So Nyeo Shi Dae To Claim Possible 3rd Music Bank Win In Person

After a lengthy absence on KBS Music Bank since their Gee mini-album was released, So Nyeo Shi Dae will finally make an appearance this Friday.

So Nyeo Shi Dae performing on Music Bank finally

In the Music Bank episode on the 30th, So Nyeo Shi Dae will mark their return by performing 3 songs, Gee, Way To Go and Dear Mom. After winning Music Bank’s K-Chart for the past 2 consecutive weeks despite not appearing in person, the girls are on course to claim their 3rd consecutive win this Friday. The girls have also won the Mutizen award through SBS Inkigayo on the 18th.

Ban or no ban, its nice to know that KBS and SM Entertainment have settled their differences. Shinee was able to perform their goodbye stage on Music Bank last Friday, giving a clear indication that the indefinite ban was over.

26 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae To Claim Possible 3rd Music Bank Win In Person

  1. I really am so excited to hear them sing Dear Mom live. It’s such a touching and emotional song.
    Anticipating for Friday!

  2. as much as i’m not a fan of SNSD…gee is relli relli addicting..and yeah..dear mom makes me melt sometimes =)

  3. WOOT! cant wait <333
    they are soo gorgeous and cute ^_^
    gee gee gee gee baby baby is stuck in my head
    they will deifnitely be #1!!!

  4. I can’t wait!! I’ve never really listened to Way to go and Dear Mom/Mum. But I hope to listen to it live. Gee is so addicting. So Nyeo Shi Dae HWAITING!!

  5. wow, i can’t believe hyoyeon that much smaller compare to sooyoung, well she is 170 cm tall…
    i’m jealous of their legs… XP

  6. wow…their legs are so photoshopped! haha!

    but i’m glad they’re finally appearing on the show. it’s pretty petty for kbs to ban them indefinitely.

  7. omona~~
    yes!!!! finally the ban is over!!!!
    guess the kbs person finally realized banning SM artists is a realll BAD move…
    yey!!!! can’t wait for their comeback!!!!!! 😀

  8. Yay! finally they can perform! i love all their songs, and i just can’t wait for the live performance for dear mom… Everyone prepare tissues… lol, SNSD JJANG!!!

  9. wow sexy snsd
    i did not know that yuri can be so sexy because she is always so dorky
    fighting girls! hope they will get number 1 again

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