Boys Before Flowers Almost Hitting 30%

KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers has maintained its stranglehold on the Mon-Tue drama timeslot yesterday and it looks like its only a matter of time before it gets elevated into a national drama based on the its latest ratings trend.

Boys Before Flowers Hit Drama of 2009?

According to TNS Media Korea, Boys Before Flowers set another new record rating for the series as it obtained an impressive 29.7% yesterday, only 0.3 percentage points short of hitting 30%. This was an increase of 3.8 percentage points from its previous record of 25.9% set last Tuesday. And all eyes will be on tonight’s rating. The magical 30% mark might just be achieved tonight.

At the same time, rivals MBC East of Eden and SBS Terroir got ratings of 23.3% and 6.0% respectively. For East of Eden, it’s looking highly unlikely that it will claim back the No.1 position judging from the huge reaction over Boys Before Flowers now. But I am still going to keep watching it regardless.

There was a fair bit of coverage for the yet to be couple of Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Gal Eul (Kim So Eun) in the episode yesterday. Yi Jung spots a crying Gal Eul on the streets, the latter still sobbing over her airhead boyfriend Su Pyo who is a player. Yi Jung brings her to her pottery workshop and consoles her with the use of a pottery metaphor, there are things that you have to go through to become stronger, regardless of whether its a smooth or painful journey.


That’s not all. Yi Jung decides to wind down and brings Gal Eul along. He gives her a makeover and then brings her to the club where coincidentally, the cheating boyfriend Su Pyo is also there. Yi Jung proceeds to show his stuff by playing the saxophone, charming all the girls in the club, including Ga Eul.


As for the conclusion, hopefully it will be revealed in episode 10. But judging from the previews, it appears that Gal Eul will be hurt by Kim Bum’s actions.

44 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers Almost Hitting 30%

  1. nvm… lol.. it always says nobody commented but then all of a sudden theres a couple..
    i love kkotboda namja… its seriously my favorite!!!

  2. oooh gaeun and yijung’s scene in ep9 made my heart flutter! they are just so compatible with each other >.<

    they should have a drama together!

  3. hana yori dango story has always been popular in Asia.. like Meteor Garden and HYD and im really glad its spreading to Korea now too ^_^

  4. i CANNOT wait for tonight’s episode! oh my yi jung and ga eul go so well together! this has to be my favorite version ^^

  5. Off course it will hit the 30%.. who will miss the after Kiss of the GjPYO?? I was screaming up and down.. off course in happiness. ^_^ Silly me, I even have a rapid heart beat… gosh!! Can’t wait to watch the next one!

    Because of GJP rrrr I mean Lee Min Ho, I knock my head in the wall for not being a Korean. ( dejavu Goong Joo Ji HOON?? o_o ) ANYWAY… Love the drama sooooo much!

  6. OMG i just simply LOVE ep. 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now i can’t even sleep waiting for ep 10!! GAHH!
    that’s all i can say for now
    too much in my head~

  7. Love this series so much.The kiss was so tender and sends shivers all over my body.Can’t wait for their next kissing scene which from the pictures shown is quite torrid.Getting to be envious of Goo Hye Sun. Love the bath scene with JanDi’s Father and brother and even the fish cake stand scene and who could forget the ice skating scene where he placed her hand on his coat’s pocket. Can’t get enough of JOONDI couple. I also like the budding romance of GA JUNG couple. It is already close to midnight here in the East Coast of the USA and in at least another 10 hrs. we can see uploads (I hope) of episode 10 with some subs.

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  9. CANT WAIT for junpyo fiance makes appearance in ep 13 kkekekeke…sure’ll b a big havoc in his love relationship with jandi…… WWEOOOWW!!!! ^^

  10. i agree with iris! i cant w8 for the fiance to come out too! since it’s mostly gu junpyo who’s always been hurt in the beginning…i wanna see jandi’s turn to get hurt…but i wonder if gu junpyo is going to NY too like in the jap version?

  11. omgg i agree with the 2 comments in front of mine! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FIANCE!! lol . i just finished watching epp 10 and the part where she goes to the new job is creepy… oh well. This series is SO ADDICTIING i can barely think about anything else but the series! :] ❀

  12. omgosh! early congrats to them if they hit it ^^
    i guess no matter where it’s remade, hana yori dango’s will eventually draw everyone in

  13. i do not understand a lick of korean but damn…. i love this drama series and love the characters

  14. f4…..
    i’m very like you because f4 are handsome boy…
    i wish kim bum and ga eul always together and forever…
    and i wish again lee min hoo and jandi together and forever…

  15. Boys Before Flower i love you so much………………………….

    Kim Bum I love you all………………………………….

    one day I hope can meet you

  16. aAdDuUhH Q nGeFeNs bAnGeT MhA LeE MiN HoO N KiM BuM

    BuAt lEe mIn hOo dAn kIm bUm i lOvE YoU So mUuChH,,,,,,,,

  17. Boys Before Flower ada lagi!!!!!
    bisa liat Gu jun pyoo (lee min ho)
    kereeeeeeeennnn (filmnya)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. senengggg ada laagiiii
    lepasin kerinduan with go jun pyo ( lee min ho)
    perfect man hohohoho πŸ˜€

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