We Got Married Has New Approach For Season 2

It appears that MBC We Got Married will now be adopting a new approach where each of the newly matched up couples will develop their make-believe marriage based on a given concept. This apparently started with the Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji couple whose concept was based on a college couple starting out and living on a shoestring budget. This is a total contrast to the beginning where the couples were just put together and then develop accordingly.

Shin Sung Rok, Kim Shin Young, Lee Si Young, JunJin

In an interview with PD Shim Jung Ah on the 19th, “The We Got Married New Year Special on the 25th will mark the debut of the 3 new couples who will experience the We Got Married experience for a day. We believe that this will inject some vitality to the show and make it more interesting for viewers.”

The segment where the 3 new couples will make their debut will be shown separately from the 3 existing couples in part 2 of MBC Sunday Sunday Night. According to PD Shim, the Jung Hyung Don – Tae Yeon couple is a direct replacement for the Crown J – Seo In Young couple who left last week.


As for JunJin – Lee Si Young and Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young couples, the current plan for them is that they will only appear for the New Year Special.

So what about their concepts? Jung Hyung Don – Tae Yeon will not dive immediately into their make-believe marriage. Rather, they will be starting out with making decisions about getting married and their preparations for it. It will be kind of similar to Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji beginning. Thus Hyung Don – Tae Yeon will start their We Got Married experience with a ‘Can We Get Married?’ concept. Some have pointed out that their concept is kind of obscure.

Newbie actress Lee Si Young who has had many experiences from her unique acting roles will make JunJin feel ridiculous and helpless. Their concept will be along the lines of a spin-off from a tv program called ‘I Got Married With A Weird Person’ and will be known as ‘I Got Married With A Weird Wife’.

Shin Sung Rok, Kim Shin Young, Lee Si Young, JunJin

Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young will be based on a ‘Meeting of the 20s Idol Stars’ concept with their pairing reminding one of the Park Kyung Lim and Jo In Sung pairing in the popular sitcom of the past Nonstop Season 2.

The production team for We Got Married expressed that, starting with the New Year Special, they will aim for more interesting, varied concepts for existing and future couples on the show. This is probably their approach for Season 2.

60 thoughts on “We Got Married Has New Approach For Season 2

  1. oh .. i dunno why but i can smell the comeback of WGM .. Really.. i think all the new pairs are exciting.. they have the ‘x’ factor to develop a good show.. they just need a good mission from the PD.. WGM hwaiting !!

  2. oh one more thing, i think we should stop comparing them with the old couple ..
    geez you won’t never have a good stuff if you just keep the old things.. you know xman is a nice show but there are always better new variety show like WGM, 1N2D and FO..
    i really like the old original couples, they are the pioneer but i guess its the time to move on.. so people .. please watch first then comment ..


  3. this is stupid… they better not try and tell me the pass couples didnt have any concepts… cuz they FEEL SOO SCRIPTED!!! i mean i know the whole show has been somewhat scripted ever since the beginning but.. hwanyobi and marco/dambi feel sooo fake its disgusting.. hwanyobi is tolerable.. in fact i like some of their segments.. but marco/dambi.. noooooo

  4. I really like Shin Sung Reok! I think I’m going to enjoy whatever they’re throwing out there cuz so far it’s been great for me! (with exception of Son Dambi and Marco; I still think Marco deserves a better pairing)

  5. They should so totally get Kimbum and Jandi’s friend from boys over flowers as a couple on WGM! They’d be so cute together 😀

  6. The people on the show seems more like the have to act a role instead of being themselves. They are given a concept and have to follow it, sounds very scripted. WGM lost its touch.

  7. WGM is turning more into a drama than a so-called ‘reality’ show now.
    Well best of luck to WGM…they need anything they can get to boost up ratings.

  8. It’s a very interesting approach, I’ll give them that. But it gives off more of a drama feel instead of a reality show. They should just let things come naturally to the couples. Despite this, I have a feeling it will boost the ratings.

  9. yeah… i agree.
    the only reason, for me anyways, that WGm was alive after the original couples left, was only because of joongbo.

    but now that they left, it just doesn’t seem that interesting.
    MarcoDambi and Hwanyobi couple is kinda “can-watch-or-not” they aren’t that huge.

    plus, after their 100-days ep which is actually a lot of viewer’s favorite ep, the shows seems really slow now.

    after hyung don joined the ant couple, the spotlight was totally taken away from the j-young. but instead, more focused on family. but the show is called WE GOT MARRIED, not WE GOT A FAMILY.

    and with the huge controversy with hyung dong and an SNSD member (which has always been a controversial group) things are BOUND to go downhill.

    and i think the MCS made everything more fun. now it’s not as funny…

    i hope the PD bet everything they have on the new season, cos i think everyone’s giving them one last chance…lol

  10. OMG. to Jo.
    yeejung(kim bum) and gaeul WILL TOTALLY BE SO CUTE ON THIS SHOW!!
    i cant wait til they together in boys over flowers :):):):)

  11. it seems interesting i guess XD
    i miss the old couples alot, but the new couples bring something new to the table. i like hwayobi couple the best (:
    but this new concept thing seems tooo…scripted. much more scripted, but ohwells. we’ll see ;]

  12. This is pretty disappointing…Just what WGM needed, more script. I liked believing that this was true. Seems now they need a gimmick, since they’ve moved so far from the true spirit of it. I want to keep watching, but I worry about how it will be…

  13. Yeah I’ll start aying goodbye to WGM now.
    Now that teh last couple left I predict a lot of low ratings and unhappy viewers.
    They should have just kept the old concept it’s what we the viewers fell in love with.

  14. Thank God for Hwanhee & Hyobi and Kangin & his wife!!!!

    At least I’ll have some entertainment!

    About the other new couples, I’m excited to see how they interacting but I couldn’t care less about Hyun Don and his Snsd wife…

  15. If it were Kim Shin Young and Jung Hyung Don now THAT woulda been funny ><.

    Well i love MarBi couple so i still watch the show. I think i could grow to love the newer couples too. WGM fighting!

  16. I think this whole concept thing is stupid. It’s like they are making fun of marriage. MBC is basically saying “marriage is a joke”. It’s not a joke it’s a holy bond.
    The only concept that actually is a normal marriage concept is the struggling student one but all other concepts a joke.

    A good thing I don’t watch this show anymore. WGM was fun with the old couples. The newer couples & the new look of WGM is just stupid/boring.

  17. I’ll definetely watch the Junjin episode, but I can’t believe they are thinking of not keeping them. I don’t know if I’ll keep watching, is getting kind of annoying, hopefully they’ll make something interesting.

  18. And I thought WGM couldn’t get any worse. Concepts? Now it’s obvious that the couples are entirely fake. So much for reality show.

  19. i already hated it when they labeled the kangin-yujin couple as the “college couple” or whatever. so fake.
    and now THIS??? i’m speechless. this is downright ridiculous. making up these complex concepts for the new couples proves just how desperate they are for high ratings. and trying too hard isn’t appealing when it comes it WGM.

  20. If Shin Young is in it, I’ll definitely watch it.
    But why can’t they make ShinYoung stay on the show? Why can’t they keep her?

  21. If they r not staying then what’s the point of seeing people “getting married” ?
    I hope they’ll get Dongdong out and put one of these couple to stay longer. The best would be the comique girl !

  22. @espresso: I agree. I thought things would be okay with the addition of acorn jelly couple, then WGM goes and screws it up again.

    LOL are they really seriously.. i don’t know about this couple .. like i feel sorry for him more.. lmao..

    I USE TO LOVE WGM until it became dull and scripted and old couples were gone..
    & PPL SAY FAMILY OUTING IS SCRIPTED, even if it is they are way to funny ..& more entertaining..

    what the heck happen to WGM these days.

  24. hmmm… what a strange twist of events. I do admit that the whole “concept-per-couple” thing makes the show a lot more scripted that it already is… I sincerely hope it works. I’m really rooting for the Junjin-Shi Young couple & Sung Rok-Shin Young couple^^

  25. The new couple looks interesting. And the new ideas for concept just make me want to laugh. Then again, I’ll have to watch it to know if it will turn out good or not.
    Hopefully it’ll be a comeback for WGM

  26. This show’s becoming way too… I’m not quite sure of the right word. Unrealistic? Unbelievable?

    I think what made WGM into a success in the first place was because there was an air of reality and possibility between the couples. I’m not trying to offend, but many cannot see Hyungdon and Taeyeon falling for each other anytime soon, whereas there was a high possibility that Andy and Solbi or Crown J and Seo Inyoung could actually become a real-life couple. The fact that they looked, interacted, and seemed like a possible couple in RL gathered fans and viewers.

    It seems the WGM team is trying hard to get funny people on the show. But that won’t cut it — at least not for me.

    And these new so-called “concepts” for the show? Hmm… I don’t know. It just makes the show seem that much more fake and staged. I just feel it will lack the chemistry and reality needed between couples to actually convince viewers that the show is “real” (even though obviously reality shows aren’t completely “reality”…).

    I will check the New Years special out though. I stumbled upon Kangin and Lee Yoojin cuts because I was bored and was pleasantly surprised. I hope the other couples will do the same…

  27. I love Kim Shin Young she’s such a funny person and she seems like she has a really good personality.
    That guys is from the drama 3 Dads and 1 Mom right?

  28. *sighs* You know what I think?
    I think the PDs are looking too much for ‘NEW’ and completely leaving out ‘GOOD’…

    I miss the old couples… They were the best.
    I’m not saying that these new couples won’t be interesting.
    But, can they really fill in the emptiness left by the old couples?? hhhmmmm….. We’ll see…

  29. Honestly, the new tactics are so weird! I don’t feel it’ll help as much as they want it to.

    What I think they should do is scout some couples/celebrities that have a possibility of forming a romance that would bloom episode by episode. That’s how WGM originally won audiences.

    Joongbo couple. Alshin. Anbi. They were the most popular couples since the show began, mostly because they formed a relationship with each other that was amazingly adorable or romantic.

    I believe the best way for WGM to regain their composure is by looking more closely to the celebrities they have chosen and what their individual character/concept is. Then placing two of the celebrities together to form the married couple.

    Their new ideas are just beyond unrealistic! And quite cheesy, might I add. I love some of the celebrities they’ve picked though. It’s just that they’re heading into a cheesy and far from reality married life concept.

  30. omg….*sigh*
    it seems as though the pd of wgm is going all out to try and get the attention of the public
    these “new concepts” doesnt spark my interest at all…..i think that stopped happening when the pd started to get rid of the original couples one by one….

  31. In my own opnion , this show concept has changed to star wedding variety show.. in the past it is known as star wedding reality show. Now we can see the difference between season 1 and season 2.. season 1 consists of ant, lettuce,alshin,ansol couple. Season 2 will be the new couple and the existing couple that still stay on wgm.. well it is just for entertainment so i won’t lose anything by watching it if it turns out to be a poor production i just switched channel, as simple as that, lol

  32. kya….shin sung rok…

    at last i saw him lolx

    will bcome famous soon

    now cannot watch any WGM shows anymore

    get taken off by MBC America


  33. Thank God all the original couples have left. So I don’t have to watch the so-called “new concept”. I miss the old WGM. ^^

  34. Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young couple looks like they will be really fun to watch!! can’t wait to watch them!

  35. Ever since the Joongbo couple left, I only watch We Got Married when I have nothing better to watch. With the new Taeyang couple, it gave me even more of a desire to not watch the series since it is not the same without all the original members. I am and am not looking forward the watching the Ant couple leave. Their departure is the end to all of the original couples of season 1 T.T Anyway, now that Junjin will be appearing soon, I am excited to watch it. But now that I know that Shin Young will appear on the show, I am TOTALLY back into the series again!


  36. ive already given up on WGM a long time ago.
    not to offend anyone, but i liked the old concept better. it was more believable and less scripted.

  37. OMG!! Kim Shin-young wish she´s been married for this year and now she did!!! ooohh congra to her even is fake married lol , i just love her she´s so lovely and flofly with carisma.. i definitly have to watch this …

  38. Yeah the old concept was probably better but it is a tough to always come up with new material on old ideas. It is easier to give the show a whole new facelift.
    Besides like all businesses they have to attract the newest viewers and let’s face it they are younger that the old faithful. We’ll get used to it.

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  40. What are they going to do about the hwanhee and hwayobi couple?! are they going to remain on the show?! I will be very upset if that happens 😦 …..

  41. Wgm officially got stupid. Seriously PDs, look at your ratings compared to the old season. Obviously, new stuff doesn’t work on the audience >_>

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