Wang Biho Makes Fun of So Nyeo Shi Dae at Gag Concert

Wang Biho is a famous gagman on KBS2TV Gag Concert who is perhaps known to many for making fun of DBSK last October and drawing flak from their Cassiopeia fanclub, prompting him to ‘raise the white flag’ and expressed that it was all done for fun and he was actually good friends with them. His latest target this time was DBSK’s juniors, girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae.

So Nyeo Shi Dae laughs along at Wang Biho gags

Wang Biho (original name: Yoon Hyeong Bin) appeared in KBS2TV Gag Concert and in his segment, Balsam Village School, he made fun of So Nyeo Shi Dae by calling them the ‘Female Super Junior’ and pronounced their hit song ‘Gee’ as ‘Gi’ instead, creating a sudden and explosive laughter in the audience.

Wang Biho continued his venomous gags, “I am a So Nyeo Shi Dae fan and have memorized all 9 members’ names,” he went on listing, “Jessica, Soo Young, Hyo Yeon, YoonA, So Hee, Sun Ye, YeBin”. Nothing wrong except that So Hee, Sun Ye, YeBin are actually members from the Wonder Girls.

He also mentioned, “Their new song Gee is 3 mins and 20 secs long (200 secs). But if you remove all the instrumental sections and chorus, each person only gets about 7 seconds. He received a lot of applause from the audience when he said, “Honestly, do you girls even know how to sing the entire song?”

Wang Biho makes fun of So Nyeo Shi Dae

He didn’t finish here. He then told YoonA, “You made a name for yourself through acting (You Are My Destiny). The ratings were really good and you even received an acting award”, but after praising her with this comment, “frankly, it’s better to be active solo, right?” throwing her into confusion.

He then made Tiffany feel embarrassed with another remark, “Tiffany is extremely pretty, but she isn’t very bright though”. The reason for this comment was a picture in which she made a mistake in her dance choreography. Everybody had their right hand raised but Tiffany was the only one dancing with her left hand. The audience burst into laughter upon seeing the evidence.

credit: (translation) + soshisubs (video)

79 thoughts on “Wang Biho Makes Fun of So Nyeo Shi Dae at Gag Concert

  1. ouch. that hurts..hahahaha. well, i kinda agree with him though. no, i totally agree with him. hahhaha.

  2. I freaking LOVE this guy. Everything he says is kinda mean but ITS SO FREAKING TRUE. Ive seen the Shinee one, the Kara one, the DBSK one, and another one i forgot. Hes freaking brilliant! Anyone who hates him has no sense of humour cause really…he makes a joke out of things that are TRUE! Why be offended if its the truth…and if you cant laugh at yourself? Who can you laugh at?

  3. haha female super junior, i completely agree. its all for fun anyway, if they can’t even take these types of jokes why get into the entertainment industry in the first place

  4. i dont think fans will get offended.
    its not that bad. snsd was there & laughing so if they can laugh, the fans hsould be able to too

  5. they look like they’re laughing, but that’s the only thing they can do. maybe they actually feel really embarassed or hurt inside. if they look sad or mad, then the media will see it in a negative way and say they get mad so easily and have no sense of humour etc etc…

  6. i’ve seen him made fun of other artistes too, he’s hillarious… XD
    snsd should not take it to their heart, especially the fans… it’s a gag show n it’s his trademark to make fun of other people…
    i haven’t seen him made fun of big bang though, have he??
    if he didn’t make fun of big bang, then he’s truly a vip, no… 😛

  7. i’m gonna agree with most of what he says except for ONE thing… and that’s that they can’t sing solos…

    they all have really pretty voices, but because they have NINE members…. that’s a tricky arrangement. given they were five membered group like Wonder Girls, i’m sure they can showcase their voice more

  8. just a side note completely irrelevant to him making fun of SNSD…
    but this guy has gotten fat!! i looked at him making fun of DBSK back in October and he was skinny… a completely different person..

  9. they expected it, so i’m sure no feelings were hurt. i mean, if you go and sit in the front row – you want to be mentioned right? heechul got called out twice last year, lol. and the comments weren’t really hurtful – with such big groups, it’s true, singing times are super limited.. but it works! they make fun music that their fans love and they are all talented and popular – that’s why they get made fun of – because it wouldn’t be funny if no one knew who they were. 😉

  10. One more thing..

    He made fun of So Nyeo Shi Dae by calling them the ‘Female Super Junior’

    And He said, ” Who is playing the part of Shin Dong?”

  11. i’m not an snsd fan either. but i admit he gives good humour criticisms. i love him for that although i really don’t like the way he dresses. indirectly, he gives critics that celebrities should reflect upon their mistakes/weaknesses. he gives space for those who are less famous in a group/band to try to level their popularity with other members. so celebrities should take this chance (his negative comments) positively to improve themselves for the better. his humour critics show how normal a celebrity is just like any other human beings with imperfections and weaknesses. though it may hurt a lot mentally and emotionally esp for the celebrities and fans, but it’s all just for gags. fans should not take his words seriously but just view these words as something prepared for laughter. that’s what gags are – often unknowingly embarasses other people intentionally.

  12. ^^
    he doesnt really try to help anyone
    he just touches the facts that we dont talk about
    like the rivalary between groups and stuff like that
    for me its funny
    and i love it
    others think way too much about it

  13. why are some people speaking as if snsd is hurt and offended? we don’t know that. plus they look like they’re having a pretty good laugh.

  14. wow everything he said is whatever everyone holds their tongue on about the girls. i m glad he s being so honest. celebrities are too shelter sometimes.

  15. Haha. I’m sure fans’ll get mad. But I mean, he does this all the time. I absolutely adore SNSD but it was pretty funny. I remember that one time he said something about DBSK and he had to apologize, or was it Big Bang? Whatever. He’s saying what everyone else wants to say but are too afraid to due to fanclubs.

  16. you know you’re famous if wang biho mock you!
    lol he’s so cracktastic in his duguuuu? trademark
    the funniest wangbiho cut ive seen is when he make fun of heechul

  17. @ohgeeze,it was DBSK.he said,they have the biggest fanclub in the world but how come they only sell like 100,000something albums and that fans dont want to buy their albums, he got like 10,000 hate mial from Cassies and he apoligzed but then said that DBSK should be more like Big Bang,so him apoligizing didnt really make fans feel better.i didnt see him making fun of Big Bang but he likes to dress like GD,he even shaved half of his hair a couple months ago and dressed like him at the MKMF awards and his partner got a mohawk like Taeyang,lol.

  18. wickedly, true but funny
    gee is addicting but not a lot of um….
    lyrics to it 🙂 but i still like the song
    i like this dude, he has balls to say such humorous
    stuff i hope no crazy fans going to attack him again.

  19. LMAO! He’s hilarious! XDD
    No one should hate him afterall
    this is for entertainment. 🙂
    And if the girls can laugh to it
    then why can’t we? 😛

  20. atleast there’s someone in the korean business that is honest. everything he said it true. the name one was a big slap to the face.

    they are “singers” but getting to sing 7 seconds (some even less) in a song is that even consider a singer?

    i’m surprise he didn’t mention taeyeon’s incident, with her being the leader and all.

  21. im a fan… im not offended.. this is just for entertainment sake.. but anyway his remark to tiffany’s mistake is kinda old.. and when he mention sun ye, so hee, he mention ye bin too.. geez he forget that is ye eun and yoo bin.. LOL

  22. it’s all for fun, do you not see your idols laughing too. so please fans, lighten! loll, though they are biting words, but glad to see these idols brushing it off. he said stuff about shinee, kara, dbsk, lots of groups ~ funny dude. epic fail at trying to shave his head like gd’s though, did it on the wrong side -.-

  23. LOLL..
    7 seconds of singing for each person o_o;
    i’m sure fans will have a big thing about this (if it was about wonder girls i would go crazy)
    a bit cruel even though I don’t really like SNSD

  24. huge fan of SNSD here but..I love this dude. XD But anyways, most sones (international) aren’t angry or anything.
    Wang Bi Ho fighting! Continue with your hilarious bashing 😀

  25. isnt that too…offensive? well some are funny but some are kinda sensitive. if you are compared with sj, that means it’s bad..:S

  26. Wang BiHo is so funny. I seen the other ones when he made fun of KARA, Shinee & 2PM.
    Fans shouldn’t take him too seriously, if they do then that is just plain pathetic.
    It’s a gag show what do you expect, it’s funny.

  27. When they debuted, weren’t they called the female Super Junior? So it’s not really offensive. SM has a thing for female counterparts. Ex: DBSK – CSJH; SUJU – SNSD; Shinee – “rumored to debut this year”

    @ star And well, there are 9 members in the group. What do you expect? Not everyone is going to be able to sing a lot. How do you think Super Junior handles it with 13 members?! Even 2PM members all don’t have even parts. Junsu barely sang in “10 out of 10” and he’s the lead vocal! (They made fun of him on SGB.) Besides, SNSD was created to be specialize in different fields: acting, singing, mcing, dancing, etc. That’s why you have Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Tiffany, and (sometimes) Sunny in charge of singing and singing the most.

  28. I’m a fan, but I think it doesn’t hurt me at all. I’ve seen him making fun of DBSK , Shinee, and KARA before. So when I knew SNSD will be in Wang Biho’s gag show, I was really expecting it. ^^

    it’s hilarious! the girls seem like they’re enjoying it. yeah, it’s SNSD after all. as a fan I already get used to hurtful comments, as I bet the SNSD girls do too LOL

    and the girls love to tease each other themselves, so it’s completely okay for me. XD

  29. i just think dis guy is just creepy. or mayb cos i dunno how to appreciate korean gags. *shrugs* i love their songs n dramas, but their i just cant get. haha..

  30. Wow .. he amuses everyone with the comments .. Very direct and truth comment .. Some of them do hit the target ..

  31. woops….!!! its sooo nothing to me if it involves with snsd…, but i got to click the green link (right after) in the post because it involves with dbsk….kekekkeke 😀

  32. >.< one reason i dont enjoy gags that use careless remarks over artists or whatever to get the audience laughing

  33. hahaha i like him.
    but still kinda mean =/

    i just totally contradicted myself.
    he’s like the korean version of SNL =D

  34. Lol@DBSK’s fan club.. or at least the fags that sent this guy hate mails. Honestly, gag men, like other professionals, need to do what they need to do earn a living. Singers sing, actors act and comedians make people laugh. Just because it wasn’t funny to you, doesn’t give you the right to send someone hate mail or death threats even. I remember TONS of people laughing through out that one and as I can see in this one others, including SNSD themselves, enjoyed it. Humor isn’t something you should approach logically or seriously. People should’ve looked to that fan club for apologies to Wang Biho than the other way around. Funny how the celebrities themselves can burst out laughing but the fans can’t let them enjoy it. Real. Pity.

  35. No-one is going to like being mocked like that really, but he does it to everyone so there’s not much that can be done about it.

    The best thing they can do is laugh and take it in good spirits.

  36. @kiki
    very true, people who can’t take a joke shouldn’t be even watching something comedy themed.

    Besides those dead threats probably come of some nerds that have no life, no reason to take that seriously. Like they will actually do something to him. Don’t think so.

  37. @ …. if they’re not going to have parts to sing then why have all those useless members for? they were created to be specialize in different fields, but they are in a singing group, shouldn’t singing be the main focus? and i don’t expect anything from a talentless group like them.

  38. if they didnt want to deal with it they wouldnt of went on the it does em publicity anyway.. GAG CONCERT isnt something to not take seriously they get high 20% ratings each week. every guest on that show gets made fun of and called out by gagmans not just wang biho.

    like in another one this othe gag man was like
    ” oh what are u girls??”

    and the other guy said

    ” eh. they are just my fanclub members.. so annoying.” LOL.

    besides the stuff he says are true and they are black jokes. mean but true and funny.

  39. ouch
    it is funny for others to hear such things but if you are the reson because people laugh, that must hurt

  40. he has lot of anti, cause everything he said quiet true, and it not make fan happy to hear, yeah, truth is hurtful ^^

  41. Wang Bi Ho jjang! He always hit the jackpot with his jokes…
    The problem always comes from the fans who don’t know how to have fun with this kind of jokes…and take it seriously~

    He made tons of jokes..targetting many of my fave artist..but I never get offended lolz~

    Chill out is the best way~~~

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