Happy Chinese/Korean New Year To Everyone

The Chinese/Korean New Year is round the corner and thus I will not be updating the blog at all (barring something major) from today onwards until next week because of time constraints. Happy Holidays everyone!

Lee Min Ho Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year

For those familiar with soccer, I am on the verge of either doing a Robinho or a Kaka transfer move soon. More will be revealed once I make the decision.

65 thoughts on “Happy Chinese/Korean New Year To Everyone

  1. HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Thanks for being such a cool smurf! (Shoot me, I know that was lame XD)

    Haha and OMG Lee Minho <333

  2. Wuhehuuuuu…..!!! its new year…!!
    Happy New Year Alvin n everyone….
    hope this year will bring more prosperous, joy n laughter….
    ~….Gong Xi Gong Xi….~

  3. long time no talk!

    Happy Chinese/Korean/$$ New Year ^^

    i’m not sure what you’re talking about but, i like kaka~he’s a cutie! but robinho is HOT. tough choice….

    i see you’ve added Kim So Eun to your obsession list! haha she’s a gorgeous girl and quite talented!! ahhh… i’m addicted to kim bum these days ❀ lee min ho’s hot too though…

    stay cool

  4. I didn’t understand the Kaka and Robinho comment in the end, but I think both are great players (and Kaka is so cute and nice boy! :P)

    Anyway, Happy Chinese/Korean new year for you too and thanks for the picture of Lee Minho!!!! πŸ˜€


    Hope you have a wonderful year!

    Thanks for always keep us up-to-date with the latest info.

  6. …I’ll be spending the Lunar New Year somewhere over the Pacific ocean and will arrive in Manila on the 27th totally missing the 26th but anyways…Happy Year of the Ox to eveyone…let’s all work hard to be happy inspite of the economy…and thanks for featuring Lee Minho in his Goo Junpyo hair, the newest Korean hearthrob for the greet…everything’s looking good for this new year already!

  7. …Happy Year of the Ox Coolsmurf!!!…and thank you for the hard work you’ve done for your fans…we love you!…there’s really “Nobody but Nobody but You”…in our lives!

  8. everyone should wish Alvin Happy Chinese New Year!!!

    bcos Alvin is Chinese and not Korean ^^

    but Lunar New Year, same same everywhere you go!


    Happy Chinese New Year Alvin!!! get lots of hongbaos!

  9. Happy New Year!!

    Do You play football (soccer)? Are You going to England and play for Manchester City?Haha or are You just offered a very good paid job =Pp?

  10. coolsmurf you play soccer? and what team is offering you that big amount of money?!? oh, can’t wait for the update..

    Happy Chinese New Year Alvin!

  11. Happy Lunar New Year!

    The Kaka – Robinho reference… A transfer! Oooh… can’t wait for the updates…

  12. Happy New Year Coolsmurf !! Hope u’ll continue all ur wonderful work =p

    And i guess u’re talking about a soccer game ? Hahah
    Take KAKA ! =)

  13. Kaka is still in Milan.. so transfer?
    XD no idea.
    anyways.. LOL
    i was like o.0 u are wearing hanbok.
    then i realised a second later its minho. XD

  14. Happy New Year and thanks for always keeping us posted on the latest entertainment News!!!!!!!!!!

    Sehe Bokmanee Bateuseyo
    Xin nian yu kuai

  15. sorry. not to be rude but its lunar new year… there are many other cultures that celebrate it too.. lik jap viet laos etc… but any who happy new year and thanks for the pictures =]

  16. μƒˆν•΄ 볡 λ§Žμ΄λ°›μœΌμ„Έμš”…
    μƒˆλ²³λˆ 많이 λ§Žμ΄λ°›μœΌμ„Έμš”. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  17. I dun think so that kaka accept the offer to move to manchester city. Anyways i dun think he is up to challenge to play in the english premier league…The pace is too fast for him^lol^

    Happy Chinese Year to you Alvin!!!

  18. Kaka and Robinho? O_______O
    Brazilians ❀ *i’m brazilian yay /endstupidjoke*
    Happy new year for you ^^ Lots of everything you like, peace, and all those stuffs ppl like to say *-*

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