YG Entertainment 5-Member Girl Group Will Debut in April

“The members and songs have been decided. The only thing left is the group’s name”, said YG Entertainment whose girl group has become the music industry’s hot topic of discussion even before their debut with the title of ‘Female Big Bang’. They are now recording their album and preparing for a April debut.

YG Entertainment 5-member girl group

Sandara Park who has attracted much interest and discussions about her inclusion has been officially added to the group. Park Bom, CL, Gong Min Ji, Sandara Park along with another member (yet to be revealed) will make up the 5-member girl group and match the same number of members in Big Bang.

Their official debut date may however differ according to how far they go in their recording sessions. However, as of now, it’s expected that they will still debut in April. Studio recordings have already begun on the 19th with Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon being put in charge of producing their debut album.


The group name is still pending. There have been stories that the group’s name would be Sista. But that wasn’t a name that was put out by YG Entertainment and is actually something that the fans themselves have created.

According to a YG Entertainment staff, “The members and the basic date of their debut have been finalized, but we haven’t decided on their group name yet. Once it’s decided, everything regarding them will be confirmed. But there are a lot of worries now because no good names have surfaced as yet.”

If ‘Female Big Bang’ releases their debut album in April as expected, then the first half of this year will really hot up with intense competition between numerous girl groups. Following on the footsteps of the Wonder Girls from last year, Kara’s Pretty Girl was released and is still being performed. This was followed by So Nyeo Shi Dae making their comeback in January and Pledis Entertainment After School girl group subsequently in the same month.


That’s not all. Former Wonder Girls member Kim HyunA will also debut with a 3-member girl group in March and with ‘Female Big Bang’ debuting a month later, the competition is expected to get really intense. If JYP Entertainment ‘Wonder Girls 2’ and SM Entertainment ‘The Second Soshi’ also make their debut within this year, a Girl Group Renaissance will occur over a period of time.

If you don’t know who these girls are and are interested in knowing more about them, you can watch all of their videos at TheYGsecret Youtube channel.

translated by rangminlon@TYGS + Rachel Lee.@soompi

68 thoughts on “YG Entertainment 5-Member Girl Group Will Debut in April

  1. woah! i wonder what’s going to happen in the next few months. hope they can share the spotlight all together instead of just having one number #1 because i like all the groups!

  2. 2008 – Year of the Boybands
    2009 – Year of the Girl Groups?
    i’m really excited for them. but kinda nervous at the same time (what if they don’t live up to expectations?!?!?)

  3. i m disappointed that yg included sandara. she s pretty but she needs more training. i thought yg looked for real talent. she auditioned to be an actress and now she s debuting as a singer first. her past singing was horrible. i ll be extremely disappointed if she s the one who lacks the most in the group. its crazy how many girl bands are debuting now. i think wonder girls should take the credit for paving the way for more girl bands. after their success, other companies want to produce the same success since they know its possible now and boy bands are losing its hold on the public.

  4. Ooo…i loved the girl’s voice feat in Big Bang’s song “Forever with You” and “We Belong Together” but didn’t realise it was Park Bom! She totally rocked the songs and i fell in love with her voice. Can’t wait for her debut! 🙂

  5. I’m so excited for these girls to debut! It’s a bit different from the other girl groups because we’ve been following Park Bom for years as well as seeing CL and MinJi progress. With Sandara added, it’ll be really awesome because she’s quite famous already and with the other member, I wish her the very best! So goes to the group~! Fighting~!

  6. I feel bad that they are being referred to as the “female Big Bang.” Doesn’t really give the chance to stand on their own and fans might already have an assumption of how their music and style is if they are considered the “female Big Bang.”

    Well, hope everything works out for them. Good luck.

  7. You know what, it would be totally awesome if Hyuna was the 5th member. Too bad she’s debuting in a different group.

    But to be honest, even if all these girl groups debut this year…it’s going to be really hard for them to have the same popularity as Wonder Girls and SNSD.

  8. okok im really looking forward to this group cuz the members are totally awesome….but if they’re named “sistas”…..-_-
    we koreans really think of the weirdest names lol

  9. don’t expect too much they debut this april.
    mr YG might change the date again
    like he did in numerous time before

  10. girl group going to debut this year
    1. Brand new day
    2. Female Big Bang
    3. After School
    4. White Angel-female shinee
    5. Rainbow
    6. Burning-L – Female F.T island
    7. Ex-member WG hyun Ah group

  11. whoa, the industry is gonna be bombarded with girl bands, i hope there won’t be any “cat fights”…. i have a feeling this group will rival hyuna’s group, just a feeling.
    omg, park bom!!! still sad that she’s not going solo, can’t wait for her debut with the other girls. why are they keeping the fifth memeber a mystery???

  12. i feel bad for park bom sometimes. i feel like she’s been screwed over by yg one time too many. like she’s only “officially” debuting now, but she was around a couple of years ago, you know? plus…everyone was under the impression that she would be a solo star, and now they throw her into a haphazard group? 😦

  13. too many girls group =.=”
    wondergirls all the way man
    are there still gona be collaborations btw bb and wg??
    coz theres a female big bang nows!

  14. omg, so many girl groups popping up @ the same time, wow, gud luk for all of them

    ps: wondergirls will still be my #1 gg, hehe

  15. yea no matter how many groups pop out, wgs is still my no.1 cuz of sohee and yubin, hahaha… actually wgs has that kind of charisma which other groups doesn’t have.
    but still good luck to this yg girls.

  16. too many girl groups!!
    what’s with this sudden huge increase in girl groups??
    when wonder girls debuted,
    baby vox rev, snsd, cats, kara, etc. also debuted.
    and now
    after school, that one 2-member group, “female bigbang”, etc…wow.

    but i like parkbom so i’ll keep interest in them.

  17. i am waiting and ready so bring on the newer Girl Group Renaissance … i love girl groups alot more than boy group seven though i love boy groups also…..i would like to see how wonder girls, so nyeo shi dae, kara fair with the two new groups like after school, female big bang, and the 3 jyp group + the 2nd soshi all debuting…i feel that no matter though wonder girls and so nyeo shi dae will land out on top…..since tell me wonder girls singles have all hit number one while after a two year hiatus once so nyeo shi dae had came back, their single is now #1 ……

  18. i’m glad sandara is in the group.. she’s pretty! i hope they will succeed with great success! i love them already!!! hwaiting!!!

  19. I’m still holding out hope for Sandara…from what I’ve seen of her from the past, she is not that great at singing, but maybe the training has improved her vocals. Seung Ri’s vocals were not that great when he first debuted, and his vocals have greatly improved since then. I’m not looking for a miracle, but with some time and effort, maybe she’ll improve…

  20. im really excited for all of these groups!!

    but i was kinda hoping that ‘female Big Bang’
    would just be a 4 member group…
    oh well

    im really anticipating YG and JYP girl groups

  21. wow. Female overload. Haha. That is seriously ALOT.

    But I have a feeling that they’ll even sound Bb-like since GD is involved with production.

  22. I don’t know if thhis is good or bad…

    seriously, if there’s too many girl groups I won’t know who’s who…and why does it have to be a FIVE member girl group?? damn, they so lack of originality.

  23. I’m waiting for bb girls but nooo … delay ;_;

    lot of girl band will debut this year, hope they a good luck.

  24. wow. so many 5 member girl groups.

    then again, 5 seems just the right number to me. an odd number is better than even number of members in my opinion.

    Wonder Girls is 5
    After School is 5
    Kara is 5
    YG Ent’s Female Big Bang is 5
    Hyuna’s girl group is 3
    SNSD 9 -…. lol.

  25. omg NOOO!! i thought the girl big bang was suppose to debut in february??? ahh oh well haha i cant wait! lol wow lots of girl groups for 2009 ^_^

  26. its the same month that GD is coming out with his solo album,so he can promote with them.am glad they’re in the same company as BB,GD’s songs always become hits so am not worried for them.

  27. I seriously can’t wait to hear their music, and see their performances! I checked up on each member and i luv them all!!! As of now i like CL best =]


    nooo APRIL!?!?! i was so anticipated for them to debut next month =[

  28. to be honest, I really didn’t want Sandara to be a part of this group. From what I’ve seen of her in the past, she really isn’t that great at singing. I still think she needs more training, just because she’s a pretty face, she shouldn’t be put out in a girl group right away.
    And knowing that they’re handled by GD….the songs could be just like how the Big bang songs are which are so upbeat…i don’t know if Sandara’s voice would be up to that..but we’ll see. I’m disappointed though..

    and what’s up with all these girl groups coming out?? it’s too much…it’s a great idea though that these girls are debuting now that the BIG NAMED GIRL GROUPS like Wonder Girls and Jewelry are currently on their break….
    but wait till their COMEBACK!! they’ll take their throne back! haha

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  30. There’s going to be some intense competition among the girl groups this year….. I have to prepare my ears to listen to all of them…. I can’t wait for them to debut. I wish the best of luck for Sandara. She’s changed a lot… and Park Bom… can’t wait to see more of her…. =)

  31. and don’t forget about the femal FT Island!
    although they probably wouldnt be considered as competition since it’s different genres..

    well, I’m really excited about all of these girl groups!
    but I hope they don’t do a WG2 and a Soshi2.

  32. OHMYGOODNESS! GIRL GROUP MANIA! Where have our boys been lately??!

    That’s what I think. Sandara will be like the Sohee of the group because her vocals are not very strong, but she has a strong fanbase since she was famous before her debut and has been in many movies.

    Truthfully, I was really anticipating for Sandara to debut solo as an actress. I really hope YG kicked her vocals up a notch since she left the Filipino showbiz.

  33. surprised to see sandara park there.
    i’m hoping she’ll have a better performance in korea, since she’s in her country.
    she wasn’t that good in the Philippines. don’t know if it’s because of the language barrier.

  34. Sandara park use the philippines showbiz just to be famous she’s not a good actress, since she speak korean, and ever since she really dont like philippines because for her she is not at home here. well goodluck for her career.

  35. Actually in the MVs of 2NE1… Sandara improved as in a lot. Their new MV called “I Don’t Care” is showing all of their feminine sides and Sandara’s voice is sounding smooth now. It’s a lot better than her voice in the Philippines’s MV “In or Out” which she sang, plus “The Return Of Iljimae” drama where she starred in was great too [I really loved the plot hohoho!~] anyways, She got ultimately better than before.

  36. ..wOw..!

    ..i wiSh a guD Luck for Sandara, She’s really the best..
    with her performances, she improves a lot, ..

    ..She can Make iMpoSsible to poSsible..
    i Really like her..

    She’s born to be famous, i cant wait for the debut..

    ..i hope that sandra and gd(g-daragon) will have more success, and i like them..

    ..hope ull be together(as in formally announced)..

    ..OMG!, ..

    to those who keep sandara pulling down, hey you!, u dont have to judge like that..

    ..who u think u are?.. sandara is good person inside and out,..

    so sandara, fighting!~, hWaiting~…

    wE’ll olWeiZ cheer u up!…

    gudLuck and more powers!

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