Kim So Eun Hints At Possible Boys Before Flowers Happy Ending

note: I apologize for the numerous Kim So Eun articles. Can’t help it.

Kim So Eun expressed in a recent interview that she hopes that there will be a happy ending in KBS Boys Before Flowers for her and Kim Bum.

Happy Ending for Ga Eul and Yi Jung in Boys Before Flowers?

Kim So Eun expressed that she knows that Gal Eul (Kim So Eun) and Yi Jung (Kim Bum) doesn’t have a love relationship in the original manga at all but remained optimistic. She said, “I have a small wish. And that is wishing that my character and Yi Jung can have a happy ending in Boys Before Flowers.” She shly added, “There seems to be a happier ending in the Korean version.”

Kim So Eun was also very grateful to Goo Hye Sun for taking really good care of her. Although Kim So Eun (19) and Goo Hye Sun (24) have a age difference of 5 years, they have become best of friends off and on set and So Eun would ask the experienced Hye Sun for tips whenever she encounter difficulties.

Goo Hye Sun Taking Good Care of Kim So Eun

So Eun said, “Really have to thank Goo Hye sun unnie for taking really good care of me. Goo Hye Sun unnie is different from the other casts. She is outgoing, straightforward and gets along very well with everyone on the filming set. She is someone whom you can get along with easily and feel comfortable.”

So Eun concluded, “Goo Hye Sun unnie really treated everyone very well. During our overseas filming in New Caledonia, the food being served wasn’t really good and suitable and we suffered a lot. But unnie prepared additional food for us and took care of us in a very friendly manner. Really thankful to her.”

Fans of Kim So Eun will have one less chance to see her on screen as her role of the young Chun Chu in KBS Empress Chun Chu has ended in Episode 8 shown on 25th January, with Chae Si Ra taking over as the adult Chun Chu.

98 thoughts on “Kim So Eun Hints At Possible Boys Before Flowers Happy Ending

  1. First!!! ya the ending for both the taiwanese verson and japanese version had her character and kim bums character not really end up together. but in this version, their characters seem more interactive with one another and more likely to develop something. i do hope they have a happy ending! their so cute together!

  2. GHS is so adorable and friendly, i always like her personality. She seems to be so down-to-earth and i really feel bad for the critics she got from some BOF fans, some are just plain rude…
    I hope there will be a happy ending this time round.
    Make a difference!!

  3. seconddd (:
    weeeeee ! i likeeeee the sound of a happy ending
    x] kim bums sooo friggen cute
    i wanted for the jap one that something would happen between kim bums character and so euns character
    im lovinggg the korean version 😀

  4. me too, I really hope that they end up with eachother.. it’s because we are already use to seeing and knowing what happens with the main girl and main dude’s ending it’s just ooo and ahh but not wow!!! For me, I get so excited seeing ki bum and so eun’s part because iono whats gonna happen to them and in this korean version they seem to have more interaction with eachother which is why I like it and I hope they have a happy ending..

  5. I also hope this time around there’s a happy ending for these characters. To be honest one of the things that alway bothered me a little with the Taiwansse version and a lot with the Japanese version, is the fact that Nishikado Sojiro (Yi Jung) and Matsuoka Yuki(Gal Eul) never got together. I’m hoping since the Korean version is trying to go its own way, that these two characters can finally have a happy ending.

  6. i’m hoping that they’ll have a good ending together as well. if i remember correctly, soujirou never really showed interest in yuki even until the end, but kim bum’s role is already showing a lot of interest in kim so eun’s role, so is that foreshadowing something? perhaps the writer is aware that there are a lot of soujirou-yuki fans out there, so they’re trying to spice it up, especially since this is the third remake and they have to make it more unique to stand out compared to the other two versions.

    i like that the audience is focusing more on this couple compared to the other ones since i really can’t stand the girl who plays jandi…she exaggerates her role too much. until she tones it down, i’m just gonna skip to kim bum’s parts.

    and alvin, no worries about so many posts on kim so eun! she’s cute and relatively new, so keep introducing more of her to us 🙂

  7. i loveee kim so eun
    and she and kim bum better have a happy ending!
    they are the #1 couple i’m rooting for!

  8. Aww, I really like GHS. I’m glad they get along so well.
    I really feel bad for GHS. She really has it so much harder than anyone else, because she plays a lead character, and she’s not a hot guy. A lot of the people watching the drama are girls, and the guys seem to get a free pass from some of them. But of course they don’t back off from bashing the female actresses. For example, i noticed that people complement LMH for one thing, but bash GHS for the exact same thing they used to compliment LMH…

    Hopefully, she won’t let those mean comments get to her!

  9. i was wondering, will they put sojirou’s first love in this drama?
    I wonder how it would play out to be though… it would be very intersting to watch him and Ga-Eul’s relationship

  10. Ah, Kim So Eun is adorable!
    Btw, isn’t Goo Hye Sun 26 not 24?
    I really do hope there’s a happy ending for her and Kim Bum’s character :]

  11. dont apologize~
    she is pretty!!!
    i fell in love with her since the first time i see her in the drama… even though im a girl…. lol (not really falling in love.. but liking her??.. lol)
    she’s just too pretty ^^

  12. Alvin I don’t mind the Kim So Eun articles, since I am liking her alot. She’s such a new fresh face in the acting business & I am impress with her acting as well.

    I so hope that we get a happy ending for her character & Kim Bum. They look so cute together onscreen & off screen.

    SoEul Mates are love ❤

  13. aww, i hope they change it up a bit and make the korean drama a bit different with a happy ending for both kim so eun and kim bum !! a little more happiness doesn’t hurt ! =D

  14. I hope they’ll have a happy ending, cuz they are really cute together as a couple thought till now Ki Bum still trying to get her while she refuse since she still thought of him as the playboy..

  15. i DO want they have a happy ending!!!!
    pleaseeeee scriptwriter make a romantic scene between them and make them have a happy ending!!!!huaaaaa…
    if u do that korean version must be #1 i love than the other version!kekekeke…
    i’m soooo in love with GAJUNG couple!!!
    they’re really perfect for each other!XDDD

    note: I apologize for the numerous Kim So Eun articles. Can’t help it.
    don’t apologize alvin!i don’t mind reading article about her!
    cause i’m starting to like her!

  16. lol You shouldn’t apologize for anything. I find it really cute how you’re such a fanboy.
    Anyways, I’m hoping for a happy ending for both of them too although it wasn’t originally in the manga.

  17. Goo Hye Sun is a complete sweetheart ❤ shes really clever as well.

    some people may not like the way she portrays the character, maybe used to the Japanese version (the actress who did Makino was really brilliant), but i think she gives her own spin on it.

    some of it is a little too cute for me, but mannn, the tragic scenes were REALLY well done.

    i love Kim So Eun as well ❤ shes so lovely and healthy looking and not stick like, thank God. Kim So Eun and Kim Bum are really cute together ❤ guh THEY HAVE TO GET TOGETHER!

  18. yepeey !
    i’m very happy for this !
    hope the happy “cutee” ending of Yi Jung – Ga Eul will come true !

    love Kim So Eun and Kim Bum sooo much !


  19. For once I really hope that there will be a proper “happily-ever-after” kind of happy ending instead of a cliffhanger kind of happy ending.. if you get what I mean.. LOL!!

    I guess everyone is rooting for this couple:)

  20. I don’t mind reading anything related to Kim So Eun. She is lovable and talented as well.

    I had a feeling that there might be a happy ending for these two in the Korean version. I was really upset that the Japanese drama did not bend the story for Yukii and Sojiro. I enjoyed the funny part of Yukii not giving up on Sojiro no matter what but I also felt sorry for her..

  21. its ok alvin.. haha we love her too…
    O__O i still dont know all the actors in boys over flowers…
    who is hye sun? jandi?

  22. im happy about Kim So Eun news. I find all the articles interesting to read. I guess shes your newest obssession??

    Anyways i cant wait till see ep 7 eng subs!

  23. I love her, she’s so pretty and adorable. It’s not too much alvin. =)
    And GHS grows on me too, at first I thought she looks really old but as the show progresses I see her pretty and cute side, especially when she smiles.
    I hope Yi Jung and Gal Eul end up together…because they really never did in the past two versions. In the manga they really didn’t end up together but they did for a night ;).
    I hope they have a much happier ending, because I’m loving Kim Bum and Kim So Eun’s chemistry. =)

  24. keep on bringing us Kim So Eun articles, its interesting to read. its nice to know Goo Hye Sun is so cool with everyone, she does seem like a down to earth person.

  25. I don’t know about anyone else but I certainly don’t mind some more KSE articles lol. She’s really cute and pretty.
    I really hope their characters end up together too!!! x))

  26. I like BBF so far.
    It has different things from the other two versions.
    The acting has improved and the plot isn’t slow.
    I still haven’t found my tear jerking moment but I think it’ll come.

    KSE has become one of my fave actresses of the new year and it’s just started, I think she’s very down to earth, and even though she has the cute thing down she’s very versatile.

    Wishing her an AMAZING year.

  27. Aaha. It’s alright Alvin. XDD
    I’m in my KSE phase right
    now too. LOL.
    Yes! There must be a happy
    ending! Keke… And GHS is
    so darn adorable!

  28. jeje yo si quiero q tengan su final feliz porq en meteor garden y en hana yori dango (japon) me decepcione bastante al ver q ni siquiera tuvieron una pequeña oportunidad de tener algo (soujiro y yukki HYD, ximen y xiauyou MG) asi q espero q aqui si le den un final feliz a esta historia porq en realidad se ve q tienen muy buena quimica ellos dos y q se estan empezando a atraer uno al otro…

  29. REALLY getting tired of hearing about this Drama.
    It’s NOT the greatest thing to come out of Korea, and it will NEVER compare with the original, let alone Meteor Garden.

  30. Okay, you don’t need to apologize for putting up a lot of articles of Kim So Eun… ’cause I absolutely love her and I think she’s really down-to-earth and humble.
    I really… really DO wish for GaEul and YiJung to have a happy ending because I love them… and they’re so cute together. I love Kim Bum annnnnd I love him to be with So Eun :DDD
    I really like how the Korean BBF is sort of different from the Japanese version. It gets me excited!

  31. 8D ehehehe.
    its okay. XD
    i love her too XD
    so i dont mind reading every single news of her in your blog. XD

  32. dude dont apologise, im lovin all you Kim So Eun posts
    she’s so cute.
    i want them to have a happy ending

    i wonder how the korean version will tell the story of him and his first love…

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  34. Coolsmurf its okai to have LOTS of Kim So Eun Article..
    I like reading them anyway..

    ..Thanks for this one..
    I really hope there is a happy ending behind the story..
    *prays*! WOOT

  35. even though the drama doesnt compare to the other two, esp the japanese one, it still makes you come back to watch it

    esp so eun and kimbum. i really like that couple! so i’m looking forward to how they will play out, even more that hye sun and minho!

  36. Perhaps Kim So Eun’s uncanny resemblance to a certain someone else-cough-Park Min Young-cough are what keeps you from all these articles? Haha 😛 Not that I mind. She seems like she’s on the track to popularity and further stardom. And I love her relationship with Kim Bum in the drama..

    awws, like everytime i watch the new eps.. can’t help but want them to like be together ! WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN ! there so friggen cute ! i love kim bum smille, he just a cuty ! wweeell BFF is sooo good, i lvoe the drama and can’t get enough of it ! : )

  38. hyaaaaa…i really really hope that galeul and yijung can end up together… they’re really cute couple i’m looking forward for them to be together rather than the main couple, jandi-joonpyo. the chemistry between them is more obvious than in the jap and tw version. so many scene showed that they, in fact, were attracted each other, like in the new caledonia scene. Huwaaa…..please, for all this drama crew, i hope u can make them together this time. Dun always imitate the manga, make some differences !!! ^^</

  39. ever since i watched the Taiwanese and Japanese version i have always wished that the character of Galeul and Yijung would end up together but they never did =(
    Hopefully, the writer would give them the happy ever after I’ve always wanted for both of them!!!


    or so i wish…still no confirmation from the production


    so happy if they end up together ^^

    cant wait…

  41. please i want to know whetther sso eun and kimbum are going to end with eachother actually i like her more than
    koo Hye Sun because hye sun looks so stupid unromantic or faminine in this version but so eun is beautiful and faminine pleases tell me is the filming over and what about the ending are they going to be with eachother or not please tell me i cant wait

  42. I was watching episode 8 and i was thinking that maaaan GHS does tragic scenes quite well. >.> Not sure about the cutesy part.

    and i think alvin here, may have a total crush on Kim So Eun. xP

  43. omg ! i was so happy to read this article ! i m a total fan of eejung & gaeul. they make such a cute couple. ❤

    i kept telling myself that there is a chance that eejung & gaeul will end up together in the korean ver despite the previous vers.

    TA-DA ! u saved me from disappointment ! 😀

    thanks for all your articles on kim so eun ! i love her too ! she is so pretty ! (:

  44. ahhh
    please don’t apologize for kim so eun articles.
    i think she’s a REALLY pretty girl! i looove her role in the drama too. she’s just too cute ^^

  45. come on somebody tells me i cant wait are they going to end with each other or not i really cant wait

    if somebody knows something tell me please


  46. THEY MUST GET TOGETHER!!!! they cant not. coz they are just way tooo much in the show!!! ahahahahas. and, the taiwanese version, they did get together, but for a short while only… hope this time, they get together for GOOOOD!!!! heeheeheee

  47. YES YES YES YES!!!!we all are hoping they have a happy ending in this version! ^^
    cuz i just ADOREE this couple so very very much.. sry for getting too excited but they are totally adorable and cute! their love sparks are undeniable..the director better be listening to our opinions or we should terrorize =p
    ga jeong / so eun love <3333333

  48. In fact, the original story’s characters DOES has love relationship!!! So a perfect happy ending is defenitely possible!!!!!!!!!

  49. i wonder about kim bum is not good to her in episode 9 10
    he shows all acting and after she falls in love with him he tells her not to misunderstand it is just acting !
    i didnt like that i am afraid she will not end up with him

    i have this bad hunch …

  50. omg love them together i dont noe wat im gonna do if they dont end up together…..
    i just love kim bum and his smile

  51. oh man i so wish for it too..
    probably they will still base it thru the original i bet..

    it wouldnt be boys over flowers if they change the oriinal story..

    im hoping they will braek it….hehehehhehe


  52. HeHe, I watched ep 12 review, and this couple, Kim So Eun and KimBum won’t end up like that, they continue meeting each other at Kim So Eun’s birthday!!!
    Anyway, I hope that Kim So Eun and KimBum will have more screens on boys over flower drama, like 15′ for each episode, it would be wonderful!!

  53. i really do hope that they end up together,,,,(crossed fingers) i’m a big fan of SoEul couple…
    they’re so cute together….*___ *

  54. omg love gaeul & yi jung!!!
    i think the director also likes this couple very much too~
    otherwise y would he/she let them to take up so much scenes? and why would he/she even bother to develop their relationships? and why would the director even make yi jung acts so passionately towards ga eul (the saving of ga eul from being hit by a snowboarder)?
    obviously..therez some reasons behind them
    OMG~~ i cant wait to see them together!!! ><

  55. Anyway I have seen the 5 years after story and I wonder if whom Kim Bun ends up in the end.. I hate to say this but the voice is different from Ga Eul which makes me so disappointed with it.

    (Kim Bum and Kim So Eun) have signed on as endorsers for Bon I.F. [ ] for a year. I can’t wait to see them in a commercial together.. The commerical Kim Bum did recently for coffee should’ve been with Kim So Eun

  56. i can only say one thing that is…..the korean version of hana yori dango is way better than the original version…i mean has more romance in it n i think that the story really do have a meaning…sometimes when i watch this show,i understand the true meaning of love…..i love u so eun unni and kim bum oppa…u guys are the greatest!!!

  57. i will always love you kim bum …..!!
    co bbf mkin keren aja nih
    kim bum bisa bahasa indonesia gak??????
    kalau gk bisa berarti kebangetan banget ……
    soalnya kak kim bum cool abis banget banyak girls2 yg suka ama kim bum
    kapan nih datang ke jakarta ??????
    kakak universitynya dimana sih kakak???????

  58. hi kim bum,kim su eun,kim joon,lee min ho,kim hyun joong,goo hye sun and all cast of BOF.happy,happy,happy ending.i like ur so romntic ending.i love it.i wish u all cast of BOF that more blessings 4 all cast of BOF.i love u all.god bless.pls.visit here in phillipines,cebu city.that is my begest wish tahat i see all cast of BOF.plsssssssss.visit here in u all.mhwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls. visit in phillipines cebu city.bayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE U ALL!!!

  59. hi all cast of BOF.pls come here in phillipines cebu city.because i wnt 2 see u in personal plsssssssssssssssss.come.GOD BLESS U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. hi all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plsssssssssssssssss come here in phillipins cebu city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i trust u that u can visit here in phillipines cebu city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!promise me thati love u all cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. yahhhh.. i agree come also in davao city saint mary’s college of tagum city girls will happy kim bum you and so eun are so romantic when i watch bof or boys over flowers i like your dramas especially your romantic trip in new calidonia sooooooooo…great

  62. esto es lo mejor es la mejor novela ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  63. I love this show! I love all the characters especially Kim Bum! He’s so handsome! Yi Jung and Ga eul are truly soulmates!

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