Economic Crisis Prompts The End of Celebrities Endorsing Property and School Uniforms

Following on the act by companies in the construction industry to end the contracts of stars like Bae Yong Joon and Go So Young to endorse properties, the school uniform industry will also put an end to idol stars endorsing their school uniforms largely bought about by the downturn in the economy.

final photoshoot for Wonder Girls endorsing Ivy Club?

After lengthy discussions on the 23rd, it was announced in a consensus between the school uniforms association and retailers that endorsements by idol stars for school uniforms will be terminated from February onwards. This includes all forms of advertisements through television and print media.

This means that contracts that has seen Big Bang endorsing for Skoolooks, Wonder Girls, Kim Yu-na, Battle for Ivy Club, 2PM and So Nyeo Shi Dae for Elite, and Shinee for Smart in recent memory will be terminated effectively from February. The 4 major school uniform retailers will also stop all promotional activities like fan-signings, fan-meetings, etc involving the idol stars.

Bae Yong Joon and Go So Young Cut From Construction Advertisements

The main reason for the cutback on using idol stars was mainly attributed to avoid raising school uniform prices. Before this cutback by the school uniform industry, the construction industry also explained that the fees for inviting top stars to endorse properties was having a negative impact as their high fees had to be paid for instead by consumers resulting in higher prices for the latter.

31 thoughts on “Economic Crisis Prompts The End of Celebrities Endorsing Property and School Uniforms

  1. I guess so… Since they pay the artists that endorses the uniforms like a heck lot.
    Some of their uniforms look good though.

    BTW, I really like your header thingy.
    BBF FTW!

  2. wow that’s pretty bad…kids must buy uniforms, so they’re locked into paying more if the sellers and stars’ agencies form alliance to milk kids as cash cows, while promoting their idol bands even more…no good.

  3. it’s a smart move since students in asia have to pay for tuition and books when they’re not even in college yet. it’s better to have their uniform prices lowered to save up a bit.

    having a celebrity endorse your uniform is cool and all, but if it doesn’t look good on you and it’s expensive, then what’s the point?

    normally when you see a decrease in the price of clothing, you wonder whether the material has changed to a cheaper one. at least now students will know that it has nothing to do with cheaper material, but it’s just that a portion of their money won’t be going towards the celebrities.

    it’s a little sad for the celebrities because i recently read an article saying that during this recession, celebrities have been busily endorsing different things and attending variety shows to earn the money they don’t get from album sales (due to illegal downloading and such). now with endorsers revoking their offers one by one, where else will the profit come in? that means their companies are just going to make them work harder (as if they don’t work hard enough already) so they can make more money.

    good luck!

  4. can someone explain to me why there is a need to advertise school uniforms?
    i thought the schools had one uniform and that was it…
    i cant imagine that so many new schools are being built or that they would change uniforms all the time.

    someone explain D:

  5. I agree with shiawase.
    Shit is looking back and we really need to cutback.

    BTW your top siggy is cute coolsmurf 🙂

  6. Even though I enjoyed the ads I thought it was kind of strange that Korean celebrities would do ads for schools uniforms. Like what previous people asked could someone explain how the whole school uniform thing works. Are the students allowed to buy whatever uniform brand they wanted as long as it matched the school colors?

  7. this is a good move. Uniforms in Korea are ridiculously expensive..and some of the uniforms endorsed by the celebs….are really ugly. 😡

  8. I don’t know how school uniform works at Korea but at my country, we have standard color for different level of school and only private school have different color.

  9. kya!!!!!

    i like your banner,, hahahha,,, she really is beautiful and kinda looking similar with park min young!

    sorry can’t help!

  10. ohmygosh… i can’t believe i won’t see idols wearing school uniforms so much anymore! whoaaa… they’ve always been everywhere!

  11. that sounds about right considering the economic crisis. back in my day, not too long ago we never had celebs endorse school uniforms, they were especially fugly & boring, not like today’s kids’ uniforms.

  12. my (american) middle school required uniforms, but there was no one set ‘brand’ we had to buy. as long as it fit the criteria of: khaki pants/shorts (for both guys/girls), plaid skirts, collared shirt (of either green, white, or blue), and it was tucked in, then it was fine. it was SO easy to get dressed in the morning…

    maybe the koreans do something different.

    i also don’t really understand why uniform companies would need celebrity endorsements, either. i mean, if a school picks a certain uniform for their students to wear, the students have to buy it regardless of price/prestige, right?

    and i highly doubt that celebrity endorsement will be a major component of which uniform a school chooses to use…it’s not like students will choose to go to a certain school because they have a chance of meeting X celebrity. i’d hope that students’d put education before such events.

    eh. i don’t know. it’d be cool if someone could explain this korean uniform system for us.

  13. well with the economic crisis affecting all levels of the business sector, it’s quite understandable that these companies have cut back on unnecessary business expenditures. they’re just being practical about the situation so that they can keep their businesses open, while at the same time still offer their customers a fair price for their products/services. it’s bad for the celebrities but in the grander scheme of things, i think that this move will benefit the companies and their customers in the long run. i don’t think that schools are gonna buy a certain uniform cuz so-and-so was seen wearing it on an ad. if the costs are ludicrous, especially with the standard of living so high, i honestly think that people are going to be more practical and find ways to stretch their money a little further than before.

  14. the school gives you the design for the year. then the kids go to the uniform fitting store to get their size. the students choose the brands they want to order from. elite, schoolooks, ivy league, smart… so thats why there were competition. since the fans teens sometimes tends to choose their uniform from their favorite idols’ endorsing brand..

  15. WTH!? but that sounds like the whole point of school uniforms got lost? like… richer kids order from more expensive and prestigious companies?

  16. @34332
    so that meant every brand carry the same design? i thought they’re promoting diff design every season? so what’s the use then?
    its all pretty and stuff, but i dont understand the deal with uniform in korea
    will coolsmurf or someone kindly explain how it works?

  17. 34332 has given a very good explanation about the school uniform system in Korea. For additional information about these overpriced school uniforms, visit this link. Basically for those familiar with soccer, it’s like the same thing, clubs like those in the English Premier League releases new jersey designs every new season.

  18. I see this as really bad news for Battle, who are obviously already not getting that much income, and so getting poor promotion. Hopefully it won’t affect the release of the next album…*sigh*

  19. wow, this is really amusing. I never thought school uniforms can become a big deal and even create competitions! *amazed~*

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