Who Is The Bride For JunJin on We Got Married New Year Special?

Not only will you see the new couple of Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon next week, it was also previewed in today’s episode of MBC We Got Married that JunJin will also be appearing in the New Year special on 25th January.

JunJin Being Considered for We Got Married

We Got Married finally aired its 41st episode today after an absence of 2 weeks due to the MBC union strike against the new media laws being passed by the Lee Myung Bak administration. This episode also saw the Ant couple making their exit but what shocked fans/viewers was seeing JunJin appearing in the previews inside a church as the background. But MBC smartly blurred out the image of his bride which heightened the curiousity of viewers.

Who is the mysterious bride?

The PDs expressed, “We aren’t sure if JunJin will continue beyond the New Year special. But we are definitely keeping the identity of his bride a secret until the actual broadcast.” Many are thus curious and concerned on whether JunJin will become part of the permanent cast on We Got Married in future which includes Son Dambi – Marco, Hwanhee – Hwayobi and Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji.

Actually, before Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon was pencilled in for We Got Married, JunJin had been mooted as a candidate at the same time Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji was picked. So it looks like JunJin is still in contention afterall. Some netizens are speculating that it might be Shin Bong Seon but that is highly unlikely since she is on SBS Gold Miss which airs in the same timeslot.

Whatever it is, stay tuned on 25th January for We Got Married.

33 thoughts on “Who Is The Bride For JunJin on We Got Married New Year Special?

  1. oh my…i’d be ultra happy if junjin were to continue the show…i really wish though..but then again he’ll soon have to serve for the millitary so may be it’s better if he doesn’t get involved that much…lol seriously…i’m having two thoughts here…btw thnx for the news alvin ^^ *darn missed today’s show*

  2. if rumors about Bong Sun and Junjin are true..

    well, i think i’ll be one of the members of their fanclub!:D lol.

    I like Bong Sun because of her gags. Junjin on the otherhand was like my childhood crush because of shinhwa. LOL. thus, junjin is a funny man too. So, it’ll be a great couple! XD

    i bet it’ll be funnier than the other couples.:D

  3. ow.. i saw the preview along with hyung-tae preview

    hmm.. not too clear but i guess she might be shin bong seun.. hah, i think they are quite well-match.. would be interesting to watch..

    these 3 couple along with kang-ji and hyung-tae, are likely to be the couple that will bring back the rating of WGM to top again.. I like to believe in that..

    good luck to new couples..
    let us see the show before judging..

  4. I agree with one of the comments above. I have nothing against Junjin, but I feel he’s a bit overrated. I guess I just don’t find him funny.

    I wish they would choose stars that aren’t in the center of the spotlight these days, that aren’t idol stars and pair them with unexpected people. The Taeyeon and Hyungdon pairing was unexpected, no doubt, but I don’t see them working out anytime soon. T_T

    Maybe none of the couples are leaving; maybe Taeyeon and Hyungdon don’t decide to get married, therefore leading to another couple attempt to replace the Ant couple… Junjin and his mystery bride…

  5. Yah… so, Junjin is coming on WGM…
    I was a little disappointed when I saw the article about Jung Hyungdon a while ago. I thought the Junjin thing was just a rumour…. I am so excited!!! XD
    I think Junjin will make the most awesome hubby on there. He’s a really sweet guy. I hope his buin is worthy of him… lol… 😛 I’m sure she’ll be pretty. Beautiful people belong together…. XD
    I’m definitely looking forward to this episode!

  6. omg!!! it is coming so soon.. can’t wait for who the girl is.. please..please!!! let it be jang young ran!!!! or other.. jun jin is funny so can’t wait who the girl is going to be..!!!

  7. Wow.. Shin Bong Seon? WGM really go Comedy. so long reality. What next? kim Shin Young and Tae Min (from Shinee ) or some other wierd cast? Wgm… sad to say but I have no more urged to watch it.

  8. Well this is great news, this will be the reason for me to watch WGM again, I can’t wait, I was waiting for this since they announce it the first time, I didn’t think it would actually happen. Great for Junjin I hope he does a great job and doesn’t stumble on shyness so much. JUNJIN FIGHTING!!!!!

  9. huh i dont really see how he is going to be a permenant member. hes leaving in like 3 months for the military, they need to find some long term members. possibly KIM JONG KOOK! now he would be alot better than junjin

  10. I really want to see this guy in this show. i don’t care if he is going to the military. I have seen him in other shows and he doesn’t mind looking like an idiot . He will deferentially bring reality and different image in this show.

  11. oh.. i really want to see junjin and hwangbo instead.. but that is so impossible right? saddens..

    those two are just meant for each other..

  12. I want him with Shin Bong Sun…if that happens I will start watching this again…either her or Shin Young!! OMG SHIN YOUNG!!!

  13. BOOOOO i just watched the teaser…the girl is too skinny to be Shin Young! (Bong Sun lost some weight so a big maybe)…blah…i’ll wait to see who it is, then i’ll see if i will come back to this show

  14. If PD is playing some kind of trick just to get the rating up then i’m so going to kick his ass. Junjin has to be in this show now.

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