Handphone Movie Trailer With Nudity Creates Uproar

If I thought that the Korean media would be more prudent with their editing of news articles after the Son Ye Jin incident, I have to conclude that they might never be. On the same day, a trailer for a new thriller movie Handphone accompanied a news report and was posted by a news agency online. Sounds normal? Well, the problem was the movie trailer had nude scenes in it.

(Watch with discretion. Clip may be gone soon.)

The news report was about actress Lee Se Na who had bared her upper body in the Handphone movie trailer, with the movie trailer included. The trailer was a 2min 19sec uncut version which was released on the movie website.

In the trailer, Lee Se Na who plays a newbie actress in the movie is shown engaged in a sexual act with her boyfriend played by Kim Nam Gil. You can actually see part of Lee Se Na’s breasts which lasted for a few seconds.

Lee Se Na

Because of the explicit nature of the footage, the movie trailer didn’t quite manage to clear the censorship board examinations and was prohibited for airing at the cinemas. Clearance was only given for it to be aired online. And even then, only those above the age of 19 could view it on the official movie website after they login with a Korean social security code for verification.

But thanks to the carelessness of the news agency, the unedited trailer can be watched by anybody. Although the trailer has since been pulled from the website with only the report remaining, the damage had already been done. Many netizens have criticized the reporter for his irresponsible reporting.

credit: horai0405@UT (video)

40 thoughts on “Handphone Movie Trailer With Nudity Creates Uproar

  1. woah! that actually was released?
    and i wonder, does the phone ever run out of battery? lolz!
    i wonder if the film will show them actually plugging it for recharge?! kkk!

  2. That was awfully careless considering that this is a full news broadcast. Poor virgin eyes of children. I hope they didn’t catch that.

  3. nudity picture in korean entertaiment industry has become quite lame because it rises too much recently…. im wondering y??? mayb……………………

    1. down-turn economy, so korean artists really wana get into this nudity scene so they will get pay more???

    2. nudity scene will make them popular right after???

    3. just stupid philosophy of being a pro actor/acteress???

    4. a slogan of ‘WESTERN doing it good n ASIAN doing it better’ (?????) may rise up in the future perhaps??

    5. a golden-ticket to jump to hollywood???

    6. perhaps more……..

    7. ???

    8. ??

    9. ?

    im just wondering in term of ASIAN culture ~~~ it will fade away or its fading away????

  4. I guess it has begun fading away already a while ago. It’s obvious that asian music/films are “affected” of european/american manners. As I live in Europe, that nude scene didn’t quite shock me, but I guess it’s still not very common in Korea. and I hope it stays like that!

  5. YUKE. thats the worse i ever seen. Being Nude, does that feel nice?! thats really crazy!

    and i hope she regrets what she do, not celebrating what she earns.

    i am totally annoyed.

  6. What the ****? It’s only a boob, what’s everyone’s problem? You all little kids or something? Damn grow up kiddies.

  7. Oh you can see the other boob aswell, well boobs then.
    What’s to complain about? They’re fine! If they were ugly, I would’ve complained!

  8. it is not asian culture..please understand it..you guys are european..not same with us..the clip was clear n long..too bad for kids..

  9. Nudity is tolerated differently from culture to culture. Americans are actually conservative when it comes to nudity but very open to violence in cinema. The opposite is true in Europe. Violence in cinema is more prohibited, but nudity is more tolerated. This may not seem like a big deal to other cultures, but it is for Koreans. I’m also curious to see all these psychopathic-violence-torture genre that’s been sweeping the nation. Americans have done it, the Japanese have done it, now it’s Korean’s turn.

  10. Actually violence and nudity are both tolerated here in Europe.
    If you can’t handle the nudity don’t watch it if you’re under 18.
    It’s just some boobs sheesh. You sucked on them when you were couple of months old and now when you’re older you whine about seeing them for a few seconds.

  11. Ironic how Koreans are so conservation about nudity, yet they honored stars like Paris Hilton when she visited Korea awhile ago.

    American are far from conservation when it comes to nudity in movies, almost every movies these days have at least one sex scene in it with boobies.

  12. lol wow >.>
    after everything that’s happened too, you’d expect them to check every little detail. O_O

  13. The nudie scenes were fine.

    Picking up a cellphone from the trash then putting it to your face was way more disturbing for me. lmfao.

  14. i think nothing really compared to the many R-18 Korean movies. so many known actresses in Korea had done nudity or have challenged R-18 movies by showing more skin…and it seems RESPECTED actress like Kim Hye Soo, Jeon Do Yeon, Kang Hye Jung, Kim Yoon Jin(Lost), the late Lee Eun Joo…so many of the known actresses had done nudity and sex scenes to simply get to a higher level of acting as if it is really that necessary…i wonder if the likes of Song Hye Gyo, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Jung Eun, Song Yoon Ah, Kim Ha Neul…these who have not done really nudity will even dare doing one in this depressing economy the world is facing.

  15. There are Korean movies with nudity but that isn’t the problem. The issue is that it’s a trailer.

    Even in the States, you don’t rarely trailers where women’s bare breasts are displayed. I’m not sure about trailers that are shown in the cinema but you definitely won’t find bare breasts on a trailer that’s on television.

    Thinking of it, I don’t even think there are any television shows in the States where a woman can be bare chested. The FCC won’t allow it.

    And what’s this whole “Asian culture” business? Cupid No Itazuro and Stand Up are two Japanese dramas that showed women’s bare breasts.

  16. in europe, nudity is much more well accepted (my teacher have mentioned that before) and in America, sex and nudity is everywhere but the population in general is weirdly conservative. Like…they shun it totally.

    I was surprised it was in a trailer but I’m not disgusted by it.
    She actually has nice breasts lol.

  17. Even if nudity is more common or accepted in American entertainment, not even there will you see nudity in a trailer…! For goodness sakes that’s why they give movie ratings, so only people of the appropriate age can see it!

  18. I would also like to add…in the trailer, when the guy is calling someone before the nude scene. You can see the poster behind him of Lee Se Na which is the same as the picture here provided by Coolsmurf.

  19. I’m sorry Mr. Mentally Incapacitated. Everyone knows that if you are sexually attracted to your mother’s tits there’s something wrong with you. Don’t put breastfeeding in the same context as sexual pleasure, if you don’t want people to set the “obvious” to you.

  20. I’m not sensitive towars nudity, and sometimes it can add up to the spice of the movie, however a trailer should NOT have included that!!!

  21. If singapore broadcast must be at least R21.

    I wonder are they mad by not cutting the nude scene.
    THey should fined them for not cutting the nude scenes.

    So coolsmurf , i’m not complaining but can you don’t put such things?I want to vomit when i see this.

    Actually,do you know that people who is maybe quite young may go to your blog so please don’t put such things,i will faint.

    Thanks if you did read my comment for next time don’t put things that is R21,M18.

  22. Err… I don’t know why people are complaining. The girl seemed to have nice boobs. Hahaha! Also, it was only after a few seconds. As if our children are not seeing worse things on cable tv! Ridiculous.

    I guess the Western influence just cancels out my Asian prudery. Asians are always so uncomfortable with sex-related matters when by statistics, I think there’s more minors engaging in sexual activities in Asia than the West and overpopulate more than the West. Tsk, tsk.

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