Rising Star of 2009 – Kim So Eun

Up and coming actress Kim So Eun is undoubtedly one of the most popular and talented rising new stars in 2009, who has impressed many with her roles in Empress Chun Chu and Boys Before Flowers, both KBS dramas.

Kim So Eun

In Empress Chun Chu, Kim So Eun plays the younger version of Hwang Bo Soo (older version played by Chae Si Ra), who later becomes the empress of the Goryeo Dynasty. Starting from Episode 2, her vivid portrayal of the leading character has seen many giving her the ‘little Chae Si Ra’ nickname. At the same time, she is also acting as the best friend of Geum Jandi (Goo Hye Sun) in Boys Before Flowers who is a childish yet highly motivated high-school girl.

“I feel that I still have a lot of inadequacies. It is a pity but because of the praises by many, I am now motivated to proceed on. Despite the fact that I have only have scenes for 7 episodes, I have actually learnt horse riding and archery within a span of 3 months. My skin even had callus (thickened) due to the repeated plucking of the bow string for filming needs,” said Kim So Eun.

Kim So Eun in Empress Chun Chu

Kim So Eun, who usually plays a teenage or high-school girl, has achieved a breakthrough in her acting path. In Empress Chun Chu, Kim So Eun has had to contend with marriage, giving birth and losing her husband within the span of 7 episodes. This almost equates to a life experience of a normal adult with the exception of death. Although she has been turned back to a high-school girl in Boys Before Flowers, she is now able to portray the role with ease.

“I have been really busy acting as a queen over the weekend and a normal citizen from Monday to Friday. I have both the loyalty personality of Empress Chun Chu and also the childishness of Chu Ga Eul at the same time.”

The way Kim So Eun entered the entertainment industry is pretty unique. During her school days, she had dreamt of being a designer. As her mum had an interest in photography, Kim So Eun was often the model for her mum.

Kim So Eun

“My parents didn’t really like me studying arts and actually wanted me to become an actress instead. However, due to my persistence in not wanting to become one, so they just let me be and I learnt arts during my free time. But since I am an actress now, I think that this is probably my destiny.”

credit: hanfever


thanks to Rosey who posted in the comments, I finally knew what Kim So Eun was doing in Sad Sonata. I was trying to figure out where she was in in that drama when I learnt about it but was clueless. Actually she was playing the younger version of Kim Hee Sun’s character, Hye In who was blind. I was already pretty impressed by her acting even though it was pretty short.

15 year old Kim So Eun

Destined for greatness!

80 thoughts on “Rising Star of 2009 – Kim So Eun

  1. i really like her!! even though i’m a girl…she’s one of the few female celebrities i like a lot!

    hope this will be a successful and awesome year for her…

  2. I’m glad she’s destined into this acting field because she’s a total star and natural beauty just from looking at her act and model.. gorgeous gorgeous girl. She’s still young and has a long way to go.. she can always design stuff in her free time =)

  3. I’m still confused at how she became an actress.. is it because her mom photographed her as a model and she was noticed by the acting industry and was hired that way? :S.. Typical teen.. following her parent’s dreams.. hope she likes her position as an actress right now.. she’s a great inspiration and I hope she realizes that. However.. I do hope she’ll someday become a designer.. that way she can achieve her dream career.. aja aja fighting kim so eun unni ! ~ ❤

  4. She doesn’t sound that motivated in being an actress… I hope she grows stronger and like this job because she’s so pretty and it would be a total waste to hide it!

  5. I like her as an actress. I think she really has potential. She’s also gorgeous enough to be a model.
    Who knows? Maybe she can be a designer too one day.

  6. First Song Hye Kyo and then Kim Tae Hee and then Park Min Young and now Kim So Eun. Korea keeps on pumping out these amazingly pretty actresses! I wonder who will it be next year?

  7. I’m really impressed with her in BOF, i think i may watch Empress Chun Chu now as well to see more of her (plus that picture of her looks stunning).

    Can’t wait to see more of her in the near future.

  8. Guys if you don’t know why he’s updating constantly about her, just read the current obsessions corner for explanations.

  9. i just watched the iron empress this evening, and her acting is really good! she’s so pretty as well, i’m sure she will definitely rise to fame!
    Thanks for posting so many articles of kim so eun!

  10. LOL smurf, looks like your new obbession is Kim So Eun. I don’t blame you though, she’s really adorable. Much more likable than Park Min young, I must add.

  11. from your description of her character in the historical drama, i want to see it, too bad my kbs world isn’t airing it yet. strange how her family supported her acting not arts, but she ended up an actress anyways. can’t wait for more of her & Kim Bum in BBF.

  12. she’s so cute!!!
    i hope her role in BOF will expand if she DOES get coupled with kimbum later on.
    eeee! i love her scenes :):)

  13. I wish she had played Jandi. She is so likeable. I don’t care if the actress is that pretty or not but she has to be likable. Right now the actress who is playing Jandi looks like the queen grandmum of UK with her beady hard eyes and frumpy hair style and acts like a five year old. She has absolutely zero chemistry with the lead actor who is so likeable.

  14. @ palki: you’re an idiot. if you don’t like the lead actress, stop watching the drama. anyone who landed the role of jandi would still be sporting that hairstyle and acting in an over-exaggerated manner because guess what, that’s what the director wants and that’s what the manga calls for. makino’s character, especially around tsukasa, acts immature, loud, annoying, *insert your latest complaint/rant against the characterization*

    so blame the director & the script, instead of bashing on GHS for the same moronic things you jealous haters keep bringing up about her acting and now her so called “lack” of being like-able. you jealous idiots need to grow up or shut up.

    As for Kim So Eun, the girl is definitely talented, pretty/cute, and I’m really enjoying her performance in BOF. I can’t wait to check out her performance in Empress Chun Chu too!

  15. @maya, why are flying off the handle and taking it so personally? Are you one of those ugly girl with anjuma hair and circle lensed beady eyes who dresses like a tween? For your information I have nothing against GHS. Lighten up, sugar! It’s just a drama.

  16. @maya Guess what? I absolutely blame the director. I had such high hopes for the Korean version of HYD. I was sure it would top the Japanese version. But the casting has been a disaster. Rui who is supposed to make all HYD fans fall in love with him like Makino and feel conflicted turned out to be a such a bad actor. And what’s worse is that the director tried to make him look like a clone of the Japanese one. Why not do something original? At least style wise. There are so many good looking talented Korean actors out there…..it’s just too bad. Jandi is not as bad as Rui but she has absolutely no chemistry with JP …zilch. I cannot imagine them kissing. They don’t match at all. Except for LMH BBF has been a disappointment . The soundtrack is so mediocre too. I was expecting something better from the Koreans but they seemed to be caught in some kind of a rut these last few years. It’s just same old cliched stuff over and over again. I am sorry about my earlier comment …I don’t want to be mean. I meant to be funny but I didn’t express myself well. It’s so easy to be mean and call people idiots on the internet and I don’t want to do that. It’s such a waste of time.

  17. wow! to have parents that actually want their daughter to be an actress… that must be very cool~

    why am i getting the feeling that out of this BOF craze, goo hye sun is getting a relatively small amount of attention as opposed to kim bum, hyun joon, kim so eun, and lee min ho??

  18. don’t stop posting about her alvin!
    i just love her. she’s so naturally lovely and she seems have a good personality too. this girl can’t seem to do anything wrong.
    i hope her career just continues to bloom.

  19. She’s so pretty I really like her
    if they out her and Kim Bum on WGM I’m sure they could resurrect the whole show

  20. i noticed her since her movie Fly Daddy Fly (2006) which also starred Lee Jun Ki (that was also her, wasn’t she?) and Someone Behind You (2007). she was still young back then, but yet so talented. i will be rooting for her in the future,,, Kim So Eun, fighting~!! ^^

  21. She is so cute and a great actress!
    I love her in BBF.
    she reminds me of Park Min Young tho.
    *wink wink*
    So random, but itd be cool if she would star in Big Bang’s new music video in the future 4real

  22. I love her character in Boys Over Flowers and I hope to see more from her. I think she definitely have skills in acting and hopefully one day will take the lead in a drama.

  23. gawd i hope her company, media or whatever don’t over expose her too much that we get sick of her, because she is one of the few actresses that i genuinely like.

    i think that when she is a little underrated, you’ll like her more because she is working for her craft and not whoring attention, but i guess it’s a little too late, right?

  24. @tinaxxe, she is quite underpromoted, she doesn’t even have her own homepage at her management company website, sidushq.

  25. She’s really good! She act so naturally in both dramas. Had to admit, I cried several time with her in The Iron Empress series, especially when she had to separate with her child.

    Really impressed with her acting. But that not actually surprise me as I just found out, she had been impressed me before when she’s very young. That is when she act as a blind girl, the young version of the leading character in Sad Love Story.

    And thank you coolsmurf for news about her.

  26. @Rosey, thank you for the answer. I was scratching my head for whom did she act as in Sad Love Story. So she was the younger version of Kim Hee Sun’s character, Hye In. She only appeared in the first episode but I must say she did a very good job but the young boy, Yoo Seung Ho did even better.

  27. Thanks for posting more about this girl. I’m not a fan of K-dramas or korean stars but I stumbled upon BOF and just got hooked on by this young girl. She has charisma and very natural onscreen and I grew to adore her as an actress 🙂

    I’m intrigued by the description of her role and that screencap of her in the Empress drama – she’s stunning. I might look out for her in that one too. Her role sounds complex and I like it 😀

  28. she is cute! i luv her hanbok in one of the pics shes totally cute! hope she has a great time with her acting debut!

  29. She and kim bum look good together. They’re both cute. I’ve watched meteor garden and i wasn’t a fan of xi men (kim bum’s character) But in boys over flowers i find him interesting. Maybe because kim bum is so cute. LOL ;op I wonder, since they changed some parts in boys over flowers, they might as well make Ji Hoo and Ga Eul a couple. Well more power to her and the cast of boys over flowers!

  30. you’re pretty girl. kim so eun matching with kim bum. when do you visit to indonesia??? don’t forget !

  31. hallo kim so eun how are you/?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. hi kim su eun.u r my# 1 fnce i love u nd take dare.GOD BLESS U.i wish ill see u in pirsonal.love u.pls visit ere in phillipines,cebu city.i love u.mwwwwwwwww.

  33. kim soeun ,……………………………..beautiful,……………………….

  34. i really idolized this girl since the day i saw her in boys over flower..
    sometimes i do imitate her style..
    awesome Kim…
    i love you so much..
    hoping to see you in person.. 🙂

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