Hwanhee – Hwayobi, Marco – Son Dambi Exiting We Got Married

The following has been confirmed.

First and foremost, nothing has been confirmed by MBC nor the We Got Married PDs. So until then, just treat the following as just something possible.


Popular MBC variety show We Got Married is about to usher in another era of change starting with a replacement of the existing couples and also seeking to increase the entertainment value of the show. The 2 existing couples who will be dropped from the show are Son Dambi – Marco and Hwayobi – Hwanhee whose popularity have been steadily decreasing since September 2008.

They will make way for the Seollal couples, JunJin – Lee Si Young, Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young, Jung Hyung Don – Tae Yeon who had appeared for a test run on the 25th January New Year episode. Son Dambi – Marco and Hwayobi – Hwanhee final appearance on the show will be 8th February (tentative).


This will constitute the 3rd generation for We Got Married, which had started originally with Alex – Shin Ae, Crown J – Seo In Young, Andy – Solbi and Jung Hyung Don – Saori. Other couples who came on board during this period include Lee Hwi Jae – Jo Yeo Jeong and Kim Hyun Joong – Hwang Bo. Marco – Son Dambi and Hwanhee – Hwayobi joined the show as the second generation of couples with the Seollal couples making up the 3rd generation of couples.

The new couples, compared to the previous couples, have stronger personalities. JunJin – Lee Si Young will experience unusual situations with their unpredictable actions; Jung Hyung Don – Tae Yeon will play out the concept of ‘the beauty and the beast’ with their 11-year age gap; Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young storyline will focus on grabbing the attention of the female viewers.


Other changes include increasing the entertainment value of the show. In the past, the show primary focus had been on showing the regular family life of the couples and was criticized by some viewers for being too boring (I don’t really think so). In order to change that, the appearance cycle of couples will now be drastically reduced to 3 – 4 weeks instead of 4 – 5 months previously.

The program PDs said, “During this time, we have been working on a reality concept with no scripts. From now on, we will try to produce a more entertaining and interesting show. We will also try to create more interesting scenarios every week (does this mean an even more scripted show?).”

Source: Sports Donga & Six Senses
Chi trans: 紫水晶@isay81℃
Eng trans: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

98 thoughts on “Hwanhee – Hwayobi, Marco – Son Dambi Exiting We Got Married

  1. “In order to change that, the appearance cycle of couples will now be drastically reduced to 3 – 4 weeks instead of 4 – 5 months previously.”
    you mean each couple will only last for 3-4 weeks on WGM!!??
    zomg. i dont want the show to be scripted ):

  2. scripted SOONER??? or its already been scripted??? O_O
    its something true that DamBi couple have to leave…but not for HwaYobi couple…. i think mayb HwaYobi appearnce is at the wrong time (enterance with Dambi couple mayb?)
    i enjoy watching HwaYobi coouple nwy…~ its soo soon to depart for HwaYobi….

  3. The show is seriously dead. I think its a bad idea since many ppl are beginning to love hwanyobi and marbi couple. 😦 thats too bad.

    Some of the ny couple looks promising, but i don;t think the program will be able to stay much longer especially with a drastic change in the concept.

  4. i don’t mind exchanging the current couples for the new years’ couples! but i hope the interest in them lasts long enough that they can stay for a few months rather than just weeks

  5. This show suddenly turn out to be just like another variety show. “In order to change that, the appearance cycle of couples will now be drastically reduced to 3 – 4 weeks instead of 4 – 5 months previously.”. What did the PD think of ??
    WGM used to be a fresh variety show, with some sweet scene between two people who didn’t know each other, and did some mission with their own pressume.
    But now… It’s like just another show…

    Too bad…

  6. it’s getting worse. so it means we see changes of couples every month??? the producers ‘re making wgm worse and worse with their additional ideas. hate to see wgm going downhill. it’s fun to watch celebrities being paired up but…. what are the producers thinking/doing now????

  7. i dunno what to say.. hope they change for good..
    lol at the ‘beauty and the beast’ .. well-chosen word.. haha

    anyway, the pics are misplaced.. why taeyeon beside kangin? ar, maybe they should have this exchange couple concept, or having affair in between couple.. LOL
    spin off – WE GOT AFFAIR

  8. Actually, this says about the same thing which was stated before, but more indirectly. In other words, it’s more or less a rewrite of previous news.

    if son dambi and marco, and hwanyobi leave i’m done !!
    i’ve been keeping with the show because i liked the couples.
    but junjin and siyoung are so boring.
    kim shin young and shin sung rok were so awkward and won’t change to be funny,
    and taeyeon and jung hyundon aren’t even remotely close to keeping me interested.
    plus if you only let a couple be on for four weeks, then all it will be will be the awkwardness.
    AND THAT’S NOT FUN. =____=;;

  10. 3-4 weeks cycle is pretty short, we would never be able to see their bond growing stronger or getting to know each other better. The changes just doesn’t fit its title “We got Married” in my opinion.

    Off topic… Has anyone realised? Jung Hyung Don is the only survivor for first generation!

  11. its such a waste to put junjin there and he will only last for 4 episodes!….. and what about kangji couple!…… i agree it will be more scripted!

  12. this is soooo upsetting! why do they keep reducing the time periods to show these couples. it’s getting ridiculous that they keep making these changes. don’t they know that they’ll just keep losing viewers?!!!

  13. ….argghhhh sigh….this show has just lost it…the couples were fine as they were adding a few new faces can be an exception but now reducinbg the time slot for each couple…now thats just….arghhh!

  14. hwanhee & hwayobi was my favorite after all the old couples left. now they’re all leaving >.< no more wgm for me. all the new couples are blah. but kim shin young&shinsungrok are cute^^

  15. I think if the change is real, WGM has lost its original spirit and charm. Really like just another variety show.

    I’m disappointed and will miss the original Four couples forever, esp Ant couple!!!

  16. As long as I get to see some 100 day photoshoots I’m happy. And they need to keep mixing it up untill they find new compelling coulpes like AnBi or AlShin something to keep the people coming.

  17. WGM is seriously losing my intrest…When my favorite JoongBo couple left i almost completely stopped watching the show..but i continued because i liked the Hwanhee Hwayobi couple…but now they may be leaving? ='( I still like the Kangin Eunji couple and that may be the only thing keeping me watching this show…but changing the couples so often i think will annoy me…who knows maybe i will just stop watching it all together and watch JoongBo re-runs instead, remembering the good times =P keke

  18. its the female mc kang soo jung effect. shes been noted as cancelling and worsening shows when she appears. Before kang soo jung came in everything was great but when she came in couples began to leave and even the show setting disappeared. Just my opinion.

  19. i think they’re losing the concept of we got married
    itz more about entertainment than the real meaning of getting married
    you cant feel what itz like to be married in 3 to 4 weeks
    that’s bs
    i mean everyone in the first season realized what it felt like to be a real married couple after they left
    these days itz just putting couple with couples
    like they’re supposed to date
    in my opinion i think they should extend the marriage period to at least three months

  20. I like Marco-Son Dam Bi couple. Although I’m not exactly up to date on them, It’ll still be a bit sad to see them leave. Whatever, as long as they put JJ and LSY as their replacement, then I’ll be okay.

  21. 3-4 weeks isn’t really a ‘marriage’….

    this show is turning shitty. in fact, it’s transforming so much that it’s lost it’s original concept and charm. if this post is true, then the show will simply turn into a look-two-people-hanging-out-together! showcase of celebrities (with none of the warmth or emotion that we’ve seen between the older couples).

    anyway. it should be entertaining nonetheless. but it will be a different type of ‘entertaining’ than previously, ya know?

  22. only 3-4 weeks? that will suck for viewers cause once you get invested in a couple, they will be leaving or get replaced? i actually like the 3rd generation couples, they definitely have stronger more unique personalities compared to the 2nd generation couples, but they can never replace the 1st original couples.

  23. i think with this, they’ve just completely changed the show except for the basic “they got married”.
    i liked the original everyday life with little missions every week.
    viewers grow attached with the couples!!…i think i cried when the original (not HD-saori), and with the joongbo couple…
    3-4weeks is definitely not enough to see the couples become more couple like and to see them progress…
    when young-j left, i felt so sad cos the PDs’ve been cutting down their air time for the past MONTHS it felt like.
    and they looked like a true couple.
    a scripted, short-term, concepted marriage life?

  24. Wow.. is this a new show? should I watch it? it sound familiar. I hope it’s interesting. I think I will NOT watch it.. naaaaaaaaaaah… WGM is dead since all the original (2nd) generation departed.. And soon will be worst and getting worst. Poor Junjin.

  25. why don’t they just cancel this show already?
    it’s not that popular anymore and they should realize it
    it was at first because it was new and different by now it’s just tedious watching it!

  26. i still enjoy this show!
    and i love these two couples…
    i think you just have to continue to develop them and then steadily gain a following for the couples. this sucks.

  27. this stinks…i like the HwanYobi couple..hehe…i always felt like it was a continuation of all those cliche dramas..you know the bd guy who goes for the sweet innocent like girl..maybe its just me…ahaha..cuz i always wondered how they would actually live after being married..i liked them..as for the other couples…could care less really…for me its not a bad idea to rotate so i dont have to see the couples i dont like for long…but then that means the couples that i do like are gone just as fast…this stinks…

  28. I don’t really care since I’m not entertained by any of the couples but the PDs are pretty bad. The new couples haven’t been on the show for a long time, and they’re just cut off like that. Plus the new couples are bleh.


  29. I don’t mind them exchanged Dam Bi and Marco (hated that couple)
    But I don’t want Hwanhee and Hwayobi to leave :tears:
    They’re whats keeping me watching every week!

  30. i knew it! now that junjin & lee siyoung are confirmed replacements for the 2 who are leaving, i’m completely excited.

  31. NOOO~~

    the only reason im still watching is cos of the hwanyobi couple!! >__<
    i have no interest in the 3rd generation couples -__________-"… they should cancel it already~~~

  32. Unless they bring back the original couples, this show will continue to decrease decrease decrease in ratings. I’m glad they found out that those 2 couples were a big part of the cause for the decrease in ratings.. they bored me to death compared to the original couples. It’s not the same anymore, nor will it ever be the same.. it’s quite useless to watch it now as it’s all over the place.. BRING BACK THE OLD WGM concepts !

  33. I’ve lost interest in this show ever since the last first generation couple left. Cancel it.. you’re just wasting money and time !

  34. Changed the name already.. we got married.. this new concept and new pd are stupid as hell.. how can you promote people to get married for only 3-4 weeks??? decreasing human quality. doesn’t even know the meaning of marriage. change the whole concept and the whole cast and I demand them to change the name too, They are damaging the image of WGM.. 3-4 weeks??should be named we hooked up instead of married dumbarsh!

  35. Ha. And my interest as well as some others
    were just starting to rise again. And now
    they go and cut off those two couples
    who’ve been grabbing my attention.
    LOL. The ratings are just going to get lower
    and lower so they might as well just cancel
    the whole show all together. It’s a big waste
    of money if you’re only going to let couples
    stay for 3-4 weeks. And yes, I think it’s going
    to be even more scripted.

  36. L-A-M-E-!-!-!-!-!-!

    Are they trying to purposely sabatoge the show as a whole? OMG! It’s bad enough that the orginal couples left the show but now they want to kick out the couple who is keeping the show going–Hwanhee & Hwyobi?!


    I’m fine with their decision with Marco and Son Dambi but kicking out Hwanhee & Hwyobi is just S-T-U-P-I-D-!-!-!-!-!-!

    if hwayobi and hwanhee leave
    i dont think theres any point of me watching we got married ==’
    they havent been on for that long too
    and they jsut became one of my faves
    gah wgm is starting to suckkk big timeeeeee
    i miss the old couples T_T

  38. thats really mean/sad that their getting kicked out and not leaving cause they want too so now theres 2 odd couples and 2 cute couples. hmmm … we’ll see how long this show can go on

  39. 3-4 week? how could that not be scripted? Two people meeting for a whole day (3-4 times), who had never really known each other before hand, act as a marry couple and not feel awkward. I bet if the time frame is 3-4 weeks, it’ll definitely be script even more than it is now.

  40. I will miss the two couples, but I won’t miss them THAT much.

    I am looking forward to watching the newest couples (JunJin – Lee Si Young & Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young) though =) The Kangin couple isn’t that interesting yet, whereas I am not really a fan of Hyungdon couple (haven’t watched the episode though).

    I was not expecting the Hwayobi couple to leave though T.T I kind of figured that the Dambi couple will leave since she will be busy in the states.

  41. honestly with only 3-4 weeks. of course everything is gonna be scripted. all you have to do is act nice to your partner or comfortable because you are only gonna be with them for 1 month. while with long times you can grow even closer. and a real bond is formed. not an acted one…

  42. Ok, I understand the departure of Marco and Dam Bi… but Hwan Hee and Hwa Yobi?!?! Why?!?!?! They’re so entertaining (to me at least)! Ugh… The show is changing by the second!!

    HwanYobi, Hwaiting!!!


    if they do the only couple left for me will be Kangin and (?) I’m really sorry her name can’t stay in my head
    but really after this WGM will be grabbing at straws …
    it’s not the way it should be anymore
    they only way to bring it back is to bring back what made it so good
    or couples with the same level of interest!
    because these new couples … don’t appeal to me AT ALL
    other wise I’m not sure I’ll keep watching WGM
    maybe just the Kangin cuts because I love him to death
    but that’s it.

  44. Scripted crap oncoming~

    Seriously, WGM is going down hill.

    Taeyeon is cute because she just is, and i think one of the few reasons that show is still getting ratings is because of Kangin and Taeyeon.

  45. This is just plain stupid.
    I like how it was “reality” w/o a script because a show with a name called “We Got Married” should focus on marriage life not concepts & written scripts…

    We Got Married is slowly heading towards a cancellation soon. I really think it’ll get canceled soon, not like a care anymore after AnBi left the show’s ratings were dropping slowly.
    Then one by one all the original couples started leaving making the ratings drop even more.

    Only thing I’m grateful for this show is that they gave me AnBi & Crown J/In Young. AnBi FTW (though)

    I predict when this show ends Don Don will still be on it. He’ll be the only surviving member of the WGM original family. From marriage – divorce, then MC, then the annoying brother for the family life now to remarried….soon to be cancellation..lol

  46. they are trying REALLY hard to bring in viewers. the show is pointless now. it’s not about being “marry” anymore it’s about what to do to bring ratings up.

  47. ok…seriously i watched we got married till now..but sorry Hwanhee and Hwayobi were my ultimate fave :S and now their dropping them..i just can’t watch the show anymore..it looks so fake now!

  48. if i am the PD….i will introduce 6 couples, each week 3 couples will fight to be the best couple to complete the task given….of course this is decided by the viewers

    the winner couples have vocation prize or something or anything……these 3 couples won’t appear on next week episode

    on 2nd week, the new 3 couples fight to complete their task…. another winner on this episode

    on 3rd week show all the couples spending time together normally..shopping,fighting,bonding,kissing etc. but focus more on the two couples with lowest rate….coz one of the couples must be eliminated…

    the cycle repeated…..every 3 week one couple is going to be eliminated depending on viewers choice…the cycle can be extended longer when there is less couples however.

    eliminated couples have chance to be introduce into the show back in wild card episode

  49. yeah
    PDs suck
    i know all these entertainment plots
    why they must bring kangin, taeyeon n junjin?
    it’s that simple
    they all have a strong FANBASE
    of cuz the fans will say they hate their idol “married” with thator those but still they keep up with the programme
    so lame

  50. I’ve watched the special episode of new couples. They DON’T appeal me.
    So… once my favourite couple – Hwanhee and Hwayobi are gone, I’m done watching WGM.
    I was looking forward to new season since Hwanhee said he’ll bring back old Hwanhee (who is alpha male with unpredictable and funny personality) from earlier episodes.
    Silly PD. @_@
    Well… IF I have to look on the bright side, I don’t have to put my time aside for every Sunday to watch WGM.
    more me time. *smirk

  51. -.-..it takes time to get rid of awkwardness, i hated JoongBo when they first came on cuz of awkwardness (Hwang Bo was cool so it kept me interested/amused) and then…it was like BAM they were one of my favorite couples. with rotations of 3-4 weeks no one can get to know them. (let alone the couples to get comfortable with each other) at this rate i might actually switch to Family Outing

  52. Once Hwanhee couple leaves the show, I’m not watching WGM anymore…
    I’m very upset about PD decision if the news is true.

  53. do they wanted to raise the rating or what? and whats with hyungdon? is he the mascot of this show or what? why don’t they just invite some famous stars such as bigbang, dbsk or rain to be the couple if they want to bring back their old fame…

  54. If Hwanyobi couple leaving.. am not watching this show anymore..
    The PDs are just making it worse for the show by adding those ‘ideas’ that they think is creative …..
    3 to 4 weeks per couple… as if that could make an impression on viewers watching…

  55. WGM has lost it’s fire and power…. it’ll never be as successful as it was last year when these couples were still on: Andy-Solbi, HyunJoong-HwangBo, Alex-ShinAe, & CrownJ-SeoInYoung….

    these four couples brought their very own unique couple personalities onto the show and it really made it worthwhile to watch and wait for every week…

    HwanYobi is definitely one couple i’m in love with now too…cuz they’re unique… but things have been disappointing with WGM lately…

  56. 3-4 weeks isn’t enough for viewers to even warm up to the couples, and then they’re going to make them leave?
    WGM had so much hype with the original couples because we were able to watch them grow from day 1 as a couple till the end. We watchd them through their ups-and-downs. 3-4 weeks is just like, THREE DAYS of filming for the couples…what are they going to learn in 3 days?

    This is ridiculous. Now they’re forcing Marco-Dambi (unless she does need to go film) and Hwanhee-Hwayobi to leave just to make this new concept work!?!?

  57. OMG!!! Couples almost always start out boring!!! Even e alex/shinae couple started out rocky and everything.. it takes a few episodes for them to start getting comfortable with each other.. THEN THEY CUT THEM!!!@@!!

    Just when e Dambi/Marco and Hwayobi/Hwanhee couple are getting interesting.. what e friggin hell!!!

    Geniuses.. these people *rolls eyes*

  58. previously i watched WGM religiously week by week

    meh…if someone sub i’ll watch
    if not…i dont care anymore

    the PD keep changing the concept which worked greatly before into something out-of-the-can show

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  60. Its about time, After the Ant tour these 2 couples just did not cut it, i still love WGM and i watch it every week..Love Fany and Marco there are really some Hot guys !!! I’m ready for the new!! aren’t you WGM Fan4life

  61. Oh no…Marco and Dambi also will be divorced?!
    Gonna miss that couple….double Hwan couple also divorced..watched already the episode…huh…so heart-breaking…=(

  62. Its no point in watching this show anymore…i like the original couples..and the non original was the lettuce couple,marco and dam bi and fay and hwayobi..now if they remove the last 2 of the non original couples its going to be boring and a waste of time…i wish WGM would do it like they did in the beginning because the MCs also made the show worth watching

  63. I hope hwanhee and yobi will make music together, I just love them together I love their duet, please make an album together I will pretty sure it will be a big hit internationally. Love hwayobi just the perfect kind hearted girl ever, very talented yet very humble, just knows who she is. Hwanhee knows it too!!!

  64. Aw man that sucks. Those were my 2 favorite couple. Well now there’s no use for me to watch it anymore.

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