YoonA To Appear On Family Outing After T.O.P.

The exit of another idol star will see the entry of another following the latest recording of SBS Family Outing. Following hot on the heels of Big Bang member T.O.P. whose episodes will air on 8th and 15th February, So Nyeo Shi Dae member YoonA will be the next guest family member on Family Outing.

YoonA is only the 3rd female out of 21 guest family members on Family Outing

YoonA will be the 21st guest family member to appear on Family Outing but is only the 3rd female guest among them after fellow group member Tae Yeon and actress Lee Soo Kyung. The recording will begin tomorrow, 5th February, lasting 2D1N at a local village located in Chungcheong Province with her episodes airing on 22nd February and 1st March respectively. The recording will tie in with the first full moon day of the lunar year (9th February) as the concept.

PD Jang Hyuk Jae explained the reasons for inviting YoonA, “She (YoonA) has a postitive vibe about her and it fits in well with our show. We wanted a female guest this time because we had been having male guests all this while.”

Soshified will definitely be subbing this I guess.

60 thoughts on “YoonA To Appear On Family Outing After T.O.P.

  1. yea… soshified will sub this for sure and I believe it will be a high speed subbing. All SNSD fans do check out Soshified ya!

    and Alvin, I love Kwon Yuri too! She’s my fav =)

  2. Oh man I wish wonder girls get on too :<

    DBSK,big bang and girl generation members all came ,well…not all but I wish someone from wonder girls come too…AND I wish its ye eun ❀

  3. WOW! FO is getting really great stars! Wonder who’s gonna be after Yuri. They’re having 3- high profile star right after the other. Wonder who’s next?!

  4. Beautiful Yoong πŸ™‚
    and i agree soshisubs will sub this ^^
    you’ll get the subs right after the episode is released xD they’re that jjang!

  5. Omg just yesterday I was hoping that yoona would guest on family outing and now it came true! Whoaaa dude I am excited.

  6. Anyone noticed this? Evertime Big Bang appears in a variety show, SNSD is sure to come .

    MVAD anyone ? Tiffany stayed after her appearance with Yoona.

  7. aww shes sooo dam gorgeous πŸ™‚
    cant wait to watch it!!!
    its gonna be the best episode ever<3
    she really is positive πŸ˜€
    look how happy she is all the time lol

  8. <333333333333333333333333
    extremely excited. haha, yoona was the very first person in snsd that caught my eye right off the bat when i saw them perform ITNW in green/white outfits. shes been my fav since, i guess only because i noticed her first; no disrespect to any other members at all. i like them all πŸ˜€

  9. samsters and Iqwoo just making trouble. you fools.

    first of all its yoona not yuri.

    second, “Anyone noticed this? Evertime Big Bang appears in a variety show, SNSD is sure to come.” anti.

    end of story.

  10. @ Iqwoo

    Uh, you do know that everyone goes on the same variety shows nowadays right? There’s not a lot to choose from. And what about MVAD? Seungri, Jiyong, Tiffany, and Yoona all made their first MVAD appearance on the same episode so please tell me how can SNSD be following Big Bang?

  11. I dont have anything agaist Yoona but why dont they let the others promote?Its always Yoona,Tae Yeon,or Tiffany.They are always everywhere while others like Hyoen,Sunny,Soenyand the others are barely shown.I dont even know how to spell their names.They are so overrated and most of them are prettier then Yoona,she can barely sing!

  12. ^^ thou yoona is not my most fave member,
    but she’s the one without the cutesy act πŸ˜€
    and for that i wud greatly anticipate her comin to FO XD

  13. It’s so funny when they have a girl guest! I love all the drama and the two unnies are always hilarious!
    Let’s just hope ppl don’t take things too seriously…..like when Taeyeon came on! It’s just a show ppl!

  14. Oh Man.. SNSD, Big Bang, Ft Island, DBSK…
    When’s the Wonder Girl’s turns? Or Suju! XD
    Shinee? SS501? LOLS. J/K

    Ah. YoonA looks pretty in the pic!

  15. @ ….

    Family Outing is a popular show, the guest has to at least be familiar to the general public. People should at least recognize her as Yoona or Saebyuk.

    Yuri, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, and Yoona are the ones that usually go on variety shows. Seohyun is way too shy and Jessica, I think she’s more comfortable singing on stage than interacting with guests on variety shows. Sunny just filmed a variety show alone like last week and she was made the female MC of a new music show along with the guy from SS501 so she’s doing fine. Plus Sooyoung and Sunny were DJs for a while with Sungmin before it got cancelled.

    The only person I think they should send more on variety shows is Hyoyeon. She’s hilarious, but unfortunately doesn’t get the chance to shine unless she’s assigned a dance solo or whatever. But yeah, she’ll get her time to shine eventually. Jaejoong didn’t appear on any variety shows until their 3rd album and we all know he has a wacky personality.

  16. Ibet all the guys will super excited especially Stepmother sooroo πŸ˜€ becuase didnt he tell taeyon that yoona was his fav. :DDDDD

  17. @ Poo.

    I put Yuri by accident. I didnt mean to. I was reading a comment and she was in my head. I know who all of the SNSD girls are. It was mistake…..

  18. YoonA is gorgeous. ❀ Natural beauty FTW!

    I agree that HyoYeon deserves more spotlight. She’s really fun…but unfortunately she kida shy away from camera at times, so most ppl only know her as the dancing queen of SNSD while in fact she’s dorky&cute as well.

    Jessica…well, I think she really needs to be with some soshi members on variety shows cuz she just doesn’t seem interested in them most of the time. She likes being on stage more, I guess.

  19. @ …

    “They are so underrated and most of them are prettier then Yoona,she can barely sing!” NICE JOKE.

    wrong. yoona is one of the prettiest. she can sing alright but screw you. the girls are just chosen cuz you know theyll fit in right with the casting you fool. watch more shows with snsd before you say dumb things.

  20. I like the idea of Yoona being on here. She appeals to me the most out of all the SNSD members. I wouldn’t want Jessica she seems bored, I think I’ll rather see her on stage. I want to see Sooyoung OR YURI!

  21. i’m pretty stoked about this since Soshified is probably one of the fastest subbing groups out there πŸ™‚

    (i could care less about the guest, but i guess it’s nice that they’re putting another female in…)

  22. yay yoona is gunna be on family outing!! and shes the third female guest and taeyeon(whose another snsd member) was one of the 3 girl guests… tats awesome!! cant wait

  23. ah really?
    I really wanted yoobin on the show (she seems like the kind of girl that would have fun)

  24. oh i just found about it, and i feel so sorry for them! If any of you are wondering what I’m talking about, search cocaine nose reaction snsd gee. Yeah snsd is getting international recognition, just not in the good way 😦

  25. i remember what ye jin said “don’t bring any snsd member here” hahahhahaha
    well i watch all family outing episode so im excited, and the taeyeon with hongki was hilarious.
    but i WISH REALLY WISH, wonder girls can come >.< esp. ye eun since daesung’s there

  26. ah! why not the other girls…
    i’ve just recently started liking a couple of the girls (mostly just Sunny and Hyo Yeon)..out of all the girl though, i barely see Hyo Yeon anywhere…she’s so funny….should have put her on this show….Yoona has enough fame with YMD

  27. i am so looking forward to this
    but it would’ve been nice to see sooyoung go on family outing together WITH yoona

  28. luvanimemt

    “Yoona is alright, personally Soyoung is my favorite. She needs to get on some variety shows!”

    haha sooyoung is going to appear on a variety show soon.
    with her sister too :)!!

  29. =O THAT WOULD BE GREAT! Although Yoona can be really childish, I think she’s really cute. ^^

    I don’t mean harm to bring up the Wonder Girls since we’re talking about SNSD, but I wish they’d get a Wonder Girl there, too! Yoona will only be the third female guest, and out of those three, two have been SNSD. I wish JYP would send out his idols into more variety shows. You see 2PM in alot, but rarely the WG.

    I can’t wait for Yoona to come on, though! I think she’s one of the more likeable girls in SNSD.

  30. Yoona i think you should get another plastic surgery for your neck, its too long, u look like a lizard in a giraffe body, go get ur attention in the zoo instead. f off from the entertainment industy, and stop being so big headed over ur “beauty” its a big turn off.

  31. at koreanandall
    What are you talking about Yoona being big headed over her beauty?????
    She is always so demure (except in SSP where she was making a joke if you hadn’t notice…. but let me guess, others can make jokes but Yoona can’t, right?) and she doesn’t act like she wants the spotlight…. the spotlight FINDS her lol
    but anyways, let her charm you it’s easier than fighting her (I should know)
    Yoona & SNSD Fighting!

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