Lee Si Young and JunJin Confirmed For We Got Married New Year Special

Now barely 24 hours after the PDs of We Got Married had announced that they would be keeping the identity of JunJin’s bride on the New Year Special a secret until the actual broadcast, they have now (flip-flopped) revealed the name of the girl. Actress Lee Si Young, recently seen in KBS Boys Before Flowers as Geum Jandi’s (Goo Hye Sun) friend, Oh Min Ji will be JunJin’s partner.

Lee Si Young partners JunJin on We Got Married New Year Special

The We Got Married PDs refused to rule out the possibility of them staying beyond the New Year Special. But at the present moment, it’s understood that they are only appearing for the New Year Special on 25th January.

Lee Si Young (24) is a newbie actress who was in KBS dramas Kingdom of the Winds and Boys Before Flowers recently. It’s funny to note that after failing to snag the heir to the Shinhwa group, Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Before Flowers, she does get someone from Shinhwa afterall on We Got Married.

With the confirmation that he is on We Got Married, JunJin is now going to be on MBC for 7 days in a week. JunJin appears from Monday to Friday on daily sitcom That Person Is Coming and on Saturday, he is on Infinity Challenge. Someone close to JunJin joked that he is like a MBC employee now.

50 thoughts on “Lee Si Young and JunJin Confirmed For We Got Married New Year Special

  1. dang.even if i lovd joongbo i kinduh wanted him n hwangbo tgether. hehe. cant wait to find out. wens d new year special? wgm turns a year old on new years sins dats wen the wgm trend started=] cant wait. i love junjin.. n her in bof. evn if its unconfirmd dat its permanent. oh n d wgm pds r so funny.dey always cave in to netizens curiousity. mwahaa

  2. i wonder if it was because of the rumors that it was shin bong sun.. cuz I was kinda gagging when I heard it was shin bong sun, so sick of her.. the new girl is cute, can’t wait

  3. awwwws she pretty still !
    even though..she evil in boys before flowers ..
    yeah i can’t wait to watch the new eps for WGM but

  4. way to fail to keep it a secret MBC :p

    should be fun, though i doubt junjin will stay for very long of WGM, the guy is busy as 7-11. The guys needs rest lol

  5. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !! Great news !!
    At least : Junjin ! I luv that guy !
    I dunno the girl but tha’s fine, she is so pretty !
    It’s a pity they r doing it for only one episode but that’s better than nothing =^^=

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  7. oh man, now this recent revelation has gotten me curious. Aigoo, PDs of WGM can’t stick to their original plan.

    Still have mixed feelings about Junjin in WGM though. I thought his current projectsw (IC, He’s Coming) are already perfect for him. Somehow I don’t see him in a show like WGM.

  8. ahh.. her. you couls see from the trailer that her hair is the same as her hair in boys before flower. the china netizens were already speculating last night that it is her.

  9. she is really pretty! *-* but i dont like her character at all in boys before flower.. :/
    lol.. i actually thought the mystery bride was ga in from BEG..
    wonder how this couple turns out!

  10. oh snap
    i just realized i thought it was jandi’s other friend.
    omo~~ this girl was so scary in BOF…
    idk how i feel about this………

  11. Oooh… so she was that evil, fake friend? Hmmm… will she be liked on this show since I think she had a rather pathetic image in Boys Before Flowers… She kinda looked like Solbi in the drama ^_^

    Go JunJin!!! I can’t wait to see him… maybe more ppl will sub WGM now 😀

  12. by looking at the picture, ohhh…. they look good together.=)…..that’s perfect pair-up….hehehe….
    ahh i don’t like hyung don pairing up with tae yon..his tOoO…old 4 her ……heheh…
    *LOL* NOW! lee si young will get a real shinhwa!!! hahaha…

  13. yeeaaahhh! I’m so excited to see more of Junjin, I can’t seem to get enough, he is awesome plus I love all the members of Shinhwa so its nice to see that he is going to be in another show, hope he does well. Junjin fighting. 🙂

  14. i have a feeling i’m going to really like this couple. the pic seems like its a bad boy sweet girl couple. and she’s really cute, no need to mention how hot junjin is. haha looking forward to them! :))

  15. Well, I’ve stopped waiting WGM except for cuts due to lack of interest, but since Andy from Shinhwa got me interested in WGM in the first place, it’s only reasonable that JunJin will get me re-interested. I’m a big Ssangchu couple but I did want to see him and Hwangbo interact with each other >.<

  16. @DBSK-You suck, and go somewhere else where people would care about what you think. GHS is an amazing actress and singer. We don’t need more idiotic people like you trying to start keyboard wars.

    mmhm, anyways, some secret that was. I would actually like a show to keep a secret right until it will air instead of blowing it. Ruins the moment.
    But I think Lee Si Young is super cute in BOF :] She’s very pretty.

  17. This is definitely surprising to me… Haha, I mean I just saw her in the last episode of BOF and now I hear news about her with Junjin.

  18. I like Lee Si Young in Kingdom of the Winds.
    She’s so cute together with Kim Hye Sung… YeoJin-YeonHwa innocent pairing!

  19. Eventhough my hopes failed. At least someone I like would be paired up with my favorite Shinhwa member~!:D

    Lol. laugh at the SHINHWA curse. 😀 well JoonPyo and Junin have a “Shinhwa/legend” Hotness.

    —-but, Bong Sun would have been a better partner.:D

  20. MBC employee… hahaha….
    Getting a real SHINHWA…. LOL!
    the girl is pretty…. her expression in BOF is kinda scary…. i wonder how will she show herself in WGM…..
    JJ is really busy nowadays!

  21. OMG, it’s the psycho b*tch from HYD!! xD Wow, this is going to be awesome!! I always pictured Junjin with some kind of teen idol, like a young actress/singer or someone from Wonder Girls or SNSD. I can’t wait!! ^^

  22. OH MY GOD!
    when I saw the preview, and the way the bride’s hair look, I thought of this girl right away, but I was like “Eh~ no way”
    but damn I was right

    I never really like her.
    hoping she’ll be off BOF soon already.

  23. Hahaha, I didn’t notice that!
    She wasn’t able to get the heir of Shinhwa, but at least in the end she gets Junjin from Shinhwa. 🙂

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