Jang Geun Suk Picks Beethoven Virus Over Boys Before Flowers

It was close but didn’t happen. It was revealed that Jang Geun Suk was a prime candidate for the role of Goo Joon Pyo during the initial casting for the roles in KBS Boys Before Flowers, but Lee Min Ho got the role in the end.

Jang Geun Suk was original casted for Boys Before Flowers

Boys Before Flowers went through a long period of casting and auditions last year before beginning its broadcast on 5th January. Many were concerned over the casting for the popular adapation of the Japanese manga which has millions of readers worldwide and had been made into a drama in Taiwan and Japan over the past few years. But the initial casting stage wasn’t plain sailing.

According to someone from KBS, Jang Geun Suk had been a prime candidate for the role of Goo Joon Pyo but he wanted the role of Yoon Ji Ho instead. Group Eight, the production company behind Boys Before Flowers expressed that SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong had already been pre-selected for the role already. And this explains why there was a long delay in confirming Kim Hyun Joong for Boys Before Flowers even though there were rumors then.


Thus, a competition started brewing between Jang Geun Suk and Kim Hyun Joong for the role of Yoon Ji Ho. At the same time, fans of Kim Hyun Joong started leaving messages for Group Eight, expressing that Hyun Joong was most definitely able to portray the character and also sent in photos of Hyun Joong which resembled Yoon Ji Ho a lot to strengthen their case.

In the end, Jang Geun Suk gave up on the role automatically after failing to get a definite response from Group Eight and took on Beethoven Virus.

158 thoughts on “Jang Geun Suk Picks Beethoven Virus Over Boys Before Flowers

  1. i never watched the show yet, but im glad hyun joong got the spot instead of him. Beethoven virus is a good show still, or at least i heard.

  2. oh, well i’m glad leeminho got the role
    bcuz i love him as goojunpyo
    but it would’ve been interesting to see him as goojunpyo

  3. OMG. T_T;
    Jang geuk seuk would have been a much better goo jun pyo.
    i wish he got the role.
    lee minho hurts my eyes.

    maybe with JGS, then i wouldn’t be a jandi-jihoo supporter. sigh

  4. agree.. can’t see JDS as Jihoo.. Junpyo MAYBE.. but Lee Min Ho is rocking this role so much! i can’t have it any other way now :p

  5. I think I’m in the minority but I can really see jang geun seuk as yoon ji ho. I feel that he could adequately portray that depth and emotion that rui carries with him instead of being just plain blank and looking like this all the time –> o.o

  6. welps, thats the past. it all work well in the end. JGS did an excellent performance in BV but i think he would have done a great job as jihoo too. although i like KJH alot, i think his acting needs some work, but not bad as a newbie. he fits the character well as in his body style and such.

    anyway, everything work out great so its all OK. lol.

    JGS, i sooo love you. lol

  7. the main guy in the jap version was pretty short lol. so.. Jan Geuk Seuk isn’t too short to be jun pyo..

    anyways.. it’s not about whether they “look” like that character.. more like.. if they can ACT in my opinion.. i love Kim Hyun Joong in wgm but.. seriously.. he can’t act =/.. his expressions sometimes don’t look realistic and seem a bit fake or he’s trying too hard to change the expressions.. its not smooth. i woulda loved Jang Geuk Seuk in this drama as ANY of the F4 members.. cuz he can REALLY act.. however i guess netizens were looking for more appearance rather than acting skills =/..

  8. aww i wouldn’t mind jan geuk seuk to be yoon ji ho.. all he has to do is dye his hair blonde XD. jan geuk seuk’s acting skills are really good in other dramas and i believed he could have pulled Rui’s image off due to his acting ability to fit into the character’s personality.

    howeever.. it’s in the past.. i am upset that he’s not in the drama but the drama is still a hit =D.. just hope KHJ lighten his expressions more cuz sometimes he does look like he’s trying a bit too hard.

  9. This is quite interesting *__*. I’m a big Geun Suk fan, but I’m loving Lee Min Ho in the role (and have also become a fan of him, lmao) so….

    Geun Suk was wonderful in ‘Beethoven Virus’ though!

  10. honestly it wouldn’t matter if they picked Jang Geuk Seuk cos he a total hottie ! i loved him in baby & me ! he a great actor to ! but Lee Min Ho is a great actor to ! ๐Ÿ™‚ im really enjoying flowers over boys !! love it

  11. JGS would’ve been the better actor as Ji Ho. KHJ might look the part but his acting is so bad. besides JGS can look the part too!

  12. Even though I don’t think JGS is the strongest actor in the world (thank goodness he didn’t play Jun-pyo), I would have loved him as Ji-hoo. I have a lot of affection for Hyun Joong… just not as Ji-hoo.

  13. i like all the f4 expect for the guy from T-Max.. i dont even know his name..
    i think JGS can be a good role for him even though it is a small character.. the guy from Tmax doesnt really know how to act yet.. he needs experience.
    but i m pretty happy with the results, F4 are not perfect but they are ok… but of course i prefer the japanese version better.

  14. lmh is perfect as gjp
    jgs should’ve taken the role for ji hoo
    kim hyun joong hurts my eyes
    everything about him is SO not what yoon ji ho is supposed to be like
    all the boys are supposed to be real hot but he totally ruins it

  15. I’m glad Jang Geun Seuk’s wasn’t chosen to be Jun Pyo or Jihoo. I can’t imagine him playing any of these 2 characters.

    Lee Minho is perfect as Tsukasa/Jun Pyo. His looks and his acting fits the character perfectly!

    Hyun joong look exactly like Rui and he’s improving his acting too.

  16. I think everything worked out for the best. I can’t see Beethoven Virus with Jang Geuk Seuk. He did a really great job in it. โค

  17. As much as I love the current BBF casts, it would’ve been great if JGS was on it too! โ™ฅโ™ฅ

    Oh wells..he was great in beethoven virus.

  18. i think everything worked out nicely ๐Ÿ˜€
    i LOVED jang geun suk in Beethoven Virus and i LOVEEEE lee minho in BOF…so i’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. things worked out fine in my opinion….
    love the f4 as the way they are now
    hyunjoong’s acting is a LOT more smoother now, you can def tell he improved.
    everyone hesitated when there were rumors about a boyband members as an F4 when fans had wanted fresh faces…but i think the F4 are all great.
    i agree with Deedee – at the end, it’s all if they can ACT the character and put their own spin on it and make it their own.

  20. i can SOOO picture jang geun seuk as yoo ji hoo. i’m sorry, hyun joong can’t act. his acting interferes with the storyline. i was so confused during the last episode. i can’t figure out whether he really likes jandi or not…ugh.

  21. Phew, that was close !!! Jang Geun Seuk maybe a better actor than Kim Huyng Joong, but we would have to see Prince Chang Hwi (is that the right name ?) from Hong Gil Dong again. It’s a No, no, no (for me).

    Okay, that is a lame excuse. I just can’t get enough of Lee Min Ho and Kim Huyng Joong.

  22. I sorta would have loved to see him in BOF!!!! Jang Geun Sukkie as Ji Hoo would have been awesome. Hyun Joong and his perfect hair kinda sickens me with his acting… I haven’t watched ep 8 yet, maybe he’s more likable there BUT STILL… Although Lee Min Ho as Jun Pyo is perfectly cast!!! Group 8 is so odd sometimes…

  23. There’s always some kind of “problems” or drama in Group Eight so whatevers…
    I personally don’t really mind JGS as Ji Hoo. Though KHJ as Ji Hoo is okay too but he just needs to work on his acting a bit.. okay, a lot lol. He’s improving I can say that.

    I don’t see JGS as Jun Pyo though…

    Well I’m happy with the cast for BOF so I’m not complaining (: there will always be other projects for JGS to do.

  24. geunsuk is good for joonpyo role,
    not jihoo role. I mean he’s the type who can pull out that “BAH HECK CARE” look, instead of the soft type..

    nonetheless im happy of the current positions

  25. So Group8 picked people not because of their skill or talent but fan request?!?! What is up with that?

    Seriously, I can’t imagine JGS as Jun Pyo neither (I refuse to imagine him having curly hair LOL) but Ji Hoo, I think JGS will fit this character perfectly. I applaud for him for going after the role that he wants to portray and not just accepting the lead role blindly. It really is such a shame is JGS wasn’t been able to get the role of Ji Hoo. If he did than I think I would probably enjoy this drama more than I did right now.

    Seriously, this is the first time I’m watching a drama where I have to fast forward whenever a certain character appear *ahem Ji Hoo ahem* Yes, Hyun Joong is improving but it’s still not good enough. His character suppose to have more depth but all I’m seeing is a piece of wood on TV. I cringe whenever his character appear and in fact, I think the drama flow better without him.

  26. I like Geunsuk and all but I really think Min Lee Ho fits JoonPyo’s image better.

    As for Geunsuk playing JiHoo…I can’t see it at all.

    Overall I’m pretty happy with the casting decision for the guys at least. ^^

  27. BBF was always a showcase for newcomers with charming good looks. JGS has done enough acting, so BV is the right challenge for him. if he had any thoughts about BBF, he was just hungry for more fame LOL

  28. Geun Suk would’ve made a much better Ji Hoo.. -___- no offense to Hyun Joong fans, but he ruined the role.

  29. i also think jang geunsuk would fit the yoon ji HOO role better than the goo junpyo one and he’s around the same age as them (?) but he looks kinda older (i don’t mean anything bad here)

  30. i think JGS would have been a better Jihoo. Of course, KHJ kind of emits the aura of mysterious already. but give him something to say and bam! he can’t act to save his life. a pitty that geun seok wasn’t casted instead. i think it would be really interesting.

  31. weee WTF I can’t imagine JGS as Jon Pyuo!!!
    But Ji Hoo… mmmm… maybe… at least he’s better actor than Hyun Joon.

  32. to “me”: wow…you’re saying Kim Joon’s a bad actor who can’t act just coz you don’t like him n you don’t even know his name, did i get that wrong?

    wow. why am i not amused?

  33. Lee Min Ho kicks his ass.

    But Kim Hyun Joong can’t act so if he shuts up the rest of the drama, I’ll be good. Stand there and look pretty please.

  34. hyun joong is princely in looks… but he seems a bit blank most of the time. i think the japanese version of the drama, Rui seemed more in pain but also deep in thought. not blank like Hyun Joong. Also, Hyun Joong’s quick changes in facial expressions made me think “NEWBIE ACTOR” in most of his scenes… for Hyun Joong, its either a big wide smile, or he looks blank. He’s good eye candy but i can’t say much else. i loved him in WGM, but i can’t say i look forward to his BBF scenes very much…

  35. well, i x reli care… haha… but still, it wouldn’t be bad if JGS as junpyo or even ji hoo.
    but yeah, he might act better as ji hoo than KHJ, cuz he’s an experience actor… but i have to give a thumb up to KHJ. He’s a newbie, but i think he did a good job as ji hoo. maybe not that excellent, but still, for a newbie, he’s quiet good in his role. there’s still plenty of room for improvements, since there’s still many episodes of BOF.
    the moment i read JGS is the prime candidate as junpyo is like 0.o<– i was imagining JGS with curly hair~

    BOF’s ending might be different in this korean version… i have a hunch that jandi might ends up with ji hoo instead~
    cuz of the scene when they’re on vacation and jandi dreams about a fortune teller tells her that there’s two man for her, one is her husband, and another a soulmate… its probably junpyo as her soulmate, since she’s falling for him right now, and ji hoo as her husband… but hey, it could be either way around tho~
    sorry for the long comment~ hehe

  36. JGS’ big edge is that he can act, people… unlike… KHJ
    Aargh, his acting in BOF is so frustrating at times.

  37. reynie… i think its the other way around….
    junpyo as the husband and jihoo as the soulmate…
    much like the taiwanese version…. lei..ended up being the best friend because they are to comfortable with each other….

    although hyun joong has not yet shown some powerful acting skills… i think theres improvement as each episode airs…. i hope he overcomes the missing factor that made jihoo distinct in BOF…..

    and LEE MIN HO… i am and forever will be Jerry Yan’s slave but this guy as junpyo is something!…. matsomoto jun did not leave that lasting effect that jerry yan did to me but this guy is really promising! he’s a new actor right? he’s really good!

    Junpyo hearts Jandi!

  38. Either way..both dramas are popular..JGS is an awesome actor but someone has to fire his stylist..i cant stand furs n stuff on him!

  39. hyun joong definitely has the look of ji hoo / hanazawa rui , but he really can’t act to save his life.. sorry fans, but he looked like an autistic children rather than a cool or quiet person.. it’s really a pain to watch ..

    im now at the 5th episode, hope he can improve..
    anyway, im not his anti, i like his character in WGM
    perhaps he more suitable to cheerful or outgoing character.


  40. although KHJ is really stiff, he is improving… I think he fits the role well… all the cast do… but lee minho has got to be the best!

  41. I could definitely see jgs as jihoo…he could definitely pull off those emotions a lot better. but thank goodness he didn’t get gjp…lee minho was made for it!

  42. I agree with (: . I see Jang Geun Seok more like Rui, the original comic character. But whatever, I’m not watching this drama. I’m contented with the Japanese & Taiwanese versions, as well as reading the comic series.

  43. Thank god Jang Geun Seuk didn’t get the role! Not only because I (we) prefer Hyun Joong, but also because his tiresome by now.

  44. Well, he’s good at those “wooden” roles, so him being Jihoo isn’t that far of a stretch. And both couldn’t really act ..so there’s no gain or loss.

  45. i am kinda glad he didn’t want goo joon pyo, coz then, i won’t have gotten to know a hottie like lee min ho.

    at the same time, i am sad he didn’t get ji ho, truthfully speaking, i can’t see him playing both characters, but i am sure he will do a much better job than hyun joong.

    hyun joong has the ji ho look, but alas, he’s a horrible actor. i really hope he will improve, coz at the moment, he’s really ruining the character for me.

  46. Well i seriously wouldnt mind having jgk as ji hoo.I think he would have probably suit the role much better than KHJ.KHJ do look like Rui but his acting…one word : speechless.

    Cant believe Group Eight actually choose the roles based on the fans.interesting.
    At least there’s still lee minho and kim bum to look out for in BOF!!!

  47. but its ok
    geun suk play his character as kang gun woo very perfectly in bv..really like him..
    and i think he doesnt really suit to be ji ho..but he might be good if he take joon pyo role..hehe..

  48. oh~~
    i think geun suk would be a good “Ji Hoo”.. he can be very mysterious and subtle looking too. omo, BBF would be a mega eye candy if JGS was casted! but no regrets, he did great in beethoven virus.

    KHJ sure resembles the character, but honestly he continues to disappoint me.

  49. im glad this is what happening…. lee min ho is the best candidate for the role of goo jun pyo..n jang geun suk is perfect in beethoven virus…!!! BOTH are the BEST in these dramas….^^

  50. Lol whoever said YJH looks autistic, HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AUTISTIC! KHJ’s acting is progressively improving each episode, and you can’t be surprised at how bad his acting is because this is his first REAL acting experience. I would have been disappointed if they casted anybody who had already had an established acting resume (like JGS). It’s much better to get new and fresh-faced actors than to recycle big name actors. That’s why I didn’t and still do not like GHS for GJD. They should have gotten a relatively unknown actress for the part.

    And JGS would not have fit the height of either roles. Of course, it’s not the most important thing, but it’s better because it felt kinda off when Matsumoto was like 2 heads shorter than Rui in HYD.

  51. JGS has been looking really off after his nose surgery. He was pretty good looking before, but after his bridge raised, it makes him look more feminine for some reason.

  52. Thats interesting! I’m used to looking at Minho now….but Geun Suk wud be ok too I guess….! Anyways, it worked out well for both of them in the end…! ^_^

  53. oh wow! JGS! i’m soo disspointed in him! why does he always want to do 2nd leads? maybe afried? but it would had been a really great oppuntity for him!
    but lee Minho does it PREFECTLY Too~

  54. GeunSuk could have been a great choice for either role (Gunpyo/Jihoo) because he’s a good actor. But, I think Minho and Leader-ssi are just to perfectly fitted for the roles.

  55. I think JGS would’ve been a great choice for either role since he is a well establish actor but I like Minho as GJP his doing a good job at it but KHJ as Ji Hoo he still is lacking so having JGS playing the role it would be better.

    Even though JGS didn’t get the role I am happy with how it is now because if JGS got the role of Ji Hoo he would be overshadowing Minho.

  56. i’m very happy LeeMinHo got to be Junpyo, he is perfect as the character. Jang Geun Suk would have probably been a great Jihoo, cause we all know he can act, i like Kim Hyun Joong but he can’t act, he is getting better, but the casting of him just cause he looks like the guy is s—– on the production’s part. we hit the jackpot with LeeMinHo, GooHyeSun & Kim Bum, cause they look the part & can act. i’m curious if popularity would trump acting ability come award season, but thankfully they won’t be in the same castegory.

  57. i have a feeling that i’m the only one feeling this, but jgs would’ve portrayed both roles just as well. we’ve seen him play the guy who doesn’t get the girl, yet longs for her really well (hong gil dong) and then we’ve seen his angry, passionate self (beethoven virus). i think he would pull off jun pyo quite well actually. perhaps i’m a little biased because i still think something is lacking from lee minho.

    and someone asked if jgs only wanted the role of rui because he’s afraid he can’t take up the main role? i highly doubt it. jgs is a much more established actor compared to any of the current f4 members. i think it’s because you have more freedom to portray rui your way compared to domyouji’s character (because his is quite predictable). not to mention, you gain more sympathy from rui’s character and he’ll win even more fans over…it’s just your technique of gaining fans.

    i love the current f4 as well, but it’s a bit saddening because i think it would have been just as great a drama with jgs playing one of the roles. it’s too bad he wasn’t willing to compromise and be jun pyo’s role. oh well, he did a fantastic job in beethoven virus anyway.

  58. the characters are soo good played by the people that the are played by.
    lee minho rules
    hyun joong is a good rui
    and he looks to old be jun pyo… and i cant see him with domiyoji curly hair

  59. In the end, it was for the better. “Beethoven Virus” did well last year, so hopefully there are no hard feelings ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. THANK GOD!!!!

    He most certainly does not fit the part. He’s good but Junpyo is just not for him.

    LeeMinHo is perfect for Junpyo, he’s the only reason i watch BBF.

    I really can’t stand the other BBF actors. They make me cringe!

    naj. xoxoxo

  61. I don’t think Jang Guen Suk would have fit the role, but to be perfectly honest, kim hyunjoong does not play ji hoo that well. In the japanese adaption, shun oguri played that character so well. They protrayed him in a different way, but khj just comes off as bored,while shun oguri came off as cool. And yes, KHJ does look the part, but he can’t act it ๐Ÿ˜›

  62. I thought JGS looks a bit too young for either roles. But he does resemble the Domyouji or DaoMingSu look. And I applaud him for trying to take on a different role, other than the main lead. That’s enough for me to know that he wants to explore his craft. Anywhooo, that’s a bit much *from hyunjoons fans* to leave msgs. on the board like that, if only philippine forums would have that much power, they would’ve yeah… [digression..sorry]Overall, I like the BOF cast the way it is.

  63. *that’s too bad* ^^^^^^^^total agreed

    hahah….love the cast but REALLY JANG GEUN SUK could

    have been ALL of F4 and he would have kill the current F4…

  64. Lee min ho is destined to be Goo joon pyo!! he’s perfect for the role!! hehe… i know JGS as they said is an good actor…but min ho got the role and his rockin’ the ROLE in BOF “boys before flower fever” hehe..well itz all in the past now! move on…hehe…

  65. I dont think it would of made a difference whether JGS or KHJ played Yoon Ji Hoo. KHJ has the looks to fit the character but obviously not the acting skills. I get so sick of seeing his boring expressionless face every episode. JGS, on the other hand, has a more experience than KHJ but he doesn’t look the role at all.

  66. I love love love JGS and I think he would’ve done a good job as one of the other F4 boys, but Lee Min Ho is the perfect Joon Pyo.

  67. when i first heard of the kversion of BOF i actually thought of JGS as part of the F4 or the Leader of F4…he’s a promising and very good looking actor..its a pity that he’s not part of this drama..

    i wouldnt mind JGS as GJP but LMH nailed the character of GJP(GOD im sooo INLOVE with him– he’s my only reason Y i watch this drama),

    on the other hand, KHJ is a o–k for YJH(but not a fan of him). he’s too plain.. but we have to consider that he’s a newbie..BUT i would REALLY REALLY love JGS as YJH, he’s more convincing..(my opinion loll)

    oh well 2 things for sure, ILOVE JGS and i will watch BOF till the end..

  68. i don’t really know jang geun suk and thank God for that coz maybe that way it made me really contented with the cast right now…although kim hyun joong [even though i’m a really big fan of him] still lacks something with his part…and the same goes with kim joon…but being a positive thinker…it’s good to have new faces despite the hurtful acting. i guess we should give these 2 people a chance for being newbies.. btw, i think Lee Min Ho was the best for the role! i really love him! โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  69. Jang Geun Suk is sexy~
    awww no offence i would prefer him as the main
    lee min ho just doesn’t impress me =/
    The reason i stopped watching was because of how I didn’t like joon pyo
    Maybe because of his hair =/
    I don’t like hm one bit

  70. I think the BOF chracters are the BEST choice alrdy.. I am not familiar with the other actor, but MinHo is playing his role VERY WELL.. I cldnt imagine anyone else holding that role.. why? I have never been so crajee over any drrama EXCEPT Meteor Garden.. and for years, I have been a BIG JY fan.. as MinHo cld pass as a twin brother to JY then I only cld see him as JunPyo.. the rest are playing their respective roles as well.. I thought HyeSun wasnt fit for the role.. but having watched eps1-8, I think she fits JanDi’s role well.. same as JiHyoo, though I was kinda irritated at the blonde hair, Hyun Joong is improving well as the episodes progress..

    Waaaaaaa.. Ga Eul and Eu Jung story is what am expecting here.. I think Kim Bum plays being a casanova well.. I was surprised to know he is jst 22?

    Am happy with how the casting ended.. otherwise, I dnt think I will ever waste my time watching the series (MinHo was the first reason why I tried to watch ep1 until I got too smitten with erveyone in the story!

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  72. He could’ve made an okay Ji Hoo, but Hyun Joong is already doing a superb job. Cannot imagine him as Joon Pyo though… Joon Pyo has to look like an endearing asshole… and Jang Geun Suk is just plain endearing ๐Ÿ˜€

  73. i am glad of the turnout and i would not have it any other way.. hyunjoong might be a newbie actor and the first couple of episodes had me off the edge of my seat; but as the episode picks up, his acting also improves greatly!! if you watch the taiwanese version f4 “rui” vic was a newbie too and his acting was horrible but it definitely improved overtime too- anyways hyunjoong fighting!

  74. ohH!>..i love lee min hoo..
    he plays go jun pyo.. very well…
    he’s role fits him very welL!>.
    and ohh i love this kOrean versioN!>.
    coz its moRE fantastic..
    though i’ve seen hana yori dango and meteor garden!!
    i love dem alL!!

  75. well, even jang geun did not get the role in BOF it’s ok,,,,maybe it’s for him BUT Beethoven Virus is a good drama and Jang geun is a good actor he portayed as a young conductor there and for more info: Watch the drama BV and you will see the graet janggeun…He act naturally…he is such a good good actor! I love jang geun yeheyyyyyyyyyyyy

  76. now BOF is over..where’s the people who criticized hyun joong? i think KHJ is gaining more popularity now a days due to his role as Jihoo sunbae,heheh..thanks to the BOF management for choosing Hyun Joong to be Jihoo coz ASIAN people starting to love him as jihoo and ss501 as well.

    honestly, one of the reason why BOF hit the eyes of the viewers s because of KHJ..you’ll have to admit that he’s the most popular one among four flowers!!!!

    In our country, we only know the name of KIM HYUN JOONG! sad to say, JANG GEUN SUK’s NAME DIDN’T EXIST IN OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

    love you HJL!!! Enjoy the fame you’ve gained in BOF!!More success in your career. We will support you!!

  77. yeah, i agree with you!..I watch BOF because of hyun joong and i found out that he was improving. i really glad he did a good job as rui and he become famous in ASIA not only as jihoo but also as ss501 leader as well..It’s funny bec all of my family even our mother love hyun joong so much..We felt the pains and heartaches inside him while portraying as jihoo in the series. He fits the role really and now ASIAN people starting to love him & his band members. KBS management is very lucky to choose KHJ for the job & the whole casts of BOF…KBS management thank you so much for choosing our hyun joong leader to be part of BOF drama. More success in entertainment industry!!! Fighting!!

  78. I think JGS fitter his role as ji hoo,bc0z he is cute his acting better than KHJ, i was confused to look KHJ’s Expression in BBF drama,didnt seem to be ji hoo n didn’t fit a lot!I’m very sad bec0z JGS doesn’t role as F4 Member!Actually he fits to compete with LMH,lol they are great actors!

  79. I liked Jang geun suk’s decision HAHA. It’s good because my classmates are getting crazy with Boys over flowers and I don’t like them to discover Jang geun! I know, they’ll just tell me that they own jang geun because he’s handsome. . . bla bla. Well, I like most in BOF is Kim Bum x) He’s handsome, too but Jang Geun Suk is much more handsome. =) โค

  80. After watching You’re Beautiful, I was like Jang Geun Suk should have totally got the role of Goo Joon Pyo instead of Lee Min Ho. I still love Lee Min Ho but he didnt seem that serious and tough in some parts but Jang Geun Suk definitely has that mean look in the eyes and whatever, arrogant attitude which I love so much XD

    But I still think both of them are great in their own ways!

  81. haha yeah totally, jgs looks so hot and cute and much better in You’re beautiful… and it is a blessing in disguise he doesn’t get in the role of BOF… in my opinion, You’re beautiful is a much more nicer show than BOF, You’re beautiful has a unique well developed plot…haha JGS role in YAB is about the same as lee min ho…both of them are real good!

  82. well actually, You’re beautiful actors and actresses are much hotter and cuter than BOF, Park Shin Hye<3

    kim bum and KHJ totally doesn't noe how to act well

    Jang Geun Sek is ultimate love! my new found crush!!<3 OMG fangirling over him…..

  83. still, KHJ is better for the role of yoon jihoo in BOF haha… YAB is quite similar to BOF, shinwoo reminds me of KHJ, JGS reminds me of lee min ho haha.

  84. I loved You’re Beautiful (YAB) too! It helps the script was so good, better than BOF.
    I watched BOF but I was not impressed. Lee Min Ho was a good Jun Pyo, and Kim Bum had a nice smile. But I did not become a fan of them after watching. The girl was not that charismatic, so I didn’t know what the guys saw in her.
    I’m a big fan of JGS after watching YAB!!! He’s an excellent actor and singer! I’m so glad to have discovered him. I want to see more of him. His nose bridge is too high now though. But he is still soooo cute! Totally looooove him!

  85. Yep! ๐Ÿ™‚ totally agree with you! I LOVE JPS! OBSESSED OVER HIM NOW! HE IS SO FRIGGIN HOT AND WAY AWESOME MAN! park shin hye can really really act very well…actually shinwoo and KHJ are not bad too, cos it is their first time acting. yeah, BOF is weird. I mean like i dun even noe how and since when Jun pyo begins to like jandi, and the story is quite unclear and u get confused.jandi also doesn’t have much expression too. YAB RAWKS! BEST DRAMA EVER! YAB IS A MUCH BETTER SHOW THAN BOF. the story is connected with stars throughout and YAB potrayed it better than BOF about the stars part. in addition, BOF has unnecessary details like jihoo grandfather. I MISS YAB!!!! YAB SHOULD HAVE SEASON 2 AND MORE EPISODESSSSSSSSSSSSSS LAH. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YAB!<3 OMG OMG OMG SWOONING WITH THE MAGAZINE I BOUGHT WITH THEM INSIDE!!OMGOMGOMG


  87. Mannn, Geun Suk is great, no matter what character he is acting as. xD And those of of you who say that Lee Min Ho was perfect for the role of Gu Jun Pyo are idiots. You haven’t even seen Geun Suk try out for that part. So you can’t really judge. D;<

  88. Good i dont want that old actress to be kissing Jang Gueun Suk plus good cuz he was able to do You’re Beautiful which was a awsome movie~ loved it more then flowers over boys ^^

  89. As much as I like Jang Geun Suk, I don’t think either of the roles is suited for him, although I think he would’ve done well anyway. But the drama itself isn’t that good in my opinion, it’s too overrated (and that’s what happened to Lee Minho too). And picturing JGS with the Jandi girl… there aint chemistry. I’m glad JGS went on with BV, and especially You’re Beautiful, a far better drama than BOF.

  90. I cannot imagine JGS with jandi and JGS with curly hair and LMH pouting…so both of them fit their roles well….. JGS IN YAB!!!! obviously JGS is a great actor….takes on different types of roles…YAB is a way much better drama than BOF anyway.

  91. ‘You’re beautiful’ is so similar to ‘Boys Before Flowers’ that I dont think it would have been right for him to be in BBF, either way, they are awesome shows and I cant wait to see more from these actors!

  92. I love JGS! over! i like him already ever since i saw his movie ‘doremifaso…’ then i fell in love with his pouting mouth and sweet smile in YAB. YAB is the best drama ever!!! i will never get tired of it…

    at first, i was dissappointed that he was not in BOF but I realized that YAB is a better project for him. there he was able to portray the role well, his talent in acting and singing is outstanding. i want to see him more! YAB2 please….

    btw, i heard that YAB will be shown here in the philippines soon, in abscbn. icant wait to watch. i feel proud that i was one who discover him first. heheh…. the reason i say that is because sooner many girls will get addicted to him, though now only few knows him…

    love jgs!!! and khj as well but i love jgs more โค โค โค

  93. Watched both Beethoven Virus and Boys Over Flowers! (:
    Both are great, but Beethoven Virus is better to me because of the well crafted storyline. The actors are simple great. JGS was able to potray his feelings with lots of depths for the role, as per normal.

  94. Wow, glad to find so many ppl commenting on this. I watched YAB, and just fell for JGS. I didn’t really want JGS to star in BOF, cuz I didn’t like the show, probably I’ve seen the other versions, so it just wasn’t that exciting to rewatch things for me.

    Then again if JGS actually did join BOF, I think he would’ve done a fantasic job with whoever role anyway, plus all the fame that come with it. But I still think he has so much potentials, as I seen in Hwang Jini, that act in BOF will just limit his screen image to the audience.

  95. It would be great to see JGS play as one of the F4. But he does act well in YAB and I am addicted to this drama way better than BOF. JGS voice is so amazing and he looks so charismatic here. Now I am one of his fans lol.

  96. I liked Boys before flowers most of the time, but I do think that Jang Geun Suk is so versatile and skilled that he could have played the character of any one of those four guys. He’s talented and awesome! ^_^

  97. I agree with the person above me, You’re beautiful is actually my favorite drama, and it leaves me wanting more and more, and along with that-more JGS โค

  98. even though guen seok didn’t get the role b.o.f he did a good job two thumbs up for him saranghae oppa have a nice day always

  99. well for me i want 2 see jgs as jun pyo, but i like jgs 2 take the role of kim joong , cuz i think if he got that role then the character ji hoo will have an impact on the fans …. an impact that they will never forget ….. cuz if u ask me kim j was just like an extra.. but hes not ..many people said that he can improve because hes a newbie but wat about lee min he is also a newbie but he acts great!!! but i still like jgs mor than lee min …

    and thay said that they let kim joong take the role because of fan base?!,JGS IS THE BEST HE HAS LOOKS AND TALENT!!! ,..,, do they consider hiring people actually having a talent not just looks but i GUESS EVERY THIN HAPPENS FOR A REASON ,,,…… IM ALSO GLAD THAT JGS TOOK THAT ROLE ON BV CUZ IT WAS ALSO A HIT JGS IS THE BEST HE HAS LOOKS AND TALENT!!!


  100. i think Lee Min Ho fits the role best as Jun Pyo…i hate those scenes where his sister pokes his head it’s so annoying..good thing it wasn’t Jang Sukkie at all ahihi! also that Jandi girl duh!!! she looked like a down syndrome patient tsk!tsk! no chemistry for Geun Suks baby face bwahaha!

  101. jang geun suk can play any kinds of role!!! being junpyo or jihoo is no big deal for him… since he can play as kang gun woo in bv who can conduct, play trumpet and even violin!!! and as i know he only had 2 months to learn the instrument!! can you imagine lee min ho on that role??? or as the creepy hot murderer in the chase of itaewon???? i think only JGS can make it!! he’s the real actor who not only sales his goodlooking face and body… but also his skill in action!!! he is young… but his experience and skill is equal with his senior such us rain! i never falling in love with an actor like this before… all i know is what ever the dramas or movies… if their put jgs in as the leader… the dramas/movies will great and worth to watch! sorry if it too long!!!

  102. i was lee min ho big fan in BOF. but after watching jang geun suk in he’s beautiful OMG i just know what acting is. JGS can blow me (just with his expression) becoming sad,laugh,as if I am inside that story.I even can still remember until now his expression when they (tae kyung and minam) are lost and always comeback at ice cream store hahahaha i laugh so loud at that time….. comparing JGS and LMH…. JGS has a prince face , LMH has a (film)star face…so u can decide wisely which one is more fit for Jun Pyo. but c’mon thats not become important anymore to debate about that. peace

  103. jgs is undeniably a good actor.. i think wether he choose the role as joon pyo, he would still portray it very well!! with that charismatic look, surely girls would always fall.. Hands up to Oppppa.. love yah!!!

  104. I think it would be better if JGS got the Gu Jun Pyo role rather than LMH I mean JGS is more handsome and he acts better. But, it’s okay for me that he doesn’t accept the role of Gu Jun Pyo becuase there will be no Hwang Tae Kyung

  105. i’m glad that JGS preferred beethoven virus than BOF… BV is a good drama… has more depth and has a better story

  106. I actually got super interested in Kim Hyun Joong after I watched BOF, and I’m glad Jang Geun Seuk was not acting as Jun Pyo because I would have not liked him a bit because he took my Ji hoo’s love from him. That’s why I’m thankful I saw JGS in other dramas and movies because I can totally see what a great actor he’s. I like them both very much anyway.

  107. well. knowing that jang keun suk was the prime candidate for go jun pyo role i was a bit curious.what if’s flooded my minded then.aahh… what would happened if he accepted the role that time…haha.just thinking the possibilities.oh well, lee min ho as jgp wasnt a bad choice after all.he was one hell of a good actor anyway.bytheway, i love jang keun suk and craving for yoon ji ho’s role back then also puzzled me.why?why he would want that role?well, maybe the answer was in my heart.hmn… i love yoon ji hoo as well as kim hyun joong.but jang geun suk all in all was a real perfect choice for both characters… either of the two…. go jun pyo and yoon ji ho.but maybe God has his plan – and now, jang keun suk’ you are beautiful was a big hit too. not bad after all. he deserves what serves for him the best. he was the lead role there and he really shined that time…. haha love keun sukkie so much…….. but dont get me wrong i also love kim hyun joong and a bit of lee min ho i guess. no bad bread among the 3 actors for me.God bless everyone.

  108. wow, so it’s so meant to be that he didn’t get the part and then moved on to star in YaB as Hwang Tae-Kyung which really made him the most popular Korean star today. must be destiny

  109. I think JGS was happy doing movies and dramas that he could sing and act at the same time.. so that he rejected the role in BOF..

  110. jang geun suk is a good actor you can put him in any role … he’s the best and i know he can perform better the role of ji hoo than hyun joong … jang geun suk is the one who give his best .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. jang geun suk is da best actor … he can play the role of ji hoo … i’m sure … he chose to play the role of gun woo in beethoven virus … and he show excellent job here … i โค him

  112. jang geun suk is da best … he can act any role … he always show the best of him … that’s why … i really like him … excellent job !! ๐Ÿ˜€

  113. Ah haha.. (Laughs) I think I made a very good choice. Besides, what I might have received from Boys of Flowers, I got it through Youโ€™re Beautiful. ~jang geun suk … wen he was ask if he had any regrets in rejecting playing the role in BOF .. !! cool !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. jang geun suk made a BIG MISTAKE not taking the role of Goo jun Pyo……All artist that takes that role got all to fame….HE MUST BE IN HOLLYWOOD NOW if he took the role..There is magic in the character of Goo Jun Pyo,, Dao ming si, Domyouji and in chinese version of BOF the Name Murong Yuhai.,.and now i heard there is upcoming American version of Hana yori…..so sad but then Lee min ho got all the fame instead….anyway maybe He will not meet Park shin hye in YB if he took the role so i still believe in God’s timing.

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