The Return of Iljimae Posts Impressive Rating for Opener

On the day before the debut of The Return of Iljimae on MBC, actor Jung Il Woo had mentioned that he was already mentally prepared for any criticisms, low ratings and comparisons with SBS Iljimae starring Lee Jun Ki last year.

The Return of Iljimae helmed by Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo had taken on the role of Iljimae because he had total trust in director Hwang In Roe. He has been trying really hard to understand and immerse himself in the role for the past 6 months for a solid potrayal of the character. But he admitted that he is feeling a lot of stress trying to live up to expectations and also being the main man helming the drama.

Jung Il Woo first and foremost wish was that many viewers would tune in to watch the opener and is ready to receive any advice and criticisms from viewers. He is also open to the fact that there will be comparisons between his drama and SBS Iljimae plus the fact that Jung Il Woo was actually the 2nd choice (Lee Seung Gi opted out for 1 Night 2 Days) but he is mentally prepared.

Unlike SBS Iljimae, MBC The Return of Iljimae is based on the original comic by Ko Young Woo. While the earlier focused heavily on revenge, MBC’s version is about a man who was left under a plum blossom tree as a baby and grew up to fight against the selfish and corrupt government to save ordinary peasants.

But Jung Il Woo must have been a relieved man as The Return of Iljimae not only posted an impressive rating of 18.5% for its opening episode, it also became the new leader for the Wed-Thus drama timeslot. Even better news for Jung Il Woo and MBC was that its opening episode rating trumphed the rating for the debut episode of SBS Iljimae (14.8%) by 3.7 percentage points.

Star's Lover, The Return of Iljimae, Kyung Sook's Father

KBS Kyung Sook’s Father also making its debut after Kingdom of the Winds, posted a rating of 11.1% while SBS Star’s Lover remained bottom with only 7.6%. SBS is really taking a beating in the ratings department with Terroir and Star’s Lover faltering badly in the Mon-Tue and Wed-Thus timeslots.

28 thoughts on “The Return of Iljimae Posts Impressive Rating for Opener

  1. hey i came first again!!! woot yay seoulbeats is so friggin hard tho because they blocked me or something graaaaaa somehow it works if i use proxies but its still annoying but once i first seoulbeats my life will be complete yayayayayay

  2. but i like Star’s Lovers…T___T
    one of the better dramas i’ve seen in recent months (though it’s becoming a bit redundant…)

    the first iljimae was sooo hilarious and werid… the narration was a bit annoying

  3. I’m glad for Jung Il Woo! he’s such a cutie and he made me laugh a couple of times in unstoppable high kick! wish him all the best!
    @fistwoman: are you sure you even have a life?? >_>

  4. shoot, where can i watch it?
    i love illjimae and i would not compare those two!
    i just love the story line fighting against corrupt gov. is pretty classic and impressive with 18.5%!!!!

  5. the first iljimae was very2 dragging at the beginning (6 episodes contributed to NOTHING) and they rushed EVERYTHING at the 2 last episodes.. the storyline was also not as solid as it can be. but its still fun to watch since there’s LJK.

    i hope this return of iljimae will be better.

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  7. Too bad Star’s Lover is at the bottom. I think it deserves higher rating. It’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time. I think they didn’t promote Star;s Lover enough:-(

  8. It seems that is going to be a great show, I think he is a great pick for the main character he looks more like Lee Jun Ki then Lee Seung Gi, so I think the choice was good. But I’m happy Lee Seung Gi is still concentrating on 1n2d, I love this show and he’s a great part of the team.

  9. I’m going to bet my life that episode 7 of the return of Iljimae will have one of the highest if not top the ratings of the entire drama ;D

  10. Man..I really liked Junki in this movie. Its too bad he aint doing part 2 but overall I will still watch for this new dude.

  11. I’m actually happy that Seung Gi didn’t enter the role in the end. He just doesn’t look the part.

    Not sure if I’ll watch this though, since I’ve already seen the LJK version. But I hope ratings keep high! šŸ™‚

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