Boys Before Flowers Surpasses 30%

KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers bested its record once again and for the first time, it went past the 30% mark in episode 10 shown last night.

Yi Jung breaks Gal Eul heart

According to TNS Media Korea, despite a pretty depressing episode, Boys Before Flowers registered 30.5% yesterday, an increase of 0.8 percentage points from its previous record of 29.7% set on Monday. Competing dramas MBC East of Eden and SBS Terroir obtained 25.5% and 6.1% respectively.

As you can see from the picture above, Gal Eul was moved by Yi Jung’s actions in helping her to recover from her previous relationship. She was however hurt to know later that Yi Jung just treats everything as purely an act, and nothing more, after she goes to gives him chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Jandi's designated firefighter

In other developments, Jandi and her family is left in dire straits after Joon Pyo’s mother discovers the link between Joon Pyo and them. Jandi however does not want to burden Joon Pyo and refrains from telling him much. But the soulmate relationship between Jandi and Ji Ho is strengthened in this episode.

31 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers Surpasses 30%

  1. yay! this show really deserves it 😀
    i really hope yi jung and ga eul end up together tho
    they go together so well!

  2. I am not surprised that it surpassed the 30% mark. Any Hana Yori Dango adaptation is bound to do well in ratings. it’s a series that heavly reles on cute boys, so eventhough the story is not that great compared to other dramas, people are still going to watch it and say that it is the best.

  3. NooOO!! I was getting really giddy watching all the Ga Eul/Ee Jung their relationship is sour 😦 I remember in the Japanese version, Yuki continued pursuing Soujiroh despite him being a player, but Ga Eul seems to be more stubborn and true to herself. How will it work out?

    Congrats on achieving over 30%!



    I wonder if he still keeps in touch with Hwang Buin. ^^

  5. i think this show will just keep outshining the other dramas. lol i felt sad when i saw Ga Eul crying when Yi Jung said that it was just acting. i don’t think she was there cuz she likes him. i think she just really wanted to make a nice gesture to say thank you for what he did for her the previous day. that was really insensitive of him. although he’s cute, his character is starting to annoy me a little. poor Ga Eul. hopefully his character goes through some sort of self-enlightenment. lol

  6. the scripwriter must be give the happy ending to yijung/gaeul…if they want the rating to stay still like this!hahaha….XDD

  7. Loved the episode…highly deserved the 30%+ rating…
    Would be even higher if they recorded the number of us watching the shows online….

  8. YAY!!!
    This puts a smile on my face.
    Congrats BBF!!

    Gosh GaJeong scenes were bittersweet. It was sweet in the beginning & then got sad from the chocolate thing but thank you Jihoo for calling Ga Eul using Yi Jeong’s phone 😀

    SoEulmate ❤

  9. no surprise to me… cuz the story/plot is getting sooo freaking good!!! everyone wants to be in on the craze now!!! besides… the actors/actresses are all over the media and with pricey endorsements…

    been a BOFer from the start… i’m really happy it’s doing awesome…let’s hope the streak continues and things get even better!!!


    awww joon pyo’s mom is a witch i tell ya ! a witch ! her eyes are friggen frightening hahaha.

  11. oh…why oh why…gaeul and yi jung is so perfect together….i really hope they change the story line and let this cute couple have a happy ending…whos with me??!!!…..

  12. yes,they better make gaeul n yijeong together to keep the rating this high:P anyway,,congrats to all the great crews for this achievement..they deserve it..

    GaJeong Love<333333

  13. Yay? Haha, I love this drama and I’m glad they’re getting high ratings but I’d love it even if it wasn’t that popular! =D

  14. poor Ga Eul 😦
    but i’m still hoping ‘something’ between her and yi jung ;D
    Geum Jan Di, fighting! how i envy her, having both soulmate and boyfriend in a time..

  15. think boys over flowers is number one, i mean over 30 is pretty amazing cant think of any drama beating that rite now

  16. @Meiru I agree with you. The ratings are not suprising (It’s a remake of YokYoko Kamio famous manga Hana Yori Dango) this drama is disappointing the two last episodes were terribly rushed and it doesn’t make any sense, the acting is always mediocre!!

  17. i like boys before flower

    Coz drama very good ……………..

    actor and actris !!!!!!!!!!!!

    handsome and beautiful

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