Fake Son Ye Jin Obscene Picture Creates Uproar In Korea

The picture below of Son Ye Jin might look harmless at first glance. This is because the picture has been cropped to remove the obscene part.

Real Son Ye Jin face but fake body

The photoshopped picture had accompanied the news which reported on announcer Jin Hyeon Mu who nearly became Son Ye Jin’s brother-in-law. But due to negligence while editing the news, they did not realize that the Son Ye Jin picture that they used was a photoshopped one and you could clearly see the exposed nipples from the see-through dress. But of course, the body was not Son Ye Jin’s one but merely superimposed by someone onto another person’s body. But the technique was extremely top-notch and looked flawless.

Although the news had been deleted by the news portal on which it was originally posted shortly after it was discovered, the damage had already been done as it spread rapidly thanks to the high-speed broadband in Korea.

Many netizens have voiced out that the reporter who did the original news report should be held accountable for his sloppiness. “Its kind of ridiculous to simply put it down as a mistake. This is so irresponsible of them to publish a report without any thinking”, “This will be hotly debated overseas and it’s going to be a laughing stock”, “Although the photo itself is problematic, but using any photos found on the internet without any copyright is also a big issue.”

Barunson Entertainment representing Son Ye Jin has announced that although regrettable, they will not be pursuing the matter, believing that this is a one-off incident. But it is hoping that laws can be created to prevent such malicious photoshopping of celebrities photos from surfacing in the public domain.

30 thoughts on “Fake Son Ye Jin Obscene Picture Creates Uproar In Korea

  1. wow, it’d looked real when i first glanced at it, but then on the right side, there’s like some fading.. really top notch.. can’t believe someone would do that to her..

  2. WOW.. How can they do that to her?! I feel so bad for her. The picture does look flawless.. but i mean.. it’s not her body! I can’t believe they didn’t realize that it was photoshopped and that her nipples were showing.. worst part is.. it was exposed to so many audience =/

  3. she should take legal action towards the news agency.. this is ridiculously insane.

    p.s. i always thought she looked like Han Ga In =P.. thought i would share that cuz i always got confused between the both haha.

  4. some ppl should definitely get a life in korea..i mean i really love the country but their poor celebrities are always a target for whatever fake blame possible :S

  5. bah…i really cannot see what’s the problem here: we all have nipples and that pic (fake or not) is not vulgar nor obscene.
    maybe it’s a cultural thingy…dunno

  6. wow, good job at photoshop, even the skin color match. but the hair fading on the shoulder tells it all
    its not from mbc section tv, right? i still cane get over the xiahrotic incident, it hella funny, but too bad for syj on this one

  7. so much scandals lah~
    i agree, the person that wrote the article and used the picture should be in trouble. he shouldve checked all his sources

  8. the so called reporter should have been more careful, this was a dumb move & really mean, Son Yeh Jin is a great actress, this must suck.

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  10. she won’t be hurt if we don’t take it seriously. it’s just a photoshop job, if a good one.

    i think the real problem is some celebs trying to keep a perfect, flawless image of goddess (in principle, i don’t mean Yejin herself.) then they open themselves to the smallest, silly attacks like this. of course it’s her right to sue them or not.

  11. hi…….its nice to watch all of ur film and movie you do
    ur so quite pretty also so attractive……
    hope we will see u someday in person come and visit
    hir in our country called philleppines not too far from yours
    :Dwe like you…….see yah

  12. this is ridiculous!!! those punks who did this deserve some spanking… she’s pretty and her identity should not be destroyed.. i just wonder if she has a boyfriend.. anyways im a filipino but im a fan of her.. shes so good in acting.. and shes cute!!!

  13. Ah! son ye jin dont mind about wat d reporter says u r my dream girl, wow u look so sweet once im in love wit u watching summer scent u n Seung heon r perfect…….

  14. Wow, I have definitely seen way worse than NIPPLES. OOOHHH! They have seen nothing until witnessing the ridiculous amounts of crotch shots and sex tapes in America.

  15. the original photoshopped photo of these is a piece of garbage.. good thing they cropped it.. son ye jin does not deserve this…. >_<

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