Boys Before Flowers Topple East of Eden

KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers has finally knocked MBC East of Eden off the top of the Mon-Tue timeslot after just 4 weeks and fulfilling its potential.

Boys Before Flowers Claims Leadership

According to TNS Media Korea, although ratings for shows took a severe hit due to the Korean New Year, Boys Before Flowers (19.5%) still edged out East of Eden (17.5%) by an impressive margin of 2 percentage points. The 1.7 percentage point lead enjoyed by East of Eden last Tuesday was wiped out in a flash and it must have been a big blow to MBC as they lost their 19 consecutive weeks of being top dog. Not an auspicious start in the new year.

There are reasons why Boys Before Flowers finally became number 1 yesterday. The good vibes and huge publicity generated by the drama has caught on and people started flocking to see what the whole hype was about. Almost everyday, there will be a headline news revolving around someone in the drama. Secondly, it was the first day of the Korean New Year. Would you rather see pretty faces and happy scenes in Boys Before Flowers or brooding, feuding scenes in East of Eden? The answer is pretty clear for all.

Wrong Timing Although Everyone Knows The Truth Now

The appearance of heavyweight actress Kim Hyun Joo in Episode 7 yesterday as Goo Joon Hee, elder sister of Goo Joon Pyo might be another factor. The charismatic elder sister of Goo Joon Pyo certainly added more glamor.

Kim Hyun Joo Appears as Goo Joon Hee, Goo Joon Pyo gung-ho sister

Stay tuned tomorrow morning to see who will be top dog!

38 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers Topple East of Eden

  1. HAHA yeah!
    This is super good news of KBS :]
    And really, I rather see something happy and cute than something sad, tragic, and where a storyline isn’t going anywhere.

  2. lol i can’t keep tyra’s america’s next top model “so you wanna be on top?” jingle out of my head…

  3. East of Eden is so depressing compared to Boys Over Flowers!!!

    also…i would prefer to see fresh faces….especially Lee Min Ho!!! and Kim Bum!!! and Kim So Eun!!!

  4. OMG, I expect this to happen specially that BOF Eps become more exciting & interesting while EOE is more draggy now..

  5. GOOD!!! i don’t like EOE ‘coz the cast isn’t that great, the only one i like is Song Seung hun… though I have not seen any episode, not even a teaser or trailer, it seemed unappealing to me from the start… i don’t know, it’s just me.. so I’m glad BBF’s finally knock them off the spot…

  6. based on TNS BBF was able to topple EOE from being #1. but based on AGB rating, EOE still holds its #1 position with 0.5% difference from BBF.

  7. eoe is too depressing, though it is very good. i have to wait until they finished the rest 10 eps and watch it in one shot.

    while bof is light and funny. imo, this is the best version of hanadan of all the 3 version. cant wait to watch eps 7 & 8!!

  8. i’m glad BBF beat EOE. i can’t wait for next week’s ratings. i think the EOE viewers, mainly ahjummas, were busy with holiday festivities.

  9. yay! all the hard work is finally paying off!
    i hope they continue to get good ratings!
    HJ fighting!
    Jandi-Gyun Pyo FIGHTING!

  10. Sigh@alicia, it would be good to read carefully. Coolsmurf said Kim Hyun Hoo is a heavyweight, not that she is heavyset.

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  12. So glad BOF is leading in the rating .The drama is sooooo funny and fun. EOE is just so tiring especially the draggy love story of LDC and YR. They just so boring and Lee Yeon Hee acting is just so horrible. Just hope that BOF stays on top. Love kim bun and f4….

  13. BOF! Yeah! Krrp it going, woo-hoo.
    Uhm no, it’s because we aren’t fucking emos like you watching your depressing chet.

  14. gracias BOF por destrozar a EOE eso le pasa a la MBC por hacer un lio del drama y por marginar a una gran actriz como Lee Da Hae, que bueno que se salio y asi no verse involucrada
    en el desastre que se avecina.
    Fighting BOE y Lee Da hae.
    Para mi SSH no sabe actuar eso lo demostro en Autumn Tale donde Won Bin fue el actor de lejos.

  15. wow….congratulations BOF….u kicking EOE to going down… this moment…..i ‘like’ joo hee….very cool characters…. but Gyon pyo still great…

  16. congrats BOF!
    I think they took the ratings today too.
    aah I’m too happy.
    todays episode totally rocked!

  17. Korean rui has awesome in episode 8. I never wanted to say this but in this ep I liked him more then jap rui.

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