Jong Kook, Eun Hye, Ji Hoon Mentioned in East of Eden

In episode 45 of East of Eden, while Lee Dong Chul was finding kids at the orphanage to play a soccer game, I really ROFL. He actually said Jong Gook, Ji Hoon, and Eun Hye. Really cheeky of the screenwriter to include that.

Cheeky line

Well if you didn’t know yet. Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye were in a scandal after working on SBS Xman. Thereafter, Eun Hye was then linked with Joo Ji Hoon after working on Princess Hours/Goong. There were numerous debates online between both groups of fans supporting their favourite couple.

26 thoughts on “Jong Kook, Eun Hye, Ji Hoon Mentioned in East of Eden

  1. thats so cheeky~ but is it already the year 2006 (because Jihoon was mentioned in it) i thought its supposed to be late 90’s…

  2. kekkeke…this is not a bad idea to a script writer tho….~ being random is soooo cooool……. but….hav to b carefull sometimes… kekeke 😀

  3. How funny lol.
    Well the scriptwriter might as well have fun with it.
    It’s quite a known fact that the 2 camps (KJK-YEH and YEH-JJH) are probably two of the most vocal shipping camps out there..hehehe.


  4. During an interview late 2008, YEH was asked about her Hollywood crushes and mentioned Josh Hartnett and Justin Timberlake. So if you try to analyze it, she likes cute guys who possibly be a good actor, can dance and sing, and probably of same body built. Because if I would be asked the same thing, my possible boyfriend should be at least or almost at par with my crushes…if God permits!

  5. Lois & Mai you two should stop commenting to hide your stupidity.

    Like it or not Yeh & KJK are really close in real life and Yeh even helps out KJK’s brother wedding party.

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