Tae Yeon and Kangin Apologizes on Radio for Careless Remarks

Tae Yeon was close to tears as she said, “I apologize to the nurses.”

Tae Yeon and Kangin Are Sorry

A week after the incident on the 19th via MBC4U FM Radio Kangin Tae Yeon Chin Chin Radio show, DJ Tae Yeon sent out an official apology to the nurses.

DJ Kangin said in the opening, “There’s a time when you feel the other person’s happiness, when they say something. There’s a time where your life changes, because of words from another person. Then there are people, who have to live their life with words that they have said.” Tae Yeon then said, “The power of words is big”, and added, “A small fire can burn down an entire forest.”

Kangin then said, “In your words, you have to think of the reactions. But depending on the circumstances you only say words from your perspective”, and thus admitting the mistake that Tae Yeon did to the nurses. Tae Yeon said, “I was sick last week and didn’t think about the possible reactions when I said some things. I am really sorry if my words were wrong and have hurt you. I am going to be more careful in future and think about the reactions.” They both admitted to their mistakes and made an official apology to everyone.

Jaurim The 20th Century Boys and Girls was broadcasted after the apology. After the song, Tae Yeon apologised again, “I said it in the opening before but I want to apologise for my mistake last week. I think I have hurt many people and many have felt that what I said was wrong. I feel immature about that.” With that, she admitted to her mistake and was close to tears.

Kangin also repeated his apology, “Once again, with my head bowed down, I want to express my words of apology. We will not repeat the same mistake. Again, Tae Yeon and I are apologising with our heads down.”

On the 12th January episode of the radio show, Tae Yeon had said on-air, “I went to the hospital to get an injection but they said that they couldn’t give me one because the nurse had to go for meals. But how is it possible that the nurses can go and eat while the patient is sick?” Because of that, the discussions started and Kangin said, “I think they lost their minds and only thought about themselves”, and joked, “go to eat for the rest of your lives”.

As discussions among netizens and the anger among nurses amplified, Tae Yeon (So Nyeo Shi Dae) and Kangin (Super Junior) company, SM Entertainment made a statement to apologize but discussions persisted. Thus, they decided to make an official apology through the radio broadcast on the 19th.

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113 thoughts on “Tae Yeon and Kangin Apologizes on Radio for Careless Remarks

  1. well if the nurse did go out to eat and left a sick patient waiting then i dont see anything to apologies about. But like what Kangin said would be a little over the top, that should be left off air.

  2. maybe something is lost in the translation but this apology is more an apology for causing fanfare among netizens and receiving backlash from last week’s broadcast…words are an expression of what’s on the inside and hopefully their insides have changed…second chances are always nice!

  3. wait. I thought they said they doctors were out to eat so the nurses couldn’t treat her. But now it says that nurses wanted to go out to eat. what is the truth here?

  4. Oh and what about the Alicia Keys comment? That black comment seemed more offensive to me than this one. Then again, nobody in Korea is protesting for that so I guess it’s not seen as a big deal. Still, it was mighty racist, especially towards a world superstar like Alicia.

  5. yes they went out of control talking about it on the radio. but mostly everyone doesnt even care from what kangin said. more haters on taeyeon.

    i dont give a crap if its that nurses lunch break, it does not matter if a patient is in critical condition and in the er or just sick and needs medicine.would that nurse say its my lunch break if shes in the emergency room?i think not. put yourself in her shoes, you would be f*ckin pissed off like nuts if a nurse said that to you.

  6. The black comment can be translated as “Among all the black, she’s the prettiest.”

    So don’t go around demanding an apology just because YOU prefer that you want it to translate as an racist comment.

    The comment on the nurses however is rude no matter how it’s translated. So that’s why they appolofy to the nurses.

  7. Her comment was not racist — it was just offensive and ignorant (to us). But can we blame her? That’s just the Korean culture. It doesn’t sound offensive to them. It’s not her fault that she was taught the way she was and was born into that society.

    With the hospital thing, the only thing I see wrong is that she talked about in on air. If I was in her shoes, I would be pissed off as hell, but yeah she shouldn’t have talked about it publicly.

  8. who will seriously believe her coming close to tears are real. she doesnt learn her lesson huh.

    although i find that the nurse comment was not that bad that it should have sparked up such an uproar,
    she shdnt have said “for a black, she’s pretty” about alicia keys.

    that was uncalled for. but she prob didnt think before speaking.

  9. i really don’t find what taeyeon have said that bad, it’s common sense, imagine if you are the patient, and the nurse refused to give you medical attention because she was on her/his lunch break, how would you feel. i dunno, perhaps something was lost in translation or the way she had said it was offensive to others, but the netizens are blowing this out of proportion, give the poor girl a break, she was sick. truthfully, the “joke” kangin made was a lil immature, and i don’t see ppl critise him…

    about the comment on alicia keys, i know she shouldn’t have said that, but the korean netizens aren’t making a big deal of it, it seems like they are just as racially prejudice as her, it might just be a culture thing, i dunno. ppl didn’t bash seungri for making a racist comment, why are they being so unfair to taeyeon? though i could be wrong…

  10. i mean i guess they realized what they did wrong and apologized which is good and all….
    but they don’t need to shed tears and overreact for this little thing o_O

  11. She has the right to tell what happened with the nurses and to express her dissatisfaction.
    Leaving a patient alone because it was luch break is so not professional ! Couldn’t the nurse wait a bit ? Was she going to die if she didn’t had it on time ?
    Unbelivable !

  12. They are both still kids, 19 and like what 25ish? and they are hosting a radio show?! Gimme a break, we all said stupid/racist stuff as teens. Plus, i would have been pissed too. If i was sick and i needed that dam shot i would have been venting all day about it.

    But what is done, is done. Netizens went crazy (i think Wonder Girl fans with multiple accounts for where ever they are posting) bashing Tae Yeon and Kangin. They both apologized so lets move on and enjoy some radio talk!

  13. good they realize their fault!
    from now they should be careful for what their saying!
    watch u’re mouth people!

  14. @wah?
    why bring wg’s fans in here!bitch!
    this article is nothing to do with wg!
    u just same with tae yeon!watch u’re mouth!

  15. You guys should really stop bashing each other.
    e.g. @ what and wah. Fans are really going overboard and I’m so sick and tired of reading those comments. Just make peace. We’re not trying to start a war.

    In my opinion, I think everything was just… lost in translation. I think the nurses and TaeYeon & of course, KangIn are all wrong. But she apologized so let’s move on. Forgive and forget. We all make mistakes, she was just probably frustrated and didn’t understand causing her to vent off her feelings inside, we all do that. We all rant.
    For the “racist” comment, I think what Seungri said was more offensive than what TaeYeon said. Yet no one brought up the whole issue with what Seungri said.

    Just leave the poor girl alone. She already has to put a front to all the antis and she holds her feelings inside.
    Move on already now.

  16. Well I’m just glad that TaeYeon was not the only one to blame and that Kangin also apologized.

    When someone’s sick and upset, it’s only normal to say things you wouldn’t normaly say, EVEN if it’s what you REALLY feel. And because KangIn is close to TaeYeon, he was only taking her side out of care because he also knows how it feels to be sick and still have to work your ass off as an entertainer.

    I hope this blows over.


  17. OMGWTFBBQ: what do you mean it wasnt brought up? seungri was in big trouble for his comment. even VIPS told him to apologize which he did btw. get your facts straight next time !

  18. i feel bad for taeyeon and kangin to a certain extent. it is a weird thing to apologize for but they made the mistake of saying it on the radio. plus they are idols for goodness sake, they should know that they can’t say those things.
    saddest thing is that if this were any other star, this probably would not have been such a big deal. it’s because it’s taeyeon, part of SNSD that they got attacked even more. =( this was like ammo for anti-fans.

  19. well, if you’re a nurse and working long shifts, you would want your freaking lunch break too. if they treat one person, they’ll have to treat other people, and then they’ll never get their lunch break. maybe taeyeon should have come at a more convenient time for them. she’s not the only one that gets sick and doesn’t feel good. she obviously was not in critical condition if she walked out of the hospital. thus, the nurse should not be forced to treat her. what? a lunch break is half an hour? maybe an hour? taeyeon should have waited. the world doesn’t revolve around her.

  20. we will never know the full story unless the nurses speak their side of the story…so its not for us to judge who’s real fault it was.
    its juz her misjudgement of talking about it openly.
    there are some things you juz cannot discuss on national radio.

  21. Kangin’s comment makes him sounds like an a-hole. Why so much hate on TY? Well, she did start the fire.

    I can actually relate to her situation, but she doesn’t have to be a brat about it and rant on air. She’s a celebrity; her words are somehow more important than the rest of us.

  22. Taeyeon has got to realize that as a celebrity, the public is bound to scrutinize her more than any other normal person. We understand that she’s a human and should be allowed to make mistakes. But the problem is, having chosen a life as a singer, you’re going to be criticized more than JUST a normal person, and you’ve got to realize that. You’ve got to be more perfect than normal people. Doesn’t mean that it’s fair. But since she chose this life, she needs to bear the responsibility.

    The problem is that if it was JUST TY, it probably would’ve been okay. But since she’s associated with 8 other girls in SNSD, the bashing just gets worse as any little issue from any of the 9 girls adds up, and becomes one big problem.

    My opinion is that Kangin’s already known for having a relatively big mouth, but in a funny way, and he’s also known for being boisterous. So, people would have been more willing to forgive him than TY, who’s supposed to have this cute and sweet image, and instead is seen to be being spoiled for “demanding attention.”

    Truth be told, any one of us would have been annoyed if we didn’t get treatment either. But nurses aren’t allowed to administer shots without doctors around (since no one wants to accidentally give a wrong shot!). And, TY needs to shoulder up the responsibility of being a celebrity, especially as the leader of SNSD, and shape up.

  23. i don’t see much of a problem….really compared to what they say in the United States…this is merely a comment…a nice one too. i think the freedom to speak your mind or rather just stating an opinion is so restricted and ignorant or not…im glad they hold up to their responsibility unlike others.

  24. I’m not a nurse but I’ve been reading comments posted by nurses on this blog and I’ve learned some very important facts that should be emphasized:

    !. Taeyoon went to the OUT-PATIENT DEPARTMENT of the said hospital and NOT the Emergency or Trauma Unit. She was a WALK IN patient.

    2. She was NOT DYING. She was able to walk in and out of said facility unassisted and even reported for work ON THE SAME DAY. The general consensus is that she had the FLU.

    3. The medication she wanted was indicative of a PRESCRIPTIVE DRUG that should be duly administered or supervised by a doctor. It was NOT an OVER THE COUNTER medication that can taken by the patient on her own thus she had to go to a hospital to get one.

    4. The staff were on a lunch break. This indicates that THIS Out Patient Department observes CLINIC HOURS. Or, if they work on rotation, they are now undermanned from key personnel like a doctor who could be: (1) having lunch on his lunch break, or (2) tending to another patient on his rotation.

    5. The nurse, as Taeyoon recounted in her own radio account transcript, advised her: (1) that it was a lunch break, (2) that there was no doctor, (2) to LIE DOWN AND REST. In other words, TO WAIT.


    Perhaps if the SAID NURSE have her own radio program and the clout that comes with it, we could also be discussing her side of the story. But then, she’s a nobody and only has the public, also called the netizens, to take up her cudgels for her.

    The apology was forthcoming as expected from a well-oiled publicity machine like SME.

    One thing I’m glad though, is that we have been given the opportunity to witness the real personality of celebrities in situations such as this-beyond the image that well-oiled publicity machines craft for them.

    Hence, we have to be more careful. We’ll never know when they’ll next have the flu and create havoc on our humble existence.

  25. actually didn’t taeyeon say during the radio station:
    i’m sorry it was MY fault that I was sick…
    cause if she said that….i wouldn’t exactly call that a good apology (who ever heard of someone using sarcasm when apologizing?)
    and also it was because the nurses couldn’t give shots unless the doctors were there..and all the doctors were out, while the available doctors were all busy…and so taeyeon got mad that she had to wait and so left the hospital (if she was that sick, couldn’t she just wait?)

  26. I wouldn’t call that a good apology. Seriously, nurses work hard and sometimes they don’t even get a lunch break. Would waiting 20 minute kill her or something? But whatever…she apologize in a way…., I was surprise at Kang In, I never thought he would say something like that….guy been the business long enough.

  27. At least they apologized. Jeesh. Just
    because she’s in SNSD doesn’t mean you
    have to bring the rest of them into here.
    TaeYeon AND Kang In already have enough
    to deal with so just forgive and move on.
    Or then if you can’t forgive at all then just
    keep your mouth shut. And PLEASE don’t
    drag any other artists into this.

  28. Hopefully she learns to keep her mouth shut and not say whatever she wants before realizing that what flies out of her mouth can be really insulting to others. This is not the first time that this has happened (like the time when she swore on the radio station), so hopefully she learned her lesson. It is getting annoying how she and the members make insulting remarks, and then just cry and apologize it after wards.

  29. What it looks like to me (and this is the first time I heard of this), the comments by Tae Yeon and Kang In make it sound like they’re more important than the nurses. My opinion.

    If hospitals in Korea are the same in America then everyone knows that making an appointment is better than just walking in. Even then you’ll be lucky to get out of the hospital 3 hours after you show up for your appointment.

  30. I’m glad they know their mistakes and apologise to the nurses but most importantly they shouldn’t repeat this kind of mistakes in the future. i do hope the nurses will forgive them.

  31. she is just to full of herself to think that she could get everything she wants. Both of them are ignorant and needs to grow up the world doesn’t revolve around them just cus they are some kind of kpop singers.

  32. i guess its good that they apologize even though the only fault i saw was that they talked about it on air. otherwise, it’s normal to complain about hospital services, just do it in your own private time.

    as for the alicia keys comment, the koreans don’t seem to make a big deal of it because it probably doesn’t sound offensive to them. her comment can be translated as “Among all the blacks, she’s the prettiest.” it’s just her opinion, a little ignorant, but totally not racist.

    it’s good that they apologized. let us move on.

  33. Sometimes on radio shows, people can say rude words without knowing because it’s often words that come straight from your mind as it is a live show and is often not scripted when it talks about personal matters or what not..

    Yeah, i agree they made it sound like they are more important than other netizen clients.. tae yeon’s comment wasn’t that rude.. she was simply asking a question of why nurses feel it’s okay to get a meal, leaving their sick patients waiting.. which i feel there should at least be a couple of nurses taking turns for lunch breaks.. but i mean.. it’s like a walk-in clinic.. you gotta wait for your turn as your illness does not need to seek immediate treatment.. YOU GOTTA LEARN TO BE PATIENT.. and for kangin’s comment.. he was being a bit rude.. but he apologized for his mistake.. and it’s not like he said it on purpose.. it just slipped on a live show.. forgive and forget.. move on nurses.. i bet alot of netizens say the same comment but just not in front of your faces !..

    yep thats my own opinion on this issue =)..

  34. I don’t know how the hospital policy on injections/shots works in Korea but where I’m from the nurse isn’t allowed to give people injections/shots without permission from a doctor. If she does she will receive a warning and a fine.

  35. “Kangin also repeated his apology, “Once again, with my head bowed down, I want to express my words of apology. We will not repeat the same mistake. Again, Tae Yeon and I are apologising with our heads down.””

    Of course we will not repeat the same mistake again, we will have a different one.

  36. @ Ching: I really like your wordings, ‘well-oiled publicity machine’. xD Thanks for the compilation of facts too. ;D I hope fans start reading that.

    I’m glad they apologized, but I really hope they learned their lesson.

    btw, Not everyone who thinks what they did is wrong is an anti. Stop throwing labels easily.

  37. what? if your not black then don t comment about black issues you dont know how we feel. I dont care what country she from she should apologize.

  38. i’m glad they are really sorry… they are very sorry… I hope everything will go well! especially for taeyeon and SNSD… hwaiting!!! hope they learn from their mistakes…

  39. it was nice they apologized, but i do feel kind of bad for the both of them.
    yes, granted it was unprofessional, but they’re just regular people and we all have a tendency to complain about similar things/situations when something like that happens to us. it’s just unfortunate that they had mentioned it on air and happened to offend a whole bunch of people XP (not to mention that yes, they are idols and whatnot, lol)

    but do please give them a rest. people make mistakes

  40. Gosh it really aggrivated me to no end what Kangin said, and it was made worse because Taeyeon was the only one who caught the heat!! He was really rude, I’m not an anti either I actually love SuJu…but he was rude!

    They were right to apologize they needed to, I guess they forgot what they signed up for yeah?? They’re idols people are gonna hate on them for anything and everything did they forget that when they bashed the health care system?? hehehe silly idols….

  41. Okay, first off, i’m not an anti or a bias. I’m a fan of Tae Yeon and Snsd. So before you comment on something I said, don’t accuse me of being an anti please. All of this is my opinion, if you don’t agree, so be it.

    Even though she apologized, it still doesn’t change my opinion of her now. Both she and Kang in, have to realize they’re adults, they’re celebrities, idols, and apologies won’t go far in their world. Forgiveness is really hard to give and they should know Korean netizens have no mercy when idols mess up. Especially when they both criticized such people as nurses and doctors who save lives everyday, daily, even when the nurses and doctors did nothing wrong in the first place.

    I’m glad she recognized her mistake, but honestly, she’s a smart girl and I know she’s smarter than that, to put herself in this situation. My opinion of her might have changed completely, but I hope she doesn’t make any more mistakes like this again :/ Koda Kumi also made a careless/thoughtless comment that almost ruined her career and caused a lot of her fans to boycott her album. My point is, they as celebrities have to learn that simple mistakes can ruin it for themselves and their group mates. That’s my opinion on it all.

    I hope Tae Yeon has learned from this.

  42. Everyone makes mistake, as long as they realize that they are in the wrong and make a sincere apology, I think it would be fine. Gogogogo!!

  43. taeyeon was saying that she’s sick so she didn’t think properly before she talked. so maybe next time if she made a mistake again, she probably would use sickness as a excuse.

    if you sick then you should stay at home and rest, not utter nonsense in your own radio show.

  44. they must be crazy! how can they say that? are they so sick that they are on the verge of dying? nurses are also human and are entitled with the right to go for meals. may they rot and die

  45. Lol, so many say stuff without even thinking of what they would do in such a position. TY went to the hospital cause she was sick… Heres a question, did you know the hospital is there to treat people… ALL THE TIME? Yes, nurses need to eat but being professionals, they should have at least made it possible for people to be treated while they did so. So, TY was a little upset, you ABSOLUTELY cannot blame her for being so. Where you CAN be upset is the fact she went on air about it. And now she has apologized but seriously, the nurses who didn’t treat a patient ’cause “Lunch” are retarded to bitch. They were also at fault and if they didn’t offer an apology before, they really should.

    So, in the end, both sides were at fault and both probably feel sorry for what happened. Emotions run high for young people. also, freedom to say what they want + air time, there is bound to be some mishaps. Let it go, they aren’t perfect. If you’re perfect you can criticize but just because your mistakes aren’t broadcasted to the nation doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt someone just as much.

    Time to think beyond what you THINK you would have done and dwell on what you REALLY would have done.

    ps. Anti’s really need to get a life. I, honestly, don’t know why people bother reading about things they don’t like about people they don’t like. It’s like myself HATING coffee but drinking a cup every hour. Does that make sense to you? No. Move on. Seriously.

  46. UMM
    She acutally sounded
    lk she was prepared
    and was reading off
    a script or something.

    I really hope they learned
    their lesson
    and i will trust them that
    they will never make
    this kind of
    mistake again in the future!


  47. 100% scripted..


    Please read the article first..
    It was @ OPD(out patient department) for goodness sake..

  48. i think what ching said earlier is so right…

    if you go to a hospital for treatment and you’re not in the A & E department, then it just makes complete sense that you have to wait for your turn no matter what.

    does she demand attention first just because she’s an idol/celebrity and have busier schedules compared to everyone else in the waiting room? to be honest, i do feel sorry for the nurses. i have family and friends who work in the hospital as trainee doctors and full qualified nurses. they work round the clock with only few hours of sleep each day during their busy periods. some of them actually spend thier eating hour resting instead of eating. just because someone walks in and demands to be seen and not be seen doesn’t allow that person to take it out on the medical staffs.

    i personally feel the apology came too late and it was more of a ‘damage control’ rather than a sincere apology. of course, i’m no one to judge how true this apology is but i feel like SNSD seems to have this habit of saying thoughtless things, create chaos amongst netizens, worry about their image, then apologize and shed a tear or two saying they didn’t mean it that way and that they were out of line etc.

    the main issue is also that they’re not newbies anymore. TY has seen enough damages done to the group when other members ‘accidentally’ made inconsiderate comments in the past. if you’re in such a big idol group, then really, one should not only be learning from one’s past mistakes but from your other members’ too, isn’t it?

  49. “One thing I’m glad though, is that we have been given the opportunity to witness the real personality of celebrities in situations such as this-beyond the image that well-oiled publicity machines craft for them.”


    her first “apology” turned me off so much that this apology does nothing now but makes me think that she’s only doing this for damage control purposes and not because she’s truly sorry about what she had done. the “close to tears” part doesn’t help either.

  50. wow!!! this kind of culture should be respected n must hav the continuity among netizen.. i REALLY RESPECT this kind of culture n attitude which still exist n being practice among them… UNLIKE western culture…u can juz simply throw any harsh words to each other if u feel unsatisfying about something n apology is rarely to be spoken in this kind of situation..

    if this kind of situation happends in western culture, u can juz bash your words to each other in live radio…hahaha..thats why i REALLY RESPECT ASIAN CULTURE !!! this is good…..

  51. I don’t really care…
    I hv made such comments before.
    So, i’m not one to judge them.
    I’m not perfect.
    If u’re perfect than u can complain…

    They have apologized anyway….
    If u don’t want to forgive them, who cares?
    As long as the nurses forgive them, that would be fine. Bcos the apology was meant for the nurses not for crazy antis or anyone else who are not related to this problem.

    I also don’t care whether the apology was sincere or not bcos most of us have also made apologies bcos we’re told to, not bcos we really meant it.
    They’ve apologized n we’re not GOD who knows all whether they were sincere or not….
    But i’m sure about one thing, that they learnt something from their mistakes.

    N about them being adults, adults are human, they also make mistakes.
    Being adults doesn’t mean u won’t make mistakes.
    Hope both parties realize their mistakes, forgive each other n just move on.
    “Kids learn to remember, Adults learn to forget.”

    Go Taeyeon Kangin!!!! Chinchin HWAITING!!!
    N nurses doctors HWAITING!!!

  52. It really would have been simpler if this incident didn’t happen in the first place. As the saying goes “Prevention IS better than though.

  53. I don’t know. The last time she did this she said she won’t repeat the same mistake again but she did.

  54. Well, the only thing to do now is see if Taeyeon lives up to her word, I guess.

    Taeyeon is probably getting more backlash than Kangin and Seungri because both Super Junior and Big Bang have kept a clean profile while SNSD seem to have too many controversies every now and then.

  55. the conly thing i can say is that she makes retarded comments. Even her face looks retarded.
    SNSD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. i’m really disapointed in kangin too, especially when i’ve been a fan of SUJU for so long
    but i’ve seen him get carried away sooo many times on show and became disrespectful that after reading this, it’s really most of kangin’s fault!
    i find the translation of what taeyeon said was very apropriate for her situation! i mean what else can you say after being treated by a nurse/doctor like that?
    but still, being a member of SNSD AND especially for her role of being the leader, she should’ve been smarter than the rest to not get anymore of bad attention to herself and most of all her group.
    also it’s the promotion time for their new album
    i was just like jeeeeezzz when reading this news…

  57. @ ching…I agree with takki_aniki, you’re the most sensible poster here…I’m glad you took time to post your opinion.

  58. Though i may be disappointed with Taeyeon’s comment, its not truly that bad, it’s very much like a comment you would talk around your peers. The problem is she went public about it, which is a mistake since she is a celebrity. I say whatever, give the girl some slack. She sincerely apologized for her actions, and hopefully she won’t make these kind of comments public again. But honestly, who wouldn’t complain about not getting a flu shot? I mean this girl was sick from all the mini-album preparations, and especially since she is the leader, she has a huge responsibility, burden and stress for the success of the new album. So she goes in for the flu shot cause she is sick and cranky, with an extremely busy schedule, and goes in to find out she can’t get one since (all?) the nurses went out for lunch. So now taeyeon continues her busy schedule, without treatment for her flu and will become even more tired since she is sick. Now i would be pissed, its like going on my own lunch break on work, skipping lunch, trying to get a simple flu shot, and they tell me i can’t get since they are all busy on their lunch break, without shifts? That would tick me off, and i would tell my friends about it. But Taeyeon made a mistake and told EVERYONE about it, so she got “beef”. Anyways, like i said she has sincerely apologized, which is much better then not apologizing at all, and maybe she won’t talk about nurses again.

    As for her apparent comment about “Among all the black people, Alicia Keys is the prettiest.” Lets think about this logically. Many of the people who are offended are probably of African-American or African Canadian descent (I’m being very general here do not bash me for this lol). Now as American’s or Canadians, we are blessed for having a very multicultural society and while we have racism and stereotypes that are present, we for the most part respect all different ethnic groups and minorities. Now lets shift our view to halfway across the world to South Korea, whose population primarily consists of people of Asian descent. Now they are not blessed with multiculturalism in the country now are they. How many black people do you think these people have met? Certainly a hell of a lot less then most of us North Americans would have. So with a limited knowledge and lack of multiculturalism, is it truly that bad that Taeyeon would have made that comment? If i was to interpret it, taeyeon would have thought that alicia keys was pretty, and that’s the end of it. Though the average north american person would have said “she is pretty” taeyeon said amongst black people since she does not have the same sort of exposure to the multiculturalism that north americans or societies that have multiculturalism. Therefore A) it is truly not offensive given that Taeyeon lives in South Korea and B) Black people don’t be that offended, taeyeon would probably think you’re cool or pretty or handsome, its just that she hasn’t met you yet.

    Extremely long I know, but my point here is that Taeyeon is awesome, but she made a couple of mistakes that are really not that bad if you think about it closely, and she apologized for it, so give her some slack and forgive and forget. (BTW i’m actually a true WG fan to the core but i think SNSD is alrite as well lol)

  59. Seriously, I don’t think it was that bad? I think that if she was among friends and wasn’t a celebrity, nobody would protest, and I’m sure she said it jokingly.

    But she should’ve known to be careful though. I think that as a SNSD member, she would know by now that small things like these could be blown out of proportion.

    To think that when SNSD just came back with “Gee”, I commented that they should just watch what they say and do, and they’ll get rid of antis. Yet it has happened again.

  60. @ asa : why? because they brought it upon themselves.

    let’s hope she actually learns from this unlike her group member who just keeps slipping and can’t keep her mouth shut.

  61. wow, I’m not an anti-fan, but hey, what they said was harsh and hurtful even if Tae Yeon and Kangin was popular.. This doesn’t give them a right to critisize anyone.. I mean if somebody like them came up to me and start saying shit to me then Imma hate that person for life and will always remember what they say even if they apologize.. I mean, come on, they are like singers and they should know that the media is going to be focused on everything they said.. This is so very disappointing.. Even if you’re a nurse and watching a patient it doesn’t mean you can’t eat, I mean come on, the nurses and doctors worked hard to save life and you are like critisizing to them about why they shouldn’t eat.. OHHH THAT WAS MEAN, VERY MEAN.. I can eat everytime I want.. Dude, I work and I am like hella hungry, I guess we know that somebody’s not eating but why did they gain the weight like they are now???!!! SORRY FOR ALL YOU FANS, BUT THIS IS VERY DISAPPOINTING AND MEAN, WHAT I SAID WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT THEY DID AND SAID TO THE NURSES???!!!

  62. they were both ignorant. goodness, who complains about this crap on radio anyway? shouldn’t listening to the radio be entertaining and fun? -_-

    everytime i try to like snsd, something comes up and ruins it.

    i’m tired of the constant mistakes, rude remarks, etc etc and then the apologies afterward swearing never to make such mistakes again *rolls eyes*

    c’mon here. people are getting sick of it. their apologies have no meaning anymore.

  63. I think the big deal was they generalized all nurses as being selfish instead of calling out that one nurse. Not all nurses would just “go out to eat” and they really take pride in their job. Obviously it’s a big misunderstanding, but I can see how nurses in general would be offended; they basically labeled all nurses as lazy/inconsiderate without really meaning to. I think the nurse she went to should have apologized though cause that was rude to just go out and eat instead of tending to a sick patient.

  64. Seriously, i think the hospital side should also make a statement about their operating procedures. like when tae yeon went to the hospital, why was it this way, or this period was during the shift hours.

    I think that tae yeon is wrong to have said that this time. She should be careful in future. 🙂

  65. i love how some people defend her comment by using korean culture as an excuse.

    Koreans dont like blacks….except their music, dancing, and clothing style. i guess i get it.

    also, alicia keys is prettier than a lot of asian girls

    Now, if that offended anyone i am apologizing with my head down. pls forgive me and lets move on.

    oh yeah, im almost in tears too.

  66. not to me by all means but i like SNSD but a side of me telling me not to because since, last year there been so many stuff like this occuring about SNSD are they naturally rude or just dumb? i mean seirously my baby cousin thinks before she speaks so why cant they? they been apologizing way too much and i can’t even judge if they are sincere… they say awful things sometimes…. i was just wondering when she said that the nurses were going out to eat do what she is implying is that nurses should not have breaks whatsoever and only take care of patients????


  67. I’m not a fan of these girls nor am I a anti-fan but I’m getting sick of SNSD always “apologizing” for what they have said or done.
    A sorry doesn’t always fix everything.
    The girls should think before they talk and also think before they act.
    And why is Kang In even apologizing he didn’t say those rude statements.

  68. Seriously, almost all of us here live in the west do we not? And especially in America we hear so much crap on the radio, yet if we hear some sort of offensive comment made by someone in korea (in this case Tae + Kangin) everyone goes crazy and starts saying ‘oh they are SO rude, etc. etc.’ We hear worse stuff on our radio channels yet we don’t say anything about it. Even me, i just laugh it off sometimes. Yes, korean culture is different but we don’t live in korea. We are more exposed to American/Western culture than korean culture. We shouldn’t see things differently in another country if that’s not how we see it in ours. Because they live in korea that doesn’t mean we have to see it through korea’s cultural views.
    They should’ve been more careful with their words but what Taeyeon and Kangin said was not that bad. It might’ve hurt some of the nurses but it wasn’t entirely offensive because as a nurse you should put your patients needs first. I’m not saying the nurse should’ve given up her lunch break, but Taeyeon also gave up time to go to the hospital/clinic for treatment. Both sides failed to put each other first and both are at fault and Taeyeon and Kangin apologized for it. Just because they’re famous can they not be normal human beings?

  69. I’m personally agreed with Tsemin.

    My dear tae yeon, I can u/stand while you are sick, the only thing in your mind is to get away the pain. The nurses may leave you behind to go for lunch maybe because your case was not so critical. And by the right, a nurse is not qualified to give any medication, drug or injections unless approved by the doctors. You should u/stand that the nurses was working out of 48 hours and they have to handle a lot of emergency cases. So, the mealtime is the only time they can rest. you should u/stand that.

    I’m u/stand their situation the most since I used to work with nurses. Infact, I used to be scold by a nurse even though my position higher than her…. hahahaha…but I u/stand why she got mad.It’s b’c overwork and she got tired. Btw, next time, think first before give any statement especially to public. Put yourself in their shoes first!!!

  70. the nurse comment really did not make me angry mostly i was upset with the whole alicia keys comment using ignorance as an excuse is pretty pathetic i live in Korea and i could see how koreans wouldn’t notice how a comment like that might offend someone but as a celebrity should be able to watch what u say
    i agree what what seungri say was worse and very stupid

  71. you know seriously i am sick of taeyeon and the rest of snsd’s endless careless remarks
    there’s a point when tears and apologies don’t work anymore and are just damn annoying

    mr. sm should teach snsd how to shut their mouths and act more politely like their sunbaes

  72. @haku
    haha alicia keys is just prettier than the majority of the human population…not just azn girls….lol

  73. the nurses comment was selfish of her, nurses have the right to eat meal and have a break! walking in a hospital expecting to be served immediatly is just dump and selfish.
    nurses are not slaves for patients so they gave up their time,just that the patient wont wait alittle bit.

    and the alicia keys commet is pure ignorance and IS racist!
    and dont give me excuses that she doesnt know better and its a cultural thing! please!shes not 5!

  74. Ok? Did this loser girl apologize to black people? Did she give an apology to Alicia Keys who will always be more recognized, talented and beautiful than she could EVER dream to become??

    What a stupid girl.

  75. WOW, i’m finding a lot of inconsiderate ppl here. firstly, the nurse was probably on her lunch break when taeyeon came in. and secondly, everyone needs to eat okay? do you realize how LONG these doctors and nurses work for? some of these work for LONGER hours than a normal person would sitting at the desk. IF they don’t have their breaks, do you want them to keep working and f’ck up procedures or administer the wrong meds to you because they themselves were weary? then you go and sue them. f’ck that sh’t.

    and how sick was she really? wtf, it’s like she just complains if she feels a headache or if she’s got a cold. i hear LESS complaints from other celebrities, that’s why i can respect those ppl. honestly, ask yourself this first, did she really need that iv? you don’t always need an iv and you can’t say that you need an iv coz you feel “sick”. only the doc can make that call, people don’t have the knowledge to say what they need, there’s a reason why docs went to school for 10 years learning about this. she was completely disrespectful and those nurses required an apology. everyone takes them for granted ‘coz they take care of everyone else, but have you thought about what they have to go through? i have a number of nurse friends, some have broken their backs or sprained bones because of overworking. nurses need breaks too, everyone needs breaks, we don’t give these celebrities sh’t if they want to take their lunch break so what gives any of you the right to say that someone can’t have a lunch break? IF it was SERIOUS, do you guys REALLY think that nurses would be so stupid to just sit there and keep eating. NO, are you effing dumb? if it was an accident and someone was in dire need and about to die, those nurses and doctors would be paged and they would drop whatever they were doing to get to the ER because they took that oath. so stop talking about sh’t you don’t know about.

    taeyeon, just coz you’re a celebrity, doesn’t give you the right to say awful things!!! and just ‘coz you’re sick, you have then gain the right to say those things? toughen up chicky, you’re in the wrong business if you make stupid excuses like that. if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  76. So….she would rather have a tired, and malnourished nurse treat her (and possibly make a mistake…Taeyeon should know, since she’s in that situation herself) than a nurse who is fully charged on nutrition and focused???

    Taeyeon dear, nurses have had more education than you and they are more older and mature than you so you shouldn’t pass that kind of judgement on them. It’s not as if you were dying or screaming in pain and they just left you there. You obviously were not in dire need of medical attention. Also it’s not as if she ignored you. She told you to LIE DOWN. Don’t get too hot headed because you’re an SM artist okay? learn from your sunbaes.
    Also as a leader…..she shouldn’t be crying and making mistakes all the time. It really makes people question if she really qualifies to be a leader.

    Really when they won on Music Bank (kissing u) and Inkigayo (gee) all she did was cry while jessica made the speech and the other members sucked it up and pulled off the encore……makes me wonder if Jessica should be the real leader of SNSD. If Taeyeon can’t be emotionally stable or just stable, then she shouldn’t be the leader (doesn’t matter if she’s the oldest or “the best singer”-not really…she loses control)

    Kangin-always thought he was a jerk. no comment there. He is entertaining but I wouldn’t say he’s a great idol. He’s known for his arrogance. so just saying…Kangin should stop being a jerk…it’s affecting people. but that won’t do much since he’s been in the business for a long time and is still this way. (i’m a suju fan so don’t take this as an anti-comment)

  77. i know taeyeon was wrong, i myself was a little disappointed… but I have to say that Taeyeon is actually a good leader… i’m sure every snsd fan can see Taeyeon’s leadership, she is a good leader… maybe its not something you can notice, but don’t say she isn’t a good leader… she has done many things as a leader! She is the mom in the group, she listnens to their problems and she tries her very best to let each member feel comfortable… I may not be their no.1 fan, but i do believe that she has done many things that a leader does…

    I like snsd, but taeyeon isn’t my favourite, at first I didn’t like her leadership either… but as I got to know her, her leadership truly shows…

  78. nurses are still human too
    u guys should understand that they need a break
    my mom’s a nurse n i know how tired she was everytime she went home
    i once stay back at hospital with my mom n i didnt saw any nurses were laid back or sat on chair
    they’re so busy walking n standing doing their work
    so i dont see any problem if they ask to get some rest on their break
    i wish anyone who blame the nurse would kindly share an experience at least a day to work with the nurses @ doctors

  79. Oh! I thought she was apologizing for her remark about Alica Keys being beautiful for a “black person”.

    It seems these people only apologize when their fan base is threatened.


  80. why did she create such a big fuss over nurses and doctors? I mean, SHE’S NOT EVEN DYING.

    You all should admit that SNSD apologises the MOST in korea entertainment. It goes to show how ignorant and stupid they’re! Dumb.

    Stupidity is contagious. Spreaded among the 9 birdbrains!

  81. I love some of these comments, they just show how blindly people support the stupidity that goes on in the entertainment industry…

    I love how these celebrities get away with saying the stupidest things by just apologizing for what they’ve said… and like all ignorant fools, they believe that nurses and doctors do not deserve to live like other human beings… we’re not allowed to get sick, not allowed to eat, not allowed to have an opinion, we’re there at their beck and call to treat them when they’re ill… the statements about nurses leaving to eat when someone is ill? Seriously? are we seriously going to go there? Let me ask you this… how many times have you walked by a homeless person and not handed them a dime?…. How about that for hypocrisy? I’m just trying to get you people to realize that health care professionals are just like regular human beings, we get sick, we need to eat… Please trust me when I say this… it takes a lot to work in an environment where you’re caring for people who are at their worst… Also, by constantly nudging on our morality and making us feel terrible for doing normal things like eating, you only make the situation worse for yourselves… imagine being treated by a nurse who has not eaten for 12 hours because people like you claim that they should be more concerned about the ill people who come through those doors… how much would you trust them?

  82. I really hate people who bash SNSD. Okay, if you don’t like them, whatever. But that doesn’t give you any right to tell them to go die and call them plastic bitc*es and etc… How low can people stoop now-a-days? I get what TaeYeon and Kangin did was inappropriate and unnecessary. I just don’t see why that SNSD is always pin-pointed and targeted. If WG did something bad people would defend them. All those anti’s of SNSD and say WG are all this and that have started to get me disliking WG. Sorry to say… The translation about the Alicia Keys thing might be wrong. Not everything is translated to what TaeYeon might’ve meant. So everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone apologizes. Thus I give TaeYeon props to that on air. I know I wouldn’t have. I guess it’s because I’m impatient. Think about it if you were in their position. If you went to the doctors and they can’t treat you because they’re to busy eating. How the heck would you feel? The nurses should’ve been doing their job or at least get another nurse who wasn’t eating. TaeYeon is still at fault here for snapping though. I guess we all have a lot of learning to do.

  83. To Future Nurse; I see where you are coming from, but it is not our occupation to spare a dime to the poor. Sure the nurses have to eat, but there are other nurses. And it is the nurses job, they’re getting paid anyways. It’s not entirely the nurses fault. Everyone has to take part on this blame. It’s just that a few of these comments ticked me. Everyone is hypocritical if you think about it. Who’s perfect? Show me that person.

  84. wow
    is it just me…or does taeyeon seem to be saying a lot of offensive things that seems to be from her “immaturity”?

    Not a hater, but speaking from my point of view, when a celebrity continuously makes rude remarks and then just apologizes – it’s not very fair.
    it’s very unprofessional – a simple apology for the first time may be accptable – but a repeated situation within a short period of time is a little overboard.
    if the reason for her to make such slips on air is due to her “sickness” (not even sure if that should be a legitimate reason) – maybe she should take some time off.

    plus about the nurses comment…so many things wrong with what she said.
    i’m sure everyone’s already said a lot….but:
    1. dont stereotype all nurses just because the one nurse you visited decided to take care of herself – so she can take care of others.
    2. i’m pretty sure they are trained professionals that can determine the seriousness of you needs and then prioritize.

    very, very disappointed.

  85. i remember this! this is my commnet b4..

    “ok i dunno wat really happen there.Dunno how they run their hospital and stuff.but one thing i will tell u.

    I hate wen people say nursing staff dont do nothing to our patients.because they dont know how much work we do.its not easy,im tellin u.do u think we just walk around and be pretty??!!…lol hell no!..

    I work in the hospital.for 7 months now.ok,for a patient to be admitted in the hospital u gotta go to the ER,or sometimes patients are there for just check up with their physicians and some can be admitted thru that also and etc etc etc.

    Taeyon was admitted bec she has flu..medical/nursing team,the first thing they do to u as a patient is to assess & interview u,if ur in pain/itching/vomting/watever,they will give something for it,but not all med/shots can be given just like that,they need an order for it.frm a doctor.
    the nurse that told her that she should wait,its probably bec either the doctor/nurse that will do the pateint care for her is on lunch/something,bec all nursing/medical staff have their assigned patients they attend to and besides ARE WE NOT ALLOWED TO GO AND EAT????>…its better for the nurse to say ~~“just lie down and wait, because it was lunch time”~~ than say ~~“Ok will be there with u shortly” but NOT REALLY!!.. because we have things to prioritize in every situation. (trust me,sometimes nurses say that….hahaahahha..coz some patients are so annoying..)

    Im so sorry to hear about wat had happen to her in the hospital.but sometimes situations like that..cant be avoided.”

    *but they apologize so no biggy now….heheehheh.. *the only thing u should keep in mind,us nursing professionals,our patient is our responsibility,so yea if there is somethin happen to a patient,our job/life is in the line,so that’s why we are careful.mistake cn lead to termination of ur job.and also just to add,i said that we have assigned patient we attend to right,that means maybe her assigned nurse for her is on break probably,so that nurse on duty that time,cnt give her vaccine bec,if something happens like bad,she will suffer the consequences.we’re just protecting ourselves.but if her condition is anything serious,that’s a diff story..

    hahaahah…sorry for my novel…

  86. umm… actually if wonder girls did this, they would get bashed… they do have haters you know? not just snsd. People have a reason to be mad, even though if it was my favourite artist i’d be disappointed. So, people should stop dragging wonder girls into this. Not all anti snsd are fans of wg… same for anti wg… so you can’t dislike a group because of some hardcore fans or antis.

  87. Well I’m not really a fan of SNSD I used to be an anti XD
    anyway.. If I were on Taeyeons shoe’s of course I would react like that! O_O WTF? a freaking nurse should heal sick people whether it’s lunch, dinner, snack or whatever. -.-
    that’s why you’re a nurse to assist the doctor, to heal the sick. and the nurse’s excuse? ._. how lame.
    ’bout what Kangin said was a little bit.. offensive.
    how come no one is against him? geez. fan girls these

  88. I think you should read the other article before this:


    “Tae Yeon mentioned that she had been to a local hospital to get a shot because she was in pain from flu. But because all the doctors were away for lunch, the nurses couldn’t administer the shot without doctors’ approval. But Tae Yeon didn’t know about that and said that she almost wanted to create a scene.”

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