East of Eden Keeps Their Lead Over Boys Before Flowers

MBC East of Eden No.1 position was left intact yesterday as they edged out KBS Boys Before Flowers and dominating for the 19th consecutive week.

Boys Before Flowers About To Knock East of Eden off the top?

In the latest ratings chart released by TNS Media today, East of Eden achieved 26.5% yesterday, an increase of 1.4 percentage points from the previous episode and enabled it to maintain its stranglehold for the 19th week in a row. Boys Before Flowers kept its second position with the same rating of 24.8%, the same as the day before and for the first time since its 1st episode, there was no rating increase but it’s not naturally a bad thing at this moment.

55 thoughts on “East of Eden Keeps Their Lead Over Boys Before Flowers

  1. DANG
    and you’d think people would get tired of ANOTHER hana yori dango
    but i gotta admit, the korean drama has been #1 on soo many sites like mysoju especially

  2. lol BOF ! i heard east of eden is good to.. but maybe since im a teen i just love watching highschool ramannce so much more & since BOF so goood… man ❤

  3. …they’ll still be neck and neck in the ratings but who cares..
    ….EoE’s storyline’s messed up though and BBF’s getting to be more interesting as the story progresses so there could be an upset in the ratings in the next few weeks.

  4. I bet if watching through internet is counted in as well, no doubt BBF will be on top of the rating!! I got friends from all over the world (UK, US, South East Asia, Australia, North America and many more!!) who are so addicted to this!! Thank God and the subbers for super fast subs!!

  5. i love BOTH dramas. so eoe should be first since it has a loyal fanbase. but once its over… bof WILL be no. 1. im so in love wth joon pyo

  6. If they really count all the people who watch the dramas (and I mean all), then no doubt BOF would have the highest rating since I don’t think many overseas people would watch EOE. But too bad that ratings depend only in the people in Korea. Since BOF is my #1 drama right now, I would love to see it get the #1 spot.

  7. Go! Go! Go! Boys Over Flowers!!!!
    I wish im in korea now so I can support them!
    we’re going to dominate the 1st spot next week!

  8. love the both but i wish EOE have a happy ending, i don’t know this story!!! because i already know the story about BBF is the same than meteor garden (a happy ending).

  9. omg..is rating that ppl manner?? i hope the TV crew etc..do increse the quality of the drama rather than just watching the rating….

  10. ahh ok east of eden is leading the ratings in korea…but if u tally the overseas rating i think boys before flowers wIn!!! hahaha….=) BOF is Fun to watch….u’ll forget all ur problems..itz cute! thank u to all the supah fast subberz!!!!

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  12. @pinaypo …. east of eden is in the lead among non-korean 25+ viewers overseas, BOF is holding strong but more people are captivated by eoe; it is downloaded much more than BOF, bof is only popular due to being a remake of hit original , it has not made its name yet… both are equally strong , dont judge it by mysoju rankings

    but to be honest i dont care about ratings ….both dramas are the bomb of the year and the past year

    they are completely 2 different types of dramas anyway

  13. Of course East of Eden would be number one, I love this drama it has an amazing cast and the story is so good. I like BBF too but the actors are not very good, they tend to exagerate too much and the acting is not very smooth, but I hope they get a little better as time goes on.

  14. Boys Before Flowers: good story, but bad acting.
    East of Eden: good acting, but the story is going downhill.

    I like to watch both haha (:

  15. …both dramas are of different genre and cater to different audiences and Hana Yori Dango/Boys Before Flowers has an edge for having a larger fanbase if you count those addicted to the manga, anime, movies and the live action dramas it has spewed that they could win popularitywise inspite of the drama ratings in Korea.

    HanaDan addicts are worldwide and a force to reckon with given a history that East of Eden cannot even match. It is the most popular girl/shojo manga in Japan and has been published worldwide even here in the US and Domyoji Tsukasa, Daoming Si and now, Goo Joonpyo is the ultimate dreamboy every girl falls in love with.

  16. …I agree, BBF wins over EoE seeing how fast the numbers of viewers add up even in YouTube, Veoh, Dailymotion and the streaming sites…the acting’s not bad at all and it’s getting better…altho Hyesun’s Jandi does overact sometimes compared to Inoue Mao’s Tsukushi but that’s Korean flavor added to the drama…it’s something you’d look forward to every week just like EoE.

  17. BOF rocks all the way. EOE is going downhill with its ridiculous love plot especailly SSH and LYH acting. Just horrible. The crying and the ever lasting longing with NOOOOO result. Basically Sick to death of their scene. The other cast members though is really good. Too bacd they are not in focus in EOE

  18. I completely agree with u angie i am watching both of these shows and i just cant justify to see BOF getting higher over EOE. Like some others have said BOF is only doing so well because of its popularity

  19. I fell in love with EOE during the first few episode.Love the yound LDC but when SSH took over the role , the whoel show went downhill. It goes to shows not big salary star makes a drama good. His co star LYH is just as bad with the same few eXpression for all her scene. Why do MBC choose such stars for itsproject I wonder. A stupid mistake. BOF on the other hand does not have top stars but the scripts are just great , FRESH and Fun. BOF will be the one to watch out for ..

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  21. Watching BBF over the internet does not count in the ratings because you are illegally downloading it. Please don’t disrespect KBS’s copyrights. Watch it legally by getting DISHTV.

  22. …people watch on these sites because of the subs and because the drama isn’t available in other places…also not everyone can afford DISHTV…I think BBf is being translated by fans in more than 12 languages…if KBS releases the drama in DVD with subs even in English before they are pirated then that would be good for everyone but for right now this issue can’t be helped.

  23. I lovvvvveee BOF. JP is so cutie .SSH is oldddddd..JD is so fresh…….LYH is so borinnnnnng and untalented. Verdict: BOF BOF BOF will win……… anytime.

  24. I haven’t watched east of eden so I can’t judge it.

    But boys before flowers? I don’t know. I’m watching it these days and I’m in the 3rd episode, so yeah I cant’ judge it really either, because it’s only the beginning.

    But the first episode I was like what the hell.
    *SPOILER* she (the main character) was all *cute* -of course, like the one in princess hours, but WORSE- and went to the roof where a guy who was bullied was gonna commit suicide. and then, though he was all covered with blood, she just kept smiling like a stupid girl and said she was delivering his clothes back. *NO MORE SPOILER* so yeah…some parts of the drama are so childish and unrealistic sometimes that I wonder if it really is for teenagers or children. But anyway….I’m still at the beginning 🙂

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