Pictures of Kim So Eun in New Caledonia

Picturesque scene of Kim Bum and Kim So Eun on top of a hill in episode 5 of Boys Before Flowers with the island of New Caledonia in the background.


Taking a cue from Kim Bum who posted pictures of himself on his Cyworld minihompy while filming Boys Before Flowers in New Caledonia last friday, his soon-to-be girlfriend in the drama, Kim So Eun has also done the same thing on her own minihompy yesterday. This might be taking things a little bit too far, but fans are feeling that they are taking their chemistry as a couple in the drama into real life as well, with their actions mimicking each other.


In the photos, Kim So Eun wore casual clothes paired with a straw hat. With a natural smile on her face, she looks like a girl next door walking on the beach. Many fans posted comments on her minihompy with most expressing, “Unnie, you are very pretty”. There was also no lack of Kim Bum fans who left encouraging remarks, “You look very compatible with Bum Bum!”, “Leaving our Bum Bum to your care!”. Many fans are hoping for a fairytale ending between Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) and Yi Jung (Kim Bum) in Boys Before Flowers.


Kim So Eun is certainly the IT girl right now and it’s not just because of her role in Boys Before Flowers, there is high praise also for her convincing potrayal of the young Empress Chun Chu in KBS saeguk drama Empress Chun Chu.

142 thoughts on “Pictures of Kim So Eun in New Caledonia

  1. hhahaahahah love this couple so much

    i like them….

    hopefully they have the right chemistry…

    the girl so pretty

    hahahahahahhahaaha ^^

  2. ❤ Half the reason I watch Boys Over Flowers. I really do think they’ll be a good couple for the drama.

  3. lol, i honestly think that a lot of BOF fans are mostly watching b/c of this couple (since we all know what’s going to happen with Jandi & Junpyo, and this is a much more developed side story than the previous versions)
    I ❤ Kim Bum + Kim So Eun. they’re adorable together 🙂

  4. whatever….~ what i think all F4 n the girls are cute…. hope it’ll b a good n worthy drma to watch in this aerly new year… ^^

  5. i really do hope they end up together for real..seriously no one would even say no to both of them!

  6. is it just me…or does kim soeun kind of look like park minyoung in some of the pictures…
    anyways…i love this coupling 🙂
    kimbum ❤

  7. I admit I’m only watching for Gaeul and Yijung now. No offense to the fans of Jandi or Joonpyo, but I’m a major Soujiro and Yuki fan and am rooting for GaYi couple!

    I love this girl! She’s got talent and looks, definitely a match for Kim Bum.

  8. they look really good together!! i think they have the best chemistry out of the drama

    i kinda rather watch them in the drama besides the other
    two main >.<

    they have good chemistry!

  9. sheeeeeeee so pretttttttttty !
    since i watched the jap verison of BBF i kinda know what gona happen to the main character but I LOVE the twist for the korean for kimbum and there relationshop.. like everytime i watch the eps im so exicted when the two have a scene together .. tehre so cuteeeeeee together ! i hope they go out in real life !

  10. they definitely stole the show! love bummie and kim so eun together~~~ im so excited that they have a bigger role!!!!

  11. Aw..? Haha, I think their cute. And if they were to be a real couple or not, its fine. This is something I don’t think the fans should really push for… =/

  12. I love these two couple ❤
    They really do look compatible.
    Haha, their also the 1/3 of the reason I watch BOF keke

  13. I am really rooting for this couple!! Hope they will get their own proper happy ending unlike other versions of HYD:)

  14. I think they are REAL cute in real life as well.
    She is really pretty & I have seen Empress Chun Chu just to see what ppl are talking about & they are so right.
    She plays two DIFFERENT characters w/ opposites personalities & she does them both so well. I think she will go pretty far in the business.
    I love her & Kim Bum together. They just have real good chemistry. I really do hope they do end up together. Kim Bum has totally changed my view point of him. I always saw him as too soft because of his cute boyish face but he plays his character very well.
    I can see the playboy in him.
    Anyways I want a happy ending for them in the drama & well hopefully in real

  15. Love love love this couple. I would say they are the primary reason I am watching this show. Then for the main couple story. I suppose it’s in part because I wasn’t very satisfied with the pairing in previous versions, but also because I think their chemistry is great.

  16. im hoping for a happy ending too
    kim bum is so hot, love him and ga eul together
    i think she’s really pretty

  17. ahhhhh SO CUTE!! haha kimbum and her will sure make a good pair! i still can’t wait to see how their love will bud 😛 they’re simply tooo cute in ep 6!


    why can’t just Kimbum and So Eun date for real? they really have an interesting chemistry.. ((*lol. fangirl mode*))

  19. yeah they look good together..i hope they have a good ending not like the other versions of hana yori dango…
    gawd i love them both!!!!!! she’s pretty!
    hehe..dunno pretty than koo hye sun???

  20. they are cute together!!! so can someone tell me briefly the ending for this story is? i didn’t watch the japanese version so it would be great if someone can summarize… thanks in advance!!

  21. Shes really pretty.
    I must say everyone in the drama is pretty!
    The production did a great job. Lovin’ the drama so far!

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  23. hahahas Leaving Bum Bum to your care. LOL
    They are so cute together. I can’t wait to see them get together in BOF!

  24. whenever there is the scene of kim bum and her, i was screaming haha. Love this couple and their chemistry.

  25. I hope the ending to this couple is better than the Taiwanese and Japanese one. I really want them to end up together. This little twist in the drama make’s is a lot more interesting than the last two versions.

  26. KB and KSE are truly adorable together! every scene of them in the drama…i get overly excited watching them!! i do hope this version will have a happy ending for the two…

    i found her soo cuute and pretty when she was posing for her own camera in Boys before flowers !

  28. Aww they do have great chemistry and she is so pretty! But according to the manga it’s supposed to be a onesided love so… 😦

  29. LOL, I don’t understand how this is “going too far”, but she’s really pretty, and her and kim bum make a great couple 🙂

  30. i just watched the episode yesterday and they were so cute!!!
    even more interesting to see than the main couples sometimes

  31. another bit of information:
    they both actually go to the same university and are friends off screen…..

  32. I want to see their love story in BOF more than Jan Di and Joon Pyo love story cause it the mixture of Taiwan and Japan version.

  33. I watch this 1 mainly reason is because of this story.I think they look well together.Happy to know that everyone like this story.If the 2 of them really together in real life,hope it will be great.

  34. If have sex than it’s bad…i don’t think i will watch if i know that.Dissappoited.Than the dvd come to singapore should put NC16 because of sexual scenes.

  35. woahhhhh i love this couple!!!
    kim so eun is so pretty…
    does anyone here think the same with me that she sometimes look alike park min young…
    i really think it does…XDD

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  37. Kim and Kim bum are so cute together everytime i watch them together i feel so happy for them!! THEY are the only reason why i watch BOF!!!!

  38. wow, as in wow!!!! well, im dreaming to go to korea jst to see her!!!! hehehe, she’s not jst cute, she’s stunningly beautiful!!!…man!!!

  39. Waaa……….they are really compatible………As in they are great couple…….I like Kim So Eun she is so pretty every time I see she is getting prettier…..

    I wish that she will collaborate with Kim Bum again in a project and this time I want them as lead not just sub story ……

  40. Hi, kim so eun you were such a charismatic and one of a kind and kim bum looked nice.goodbye luv you take care mmmmmmmwwwaaahhhh!!!!

  41. when i think of you and kim bum its like the 2 of are my ashtma you take my breathe away,my dandruff cant get you out of my head and my false teeth i cant smile without thinking the 2 of you each day….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. good day!
    hi kim so eun, ur so pretty! i think ur prettier than koo hye sun……………………….

    ♥luv ur pix ♥xoxox♥ that’s all i can say

  43. you are very beautiful kim bum and you are really like a couple a really like you very much i wish that you will come here in manila
    i really like you very much i like you

  44. love u kim bum

    ur so cute when your smiling
    you r the killer smile

    kim so eun your pretty
    and your cute too

    in destiny i hope kim so eun and kim bum are married

    i dont like any girl for kim bum

  45. a lot of people are telling me that i look like her but i’m more of a tan version o_o

    i know no one would believe me unless i post a photo haha!

  46. omg i love you guys i hope i could see you on life {on my dreams} every afternoon i watch BOF you two are a perfect match did you know that i have a poster of BOF almost a hundred……… because of you i feel so fine when ever i see you…… kim bum dont you like kim so eun?in real life or in BOF? did you know that all of the in school like you me too………. when ever i see you i think im floating on the sky…… im talking with kim bum.. i feel sorry for gael inBOF……………….. BUT MY FRIEND TELL ME THAT i looks like jandi heheheheh………. thats all i can say………BYE!!!!!!!!!

  47. >
    >everyday we watch BOF.. ur so cute KIM BUM.. ur really my ideal man… hope to see you in person…

    >pls have a concert her in the philippines..

    >the GOG love you guy’s

  48. kim so eun ur so pretty i like you and kim bum…

    ur a good couple …

    i want you and kim bum … in real lyf!!!!

    ur so mlucky to have kim bum girl!!!!

    veRy niCe!!!

  49. kim so eun ur so pretty i like you and kim bum…

    ur a good couple …

    i want you and kim bum … in real lyf!!!!

    ur so mlucky to have kim bum girl!!!!

    veRy niCe!!!

    mgA geoRgE,.\


  50. you’re so cute……….and…………pretty……
    i like the way smile and carry your dress>>>
    you’re so nice……….]

    you are my idol and of course….


  51. you’re so nice!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the way you carry your dress…

    you are my inspiration and my Idol………!!!!

    have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!

  52. hello
    I like Kim So Eun and Kim Bum to each other
    i love you to all
    They are really a seoulmates in Korea

    thank you]

  53. I love you Kim So Eun in Korea you are my top 1 hottest in Korea I like you and Kim Bum to each other!!!!!!!! =) =) =)

    I hope that you and Kim Bum will not be break
    You and Kim Bum are
    I love you

  54. your so pretty kim so eun i hope i will see you in personal and i wish your real boy friend is kim bum you and kim bum is soulmates for ever and i wish you have a new movie and kim bum i really love you and kim bum im in philliphines and im your bigbig fun ok.good luck

    yi jeong


    ga eul

    soulmtes fo ever

  55. anyong hasseyo kim so eun…i am your addict korean fan….i really want you with kim bum…ur so very very beautiful…i hope that you will visit philippines…specially in manila…muwahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  56. weeeeeeeh i knew theat kim bum’s rumored girlfriend
    is kim so eun did you know that when i study i make them my inspiration that is why i always get high scores .even though bof is done i am an avid fan of their loveteam.and KBKSE stands 4 kim bum and kim so eun weeeeeeeeeeeh!

  57. wow i luv them………….they r damn cute……………….i wish i was born in there place .hehehe ………….lol………..jus kidin i fine wid who i m

  58. anyong hasseyo kim so eun…i am your addict korean fan….i really want you with kim bum…ur so very very beautiful…i hope that you will visit philippines…specially in manila…muwahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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