Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Jung Are Friends

Despite being pitted as love rivals for Goo Jun Pyo in KBS Boys Before Flowers, both Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Jung are actually friends in real life. Photos of Lee Min Jung, Goo Hye Sun with a group of friends on the earlier’s Cyworld has created attention despite the fact that it was posted last December.


In the episodes shown thus far, Geum Jandi (Goo Hye Sun) has had an uninterrupted blossoming love-hate relationship with Goo Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho), save for the slight interruption of Yoon Ji Ho (Kim Hyun Joong). But from Episode 13 onwards (scheduled for 16th February), Goo Joon Pyo’s fiance, Han Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jung) will make her entrance and add some tension.

Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Jung are yet to appear on screen together, but from the photos uploaded by Lee Min Jung, we can tell that the both of them seemed to be very chummy with each other off screen, a total contrast to their drama roles. The photos didn’t create much interest when it was first uploaded last December. But with news of Lee Min Jung taking on the role as Goo Joon Pyo’s fiance, the photos has now created a buzz among fans of the show.


Netizens commented on the photos, “Both of them look really cute”, “Although they are rivals in the drama, they seem to be best friends in real life”. Most expressed their anticipation to see them act opposite each other, “Hope to quickly see the triangle relationship between them materialise.”

72 thoughts on “Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Jung Are Friends

  1. They both have their own attractiveness. If you like one than the other just keep it to yourself, doesn’t have to be
    so rude in expressing them!

  2. IMO GHS is a lot prettier than plain looking Jandi (she’s just styled to look plain – perhaps the hair). But I think Jandi isn’t supposed to be drop dead gorgeous anyway. Weird though, that Gaeul is (is she supposed to be?) πŸ˜›

  3. i love how they are friends in real life.. this creates a more comfortable atmosphere for the actresses/actors during their acting without any awkwardness =D

  4. @lolmalol

    Goo Hye Sun isn’t what you consider to be very pretty.. but she look’s wayy better than other girls.. so DONT CALL HER UNATTRACTIVE! >=(. The jap version of BOF’s main girl isn’t attractive either.. which makes sense cuz if it was a really pretty girl as the main.. it wouldn’t be as interesting and funny as all eyes would just be staring at her beauty rather than focusing on an everyday ordinary girl’s life.. so i find that Goo Hye Sun is attractive in her own way =)..

  5. OMG! more obstacles for goo joonpyo and jandi!? :[[
    his fiance? oh no…more drama πŸ˜›
    aw they look really cute!

  6. @ Laylaa
    Inoue Mao is attractive in my opinion because she is really cute. But she is indeed not beautiful.

    GHS isn’t cute or attractive. She’s just…normal.
    I’m not saying she’s ugly but…look at her, she’s not pretty or cute =/

  7. I find Goo Hye Sun’s eyes very…well i wouldnt say deformed but its not the best eyes i’ve seen. Their big but not good big…..

    Lee Min Jung is pretty. And i feel that GHS would look better with long hair.

  8. When people say rivals they make it sound like they hate eachother in the drama. His fiance if I’m not mistaken will be shigeru from the Manga and the Japanese version, so doesn’t Han di and the fiance get along?

  9. Goo hye sun is not strikingly beautiful, but she’s far from unatrractive. personally, i think she’s incredibly adorable, esp when she smiles.

    Lee Min Jung is really gorgeous…

  10. well Goo Hye Sun was an ulzzang before. she is pretty, but styled to be ordinary. i like how Goo Hye Sun is really good friends with the cast. =)
    Lee Min Jung is gorgeous. =)

  11. Gu Hye Sun is cute and pretty. its no wonder since before she start her career as an actress, she’s already famous because of her natural beauty. but yeah, Jandi is not supposed to look pretty, so they changed her to make her look plain. when i see her off screen, its hard to believe she’s over 20 because she’s so cute!

    @lolmalol. everyone has their own taste. well, if u think she’s not attractive, u dont have to be rude. coz honestly i also find Mao not attractive at all. but i never criticized her.

  12. its great to see they’re good friend, so that i can always remind myself about it if i get angry later. haha.. i got too addicted to this series. my heart beat so fast when Jihoo kissed Jandi. i cant imagined how i would feel when JP’s fiancee come later.

    anyway LMJ is pretty. she somehow resembles lee yeon hee imo. and GHS is cute!! i always think she is pretty and cute since i first saw her in ballad of seodongyo. but she wasnt the female lead there, and i thought that was a big waste!! hehe..

  13. Goo Hye Sun’s beauty is natural.She does not need make up as she is blessed with a flawless screen. I have read that she is one of few Kactress that still looks good without make up .To me she is as cute as a button.Very refreshing face and also a good actress.I can’t see anybody playing Jan di.She has a lot of fans here in the US.The girl is very down to earth and talented.She is an artist (painter),director,songwriter and voice is not bad.She sang the theme song of her big hit drama Heart of 19 (Pure 19). Before criticizing her appearance ,please look in the mirror and see if you look better than her.

  14. I completely agree with Imee! I always really liked GHS!! I think she has the sweetest smile and she seems to be incredibly down-to-earth..the haters just need to stop.

  15. goo hye sun is real beauty.. inside and outside drama..

    she has natural beauty… well unless she had done something to her face… if you know what i mean..

  16. cool that they are friends in real life, it’ll be funny to see them as rivals onscreen. did you see Goo Hye Sun’s CF NGs with Jo In Sung on youtube? it is too cute.

  17. @Imee: I totally agree with you about GHS! Haters need to get over their jealous insecurities about this talented girl! She’s one of the most naturally good-looking, all around talents in Korea.

    As for Lee Min Jung, I haven’t seen much of her work, but she looks like every other k-drama actress I’ve seen before… pretty, but something about her just doesn’t stand out.

  18. GHS is so cute ^.^ I swear though , those haters are really starting to tick me off…. msg to them “may be your just jealous cuz she’s a pretty korean actress that gets to be around young idols”

    lol I was watchin kbs world today ..entertainment weekly and funny how they brought up her age diff with teh boys they even said ” well GHS you better cover up those wrinkles with make up *laughs* ” it was not said to her though ….hmmm anyway…cute actress ^.^ love her as makino

  19. I am glad that some people agree with me about GHS.As for plastic surgery , I don’t think so. It would have been all over Korean news .The bashers must be fans of these young guys (LMH and KJH) who can’t stand to have their idols with a lovely innocent looking girl. I also happened to like Lee Min Ho and he described his ideal girl as not tall,innocent and cute and not the needy type. He seems to be describing my girl GHS. More power to GHS from your fans in New Jersey, USA.

  20. these celebrities cyberworld how do i read them.
    As in when i click on the links you gave me. i could not enter their cyberworld

  21. Wow, GJP’s fiancee is gorgeous.
    Kinda reminds mw of Park Jung Ah, no?

    The entire cast is either handsome or beautiful.
    I have yet to see an ugly cat member.
    Oh wait, nevermind, GHS is in this drama…

  22. look at GHS photos with her long hair.. it’s just her hair doesn’t suit her and looks like a wig but she’s cute and attractive in her own way but more with long hair. i think GHS is more cute than LMJ and more talented because she’s a model, actress, director, writer and good in singing.. and that what you called a real talented one!

  23. @lolmalol :
    As everyone said we all have different tastes but you relaly don’t have to be that rude. I don’t think Mao’s that cute and I’m sure that many others feel that way too but, NO ONE said anything because of the fact that its plain rude. GHS is way cuter that her in my opinion, because of just her personality and the kind of person she is. She really plays the part of an ordinary highschool student well. And I heard that she does her own makeup and hair so, the fact that she looks normal is due only to her skill in acting as well as how extreme she would go to play her part as Geun Jandi. so, really have some poise and don’t be rude.

    And also, she is the most photogenic actress/korean celebrety I’ve ever seen. So, don’t be saying she’s normal unless you are better than her. And when that happens, All of her fans will judge you the way you did to her.

  24. And shurrei you are absolutely right. Sh does all those things and more and antifans really piss me off. Who the hell are they to say those things about celebrities like that? Even if she’s not that pretty her personality and her charisma as an actress and all those things you mention makes her beautiful and a real Geun Jandi. She continues to challenge herself and her work so, I’m excited and proud that she’s on BOF.

  25. i’m agree with you all, your all right the real beauty perfect skin natural in all over korean actress… gu hye sun geum jandi, the real type girl of lee minho in real life…oh my god.. lol…fighting gu hye sun…………

  26. ..I LIKE le min ho so mch,,,hes so cute…hope le min ho and goo hye sun will be together

  27. They look good together… Lee Min Ho is a hottie and Goo Hye Sun is such a beauty within….

  28. i like lee min jung.everytime i saw her in t.v. i fell like i’m going crazy coz i love her beauty!but i also like koo hye sun because she is the friend of dara in 2 ne 1 and we like dara!!
    and koo hye sun is a good actress and singer!

  29. this is a surprise to me. because in drama “boys before flowers” you and goo hye sun competisi to mean gu jun pyo . i very happy listening.

  30. hai………….lee min jung… r u………….l very very very like@miss you 4ever………..serius………you very very very cute…… hye su i very very very like@miss you………….you very verycute……………i love you all 4 ever……..

  31. i hope the star lee min ho and jandi team up will 4 ever the soap of they kiss again i wish and praying that the lead role will be lee min ho and goo hye kyo…………..

  32. nice to hear that they are friends in real life. No wonder they have a great bonding relationship during filming. both girls are pretty.

    GHS skin is so flawless… love it.


  34. I wish GHS could visit Philippines. Hope to hear another great project in the future. Miss her on screen. Miss their tandem with LMH.

  35. she’s not supposed to be pretty in the sitcom,she have to be simple^_^,And cute….
    guess some people don’t like her but u don’t have to be blunt and arrogant when u say it,…
    As I see, her personality is really amazing..she’s really pretty and humble and some people who saw her in person said she looks like a doll…..and there are saying’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder….the one who’s saying she’s ugly and unattractive,hope u see urself first in the mirror….

  36. both goo hye sun and lee min jung were beautiful….i am very happy to know that they were friends in real life….good luck for both of them….aja2x fighting hye sun unni!!!!!!

  37. lee min jeong is way more gorgeous….<3 ❀ i like go hye sun in long hair,but i like both character..wink<3wink ^^

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