s song…it’s pretty annoying..

  69. Well guess everyone knows the music sucks now.
    It’s nowhere near the level of Hana Yori Dango.
    Those had some epic songs.

  70. I LOL’d throughout this article. I totally agree.

    I hate that Lucky song as well now, it’s like the only thing that stands out among the songs and it’s frickin’ annoying. Plus the song is pretty shitty too- when the morose tone of voice keeps playing and playing over and over again throughout the drama’s episodes.

    sound track sucks. i just skip through those parts though.

  71. Can they fire the current music supervisor and hire the person who worked on Coffee Prince and Soulmate’s OSTs? (:

  72. I seriously hate the OST so much! Especially “Paradise” and they play it so often in the drama. The kiss scene in ep 11 was ruined because of that song.

    and Lucky.. omg the girl singing it sounds like Ori.. -___-

    I wanna punch the music director in the face for chosing these horrible songs

  73. the songs that are played fits with the scence.
    i don’t understand why some people think its so bad that they overplay the songs too much.

  74. all i can say is, BECAUSE I’M STUPID is only the song fitted to Jihoo since his character is being a stupid for his love..other songs are annoying!!!!!!!

  75. i love kim bum so much……he is so cute and he is my prince charming…..no one will ever change him….OKAY!!!!!!no one

  76. Well, with everybody talking about the soundtrack and all.. I downloaded all the soundtracks coz I expected this one piano instrumental played by ji hoo and jan di from the most talked about ep. 10 scene where Lucky plays..
    I love the music from the piano and it was not in the soundtrack at all..Xp Aren’t they supposed to include all BGM in the soundtracks?Xp
    Anyway, I’ve been searching for that instrumental.. and I saw some other people searching for it too.. anybody know what’s its title at least or has a copy of it and send it to me?^^

    Thank you so much!^^

  77. ih……………………………………………………………………..
    so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you lee min hoo

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