Wonder Girls Youtube Channel Launch Event

Well if you didn’t know, JYP Entertainment has been making full use of Youtube recently and have setup dedicated channels for Park Jin Young, 2PM and the Wonder Girls. Now there is even more good news for fans of the Wonder Girls where you stand a chance to win autographed Wonder Girls CDs.

First login to Youtube.com, then visit the page of this particular video clip where the Wonder Girls speaks in pretty impressive English about their channel launch event. Leave a comment about the Wonder Girls Youtube channel and submit. Then you can just wait and see if you are the lucky one. Event runs from 19th January to 28th February. I am not sure how they are going to pick the lucky ones because there are going to be lots and lots of comments.

Wonder Girls Youtube Channel

The intensive 1:1 English lessons have certainly paid off.

62 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Youtube Channel Launch Event

  1. ahahahhaa cute !! xD
    HAHAHA cute cute english!
    i think sunmi’s english sounded the best.
    sunye’s attitude at the end was cute. haha

  2. @ me,

    yes yoobin lived in the US for a couple of years but that doesn’t mean she’s fluent in English. I believe she came from the country side of Korea so she still carries that thick accent.

  3. I’m really glad they made this channel!!!

    But I’m wondering how are they are gonna pick the winners?
    There is already over 100 comments from the video being up only a day. Imagine how it’s gonna be when the contest ends there is gonna be over 20,000 at least. lol. :))

    I sent a comment lets see If I win,,
    Doubt it. ;((((

  4. Preetttty impressive English. Although it sounded a little too rehearsed for me :/

    SunMi jjang is a well deserved name to be chanted :]

    HAHAHAHA, I saw 2PM’s and its cute.
    The three English speakers talk and its funny cause they try to make it casual and unrehearsed but they end up fumbling thier words a bit which makes it cuter :]

  5. wow..their English is quite good for beginners .. They can go a lot more further .. Wishes for them ..

  6. they are getting better and better!! Sunmi is very good IMO…

    I shall leave my feedback later! IIreally want a signed cd!!!

  7. thanks, coolsmurf. we owe it to you. you made korea known to the rest of the world. Wondergirls channel~ YAY!

  8. wheeee i hope they upload more videos, self cams!!! haha seeing this video made my day!! yea i taotally agree by the end of the contest, i bet there’ll be like 300,000 comments? i doubt mine will get spotted =( hoping for the best !!!

  9. omgosh i hope i get a signed cd lol 😀 i wonder if i can leave a comment everyday? hahaha hopefully they choose me *crosses fingers ;] all of them really improved on their english. sunmi jjang definitely sounded the most natural out of all the girls. her pronunciation was the best IMO. ahhh im so happy they have a youtube channel. i hope they update it often. i wanna see behind the scene stuff too. i want NOBODY but wondergirls ❤

  10. wow, pretty good english
    n 2pm english…double WOW!
    i was like O_o…. seriously..
    i just love asian’s fluent english.
    btw, im a asian too..LOL

  11. Look at the tags on the video…

    “cuteAsiangirls sexyAsiangirls AsianGirlsDancing AsianGirlsSexyDancing Asiangirgroup ”

    What are the JYP Entertainment people thinking -_-

  12. I left a comment too. Just in case I get lucky and win. XD

    Their english is far from perfect, but it’s already good. A little more practice!

    and lol@tags
    the JYPE people must be either lulzing around or trying to get people searching for “some other” things to see this vid. hehe

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    JYP is sure a smart guy 🙂 He knows that youtube is totally the ‘in’ thing right now and opened up WG and 2PM’s official youtube.When there are other WG vids he claimed the video as JYPE but didn’t remove the vids to promote WG more.
    I’m totally lovin’ Jay’s english! 2PM JJANG!

  15. i just left a comment…i hope i’m super lucky since there is already 385 or so comments on the vid already~

    i think they should give out a lot of albums =3

  16. wow!!! man i cant wait!!! their english was reallly goood and they made it really cute such confidence with a foreign language toooo>.<

    ekkkkkk dunno what to say!!!!

    thanxs cooolsmurf


  17. 2pm’s one was soooo cute!! Fumbling with their script! I didnt know that Jay could speak English so so well and naturally. I forgot who was it that stayed on stage to talk when 2pm performed in Spore. Anyone remember? I didn’t really know them then.

    Anyways, who’s gonna win?!

  18. wow. i’m impressed! they must be working really hard on their english. i hope they do well here but i’m not too optimistic. i hope they prove me wrong, b/c i lovve them 😉

  19. woa i didnt know jae was so good at english!

    Haha Wonder Girls are so cute speaking english
    Ye Eun has the most accented though
    She kind of sounds chinese when she was speaking

  20. GUYS… you can leave comments..
    it’s very possible that the girls will be reading comments on
    there channel..

  21. Did anyone else notice how Sun Ye rolled her neck when she said “wonderful” hehehehe it was so cute!!

    Sunmi sounded adorable!

  22. @kjbee

    at least JYP has the ambition and the passion.
    that ambition now maybe very impossible..
    but who knows..In the future.. he will succeed..
    because nothing is impossible..


    OMG first seeing Koreans(natural) who speaks good english..
    Wonder Girls just blew me.. they improved so much..
    i am so proud..

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