T.O.P. Will Reunite With Lee Hyori on Family Outing

It has been a long wait for Lee Hyori, but no doubt worth it. Following after Daniel Henney in the New Year Special, charismatic Big Bang member T.O.P. will be the next to appear on SBS Family Outing as a guest family member.

T.O.P. on Family Outing

T.O.P. joined the existing family members of Family Outing at a village in Okgye, Gangneung City, Gangwon-do province on the 19th and completed the filming successfully. T.O.P. is the 3rd Big Bang member to be on Family Outing after Daesung who is a permanent family member and G-Dragon last year.

Over the 2 days of filming, T.O.P. went fishing and had a snowball ‘fight’ with the other family members. One member of the production team revealed, “It’s much more interesting seeing them in action yourself than on television.”

PD Jang Hyuk Jae revealed in a phone interview today, “T.O.P. performed better than what I had expected with his great sense of variety timing. Please also anticipate the juicy stories that will be revealed through the interactions between T.O.P. and Daesung during the broadcast.” The Family Outing episode with T.O.P. will be broadcasted over 2 weeks from 8th February.

59 thoughts on “T.O.P. Will Reunite With Lee Hyori on Family Outing

  1. First :]

    Haha so many people predicted he was going to be on this show. Now i REALLY want to watch this. The GD one was really funny so this is probably going to be really good too.

  2. I seriously want to see Hyori’s reaction. LOL.
    It’s going to be one EPIC episode. πŸ˜€
    Jaesuk’s must have had lots of jokes to say~!! πŸ˜€

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  4. OMG I absolutely ❀ TOP !! AHHHHH I HOPE SOMEONE SUBS IT ! since these days family outing are rarely subbed ! ahhh I CANT WAITT !! so excited to see how hyori will act towards TOP… poor daesungii !! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. @ kon_kon_kawaii

    Actually, there’s a subbing group on Youtube that subs FO called ramen soup subs. They’re doing all the episodes from 20 onwards I believe and I think they’re pretty up to date now so don’t worry, it’ll get subbed.

    Oh, this is great news! I heard this was a rumour but I’m really glad it’s really happened. This is bound to be an amusing episode! Thanks for the news, Alvin.

  6. oh god i am really excited forrealz!
    and i hope the pd doesn’t cut the real story out and make up his own -___________-;; i hate when they do that.

  7. Danjo sshi,

    well, if you follow the show, you’ll know that he is hyori’s NO.1 BB member. DaeDae comes after him.

  8. Thx @ p.f. sshi

    I saw that episode, but i forgot. My favorite is Seungri. He seems to be very pure and natural.

  9. Ahhh… FO is really jjang these days… first Daniel Henney and now TOP…

    Ah… Dae baby gotta fight hard for affection in the episode that TOP appears, just like when G Dragon was on previously and I can’t wait to see MC Yoo fanboy-ing TOP… after all he was TOP in the Haru Haru parody…

  10. Wow, TOP after Henney! This will surely bring up the rating!! Good job Mr PD!!

    It would be good entertainment if he paid more attention to yejin than madam lee.. lol.. though I doubt about it!!

  11. lol TOP likes Madame Lee, he dreams to be on FO to be with Madame Lee, how can he blind his eyes and acts close with other girls
    let him be there with the girl he likes for 2 full days.
    ** if TOP’s happy I’m happy too*****

    I can’t wait for it! XDD Now I gotta
    go read the article. Keke… I was to
    excited to read it after seeing the title. XDD

  13. Hyori must be happy. πŸ™‚
    Everytime I think F.O and T.O.P all I can remember is the family outing eppy where they asked eachother anon questions. && They asked Hyori something about Big Bang and she answered T.O.P and then Dae Sungi put on this face that was like -_-.

    Then later a “anon question from Hyori asked Dae Sung when they will get married and Dae Sung says, “marry T.O.P.” xDDD

    It was really cute I hope we get to see more of that.

  14. it was what hyori wanted when they played a game in which G-dragon & sung ruk were the guests. lols i still remember the part when hyori asked daesung to bring TOP in family outing. i’m anticipating this (:

  15. wow i am so jealous of hyori for real. TOP is absolute SEX ON LEGS for me, his eyes and his voice can just kill me in one blow.

    i wonder whether hyori will push to have that Saranghae game again. if i were her, i’d make damn sure i was the one sitting in between TOP and Dae.

    although, I would not mind sitting beside MC Yoo also. he’s a cutiepie older man. i really would not mind at all…

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  17. he will be very quiet coz he don’t like to talk when he is in the variety show. Shy???
    But it will be nice to watch him in FO

  18. finalllllllllllllllllllllllly~~ now yoojaesuk can do his rap battle with top. LOL

    hyori’s gonna LOVE it. lol lucky her. 2 weeks in a row they’ve got ppl she really like.

    oh no.. daesung’s gonna lose his #1 spot again. haha

  19. mc yoo needs to do some duet with TOP…or like a competition to see who does the best finger circling motion XD

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  21. OHMYGOSH! FINALLY! XD Ji Yong said he’d make the other members to get on Family Outing, and TOP’s going to be here! WOOHOO! Hyori must have been super delighted.

    I’m sure the episode will be hilarious because TOP has a great sense of humor! Even Daesung thinks his TOP hyung is the funniest in Big Bang. ^^

  22. YAY! With or without these awesome guest stars Family Outing would still rock! TOP is just an added bonus! God, I LOVE this “Family!”

  23. wait when is it coming out??? feb 8th??? i cant wait that long :((( even though i strongly dislike TOP(dont gasp, hes ugly and a player )

  24. so many people love big bang and t.o.p after airing this episode…i bet after 1 day theres already sub..[[not literally]]

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