We Got Married New Year Special Preview (Spoilers)

The following is a rough outline of what’s gonna happen when MBC We Got Married New Year Special is aired this Sunday, 25th January revolving around the 3 new couples of Jung Hyung Don – Kim Tae Yeon, JunJin – Lee Si Young and Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young. Spoilers are beyond this picture.

Tae Yeon and Hyung Don

The first episode with new couple Jung Hyung Don and So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Kim Tae Yeon on MBC We Got Married will be revealed soon this Sunday with Hyung Don having to do a ‘husband test’ in So Nyeo Shi Dae’s dormitory.

Jung Hyung Don got a mission to find his new bride and was taken to the dormitory where the members of So Nyeo Shi Dae were staying.

Jung Hyung Don didn’t know that his bride would be much younger than him intially. He only realized after he had arrived at So Nyeo Shi Dae’s dormitory with all 8 members welcoming him. When he found out that his bride would be a So Nyeo Shi Dae member, he got embarrassed with his face turning red.

So Nyeo Shi Dae and Hyung Don then spent the whole day together. Hyung Don’s mission was to find his new bride among the members but the members wanted to test him first – to see if he would be a good husband or not.

Tae Yeon

Hyung Don wanted to show that he wasn’t lazy or selfish like in the past – but in the end, he grew tired of So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘husband test’ and broke down. Although he spent the whole day searching for his new bride, he didn’t quite notice her and thus disappointed the staff with his behaviour. After revealing his bride (with no alternative), Hyung Don and Tae Yeon had to choose whether they wanted the marriage or not. Will they get “married” afterall?

credit: Xeth@soshified.com/forums (translation)

For the New Year Special, viewers will see JunJin and Lee Si Young spend a day together and getting to know each other’s interests, personalities and hobbies. They will then make the decision on ‘marriage’ by breaking wooden planks with their heads. The filming was actually done in Lee Shi Young’s actual home.

JunJin and Lee Si Young

By right, their matrimonial home would have been prepared by the production team beforehand and all the couple has to do is just to move their belongings into the pre-arranged apartment. But all the filming had to be done instead in Lee Si Young’s actual home. because her unique lifestyle and vast amount of collectibles made it impossible to move her belongings elsewhere.

Upon witnessing her vast amount of collectibles with his eyes, JunJin remarked to the camera, “Pretty girls usually don’t collect things such as these”, and refused to believe that he was really in Lee Si Young’s actual apartment.

Out of all the 3 couples who will be appearing on the special, JunJin – Lee Si Young couple has garnered the best response. Lee Si Young, who started out in a mini-series on cable channel Super Action, moved on to more prominent roles in KBS2 dramas Kingdom Of The Winds and most notably Boys Before Flowers, where her short appearance left a deep impression on viewers.

PD Im Jung Ah said, “Lee Si Young has a very interesting personality which is quite unexpected for a pretty girl like her. Her actions aren’t what you would expect from pretty girls like her. For JunJin, it will be very interesting to see his reactions after he sees that his partner isn’t quite the someone he had expected. From there, we will be able to see how this variety star uses his humor and wit to deal with the many unexpected situations.”

Based on appearances, JunJin and Lee Si Young might be a perfect fit for each other and look like a normal couple. But things will get really interesting as their eccentric actions differs from what you would expect from them.

credit: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com (translation)

Kim Shin Young and Shin Sung Rok

11 thoughts on “We Got Married New Year Special Preview (Spoilers)

  1. HD and TY looked scary alike in the first picture
    my expression was literally :O
    *claps for HD’s futile attemp*
    cmon guys, at least he tried.
    lol (like he kinda tried with saori?)

    Jujin and siyoung looks so interesting! 🙂
    can’t waitt ~

  2. i don’t know why i’m so bothered with how taeyeon is looking at HD in the first picture.
    they actually look…….. compatible now

  3. that 1st pic is funny, it makes it look like TaeYeon is in love with HyunDon.

    Lee Si Young is very pretty especially in Kingdom of the Winds, i just saw ep11 & i thought she looked familiar & thought she was in BBF but wasn’t sure.

    nothing on ShinSungRok’s couple?

  4. wow tae yeong really looks like she’s in love with hyun dong in the first picture.
    maybe they won’t be as bad what everything is saying.
    heeeheee ^^

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