After School Abruptly Removed From Music Bank

Everything might look fine this past Friday on KBS Music Bank but fans of girl group, After School must have felt that they have been shortchanged after they were pulled from the list of performers at the very last minute.

After School shortchanged?

In the original list of performers released by KBS Music Bank on their website on the 29th, After School had been scheduled to perform and was also listed. But on the same night, Pledis Entertainment apparently received a call from the Music Bank PD saying that they had been cut from the show.

The reason that had been given for the group’s removal was that all of the performing artists on Friday had lengthy performance times while After School had the shortest performance time. Hence, they had to cut out After School from the performers’ list to fit everyone in for the program broadcast.

The performers for the 31st January episode were Baek Ji Young, SS501, K.Will feat. Kang Eun Hye, Lyn, TaeGoon, M, After School, Gavy NJ, May Doni, Untouchable feat. HwaYoung, Wink, Jessica H.O, Brand New Day, Blue Spring, Dear Cloud, Tae.1 with So Nyeo Shi Dae having their comeback stage.

So Nyeo Shi Dae got their 3rd consecutive K-Chart win on this day.

credit: svisual@soompi (information)

65 thoughts on “After School Abruptly Removed From Music Bank

  1. That’s so sad.
    I actually like these girls. It’s a shame they were cut…but I guess because they are beginning group it can’t be helped…..

  2. hm,
    guess it makes sense – with the whole shortest performances thing…
    i mean, they are a new group; plus it’s impossible to ask everyone to cut down their performance time by a little.

  3. I think it’s b.s. that they got cut…
    They could make room for everyone to perform if they shorten down everyone’s time.
    Like the saying goes “if there is a will, there is a way” obviously MuBank has no will.

  4. That’s good.
    I don’t like to see them spreading their vagina and try to be sexy.

    Back up dancers will ALWAYS be DANCERS.

  5. lol
    i tot they were banned or something
    cuz the stuff they wear
    and music bank is very censored being the governments and stuff
    i bet the soshi perfromance pushed them off
    but i wont complain
    cuz soshi is way better than after skool
    but still
    that wuz kinda of rude
    i hope pledis company didnt get too insulted

  6. Damn. MB should know how to fit everyone in. They can’t just cut artist out. That would interrupt their promotion. How would the company feel about that? MB’s reputation is getting worse nowadays.
    Oh well,it’s only for that day right? I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  7. Well, SNSD had their comeback stage and M had his goodbye stage. And …wow..a lot of artists in the lineup. O_O Quite unprofessional for MB Pd to do this. They should push taegoon off..just sayin.

  8. I think it was a busy week for them (Music Bank).. with Minwoo’s goodbye stage… and SNSD’s comeback stage. I think it was a wrong move to not let After School perform. I’m not a fan of them but they’re entertaining & can dance. I don’t see KARA on the list as well? But anyways… yeah.

    To Coolsmurf…
    I see you are interested in Yuri now from SNSD eh?

  9. That sucks… i love AS …their excuse is bull …whatever…. I guess when you are from a small record company anybody can step on you… HWAITING!

  10. what’s wrong with being a dancer? … I find it ridiculous how people downgrade dancers… they work just as hard and have just as much passion than singers… do you know what dancers have to go through in order to break through? broken ribs, feet bleeding all the time etc. don’t act all almighty and downgrade them…that’s really annoying .. I applaud AS for bringing something new, refreshing and entertaining… they don’t have to be the best singers for me to be interested, not that much of a snob

  11. It sucks that they got their performance cancelled but being a new group without the backing of a big company it’s bound to happen. TV is a business so without enough of a backing you’re SOL :(.

  12. I’m rooting for after school, I think their a good group I don’t need any more cutsey songs. They are actually of age and can dress whatever they want.

    Their concept is sexy and I think they are those 5 girls are hot and work hard to be where they, just because their backup dancers before doesn’t mean they can’t be successful a load of bull, they were at the bottom and know they’ve debuted.

    Figures that a girl group that wasn’t following the trend gets bashed

  13. I agree with the people in allkpop (they are right for once) that SNSD was abuptly put in right after the ban was lifted. Obviously, KBS wouldn’t tell this to After School’s agency, because they don’t want to look bad.

  14. y this kind of problem should b happening….??? dont they hav a rehearsal before doing the performance??? y must pull out at the last minute???

    @anastacia : taegoon is a new korean artist who just debuted on january 17 this year..with a popular song called ‘call me’… n he is also a friend of jaejoong dbsk

  15. what the…i give a damn abt who gets kicked out or whateva…but what pissed me off the most was abt kicking those girls out of the show @ the LAST minute….now that is what we call “IRRESPONSIBLE”…Not that I was looking forward to any of those performers but come on….isn’t that some sort of insult to those girls who were getting prepared n all for the show…

    oh n yea..certainly they’re new..but i see that half the performers are totally dominated by recently debuted singers just like after school + no offence but some of the singers r even barely known…so what’s the difference here…and yea what’s wrong with being a dancer…lol i find it funny how people look down on dancers when their own favorite singers or groups only know how to dance n not sing….at least after school is far better in that aspect…

  16. this is the downfall of being in a small company. pd’s/producers/etc. rather have stars in bigger company and ignore smaller companies. it happens all the time with award shows so it’s no surprise.

    how do they have the shortest performance time? isn’t their song 3 something minutes like other singers too?

  17. SNSD wasn’t abruptly put on the line-up after the ban was lifted. It was on their schedule one week in advance that they were going to perform on Music Bank. Besides, the ban was lifted last Friday when Shinee performed their “Goodbye” stage.

  18. i agree with breezy.
    So what if they’re dancers? Hey some other singers cant even SING or DANCE in my opinion. DONT DEGRADE THEM! They’ve worked hard to finally debut.
    @lulu “try to be sexy”
    well their concept is sexy. They dont need to try. How do u become sexy then huh? you tell me? because their song/performance is what i call sexy.

  19. i agree with John!!

    her song is nowhere near as catchy and fun to listen to as After School. Besides, After School gives a way better performance~

  20. Jessica HO sucks first of all, and SNSD had their comeback which usually consist of of 2-3 songs. If SNSD was never banned After School would have still been on Music Bank. They could have seriously beat out Jessica HO and New Day, why Jessica when you have 5 Jessicas but hotter and why a new girl group when you have 5 girls who actually perform and not just stand and sing a ballad.

  21. sucks for them
    anyways snsd’s comeback performance was the best
    and since they were doing their COMEBACK performance they performed like 2 1/2 songs since they only sang like a minute of Dear Mom

  22. >_< what! that’s sooo ridiculous!! their performances always rock and seriously, music bank, how long have they been putting on the show, they should know how to manage time better..i would have rather watched After School than Jessica H.O at any given point to be honest…

  23. snsd had a comeback stage
    comebacks generally tend to be long-ish
    and they havent been there for the past 3 weeks.

    i was kinda sad though, i was looking forward to an AS performance and kept checking youtube…

    i would rather have AS then like Wink or even brand new day who were still there

  24. fangirl/boy will kill me for this,
    but honestly, i have no idea all this hype abt afterschool while obviously they cant sing, even the choreo is not that fantastic, their perf is getting poorer than the previous, no energy at all
    they’re just lucky they have such a catchy song

  25. im glad they didnt perform actually,
    cuz theyre not a very good role model, i mean “after school” you dress up horribly and dance around like a…i wont say it but still!
    i dont think they are a very good group, and they newly debuetd, it could happen.

  26. not really a fan of them
    but i guess it makes sense
    like M’s goodbye stage only got like 4 mins O.o (or was that a differnt show?)
    and SNSD has their comeback and that was definately more important haha

  27. wow i just love how some of you are like ooh its ok cause it was Mโ€™s goodbye stage and SNSDs comeback…..

    but you would have been piss off if it was your group that were removed……. pulled from the list of performers at the very LAST minute!!!!!…………

    ****yup just like how snsd were ban and all their fans crying*****………………..

  28. Why the fuck is everyone twisting what was said and creating drama? Come on, people~ It’s not like they were banned or anything, they’ll have more performances to come. What’s done, is done. Live with it.

  29. I just think its hilarious how BRAND NEW DAY was put before after school. Its not like brand new day is gonna win any hits.

  30. It’s alright. It’s one show, right? After School’s fanbase is still continuously growing, and they are receiving much love from everyone. =]

  31. It’s not like After School will bring any breeze either.
    After School or Brand New Days, they all suck ass.

    And when we are at it, TaeGoon Wink Dear Cloud Blue Spring, Untouchablke, Maydoni, Jess Ho Tae.1 all suck ass. These loosers will never have a number 1 song.

    The only worth watching are: Baek Ji Young, SS501, K.Will, SNSD, Gavy NJ, Lyn, M. The rest are all fillers and can be drop at anytime and no one will give a fack.

  32. wtf? dancers should not be singers? nigggahhh please.
    i believe there is only one back up dancer right? which is hella famous? and she is the leader.. and i like her voice..

    FCK MBC <— yeahhhhh

    And After School is permorming on the halftime show right now ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. LOL. Even if SNSD hasn’t been there for a long time, its their company’s fault anyway. And so what even if it their first comeback, atleast they are JUST coming back unlike after school who just fucking debuted.

  35. wow i feel so bad for them
    music bank shouldnt do be allowed to cut them like that the day before =/ at least give them a heads up…

  36. AFter school sucks!!!!!!!!
    “They sing like SHIT and look like SLUTS.”..I’m agree with you..


  37. i love after school..
    what KBS did to them is cruel..
    i hope after school didn’t take this too seriously
    and show more powerful performance better n future

  38. wow! some people are crabby ..,. backup dancers will only be dancers….duh?!!! if that’s the case then YunHo, JLo, Justin Timberlake, Rain etc. don’t deserve to be where they’re at now? they were backup dancers before & just because “they can dance they can’t sing”? lame!!
    Give them a break…..& MuBank tsktsk so unethical.

  39. KBS is such a @&#(@&#(@&$
    any how ban and cut MVs and performances for lame reasons
    they also banned SeungRi’s StrongBaby for awhile just becuz of the word “crack” wad de hell is wrong wif them?
    i have to say AfterSchool is way much better den SNSD
    although they WERE dancers it doesnt mean tat they dun deserve a chance to be a singer! they could also sing pretty well compare to other groups! All singers deserve respect so let’s stop bashing them!

  40. gosh ppl with all the mean comments
    so what if some of them were backup dancers
    im pretty sure alot of stars had to be backup dancers once b4 they debuted like yunho, rain, boa, and alot more of talented stars today and first of all these girls are NOT SLUTS their concept is sexy and they are not all on looks and i think they can actually sing and dance i give them a little slack knowing they have all this antis out there calling them this and that and oh dancers should just stay dancers is a bunch of bs AS is much better than SNSD who act all fake seriously those who like snsd then to go and slap urself at least once before u go calling someone a slut becaus when i think of it snsd doesnt have the best reputation do they personnally i think it was rude of MS to sut them on such late notice omg snsd comeback was so important blah blah blah i mean Minwoo goodbye stage was very important i agree but he only got four minutes wtf i think minwoo should have got more time and also like what the hell did AS do to u and most ppl actually like AS, i just found out them a couple dayz ago and i love them and i usuallly HATE(really and very depise) korean girl groups the only one i like or love is CSJH THE GRACE because they have talent and i can AS having just as much talent

  41. OMG!!!
    I actually liked this group because I gotta admit they are SEXY… I for one am not jealous of them, but admired them for their sexiness because my FIRST IMPRESSIONS of them are like EWWWW SLUTTY, but if you keep looking at them, you see them as sexy not slutty… I actually like this group because they can dance and rap… Thats usually something that we don’t have now in popular groups bands like SNSD and Wonder Girls… I’m actually more appealed and interested in this group, After School.. I mean, you gotta admit THEY GOT TALENT!!! Dance, Sing, and Rap!!!!!!!!!

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