Park Min Young Screencaps from Princess Ja Myung Go Opening

The following are screencaps from the drama opening of SBS Princess Ja Myung Go which will make its debut in February, starring Ryeo Won, Park Min Young, Jung Kyung Ho, etc. No video link could be found as yet so please make do with only the screencaps of Park Min Young from the opening.


The huge circular drum in the middle is the famed mystical wardrum of Nangnang-guk. Legend has it that the mystical wardrum will sound once invaders start to approach Nangnang-guk, giving the latter ample chance to prepare and repel the enemy. Something like a Star Wars force field.


Princess Nak Rang (Park Min Young) storming the tower that houses the mystical wardrum to destroy it so that her one and only love, Prince Ho Dong and his Goguryeo nation can claim Nangnang-guk once and for all.


Some random scene.


Princess Nak Rang having a bath and getting dressed.


Candid dressing room picture.

Park Min Young, Kim Ga Yun, Ryeo Won

Princess Ja Myung Go was supposed to make its debut on 16th February on SBS. But with its predecessor drama Terroir pre-empted by SBS who chose to broadcast back-to-back movies for the first 2 days of the New Year and other reasons, the broadcast date has been rescheduled to 9th March instead.

For those into the history of Goguryeo, the timeline of Princess Ja Myung Go is like a continuation of the Jumong-Yuri-Daemusin legacy (first 3 kings of Goguryeo) with some overlapping from KBS Kingdom of the Winds which ended recently. Kingdom of the Winds itself is like a continuation of the story from MBC Jumong. While Jumong had a good storyline and action, I was very disappointed with the overall production of Kingdom of the Winds.

Will keep my fingers crossed for Princess Ja Myung Go.

credit: review79@naver blog (screencaps)

25 thoughts on “Park Min Young Screencaps from Princess Ja Myung Go Opening

  1. Looks like the Arabian Nights. Is this where KHDs are going? Spectacle and fantasy? I’d rather see believable human characters and a solid story.

  2. I hope they do well in this drama, cause they all are working so hard. Most of us, Kingdom Of The Winds fans, were pretty disappointed about the overall story and the war scenes. So I’m really waiting to read your review about KOTW.

  3. Huh? I think she’s pretty, but only from the sides ..when shown the front ..she’s rather average looking.

  4. @anna

    Only a girl would say that….I think she’s pretty from all angles πŸ™‚

    The production design looks amazing! Is it a big budget drama? Because it certainly seems like it.

    I can’t wait any longer for this…especially the bath scene πŸ˜€

  5. I agree with you Alvin. I’m a bit disappointed with Kingdom of The Wind. Jumong is still better. However, I still watch it, and want to watch this drama because of the countinuation of Jumong history line heehhe ^_^

  6. that drum is HUGE, is that a real drum (if so, it must be some kind of a historical treasure) or the production team just made that for the drama?

  7. Regarding Kingdom of the Wind, you may not know that the intention of the production team (director Kang Il-soo) is to portray the the father and son and their emotional relationship, not just about fighting and killing. He also said at the press conference that war is just a tool and family is what they tried to portray.

    I really enjoyed Kingdom of the Wind, and it lived up to my expectations, except for the ending when the lead female dies. That’s the only thing that disappointed me deeply. Other than that, I think Song Il Gook did a phenomenal job portraying Muhyul/king Daemusin.

  8. @euneun, the antagonist is park min young while the protagonist is ryeo won. its a long story which i will blog about in a coming post.

  9. hi
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  10. quite sad that Park Min-yeong is the antagonist. And who is the most loved by the prince in the drama?

  11. Anyonghaseyo, hahaha, I am very interested in historical things of many cultures. Also, as you can see I am interested in their language as well. The Korean culture is fasinating me more and more. At first it was to repay their kindness and it still is something I would like to accomplish. The way I find that I can do that is by learning more about their history and langage; basically getting to know their culture even more. This historical drama is as great as Jumong. I did not have the opportunity to finish watching it or even in English subtitles. I hope to someday soon though. My thing is this…could you tell me where I can find out the history of Jumong, Princess Ja Myung Go and others somewhere reliable and not wikipedia? Please help me in my search, I’d greatly appreciate it. Gamsahamnida!

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