So Nyeo Shi Dae Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year

With the Korean New Year round the corner, there will be many more of such pictures from Korean celebrities. Here’s popular girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae donning traditional hanboks to wish everyone a happy new year.

So Nyeo Shi Dae in pretty hanboks

During the filming of this photoshoot, So Nyeo Shi Dae members outlined their holiday plans during the Korean New Year. This year unlike others who will be working, all 9 members will be going home for a reunion with their family members and celebrate the new year together on 26th February. Tiffany will be the exception as her parents are not in Korea and so instead, she will be spending it with one of the members’ family. Not only will they get to savour all the new year goodies, they can also meet up with their relatives.

So Nyeo Shi Dae in hanboksSo Nyeo Shi Dae Wishes Everyone A Happy New YearSo Nyeo Shi Dae in pretty hanboks

So Nyeo Shi Dae also spelt out their new year blessings for their fans, “Even though our new album only came out after a long hiatus, we still received lots of love and support from everyone. We are very grateful to everyone. We hope that everyone will remain healthy and prosperous in 2009. We will continue to work really hard this year to repay our fans for their support.”

40 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year

  1. Yep, Taeyeon is the one in the back..
    I think you are talking about Jessica..

    IMO, she looks better with long hair..

  2. Ah! I see now! That’s why she (Jessica) looked different! Her hair changed! Wahaha… and Tae Yeon at the back even though she’s the leader? Awww…

  3. Yes, SeoHyun looks extremely beautiful in this picture. Hyoyeon and Taeyeon don’t look too happy though lol.

  4. Sunny and Sooyoung are always the ones smiling πŸ™‚ in perfs, in pictures… I really like sooyoung’s smile!!!

    i think maknae’s grown up so much. she’s come a LONG way from the INTW days, and she’s grown incredibly pretty. i think she looks the most princess-like of the lot in the pictures with the hanbok on πŸ™‚

    btw, you can really tell who SM is trying to promote with the order they place the girls in for that first picture, can’t you? I mean, there’s yoona – but she’s always been in front. then there’s seohyun, who’s rapidly gaining more camera time and “front” positions for perfs…

    and poor hyoyeon, always at the back 😦 they’ve GOT to stop doing that, it’s just not fair. it’s hard enough getting attention in a group of nine, let alone not being promoted.

  5. happy lunar new year snsd !! wish u all the best.
    thanks for giving us fans much love and smile..
    hope this 2009 will be a good year for you !!

  6. how come they are wearing a lot of clothes !!!!
    this is the first time i don’t see tiffany’s ass ..not just tiffany and jessica

    So Nyeo Shit Dae fighting

  7. Why do i feel that this is forced, I know its just what their bosses tell them, Bu t its like “Meh” It got no spark yo, Although cute Soshi~

  8. true!!!

    magnae and yoonA is soo pretty..

    yoonA wearing hanbok reminds me of saebyuk get married in you are my destiny..

    And why in the world tiffany did not smile in any of these pictures.. sad maybe as her parents aren’t in Korea? The price of Fame..

    I think the hanbok that suit the most is YoonA.. maybe with her hairstyle and evrything..

  9. Isnt Taeyeon the leader?
    Wait… Is she? She is right?
    Im not sure. Because I remember someone telling me she was the leader…
    Or is it that other girl in the front?

  10. It irks me how Taeyeon is always stuck somewhere else….For other teams the leaders have a distinct position but for SNSD, she’s all over the place, and her being short doesn’t help either, covered by the tall ones….

    Why promote Yoona when she’s already over promoted???
    Stupid SM should promote all those “less popular” members….i mean they can attract a different type of audience….more money!!! *sigh* this is where SM got stupid….

    taeyeon should be in the middle seeing that she is the leader, she shouldn’t be stuck WAY in the back.

    Some people don’t even know she’s the leader…way to promote the leader SM….

  11. they’re so pretty x)
    yoona’s like snsd’s cover girl
    just like how taeyang is always in the middle in big bang and how jaejoong is always in the middle for dbsk
    yoona’s almost always in the middle of snsd x]

  12. LOL Taeyeon said before that she likes being between taller members because it makes her stand out. That dork πŸ˜€ Anyways, the girls look gorgeous especially magnae. Her long flowing hair adds a nice touch. I wish they did something else with Hyoyeon’s hair though. And for one thing, I like how SNSD switched their positions up from time to time when it comes to pictures and choreography. It gives all the members a chance in the front, etc. I’ve really noticed that during Gee because even now Tiffany gets to dance in the center and that’s never happened before. Idk, I guess I’m just one who likes change instead of the same old order over and over.

  13. hahaha Tiffany looks so sad in these, but I love her in the Gee video.

    also, Hyoyeon is hideous.

  14. ❀ so eun unnie
    esp. in boys over flowers. and kwon yuri.
    i love the clean & clean commercial so eun did with yoona

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