Lee Seo Jin Back In Korea Finally

After the split with Kim Jung Eun last October, Lee Seo Jin has practically kept himself hidden away from everyone by travelling immediately to Hong Kong for some breathing space. It was revealed today that he is now finally back in Korea after spending nearly 2 months in Hong Kong for a vacation.

Will Lee Seo Jin Explain Himself?

According to a staff from Lee Seo Jin’s management agency this morning, Lee Seo Jin returned to Korea on the 13th and there are no plans in the pipeline yet for him. He was in Hong Kong for a vacation and is likely to continue his break until further notice. Lee Seo Jin original plan was to stay in Hong Kong for a month but he unexpectedly prolonged his break to 2 months instead.

Everyone knows about his high-profile split with Kim Jung Eun. Kim Jung Eun was in tears as she told everyone about her split with Lee Seo Jin on national tv back in November last year and like everyone, she is not really sure why the split happened. Can Mr. Lee Seo Jin please give his side of the story?

93 thoughts on “Lee Seo Jin Back In Korea Finally

  1. I’m starting to think he’s a jerk. To break up over the phone ( so Joe Jonas) and leaving right away to Hong Kong?
    Could is be that he had a lady friend waiting for him in Hong Kong?

    I want an explanation!

  2. hmmm… he was a jerk for breaking up with her through the phone…but i doubt she didn’t see a break up coming…. saying everything was great and he just broke up with her is a bit too easy…anyways, their lives, not mine…so i don’t care much

  3. Maybe they grew out of love or maybe it has something to do with his mother….

    With that said, I wish the both of them well apart from the media chaos about their break-up.

  4. Also, I think that whatever happened is their business. Whether we will hear his side of the story or know what exactly happened will likely be a media story…

    Let them be! We’ve all have our share of break-ups!

  5. Why did he break up over the phone???? & now it’s like he’s trying to run away from what has already been done and what lots of people already know!

  6. he’s a bad model to men who are in relationships. He can’t be trusted, and more, he’s selfish, inconsiderate, insensitive, deceitful and STUPID.

  7. Whhhhhhhhhaaaat? He’s back? And, what to do next? taking another lady prey? YUCKY, he’s too bad for any lady much more to decent ladies. Besides, he can’t be a lady’s man. Oh well, he can be his mom’s boy.

    Right, from the a plane’s safety warning:

    “ladies and gentlemen, should the cabin lose pressure,oxygen will drop from the overhead area. Please, place the bag over your own mouth and nose before assisting children or ADULTS ACTING LIKE CHILDREN”

  8. hmmm… i don’t think coming back was such a great idea.

    As for KJE, she can do hella better – can’t believe she dated this loser.

  9. to LSJ,

    1. First think, and then speak.
    2. Don’t make excuses, speak the truth. Honesty is the
    best policy.
    3. Face the problem. One man wih courage is majority.
    4. Check your attitude. It’s your attitude that determines your altitude.

    the pages of Wisdom

  10. we dont know what really happens it their private life let us not be judgmental. in the bible it is said


  11. I am sure people who make harsh comments are not fan of the couple or just a fan of one and not the other, its understandable since we all have different likes and dislikes.

    I am a fan of the couple and I was saddened by their break up and was disappointed on LSJ , but now that exactly two months had passed since Nov 22 announcement of KJE, I have realized that despite all the news before, I just cannot judge LSJ too harshly because we never knew what really happened.

    We too have experienced our own break ups in our lives and we also make mistakes, in short they are only humans like us.

    My prayers are for LSJ and KJE for their happiness whether together or not it doesnt matter, I love them both, we cannot shape their destinies they are the drivers of their destinies..

    goodluck LSJ
    goodluck KJE

  12. wait for his statement, anti-lsj.you’re so harsh on him….
    didnt you think ders a deep reasons why he have done that?
    he break her heart over the phone,why? maybe because he still love her though he have to do that because he is torn between the women he love,kje vs mom.he cant say it face to face becoz he still loves her…..

  13. we’re so harsh on him? excuse me, the main thing is he did not even call and explain to KJE why the breakup after texting her and then disappeared in the air, leaving KJE in a shock. he’s such a jerk! only coward would do that.

  14. Everyone has their own reasons to want a break up but at least give the person a reason why that’s happening or she would start thinking its something she did.

    To break up over the phone just shows what a coward he is. And he went to the extremes on going on holidays and cut all contact.

    People can do whatever they want, but if u were man enough to start a relationship, be man enough to break it of cleanly.

    Whatever his reasons were, he could talk with her calmly.
    I’m just saying that he could break off things in a better way…

  15. he came back on the 13th not the 17th. he attended the concert of Placido Domingo on the 13th…

    what a timing really, he came back just when KJE had finished filming “General Hospital 2.” he was somehow considerate not to return to Korea while she is filming as it may affect her…since she has been devastated of the break up and she still had to film the series. i hope KJE is not feeling the pain again knowing he has come back.

    and he came back on their supposed 2nd year anniversary…hahaha! Jan 13th in 2007 they first dated.

  16. yes he came back not on the 17th but on the 13th and the question is why of all the days he chose jan 13 their anniversary date to come back. hehe.

    their aides said that the two havent seen each other again yet but kje knew beforehand about his return.

    based on kje’s aura in recent chocolate episodes she looks happier than before i am sure she is not in pain anymore.

    time heals all wounds.

  17. i have been observing KJE in the last two episodes of “General Hospital 2.” she had a glowing aura in some scenes as i believe they do not film series in sequence, rather randomly depending on the actors scheduled scenes. in certain scenes she was happier…and glowing…maybe he called her before coming back so that she would be more prepared and would not be affected at all of his return.

  18. all the allegation here is not basically true maybe because they make themselves harash especially fans of kje…..what they want is to make people biting and create fire against lsj rights…..who we are??? we are only fan to loved and to be loved by other fans member……..all we do to patronize their lifes to make them pleasant,,,,,if that such relationship they ends up…….it’s their choices.
    one thing they didn’t say bad about their break up both of them are silent…

    just let see what made happened……lsj and kje are already old enough about that relationship…….

    love and care

  19. welcome back lsj………don’t worried about people here they trying hurt your feeling toward kje they must hurt rather than kje.
    I know that both of you still inlove.


    misses u kje

  20. I’m so mad at Lee Seo Jin for doing that.
    Kim Jung Eun is one of the most sweet and innocent actress in Korea and just because his mom told him to,
    he breaks up with her?
    What a mama’s boy.
    Not only that,
    aren’t men supposed to do everything to be with the one they love when their parents go against it?
    Ugh, so aggrevating.

  21. a person who runs away without facing his problems head first is not a man but a coward. unfortunately, there are lots of guys who are jerks. so ladies, beware of picking up any strays. they might look cute for the time being but that nasty side of them will come out eventually.

  22. he should just keep quiet cause since he broke it off he probably wants it to die down. i hope KJE can move past this & find someone who will treat her better.

  23. it’s obvious that they’re not meant for each other then. what has happen, happened for a reason.

    if they were meant to be together, eventually they will end up together. that’s that.

    the guy has a choice and he pick that route, we’ll never know what going on in his mind less call him a jerk since we don’t exactly know their situation.

  24. at least tell her the reason why.. gosh.. running away and avoiding her?.. that totally hurts her even more ! =(

  25. I dont know what to stay. But everything has a reason. Trials in life are there to make a man a better person.
    Well, it could be that what transpire between them simply was a reason to make their love grow stronger. hope so.

    is there love after a 2-month break-up? of course.

    To LSJ and KJE, go go go. Be true to yourselves. Act and speak from the heart. Live a happy life.

    To fans who are staging war, wait for events to unfold before you say this and that. Be like KJE, who does not talk much but speaks only with honest words.

  26. as a KJE fan all i pray to happen is for him to talk to her. he doesn’t have to apologize. he simply have to tell her the reason why so that they won’t harbor ill-feelings towards each other. KJE can move on and so is he…but at the least he could do is for her and himself to move on peacefully.

  27. You pretty much have to hear his side of the story, he must have had his reasons, but I mean just seeing his pic he is not that handsome anyways.

  28. I’m not going to make any assumptions about their break up, for some reason I can’t make myself care. They broke up what more is there to it?

  29. eehh personally i think he isn’t a man at all..gosh he didn’t even have the courage to go up to her and broke it off with her….

  30. wtf its their personal lives. why are u guys so freaking into it like as if its any of u guys’ business. jesus. they broke up woopdidoo shit happens.


  32. i dont like LSJ to speak up and explain to the public about the break up because its personal. all he need is to talk to kje and i am of the opinion that these two are talking now. and thats it. LSJ HAS NO OBLIGATION TO EXPLAIN TO US.

    through thick and thin I will always love and will always be here for LSJ he is such a great actor.

  33. “Can Mr. Lee Seo Jin please give his side of the story?”

    I don’t think other people (aka the public) really have a right to know. It’s his life and we have little reason or right to demand this person to spill the beans about an obviously private and personal experience. The only one whom he owes an explanation to is his ex (if she herself wants to know).

  34. At least he didnt break it off with her on MYSPACE, *cough.. i mean CYWORLD or whatevers popular there. LOL! And I do agree that he has no obligation to tell the public WHY he broke up with her but who are we kidding? We’re still gonna be curious because they’re public figures.

  35. love you guys….take it ease don’t make individual hates we are here to support our idols……..whatever comes with their relationship by now let them solved.

    I and WE can’t helped them we are wasting our TIME and EFFORTS all we do to WAIT and SEE.

    even do we love this lovers or we hates him we have nothing to do this will give us heart failure while reading all the comments…

  36. Should listen to his story too as see drama also know thing happen with something so maybe he got a something that can’t be tell.

  37. Maybe, just maybe, he has an illegitimate child in Hong Kong? (That was a joke.)

    Anyway, LSJ is a creep for breaking up with KJE over the phone. Even if it is opposition from family, LSJ should’ve been man enough to tell KJE to her face. And, if LSJ broke up with KJE because of his mom…c’mon, your own son is an actor! Can he really do better than KJE? She’s Korea’s sweetheart for goodness sake!

  38. I don’t have problem with him .. but his actions of breaking up with girls angers me .. Its totally unfair to the girls ..

  39. we have no right to judge him. we dont know what goes on with their personal lives and I like it that LSJ remains silent it is not good for a guy to talk.

    welcome home LSJ we your fans are always here for you

  40. Exactly*** guy can’t take much explanation about the break up……it would hurt much if he will going to revealed it better to quite rather than to explode all over the world what they want to have book record ohh c’mon…just live this two people alone they know what they are doing.

    poor lsj and kje

    but I love this much than other lovebirds

  41. I admire LSJ as a gifted and talented actor.
    His personal life is none of my business.
    I wish him well and look forward to watching new interesting projects from him.

  42. I agree with the comment above. His personal life is nobody’s business but his own & he shouldn’t have to give his side of the story to anyone. And the girl didn’t have to put their business in the street by telling the world on national tv. As an actor, I liked him in Yi San.

  43. But, they have been a lovely couple to watch for before. They share a fraction of their relationship to the public, and the public was then excited, very much inspired to read how romantic they were. The mere fact that they were handsome as a couple and they’ve been an apple to watch make meople wonder how on earth that suddenly LSJ call it quits. Since, they are celebrities sharing parcel of their personal life, i think that the same people who are amazed by their bonding are also the same people who’d like to know what went wrong. Anyway, it’s their prerogative to talk or not to talk.

    It isn’t other people’s business, but, it leaves a not-so-good mark on LSJ’s reputation (again). As other say LSJ is the century’s “heartbreaker”, and their break-up is the “mother of all break-ups.” Others pictured him as a wolf behind a sheep’s skin. Ha ha ha, he was a sheep when he was with KJE, and now that sheep’s skin is uncoverd and the wolf emerged.

    KJE is matured, very honet to tell people she’s dumped, and that’s admirable because other actresses will be ashamed by such kind of circumstance. KJE is truly smart and God bless her. It the not-so far fututre, she’ll be blessed with a real gentleman who’ll treat her with the most respect and dignity.

    I’m not a KJE fan, but, their break-up after reading makes me admire this woman. After telling people she’s dump, she stops talking. But telling people she’s dump is only a consequence of the way LSJ handles the beak up.

    To LSJ, he’s got lots of things to learn in life. May be he’s too abundant with material things that he forget that when dealig with people, he dealt with emotional beings who have feelings and value. Still, good luck to him. He’s a long way to go before truly becoming a mature, selfless, and dignified.

    It takes a lifetime to earn respect and trust, but a second to ruin it. It will take years for LSJ to bring back the trust of people. So, go ahead, LSJ, start now, start from scratch. Don’t ruin yourself again the next time you earn the trust and respect of fans and people.

    I don’t know how LSJ will response to all critcisms against him. But, me as a bystander can’t help but criticise him. I never want a boyfriend who’ll dump me after good moments together, dating movies, meals together. Why should he. We go into the relationship together, we love each other. SO, we should break up mutually. It’s just right, is it not?

  44. I agree with truly happy, “….. but, their break-up after reading makes me admire this woman. After telling people she’s dump, she stops talking. But telling people she’s dump is only a consequence of the way LSJ handles the break up.”

  45. Maybe in LSJ mind, KJE would never talk to public about her being dumped by him, b’coz it’s very ashamed to tell it to public. But she did revealed it to people, just to hamper LSJ do the same thing to other girl. And I think this is the best choice for her to handle this matter.

  46. ah, they don’t owe us any explanations. but can you blame the public for being curious when we’ve been “strung along” in every little detail of their romance that’s made SO public? the most mature thing for celebrities is just announce their marriage/romance when it’s super-stabilized, not in a whirlwind series of “we did this together last month”, “we shot photos of a romantic getaway 2 weeks ago”…OK your relationship doubles as a PR stunt, so why be surprised if people want to see where the story leads?

  47. No matter what Lee Seo Jin will have BAD KARMA for being a cruel animal. He is unchristian and will have to suffer the consequences of his actions.

  48. When LSJ and KJE got together after Lovers I was delighted. When she was blindsided by his phone call break up I was shocked. I think because we had him so high on a pedestal the ‘betrayal’ of KJE hit hard for many fans.

    He’s back in town but looks like he’s still in hiding! I think he is a JERK now. I bet KJE is still in pain.

  49. how true what you saying suky4me……..you can see it how does kje happy now and kje aura make her lovely because she know it abt. the arrival of lsj…..

    Y you guys still in denial abt. what you observed ohhh c’mmon guys be truth with our feelings…

    wish for this lovely couples seojung


  50. hey! osmond, how dare you tell that my only jin is unchristian…
    by breaking a womans heart does it mean a person is unchrisrian.
    he’s not an animal, he’s not cruel.he had no choice.how can he have courage to break her heart personally if he still love her and he’s just confused of his actions?
    you know osmond, you are unchristian, you are an animal who is cruel.
    sugky4me,sumik is right. cant you see how happy kje after my only jin came back…..
    to all great pretenders, come out guys, stop pretending… am sure you are all delighted when lsj came back… you are also curious how he looks like now……..
    well,am sure the cute dimples are still there…..
    and… he’s still hot……
    just wait when he show himself to the world.

    to my oppa, my only jin. they may turn their backs on you, but i promise you, i will never do that to you… i love you my only jin……….

    to seojung & lsj fans, our man is back…. ready to rock our world…

  51. to truly happy

    for one professing not be be a fan you knew too much about the two?? or since you are not a fan at all your lenghty ramblings here cant be relied at all since as you have said you are not a fan 😀


    but personally I am 100% sure they have talked already if you guys are keen observers, KJE is looking very happy nowadays as if a very big weight has been lifted off her shoulders and she looks blooming too. this transformation in her coincides with the time LSJ is her neighbor again in Korea. 😀

    stop all these non sense of posting foul words it would just reflect on the kind of persons you are guys

    valentines day is around the corner

    happy valentines day to kje and lsj 🙂

  52. Now you ALL are acting like children.

    Just because you know that LSJ dumped KJE over the phone without an explanation doesn’t mean you have the right to lash out on him.

    You all don’t even know half the story; I don’t even know half the story, but I know that I’m not going to be an idiot and bash his skull in, because it’s not any of my business.

    Treat him as a human, not as a monster.
    Wouldn’t you get ticked off if someone was talking bad about you when they don’t even know the real story?

    Yeah. Think about humanity for once.


  53. To dani,

    Say good things to LSJ if you like.

    Don’t tell people what they want to say. We dont like dumpers. We like matured people who breaks up maturely even for good or trash reasons. Get it? If you don’t, it”s up to you. We dont care at all.

    Break up by text? Is he jonas bro who is 19 yo using sms to break up with his former gf? LSJ is 36, 4 years before going 40. baaannng! He must be one big man who is dominated by one small child in him.

    LSJ has to learn a hard lesson to mature. LSJ breaks KJE ‘s heart into million pieces.

  54. Talking about humanity, is KJE not human? Is LSJ more human to you than KJE? Sure, she’s NOT the one monster in this situation.

  55. LOl Iljimae maybe you are the one who is gay
    don’t you know I saw this lovely seojung couple dating again…..hahaaha

  56. To all anti lsj,

    please stop exchanging words. does anyone knows abt. their relationship?? dont you???or you we’re expeculating and bias.what more if you tell him like this or he is like that. beside you’re were trying to pretend to accepts the reality it may happened occasionaly ….
    ofcourse I sad to say sorry to kje for breaking her heart via phone or texting yet it is true……..But don’t you think all those post can help kje to healed her heart or you feel this the only way you can sympathize. lol

    Thankful to kje for being happy and blooming in every ep.of chocolate …


  57. common’ guys – give him a break. maybe he fell out of love or met someone else. shucks, maybe he fell in love with Han Ji Min while filming Yi San – who knows?? their movie-in-the-making video on You Tube seems cozy and flirty!

    will you stay on with someone if you don’t think it will work out?

  58. No, he’s not a two-timer. There’s no third party becuz he’s faithful to a girlfriend. He’s image is that there’s always somebody who influences him to break -up with his girlfriend.

    So best thing to do? He reads the bible and ask for guidance and light from the Most High before making decisions. He not only read the bible but should practice the messages and principles in the bible. Address to both the influencer and himself.

    Knowing the message is different from practicing what is inthe message.

    Then he must treat others as if others is himself. This is the power of righteousness.

  59. i can’t get enough of lee seo jin, my dimpled gangster boss! i love him with all my heart though it also pains me knowing he had broken up with kim jung eun..but i still love him no matter what!

  60. Lee Seo Jin is a hypocrite. He says iin public he loves Kim jung Eun, that she is the love of his life. But, he does someting differently. He hurt her. To the point that KJE has said, after his cold-blooded text, she’s like being shot pointblank.

    There is no consistency in what he said and in what he does. That is hypocrisy.

    It gets into my nerves, yuck yuck yuck, how some women, er er, fans, can still say “I love you Lee Seo Jin.”

  61. I agree. I can’t really understand his inconsistency. professing to the whole world and blah..blah. with a txt then it’s over. but I really hope he can sleep soundly and peacefully.

  62. hhhhmmm… well i hope he is happy or else, he’ll be singing “i need you back”to KJE… haha… in my dreams…

  63. lee seo jin is so crazy !!!!


    i want to hurt him !!!
    like what he did to kim jung eun!!!!

    kim jung eun just be strong dont show to him that your crying !!!!

    i know u can find a right man that fits to you!
    that will care for you!!and never let you cry!!!

    love you lotz!!

  64. LSJ & LJE

    I known that your’re still in love but sometimes love is not have only you and you but it ‘s your familys also .

    Make your family to be happies is better .

    Good luck to you .

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