Ahn So Hee Actual Film Debut When She Was 12 Years Old

Fans of Ahn So Hee, the maknae member of the Wonder Girls, have managed to found her debut film taken five years ago when she was just an elementary school student. So Hee played a minor role in a short film directed by Yu Dae Eol, twin brother of singer Naul who is the vocal for Brown Eyed Soul.

Ahn So Hee Made Her Film Debut When She Was 12

So Hee’s fans dug up film archives of her film debut after director Yu posted a photo taken with So Hee on his personal homepage with his comments about being delighted that So Hee still remembered him after all these years. Most thought that her film debut was the 2008 movie release I Like It Hot.

In the footage disclosed on yoUeFO, an online site for short films, So Hee looked exactly like how she is now, only smaller, with long straight hair and babyish face. Her part lasted about 2 1/2 mins in the 21-minute film, but her portion has been circulated in a number of blogs and fan cafes. Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls are currently getting ready for their concert set for mid-March.

credit: KBS World (news) + nwa1998 (video)

24 thoughts on “Ahn So Hee Actual Film Debut When She Was 12 Years Old

  1. awwwww she looks exactly the same! cute!!! … but i wanna seek revenge on those little devils… grrrrr.

  2. i like so hee but i think she should stick in acting rather than singing.. and since that is her real passion..

  3. aww… she is so cute! I really feel sorry for her, so many negative comments about her lately… I’m sure one day they will realise how great you are!^^ even though you don’t have the best voice, you’re still working so hard to improve… and you are making an improvement! Keep on working hard and keep in mind that you have alot of fans supporting you!!!

    I will wish you all the best, and hope that you have a great future ahead of you….

    Sohee JJANG!!! HWAITING!!!^^ thanks coolsmurf…

  4. wow! i love her as an acctress and a singer~
    shes always been so pretty! ahh im jealous ❤

    Ahn SoHee hwaiting!!!

  5. #4

    negative comments? like what? i’ve only seen ones about her singing. compared to the other wonder girls she doesn’t get that many. even if she does, it’s nothing compared to the love she receives. :]

  6. hey alvin! i think you should put the video posted up by nwa1998 on YT. it doesnt have the song on it. but it has like quiet sounds and the kids voices. a lot more meaningful. =)

  7. I think the hearing thing has something to do with the concept? The lyrics repeat “I hear your voice” over and over so probably something like she can’t hear (or can’t hear well, anyway) and so she’s an outcast. Kind of makes sense with her tapping the water because people with poor hearing probably depend a lot more on sight and touch, etc. (as in the ripples in the water)

    ANYWAYYY she’s cute haha. ^^ looks almost exactly the same as before.

  8. She stills looks the same. I’ve always thought that I like it hot was her film debut, I guess many people were wrong. She looks so cute. I wish you were still uploadng Wonder Girls news on wonder girls wonderland. Sohee fighting!

  9. Whoa, that’s so deep and meaningful. I did not expect that. I wanna watch the whole thing!!

    And our mandoo face still looks the same!! EXACTLY THE SAME! WHOAA! Only taller and with longer legs. Haha! Sohee is beautiful!! =]

  10. Awww… she looks the same… so cute… but only cute when you’re a baby… it gets tiring when you’re coming 20 😛 and cannot sing >_<

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