We Got Married Episode 41 Picture Summary

Episode 41 was finally shown yesterday after a 2 weeks absence. Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji goes shopping on a shoestring budget to furnish their house .


Jeju Island again? Seems to be the preferred weekend destination on We Got Married. Marco and Son Dambi couple spends another episode outdoors.


This episode also saw the Ant couple departing the show which I posted earlier. Hyung Don thought it would be the end. But no, he gets a new mission, to find his new bride as shown in the preview for next week. But imagine his shock and then joy, when he realizes that his final destination is the dorm of girl group, So Nyeo Shi Dae and his bride is among one of them. Youtube preview.


There were no news pictures for Hwanhee – Hwayobi couple. It must be worrying for MBC as We Got Married wasn’t even in the Top 20 of the nationwide ratings with only 9.3%. The 2 weeks absence plus the new time slot might have impacted ratings but should they be asking themselves if there’s something wrong with the overall quality of We Got Married now?

Check at TungTung Fansubs later in the week for the subbed episode.

34 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 41 Picture Summary

  1. imo after all the pioneer couples left the show is slowly going down the drain…i loved the first group of couple they brought a new atmosphere to the show…but now it just seems like an endless story for all the couples…replacement after replacement just isnt going to do…the PDS of WGM need to think of something to get the show stable again if not this might even get cut soon

    though after saying all of that i still show my support and watch ever eps =]

  2. Huh?! I’m a bit confused… I just watched episode 41 and yes, KangJi goes shopping & MarBi goes to Jeju, but it was also the episode where the Ant couple is just leaving; there was nothing about HyunDong looking for his new bride… And Hwanyobi was indeed in it, as they were covering both of their concerts….

    Or maybe I’m mixing things up…?

  3. i like the new couple Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji.. but the rest are.. blahh.. it was worst enough.. now.. Hyung Don AGAIN? .. such a turnoff.

  4. WGM was appealing b/c each couple has their unique charm, and all 4 couples have their chemistry together. Now they just throwing everyone in to fill the spot.

    Yeah, I stopped watching after Joongbo left, I will watch Ant couple for the last time though.

  5. same here i stop watching wgm after alshin left which was so long ago but i still watched jongbo’s cuts. i have to say the orginal felt more “real” the new couples seem fake. like marco: he acted all childish and dambi was upset but ever since the PD told him that he was getting anti fans, he changed. hwanhee and hyoabi are okay. it’s just weird to watch the new couple doing the same missions as the original couples.

  6. honestly WGM is loosing its appeal but i am currently watching for kangji. not exactly excited about the incoming couples i mean.. hyungdon&taeyeon is just wierd.

    this weeks segments for crownj&inyoung and hwanyobi was awesome. It just had that warmth and joy of the older episodes. crownj and seoinyoung definitely had the best departing episode even though it was the shortest so far.

  7. Lee Yoon Ji is pretty. Also the people in charge should question the quality of the program since the pioneer couples have left.

  8. what? no hwanhee hwayobi!?!? now that the pioneers are gone. hwanbi is my fave couple among the on-going couples.

  9. The way the EDITOR edit the clip (with all the special effects, forceful music…) make the program look so FAKE. And the MCs are gone, the show is 70% less interresting.

    That’s why we have low rating.

  10. I agree with Muin, the editing, the loss of the MCs and studio audience does make WGM not that interesting anymore. I think it is those reasons & not really the new couples…

  11. Hwanhee and Yobi were in this epi, it was just that coolsmurf couldn’t find news pics of them, so don;t worry. it was mostly abt their concerts end of last year.

  12. honestly Hwanhee/Hwayobi are the best couple ever XD can’ t get tired of them !!!
    I’m kinda gonna look forward too Junjin as well..otherwise those PDs need to understand JHD won’t give them any high ratings even if u pair him up with Hyori!! He has been on the show like forever :S

  13. I think Hwanhee and Hwayobi might be the next to leave :[
    Aside from the Ant couple, these two have also been getting less air time.
    Which gets me pissed ’cause I love those two, and I just can’t stand Marco and Dam Bi so they’re my only hope (maybe Kang In still have to see) of keeping my interest in watching WGM still!

  14. About the ratings, YES. It’s a flopped now. They used to be number 1 nation wide but I have to agree that the original coupling and concept ruled the show. PD’s and the Couples should take extra effort to create something fresh for avid WGM viewers (like me).

    I am bored each week. The reason why I am watching is because Kangin entered and now, Junjin is joining. That’s it. Above all… the couples could not show something striking the the creative staffs needs a total makeover.

  15. Hey Guys,

    Does anyone know the reaction of korean Netizens to WGM nowadays?

    My thoughts:

    WGM suxx in every way. This show has become literally a PR machine for all stars in it. Hwan/hyobi just covering their concerts, don’t like both, u can tell he is sucked to be with hyobi by the way he treats and looks at her. He is doing his solo PR Sh**. And Hyobi is rolemodel for all guys having a stupid wife at home, and cheating on her with all hot girls outside.

    Mar/Bi was boring from the beginning, just showing of their modellike bodies, in case of marco, think he lacks in intelligence, profitting only from his body. Dambi ist hot, but thats it.

    Kangin Couple is quiet ok, but Kangin could pull off some unexpected things to make it less awkward. He is able to do so. Some Hope in this couple.

    Don/Taejon = No comment. Pure stupidity.

    JunJin/Bla = They need some PR?

    WGM = R.I.P

  16. Well i think that its almost the end for the show. The other two shows on the same timeslot has over20% ratings, but now wgm has onluy single digit. Right now i am only watchign kangin couple, its not that good, but its the best of the three. Right now i am only lookign forward to junjin. Seriously, the PD of the show and half of the cast needs to be replaced. The show is getting bland.

  17. it’s probably a good idea now to just keep the time of each couple to be about 3 months or so because all the pioneer couples had at least half a year together and during that time, sooooooo many people were deeply connected to them that when it’s finnally time to say goodbye, it doesn’t seem at all like just a show like it was suppose to.
    and wow that’s such a drop
    i still remember the time when WGM has around 20% rating or so
    and now it’s like 9%????

  18. I’m sorry, but WGM is getting a bit.. D:
    I love WGM and all but it’s going downhill for me.
    I Think I’m sticking with BOF for awhile.

  19. lol this episode looks promising. i bet the new couple is going to be a hit. ya i believe that the 2 week of no episodes did hurt the viewers percentage. but i hope it will increase with the viewers aware that MBC is back

  20. Shukumei – I agree with you. I didn’t see any preview for next week about dondon and his new bride or about junjin.

  21. wow.. mixture of new couples on ep 42 n hyung don with the leader of SNSD??
    the pd must be confused n dont reli know wat 2 add to make wgm more interesting.. as long as hwan hee n hwayobi couple n kang in n yunji couple is still there then i will still watch it if they’re not there then… i’ll consider the new couples.. miss the old couples… =s

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