East of Eden Will Be Extended by 4 Episodes

MBC announced today that East of Eden will be extended by 4 episodes.

East of Eden Heading for Extension?

According to a person in charge, the original plan between MBC and Chorokbaem Media was to extend East of Eden by 8 episodes to cover up for the follow-up drama My Love For You abrupt cancellation. But because some of the cast members from East of Eden have other commitments, they decided to halve it to 4 episodes instead. The drama will thus end with 54 episodes. It’s believed that because the pace of the drama is progressing slower than expected, there isn’t any need to write any additional storylines.

But amidst the drama extension, there are worrying signs ahead for MBC with KBS Boys Before Flowers coming really close on the ratings front.

Boys Before Flowers About To Knock East of Eden off the top?

Boys Before Flowers set another new rating high on the 19th with 24.8% and the possibility that they could well knock East of Eden off the summit is very real despite the latter dominating for the past few months. East of Eden might still have won yesterday with 25.1% but the margin is now only 0.3%.

Since debuting, the ratings of Boys Before Flowers has been increasing with each new episode. And in only its 3rd week of broadcast, it has managed to whittle down the 10% lead held by East of Eden to only 0.3% yesterday. It will be interesting to see the final ratings after their respective episodes on the 20th. The battle between MBC and KBS has impacted SBS Terroir greatly as it registered only a dismal 6.5%, and effectively out of the equation.

35 thoughts on “East of Eden Will Be Extended by 4 Episodes

  1. BOYS BEFORE FLOWER will knock down EOE anytime soon. the TV adaptation of the manga is a classic and has proven its success since Meteor Garden Taiwanese version. BBF has its charm…irresistibel for that matter. BBF might even hit above 35% in the coming episodes. the teens which are the newest market have the thirst for a series that will cater them…lately we have seen bunch of period dramas, serious drama and dramas which are mainly with older actors…BBF targets teens and early adults thus more people are watching this series over the repetitive EOE…i have given up on EOE even if i like SSH.

  2. …the Rui guy is Hyunjoong and I guess he’s doing good knowing this is his first drama role…the next episode shows him coming back from Paris and that will be the time when he changes from the very quiet Rui to someone who is going to be the rival to Minho’s Junpyo…let’s cut him some slack and watch how he does that part in the story.

  3. BOF is more fun to watch now. EOE storyline and love plot of DC and YR is too boring and ridiculous. I love JP and JD anytime than those 2 from EOE. A boring couple . They should promote MH and JH instead.Waiting for BOF to beat EOE in the rating any day now.

  4. I love BOF.All the F4 and JD. Especially JP and JD. They are the cutest couple in kdrama right now. Wished everyday is mon and tues.

  5. I love watching BOF but then I also I like EOE. BOF has (though i will probably be the only one) JD and JH, I love them as a couple, as I have always in the other 2 versions. And as well as the side couple ejung and gaeul. Though in EOE everyone is slowly finding out the truth of the switch at birth so I really want to see how that plays out. Both dramas are so good, but I do think that BOF will beat the ratings of EOE in no time. Just my opinion.

  6. I LOOOVE BBF.. i think they will win the ratings soon.. i use to love EOE.. until it reached episode 34.. i got so bored from the long drags and the changing of certain issues in the drama was simply frustrating me to a point where i just gave up watching it.

  7. ya, I am happy for the rating of EOE. I gave up on eOE because of the boring and draggy love plot of SSH and LYH. It reaches the stage, where I would fastforward all their parts.They should have concentrated on the birth switch and I fine PHJ and theactor who played DW much better than SSH.He is very overrated as a professional actor maybe he does better as a popular actor only. As for his co star LYH, words does not have to describe her ,she still have a long way to go to be the lead actress.

  8. Hahaha .. “EOE co-stars have other commitments ..”
    Finally, they manage to say ‘little’ no-no to the drama extend .. cos they should know that it will ALSO focus on SSH-LYH dragging love story ..
    Good move by MBC .. But its always better if they didn’t extend the drama at all..
    Truth guys .. sorry ^_^

  9. honestly to say…i still watched EOE because of LDH and Myong Hoon (very pity her/him)…but now BBF is better than EOE…

  10. There is no such thing as
    losing or winning
    b/w dramas!
    They are all great,
    and whoever wants to
    watch BBF or EOD,
    just let them.
    This is my personal opinion,
    but i think a lot parents
    watch EOD cuz it’s not the typical
    storyline u would find.
    NOT like other romantic and
    love triangle dramas LOL.

  11. BOF is fun to watch. The plot is fast paced and well scripted. Not like EoE whose script writing is just 1 bid mess. It goes to show that a great potential drama is bound to fail from the start if the writer just change the script to suit the adjenda for the day. In this case the boring DC and Yr plot just because the flavour of the day at that time is the untalented LYH.If they had followed the original plot, LDH would not have left the show instead of promoting the wrong girl. Stupid MBC and the pd team. Glad that they are in deep water.

  12. ha ha. finally EOE and MBC is sweating it out in the rating with BOF. Bof is creating a new wave in korea right now. Their merchandise promotion is well recieved and I am sure lots of viewers are waiting to buy them. Too bad for EOE , they have a very tired and messy love plot. Their lead actor is just too old and overrated compared to the cute F4 which is creating a storm right now.

  13. WOW extended Version For “EOE= Special SSH and LYH ” Please think again this drama rate soon will be beaten up by BOF..

    poor another great star except SSH and LYH in EOE ,,

  14. BOF is so good, if only EOE didn’t have such slow progress regarding the storyline cause BOF is going so quickly. not to mention BOF has lots of cute young guys.

  15. BOF is gooooood…….The boys are just so handsome. BOF anytime for me. EOE hmnmm the stars especailly SSH is just toooooo OLD…..He is outdated…

  16. i think the only reason that bbf is at such high ratings is because of the cast members….plus they’r young and “fresh” while the eoe members are old faces

  17. EOE is boring. I stopped at episode 29…. and yea… SSH is kinda overrated. EOE was supposed to be something out of the ordinary. Well, it is out of the ordinary. The love plot between DC and YR is so draggy that no other drama can be compared to this. (well maybe there is, but I haven’t watched those before) They’re lucky they have PHJ, HJH and YJH and it was stupid to have not given LDH a chance to shine in EOE. Pity… cause it could have been so good… plus, I liked the YOUNG lee dong chul.
    Rooting for him in BOF.

  18. BOF is very watchable and the storyline is fun and light. The boys are hmnnnn cute and handsome. Eoe star like SSH is tired and worn. BOF anytime is the clear winner…

  19. Glad to see BBF is doing so well. Sad to see Terrior is not. I have been watching Terrior. It’s not that bad. Actually, the story is pretty interesting, a lot more interesting than EOE.

  20. I have watched both EoE and BBF since they began airing and love them both for different reasons. I didn’t think I’d like BBF since it’s set around kids much younger than I have enjoyed it. I have also loved EoE. I must admit though that I’m diappointed in the direction that the new writer has taken a couple of the characters. Myeong Hoon has always had a gentle nature and I’m glad he has not been ruined by STH but Dong Wook, who for the first 45 episodes or so was a kind, gentle soul, has become so bad.

    I would love to see the three boys become brothers together and be with the Yee (Lee) family. Though I don’t necessarily want to see Ji Hyun and Myeong Hoon together, I do not want to see him separated from Tae Ho. JH has become too money/power centered. I would like to see a good relationship between Oh Yoon He (the mom that brought MH up) and the Yee clan. Dong Chul…. well, he should be with Grace Young Ran.

    I’ll see how the characters play out on BFF. I’m aggravated with GJP at the moment but do understand why he is behaving the way he is.

    These have both been good dramas and most of the acting has been quite good. I’ll be sorry to see either of them end.

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