Won Bin Quits F.T. Island Offically

It had been rumored since last week but it was made official today. Guitarist member, Oh Won Bin (18 years old) has left F.T. Island with effect from today as their music label, F&C Music cited the earlier as being unable to agree with and adapt to the style/direction that F.T. Island was adopting for their music.

Oh Won Bin (2nd from left) Quits F.T. Island

A representative from F&C Music announced this morning, “Guitarist Oh Won Bin will leave the group (F.T. Island). Oh Won Bin made the decision after thinking over it for a long time and we decided to accept it.” Despite his departure, plans for F.T. Island to release a mini-album in mid-February will continue as planned with a new member, Song Seung Hyun drafted in as a replacement.

64 thoughts on “Won Bin Quits F.T. Island Offically

    FT island won’t be the same without him.. TT^TT
    I hate the whole member changing thing.. It’s so hard to get used to the new member and accept them.
    Anyways, wish him the best luck in the future.. ❀

  2. whoa so he left because he didnt have the same musical views as the company was taking Ft island too? dang that is tough man. thats soooo like american of him. not falling into what the company wants.

  3. T-T
    I can’t believe won bin quit due to music differences. If he joins another band or decides to go solo, I’ll definately support him but ft.i wont be ft.i without him. Primadonnas will miss him very much.

  4. aww
    thats so sad ):
    its gonna be weird for the group if the add someone else..
    but they couldnt, no cant make it four treasure island ><

  5. OMGG. which one is Wonbin? ive heard of him lots but idk which one he is~ lol
    oh no… f.t. fans will be so sad..

  6. NOOO~~~~~~
    FT Island without wonbin…..can’t accept it….WHY???
    new member??..don like changing member…ohhoo…i’m so sad rite now…feel like to cryT______T…
    i love wonbin…..love ftisland…..

  7. its devastating that he have to leave FT Island T__T being a big fan of FT Island myself xP as a Primadonna I’m dissapointed T__T buh I hope for da best for Won Bin ^^

    bbftw: Won Bin is da one with da brown/blondish hair

  8. dif direction in music? I’m kinda confused here, FT island is doing the pop rock stuffs, that has never really changed. Anyhow, wish him best of luck in the future!



  10. Omg…
    That came as a big surprise to me… Haven’t been keeping up w/ FTI recently so I never expected this to happen.. like ..ever
    It’s so sad to see any member of a group leave
    I’m just like 😦 😦 😦 😦
    Oh well… I just wish him well on watever he decides to do next with his career πŸ™‚

  11. oh my.. i was feeling so sad when i saw the news. T.T

    FT island wont be the same without wonbin. ><
    but it is really brave of him to take that step and go for what he really wants.

    Hwaiting Wonbin & FT island !

  12. Wow! What a surprise! Although I not a big fan of FT island, I do like some of their songs. F.T. island won’t be the same with Wonbin. And I’m sure it will take some time to get used this change just like when SG wannabe lost one of their members and got a new one.

  13. Plz, dont add more member :(( I dont want to accept a new member :(( nobody can replace him :((
    I cried so much when I saw his arirang monologue :((
    tks for your news :((

  14. I am hoping they will be okay!~
    I’ll miss Wonbin a LOT TT___TT

    BUT I am hoping that FTI will not fall because of this. SG Wannabe, Wonder Girls, and Kara have all switched members before, and are doing okay.

  15. I can’t believe Wonbin is leaving.
    I’m not even a hardcore FTI fan but srsly,
    5 – 1 = 0!
    FTI is not FTI without Wonbin…. 😦

  16. It’s too sad that Wonbin is leaving F.T Island. But it has already been decided…

    Wish them all the best.

  17. i’m sad..haha when they first came i like totally liked him..lol..but it’s better for him to stay true to himself then change for something he doesn’t like…i hope he’ll still appear here or there and keep intouch w/ the fans and his now ex-members…[sigh] it’ll be so weird you know i guess their the first idol boy band to kind of disband in away but not really

  18. when i first saw this.. i was so sad!!!
    i still can’t believe he’s deciding to leave but I wish him the best of luck. But, I think that whatever he decides to do, it won’t match up to the standards FT Island had.
    I hope he doesn’t regret it.

    LOVE FT ISLAND!!!! :'((

    as long as hongki, jaejin and minhwan are still there.. i’m good to go πŸ˜€

    wonbin will be sorely missed

  19. h.o
    is this what hongki was talking about in the second to last episode of Good Daddy?!

    He agreed with the fortune teller when he said he had to figure out problems with a certain someone or else their next album would meet the same fate as their most recent one.

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  21. This is sad news but I think I understand him….

    I love F.T as it is but….

    He has a good voice and he could very well be the lead singer with HongKi but all he did was play the guitar and do some rapping and on some songs he would get a minor singing part while HongKi got all the glory….

    I mean when I first started to listed to F.T, I believed HongKi was the leader since I was always seeing him and he would always take the lead but after I got to know more about them I learned he was not the one…

    So I think WonBin just wanted more to do… I really hope he can achieve success in whatever he does next and for fans to accept the new member…

  22. Its not going to be d same w/out him…..
    Im a FTI fan, but, like this..
    moreover, I dont like the fact that they can replace him so early n w/out being a little sad or anything..

  23. ^
    that picture in the link is not the Won Bin from FT Island.. he’s an actor for dramas =S.. it’s ‘Oh’ Won Bin who was in FT island.

  24. wow. shocker. i am not really a big super fan, but my little brother is. wow. suck that he left. i hope all the rumers arent true. why did the statement made by FTT Island have no sincerity in it. i mean, they could also wish him well too. its makes me think, the rumors arent all lies. umm. but who am i to judge, i am a nobody. well i hope both oh wonbin and ft island have great success in the future.

  25. This makes me want to cry. They’re so underrated but they hold so much talent.. And if this is true, why isn’t there any sincerity like cheryie said? I hope it isn’t.

  26. I’m so sad about this whole thing. It’s just not the way I thought F.T. Island would “end.” So they’re not really ending, but I mean, it just would not be the same. It’s quite ironic how this happens when “The ONE” came out. The ONE? Hello, where’s unity? god, I hate this ><"

    – one sad fanatic primadonna, joy

    p.s. thanks for the info, Alvin.

  27. i’m speechless. although members leaving groups aren’t of any surprise to me, but FT is already soaring with popularity. and at this stage, it’s shocking to hear such news of leaving cos of music diff. & i’m not sure if i can accept a new member. i don’t want FT to go downhill cos of this ):

  28. I was seriously hoping that the rumor was a fake when I read about this last week. But it seems like it was true and that he was serious about it T.T I can understand why he decided to leave. After all, he is not happy staying there. It’s just a shame because F.T. Island is one of the few bands with real talent in terms of vocals and instruments. They are pretty young and in comparison to all the younger bands these days, they are one of the best ones who perform really well. I am not a huge fan of them in terms of them being younger than me, but I really like their songs. It’s disappointing that he left, but we, the public, has to accept that it’s his choice.

    I am curious as to who will be replacing him. With new members in groups, it can either go really well or bad. Hopefully the new member will live up to how well Wonbin did. I have no clue if he left for good, but I hope he still stays in the entertainment industry. As a singer? Sure. Solo? Perhaps. Or if he joins another group where the approach in music makes him happy, that’s good, too.

  29. Although I’m not a huge fan I can’t believe he’s actually gonna leave F.T Island. I never actually heard about the rumours until now. F.T Island wont be the same without him. Don’t leave Won Bin!!

  30. so it was indeed true?! i just found out yesterday and it was yesterday that the company announced wonbin’s departure from the band..and i hated it so much….

    it wouldn’t be the same….
    something serious might have happened, but i respect whatever the decision was…

    i can’t do anything about it, but i will always support binnie and ft island..but it’s such a great loss….

    great great loss…i wish for wonbin’s success and happiness to whatever path he chooses….
    this was such a great surprise to me and i am very upset…

    the feeling would not be the same anymore,,,,

  31. i’ve always been a fan ft island and without wonbin or the other members it’s not the same anymore…
    the feeling won’t be the same anymore,,,,
    but i just hope the new member will be able to adapt easily and the fans won’t bash him out or something…



    (Haha this comment isnt meant to be offending)

    Anyways, does anyone know what wonbins gonna do? Is he gonna join a new band or something? Or is he kinda done with music for a while and gonna do other stuff for now?

  34. i really like Ft. Island and I’m not gonna stop listening to them and bash the new guy. Fan can be so immature. It is sad that Won Bin is leaving but i have alot of respect for his decision and I wish him the best in all his future ventures.

    As for the new guy they’re adding to the group. Great job and do your best! I have faith in this group. ^^

  35. (my comment got cut) ahhh my heart is broken~ wonbiiiiiiinnnn!!!! ;_____; well if that is his decision then we have to accept it…(what about their relationship? aren’t they close? wonbin &fti i mean. will they still see eachother?) hope for the best for Wonbin & FTI too!!! ><

  36. OMG! WHAT????!!!
    Why?! Why he left?
    Gosh~ this is bad~ who’s going to sing wif my Hongki then?!
    OMG~ Why won bin?! WHY~
    hurm… the new guy doesn’t look that bad~ huhu… hope he can sings~
    but please dont sing better than Hongki! hahah~
    FT ISLAND fighting!
    its such a pity tho… they’re the rare band with real talent at such young age.
    at least min hwan still the maknae~ haha

  37. man.. my fav member in ft.i is hongki and wonbin…
    haiz.. nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo….
    wish him the best in his future direction…

  38. Somehow i find him to be really respectable for this. Glad he’s sticking to his own passions rather than what the company wants of him. πŸ™‚ Good luck to him.

  39. I agree with the person who said that s/he is proud of Wonbin for sticking to “his passions rather than what the company wants of him.” But at the same time, I feel like I want to cry…

    Wonbin was so amazing when he sang and I loved his interaction with the group, especially with maknae~~
    I wonder how leader Jonghun took this…

    I feel like I miss Wonbin so much it’s hard to accept the new member, but Seunghyun still has my support. FIGHTING, OPPA!!

    Same to you, Wonbin-oppa!!!!

  40. =O Whoa. Ohmygoodness. I’m sure this will be really hard for the fans. I’m not even a fan, and I’m very shocked about this.

  41. How sad naman!!!! I think that wo bin was los his weigth so that he was look ………..

    But by the way he look handsome naman!!!!

    I feel like I miss Wonbin so much it’s hard to accept the new member, but Seunghyun still has my support. FIGHTING, OPPA!!

    Same to you, Wonbin-oppa!!!!

  42. I don’t get it, why did Won Bin left, he so suits with everyone, without it, F.T Island won’t be complete, he was one of my favs, I LUV U WON BIN ❀

  43. yeah,,i agree with d0of..
    why did he want to left??..
    but,what can we d0. . .
    i will just wish him to have a go0d live wherever he goes and do..isk..isk..isk..T,T

  44. come back oh won bin…we missed you..we can’t really stop our tears thinking of you..pls( chebal) come back

    i hate to say this but i like you( oh won bin) than him(sung seung hyun) i really hate it,,i want the old ft island will be back with oh won bin………………..i hate sung seung hyun..but i will try to like him for the ft island’s other member…but i really like the previous band with oh won bin….

    i can’t help it..typing this comment makes me cry..

    the one who manage ft island or for the director: pls let oh won bin back..pls100X

    i want the previous member oh won bin will be back to his band” ft island

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