Tae Yeon and Kangin Slammed for Careless Remarks

Tae Yeon of girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae has been receiving lots of heat recently after making some careless remarks on her radio show with Kangin about her recent trip to a local hospital to get a shot for her pain from flu.

Kangin and Tae Yeon

On the 12th January episode of MBC4U Chin Chin Radio, Tae Yeon mentioned that she had been to a local hospital to get a shot because she was in pain from flu. But because all the doctors were away for lunch, the nurses couldn’t administer the shot without doctors’ approval. But Tae Yeon didn’t know about that and said that she almost wanted to create a scene. But she held it in and just left. Kangin then created even more mayhem by saying how irresponsible the nurses were and criticized that particular nurse for her actions.

Tae Yeon also made a seemingly harmless remark on the show after an Alicia Keys song, “For a black person, she’s really pretty.” But some netizens took it out of context and said it was racist, placing more heat on Tae Yeon.

It was only later on the show that Tae Yeon realized her mistake and the both of them apologized for their remarks. But by then, they have been slammed by doctors, nurses and netizens for their remarks. This prompted SM Entertainment to issue a statement to diffuse the situation, “They (Kangin and Tae Yeon) should have been more careful with their remarks. But there was no malicious intent there and they are deeply sorry about the whole incident.”

147 thoughts on “Tae Yeon and Kangin Slammed for Careless Remarks

  1. Oo… I think they should’ve known better
    then to do that with all the crazy netizens
    listening to every word and all the antis.
    But they did apologize so that’s alright.
    I think…?

  2. i’ve been reading this everywhere.
    she should have watched what she was saying. she had no reason to complain about and tell others that that hospital is god awful just because they didn’t treat her fast enough. i think if she was about to die of pain like some unbelievebly biased fans are saying, then the nurses would have done SOMETHING to make her at least feel more comfortable. and plus, if she was so sick and in agony, why didn’t she go to the ER instead of just walking in a hospital? really taeyeon, its not that big of a deal. there was a guy in dallas who waited in an er for 19 hours and died because it took them so long to treat him. now, i would have liked to hear what HE had to say about the hospital he went to, rather then hear the rant of a girl who just didn’t have enough patience.

  3. i’m a future nurse too and quite disappointed by this.

    i don’t know what rules korean hospitals have regarding this issue but those 2 should have been more careful since everything they say is always magnified by the media.

  4. Ignorance is NOT bliss…

    Maybe they should stop starting to complain and whinning, especially whinning on air.

    The nurses can’t decide it ok? There are no doctors around. Meal time or not. And if it’s their meal time and you’re not NEAR-DEATH, don’t expect them to run head.over.heels for you. Nurses are human too, they need a BREAK and a MEAL so that they can prepare for the next shift.

  5. theyre normal human beings. some remarks may slip out, out of frustration. remarks were mean but dude, who cares…

    can you imagine if netizens were broadcasted for every racist/mean comment they said? the world would run into a state of hysteria

  6. wait..so if its lunch time then u have to wait to get treated?…so if i am really sick and in pain i have to wait until a doc finished lunch?…wat if i suffer damage from the wait…wat if i die?
    i don’t see the problem with wat they said….like i understand ppl should have lunch but still…now i realize how good health care in north america is

  7. I love how people are defending her comments ESPECIALLY the alicia keys comment.

    THAT kind of thing is not acceptable no matter what.

    AND I know some stupid fans are going to try and bring up Seungri AGAIN – that was dealt with. Fans complained, wrote letters, and cared alot more than some of you non-fans think we did.

    I’ve seen a ton of posts bringing up seungri’s incident and it irks me that he’s being used to make what Taeyeon said “not a big deal”.

  8. FYI @yo and marumaui

    you dont know if its NEAR-DEATH or not or even how serious or not to serious it is. so stop being ignorant. truth be told, if you were sick and walked into a hospital thinking you’d get treated and attended to like youre suppose to but didnt and got brushed off, you’d be wth too. especially if the reason was “im on my break”

  9. LOL! I’ve been reading that she was in extreme pain and she was about to faint. Then, how did she manage to walk out of there? She needs to be careful about what she says. The latter comment really irks me though. I guess she never learned “think before you talk”

  10. ^ It obviously wasn’t that serious if she’s able to complain about it the same day.

    Basically she wanted the shot so that she could continue working instead of battling fatigue the proper way.


    So why shouldn’t she have waited if it was urgent? She expected to be treated like a celebrity and threw a fit when she wasn’t.

    Too sad for her.

  11. oh for crying out loud! they were just speaking freely about their own opinions. why does everything have to be filtered and monitored at all times? so what about the remarks? i mean seriously? if i was TY, i would’ve gotten up and marched right into the staff lounge and demanded to get seen. what kind of hospital has lunch time with no doctor or nurse to cover the floor. i find it really insulting and disgusting to see fellow colleagues who treat the healthcare profession as if they’re god. i mean as a nurse, you’re supposed to put the patient’s safety first before you’re own belly. you know, i wouldn’t be surprised if people die on the surgical table cuz the doctor decided that he/she was hungry and needed to take a snack break. like wth? they don’t get paid 5 figured paychecks to laze about!!!!

  12. I listened to both of the segments. The comments about the nurses were just irresponsible. The problem only dragged on longer than necessary because they first tried laughing it off then didn’t directly apologize. I found her Alicia Keys comment, on the other hand, to be extremely offensive. What could possibly be going through her head that she’d let something like that slip. “She’s really, really pretty considering she’s black.” What?? Extremely disappointing..

  13. i’m sure that if the person who went in fainted or was serious hurt the nurses would react but if it’s just a simple flu shot, can’t you simply wait a couple minutes for that? as for their remarks, they really should had known better especially at their age and what she’s done in the past. they should really watch what they’re saying.

  14. “Tae Yeon is kind of pretty, considering she’s a chink!” if some one would had said this to her, she would had blown up…

  15. @blah: This is what I can’t stand, people like you. Just STFU! Clearly the nurse couldn’t administer the shot without a doctor. And if it was that urgent, she would have gone to the ER. And she didn’t make an appointment or anything, so yeah. I’m pretty sure there were doctors, but they were taking care of those who scheduled an appointment. If you were a patient who had an appointment, would you like the doc to drop everything and aid taeyeon right away because she’s just so damn precious?

    I was just starting to like SNSD, too. oh well.

  16. i bet most people reading this blog ARENT EVEN KOREAN THUS DONT UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE

    languages never directly translate word for word. so “For a black person, she’s really pretty”, its obviously based on whoever translated it. the person could’ve translated it to being more harsh and cruel rather than something like “shes really pretty despite her dark skin” which can REFER TO SKIN COLOR TONE ONLY. godd, you netizens need to gtfo celebs nuts.

  17. “For a black person, she’s really pretty.” Can someone explain to me how this stmt can be racist??? I often say that too but it does not mean that im being offensive. Although Alicia Keys is black but she’s really pretty 🙂

  18. Taeyeon, is an idol, she should know that she cannot say those types of things on her radio show. she should know that saying those types of things will get her in trouble (did she not learn from the Alicia Key’s incident? or the Tiffany issue). this is bad for SNSD cause they are doing promotional activities at the moment. =(
    BUT i do think the nurse was having a retarded moment. does the whole hospital stop working at lunch time? no. Taeyeon doesn’t exactly have all the time in the world these days (and that is probably the reason why she left). i’m pretty sure that if she could wait she would have waited.

  19. @sjhf, you dont know if she made an appointment or not. they never directly said TAEYEON NEVER MADE AN APPOINTMENT but just bounced into the hospital

  20. ^ LOL that was offensive.

    It’s like saying that black skin is not pretty at all and is something bad and that even though she is black she’s pretty.

  21. @tealeaves…

    “black skin is not pretty” obviously that is a matter of opinion and isnt stereotyping anyone and so it cant be racists.

  22. @ anonymousss: I do understand your point about things getting lost in translation, but since when does “heukin” translate into “tan”?

  23. @anonymousss
    then i’m guessing the hospital is just plain stupid and decided to schedule her for the doc’s break time? yeah, find a better argument…

  24. even so, she shouldn’t have threatened to say the hospital’s name on air. it was something that wasn’t supposed to be discussed publicly and let’s leave it at that

  25. ^ LOL.. really? xD

    but there are many black hotties out there like Tyra and Iman and let me reinterprete my everyday stmt. Im saying although some ppl tend to discriminate against black but I love Alicia Keys. She is beautiful and will always be my favourite singer. Aww.. x)

  26. i agree with kimmiec… how can ALL the doctors leave at the same time for lunch? there should always be at least one doctor available. Even retail stores know they must have shifts for lunch time or dinner time so the entire staff is not away from the store eating lunch. I feel bad that Taeyeon could not get treated especially since artists are very busy people and every minute counts. if she had time to wait, she would have waited.

  27. I dunno but i don’t find anything wrong with the hospital comments… If i were Tae, i would have said the same thing. They didn’t mean to insult, they just show how they were disappointed.

    Bout the alicia keys one, even though i’m a big fan of taeyeon, i would say that’s harsh.
    She should have just said She’s pretty without the black remarks.
    She didn’t want to be racist but maybe she has an “opinion”.
    However, i won’t complain too much bcos something like that would slip from my mouth at times but luckily i’m not public figure.
    Cos i think everyone can say or show racist remarks at times even though we don’t mean to. Rite?
    Only hyprocites would say that they never make fun of other races…. Even sometimes asians n asians.
    Like if u make fun of or just casually say something bad about other nationalities…

    Well, they should be more careful since they r public figure n lots of obsessive people who’ll criticize every error they make.
    KangTae <3333333

  28. A nurse isn’t allowed to give out shots without a doctor’s consent. I don’t know why she had to blame it on the nurse. I felt like she was totally pointing the finger at that particular nurse. How could she even say she wasn’t going to send anyone to that hospital too? Was it really that horrible that the nurse had to drop her lunch, call the doctor who was on break (dude, don’t doctors work ALL DAY?) to give her a shot because she, a celebrity, wanted one right then, right there? Sorry lady, but sometimes you can’t get what you want. Besides, she wasn’t telling Taeyeon to wait all day, just until the break was over. Would it really kill to not get special treatment once in awhile?

  29. wow.. racist much? i maen i can understand the nurse thing.. but the alicia keys thing? oh hell no she didnt.

    she should just keep her mouth shut.

  30. @sjhf

    i never said that they did schedule her appointment during lunch time. that wasnt my argument. im simply trying to say people, most netizens assume too much leading to different conflicts and rumors – the cons of internet talk

  31. O__O … Does Tae Yeon not think before she speaks? Goodness and she’s an “idol” star too. I can’t believe how stupid her comments can be … Why do they let her do the freaking radio show anyway?

  32. yea.agree with passerby though.i think that SNSD reputation is once again tarnished. if she is on air broadcasting to the public, she should think before she speaks + she should even in her own life-she is not a 3 years old kid anymore. Common, she not as if she was dying right? though the doctors and nurses and standing on the front line, they are still humans. they have the right to eat! ‘for a black person, she is really pretty’??=.= why not rephrase it to ‘for a Asian person, taeyeon is really ugly’? X)

  33. @anonymous:

    “for a black person, she’s really pretty,” is simply saying that all black people or black people in general are not pretty but by surprise, she is. when you add “for a black person” you’re discriminating on one’s skin color which would make it a racist remark. its like saying “asians eat dogs.” of course everyone’s definition of racist is different.

    im not saying that i don’t make racist remarks, and anyone who says they don’t would just be lying, but for her to be an idol and saying it on the radio where she knows she will be
    criticized for every little thing she says…she should had known better.

  34. The comment made about Alicia Keys in very racist, in other words is pretty much saying that black people are not pretty, this is how it would be taken. She should know better that if you are in the spot light all the time you should watch how you act and what you said, because there’s ears everywhere.

  35. To me
    Tae yeon is an idol
    she’s role model to her fan
    saying like that on radio broadcast
    it show both of them is immature &
    unprofessional too.

  36. ‘She didn’t know. ‘ Hence, it gives her the right to rant her ignorance on air?

    I’m also a mass media practitioner. In our Code of Ethics, it’s mandated that we should always emphasize the public right to information. Yes, we are given the right to defend our opinion, but this must be based on FACTS.

    Emotions must NOT take precedence over this public responsibility. Just present the facts and let the public form THEIR OWN OPINION.

    If she found it sensible to discuss such incident on air, the least she could have done is presented it in a platform that’s not slanderous to the other party. Clearly her emotions as stated in the line ” I’m not letting sick people go to that hospital.” became the motivating factor behind her opinion and not the facts.

    What she had accomplished in the end is use the medium as a platform for her personal vendetta against a health professional who, in her perspective, failed to give her the attention she deserves. It was clearly a ‘power play’- a behavior that should not to be condoned.

    Thus, ignorance is NOT an excuse in public broadcasting.

  37. this proves that fans are not only blind to their ugliness but deaf as well. go nurse! for not treating her like she’s special just cos she’s a member of the plastic lolitas. and go black women for being way prettier than her surgeon could ever dream of.

  38. thats so messed upp. those nurses are soo stupid. theyre NURSES. its a SHOT. do the mathh.
    id be just like kangin oppa! lol
    i totally understand taeyeon unnis situation, i mean she was sick, she needed the shot to do her job ❤

    Kangin Taeyeon HWAITING!

  39. @ kimchi: It’s not nice to say what’s not true. “For an Asian person, Taeyeon is really ugly?” Anyone with eyes can tell she’s one of the prettier girls.


    I absolutely adore Taeng so I’m going to go on and say that she really didn’t know. She was feeling miserable and it was evident – if you watched the recent Chinchin Bora, Taeng barely had her voice and was coughing the entire time. To be honest, I didn’t know that a doctor was required for a nurse to administer a shot either. I thought about this for a long and tried to put myself in her position. When I’m sick – I feel miserable, I feel tired and I’m easily irritated. For a nurse who didn’t clearly state that she wasn’t allowed to give a shot and instead told me they were busy having lunch, I think I would’ve been pissed too.

    I’m not justifying her actions, but it would be nice if people could consider both sides of the story before slamming everything upon them. And for those who claim that she should stop acting like a celebrity – she IS one. It’s her job. Notice how even when celebrities are sick, they STILL perform on stage? Even when they’re sick, they STILL have to go on scheduled shows? It’s not an easy job where you can call off sick days. So if you had a packed schedule and took what little break time you had to visit the doctor and was turned down with “sorry, the doctor is having lunch,” I’m sure you wouldn’t have been all smiles and go “okay! I understand.”

    Of course – it was Taeng and Kangin at fault for blasting it on the radio. It was unprofessional for them to talk about it. And Taeng’s “she’s pretty for a black girl” comment, they happen more frequently than you know it. “She’s got a huge chest for an Asian girl” or “she’s got really nice eyes for an Asian girl” or “she’s really tall for an Asian girl,” I find all those to be similar. We hear those comments so much, but when a celebrity says it, netizens go nuts. Go figure. Being a celebrity is tough.

  40. to be honest i feel bad for them. this rant about the hospital and the nurses is something normal that you and i could be ranting about but it’s too bad that they’re celebrities and their comments are magnified by the media. plus i admit it was not wise to do it on radio.

    and the alicia keys comment. i don’t see it as racist, that’s a bit too serious. like MAYBE in her opinion, she doesn’t generally find black people attractive but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna go hitler on them and say “omg black ppl are good for nothing blahblahblah”. that was not wise to say on radio either.

  41. kangin didnt do anything wrong except for trying to help taeyeon and i think taeyeon overreacted a little bit. From what I know, nurse aren’t allow to give shot without the permission of the doctor or without the doctor being present. Maybe I am wrong or it is different in South Korea. But it was simple mistake of taeyeon saying those things on the radio.

  42. Her comment can be also translated as “when it comes to black people she is the prettiest.” Now, I just find that somewhat more ignorant then anything. In no way is she a racist and she didn’t say it in a derogatory way. You people need to learn Korean, listen to the audio and judge it for yourself. Her comment had no negative connotation to it and Kangin&Taeyeon were praising her the whole time about her music. And was the Alicia Keys thing even written about in the original article? Looks like coolsmurf just got everything off from the soompi thread because the major issue in Korea is about the hospital thing.

    I agree she shouldn’t have talked about her hospital thing, but it was kind of bad of Kangin to egg her on. As a sunbae and a DJ for 2+ years, he should have known better and cut her off.

    I’ll just end it here and basically say everyone should move on. They apologized..what more do you want? There’s no point in dragging the issue any longer.

  43. only SNSD can cause this type of drama…..

    im gonna go with ppopki since he/she does
    a great job at translating and actually heard
    the segment him/herself, im not gonna go
    with just written lines….

  44. of course they can be humans (they are).. but they’re also celebrities, and as koreans themselves, they should be aware on how netizens are very particular about how a celebrity acts.

    i’m kind of disappointed with kangin, more so because he’s one of my favourites in SuJu. i thought he dealt with enough stirs by netizens to not talk loosely. as the senior between the two, he should’ve been able to steer away the conversation from delicate matters.

    they should know better, they have been in the industry long enough, but i guess maturity needs time.

  45. oh wow, insanely absurd crowd in here

    taking one rant and blowing it out of proportion are just what netizens would do~
    you have ur own opinion, and so does she~~
    who in here does not make mistake in speaking/talking?
    if there is one person who dares to say “i’m that person” then that person has that worth to criticize her.

    and don’t go so much about “she’s an idol” and such. Is idol not human? Is idol perfection? Can’t idol make mistake?

  46. I respect doctors nd nurses
    but I agree with Taeyeon nd Kangin oppa
    Patients come FIRST!
    The Nurse KNEW she was in pain
    she should’ve done something.
    I still REALLY respect Kangin Oppa.
    He was defending Taeyeon.
    VERY sweet1
    I still love you Kangin Oppa!
    Same with you Nurses nd doctors.
    nd of course Tae yeon.

  47. yes she’s an idol and human too
    because of she is idol & public figure
    she have to careful in everything they say
    many peoples are watching them..esp antis
    she must already know what consequence
    will happen after her talking like that

  48. The main thing i have to say is that for all those nurses and doctors, for you it might be obvious why something can’t happen but patients don’t know it. Just like i find most advanced computer topics to be obvious to me it probably isn’t for most people. It doesn’t hurt to explain the situation instead of saying that you can’t because you just finished eating. Is it that hard to just inform the patient that as a nurse you’re not allowed to administer a shot without a doctor and that no doctors are available at the moment to help with this.

    I agree that the DJs have to be more careful on what they say sometimes as they’re under public scrutiny but i can’t say i have don’t dislike that nurse. I probably would of gone and looked for the person in charge and filed a complaint against them.

  49. omg this is ridiculous… She wasn’t in pain. She was probably just being overdramatic because she’s an idol and is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it….

    besides yes the nurse was partly to blame, but if you think about it, how many rude patients do you think these poor nurses go through every day? don’t say, its part of their job, etc… becuase its not like the patients aren’t to blame… and like someone elses aid, if she was in so much pain, she should have gone to the er

    Does anyone else find it funny that she and snsd in general can cause so much drama, not the good kind, just after their comeback? ugh. whatever. i dont care either way because i don’t care for snsd. this is a prime example why…

  50. She didn’t know? wow she is really dumb!
    Dude no wonder why a lot of people hates them. I thought tiffany is the dumb in the group but i realized all of them are! I feel sorry for SM. SNSD is the disgrace of their company.

  51. for all we know the available doctors were treating other patients
    i don’t know about you guys but when i go to the hospital i usually have to wait til i get treated

  52. i don’t think the nurse is at fault… nurses cannot give shots without permission from the doctor! and obviously nurses are trained, so they no more about these kind of deseases and medicine to give to patients… think about it, what if she gave taeyeon the shot and something happend! Yes, taeyeon is human… but saying that on a radio show is making this situation more complicated…

    I don’t blame Taeyeon and Kangin 100%, they have their own faults and rights, but don’t you think the words like,”I’m not letting sick people go to that hospital” just directly saying as if the hospital is a place were patients are treated badly…

    Alicia Keys, is an amazing singer! Taeyeon and Kangin are fans too… she probly didn’t know the words she said was racist… but… she is 20- 19, so she should have known better… I hope everything turns out well, and this year won’t be a bad year for SNSD!

  53. yeah….. the black comment was very uncalled for, and yes it was racist… hope they can stay away from trouble, this is not a good way to start a promotional period…SM artists sure apologize a lot…oh well *goes back to spazz on YG and JYP artists*

  54. Yeah I agree patients come first but can’t she wait for a little bit and lay down first? Doctors and Nurses are working almost 24hrs. Taeyeon already knows that the doctors are taking a break and the nurses can’t give her a shot bcoz they are JUST a nurse. You know she could die if the nurse gave her a wrong shot, right? And obviously, the nurses will be responsible for that. You taeyeon’s fans would just have to accept that your idol is an idiot and rude. She’s not a good leade, not a good person, the only thing she is good at is singing and talks like a shit.

  55. I find the alicia keys remark more offensive.

    “so if you’re black you can’t be pretty???” I thought when I read the translated comment. She needs to get more exposure to avoid making more offensive comments like that. She’s on a radio show, she should know what’s offensive and what’s not. Learn if you don’t know.

    After some thought, I personally think she made a point to whine abt the hospital issue coz she can’t believe that SHE had to wait for the doctors like everyone else.

  56. the real reason why taeyon wasn’t treated immediately is because there were no doctors…nurses are the assistant of the doctors..they take orders from the doctors..even if the patients’ desire to give the shots they still can’t do it…
    she is a total ignorant!! and that is not an excuse…

    as a public dj and an idol ahe should be responsible for every words that ‘s coming out from her mouth,especially for a leader who was trained..ranting in a public radio show is so unprofessional..if she has problems with the nurse she should file a complaint to the hospital…

    as for the racist remark…idk what to say!!

  57. If i as in her situation and i wanted a shot i would have been angry too. We just need to vent it out sometimes on what happened even if we aren’t always right. People can’t be perfect ALL the time and it just slipped out of her. Theres no warm in that, since its just an opinion. If this happened on a U.S. radio station, no one would have even cared. Koreans are so crazy.

  58. wow.. i’m really surprised at everyone’s comments, esp. the ones defending TY’s remarks…

    i’m a nurse and the fact of the matter is simple…
    sickest patients come first (doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or not)

    if she can walk into a hospital (meaning she is walking- breathing- alive- and doing fine) then she’s going to have to wait while the health care professional cares for someone else who REALLY needs help (aka gunshot wound) .

  59. Tae Yeon needs to act better than this. She’s not just any old person, she’s a celebrity, idol and a leader of a big girl group. she should use common sense and think before she says things that she knows could cause an uproar among the Korean audience. She could have ranted to Kang In in private, but she chose to rant on a national radio station for everyone else to hear. The way she was saying everything came off childish and rude.

    Doctors are busy people, and they were on their lunch breaks. Not all doctors in the hospital specialize in Tae Yeon’s case and it’s the doctors decision to authorize the shot for the nurse to give. Considering she wasn’t dying, so should wait like everyone else does. A flu isn’t a gunshot wound, though she makes like it is. She takes it a little too far.

    And the racist comment was too much. If you’re a celebrity or not, you can never get away with a comment like that. She could have just said she was pretty, rather than than putting “for a black girl” in there.

    Kang In is also wrong, but I think he was just agreeing with Tae Yeon because of his “friendly” personality. But Kang In should have had the notion to shut her up at one point.

    And it’s amusing on how all her fans are trying to say “she’s only human” “she makes mistakes” “she was out of it because she was sick” “she’s being scrutinized because she’s a celebrity, because she’s part of snsd”

    I’m a fan of Tae Yeon, but she as a celebrity should know that she needs to think before she says things. She’s a leader of a popular idol group consisting of 9 girls, a group whom as been bashed in the past for little disrespectful comments here and there. As the leader, she needs to take responsibility for her actions and show that these 9 girls are to be respected like any other idol group in the industry. With her comments, it seems to have making the scrutiny on Snsd even worse. Worst of all, they’ve just made their comeback.

    I’m sad that Snsd has another problem among them when they made their long awaited comeback. I hope it won’t cause anything too serious to happen to them.

  60. lol the racist bitch and I thought she was cute at first.
    Alicia pretty for a black person?
    That’s racist no matter how you see it because in other words you’re saying that all the others are ugly.

    If I would say “wow Hyori Lee is really pretty for a Korean” that on a K-pop fansite I’m pretty sure people would go nuts.

  61. i hate people who just go on believing what they read.

    korean can be interpretted in so many ways, so learn the language and read it in it’s original context before you judge anything

    pathetic, people are truly pathetic

  62. as a die-hard fan of taeyeon

    i don’t think this was a post was coolsmurf material, you did injustice to taeyeon because of your sloppiness

  63. OMG!
    “For a black person, she’s really pretty.”
    soooo racist!!!WTF!and u said that in public???
    what a terrible person!!!
    bout the nurse thing some people say she didn’t know about it and in so much pain,but all i can see she just being too cocky!she cannot believe it she have to WAIT because she is an ARTIST! *hei nurse!don’t u recognize me??i’m taeyeon’s snsd??!!huh?!!
    such an arrogant person!
    SM’s artists always have thiz kind of problem,i think they better watch their mouth for good…

  64. Ergh, why don’t she just go to ER. Even though ER busy all the time. Since ER is my 2nd home, I can just walked in and get the treatment on the spot.

  65. wow…you guys really made a big deal out of this huh?

    The ignorance of radio announcer happened so many times in my country, that this article looks funny to me. But I really hate when people always has to state their opinion about skin color.

  66. It’s way blown out of proportion.
    First it’s a rant toward a specific nurse, not towards the profession or the medical community. What she was complaining is that she asked for a shot and was told that the doctors were out in lunch break and if she feels bad enough she should lay down in bed. (she wasnt given another explanation). Well she left, to go on with her schedule. Later in the broadcast they where told by their listeners that nurses need doctors aproval to give a shot, so they apologized for their rant.
    About the ‘racist’ comment, that quote is taken out of context, and it was meant as a compliment, obiously, since they were talking about how pretty and awesome Alicia Keys is throughout the broadcast.
    I do feel that the nurse rant was unprofessional but it wasn’t malicious at all. Radio DJs usually share personal stories to create rapport with their audience, and it’s pretty common (if you are a radio listener).
    The Alicia keys comment is not racist, is just ignorant that that phrase has a negative connotation. It wasn’t meant in a negative way. Koreans, in general, are pretty ignorant about racial issues, since it’s a country with a single ethnicity, not a multi-cultured country like US or Europe…
    her comment “흑인치고정말너무예쁘죠,” can be translated literally as “For a black person, she’s really pretty.” But in the context (in which they were showering her in praises) it can mean “When it comes to black people she is really, really pretty” or ‘as for black people she is really really pretty’.

  67. kk i can understand about the hospital incident, etc
    but “for a black person, she is pretty” part, that is considered racsit
    its basically saying that black people arent pretty at all..
    great job taeyeon..making korea look bad now

    and seriously, she is the LEADER of SNSD. she should act more mature than going around and talking about every little incident that causes everyone to get pissed lol..
    its like she is asking for more ANTIS
    i mean look at Sunye..has she ever made a mistake???

  68. @douming; stop with your nonsense defending for TY. can u interpret what she said in a different way from the article? she should have known better, that’s all.

  69. As much as I try to be partial about this issue, I can’t help but feel slighted as I read the article.

    Reason being; it’s because i’m a nurse myself.

    Perhaps she was in a lot of discomfort then; maybe that could explain her irrational behavior. When you are in pain and feeling uncomfortable, nothing else matters. You just want to get rid of it. It’s human nature.

    But the notion of her putting the entire blame on the nurses just doesnt feel right. As many have mentioned, we nurses, do not have the authority to administer any medications without a physician’s order.

    I doubt all the doctors went for lunch; they are prolly busy with patients that require greater medical attention. Between ordering a pain shot and resuscitation; im sure the choice is pretty obvious.

    And dear all, even if you do go the ER, waiting is imminent. Because in the ER, we triage patients according to their acuity. Dont expect to be treated ASAP because flu wont kill.

    It’s true that djs share the experiences to gain rapport and all; but they should understand that are no-go zones when you are on air. If Kangin was more experienced, he could’ve steered the conversation in another direction and prolly avoid this hoo ha.

  70. Taeyeon is an idol, it’s MAJORLY important for her to watch what she says, not just for herself but for her whole group, who have fallen before because of Tiffany’s actions. She’s supposed to be professional too about what she says and of what she does and does not know.

    My goodness, and SNSD just had their comeback -_-

  71. @blah:

    oh for crying out loud! they were just speaking freely about their own opinions. why does everything have to be filtered and monitored at all times? so what about the remarks? you know, i wouldn’t be surprised if people die on the surgical table cuz the doctor decided that he/she was hungry and needed to take a snack break. like wth? they don’t get paid 5 figured paychecks to laze about!!!!


    When they make the choice to become a celebrity, they make the choice to become monitored at all times. All the scandals, rumors, paparazzi, criticism, and etc. they come with fame.

    People wouldn’t die on the surgical table because a doctor wouldn’t start a surgery to just leave in the middle of it.

    They’re also humans, just like you and me. If doctors and nurses were to skip their break every time a patient demands a shot, they’re neglecting their health. Don’t you think they would do their jobs better refueled with food? You can’t expect them to work their butts off 24/7 because you think a patient’s health comes before theirs. It’s the nurse’s fault for not searching for a doctor, but Taeyeon could’ve waited.

  72. My god -__- Everyone keeps claiming the black comment could’ve been lost in translation. Well if it was wouldn’t someone have corrected it by now? Seriously, TY needs to learn to watch what she says, she’s the leader of SNSD and she’s already setting a bad example. && you die hard fans defending her are ridiculous. She did wrong, why can’t you admit that? Its funny, its like some fans think their idols are Jesus.

  73. I don’t get why people are surprised by the Alicia Keys remark. Everyone knows that in korea, being dark is not attractive. Alicia Keys doesn’t strike everyone as black since she’s half white that must be why this girl made this remark about her since she’s apparently white but her features look more white or mixed.

  74. i think i speak for most people when i say that i was dissappionted in her i mean she a leader and supposed to be mature
    and for her to say that shows that she can be irresponsible
    she’s on the radio for godsake i think she knows that considering she is a dj
    to say that on air is unacceptable and kind of stupid
    if it was an offhand comment she said to a friend or her parents it would be okay everyone has a right to complain
    but saying it on radio made her seem immature
    it seemed like she wanted a pity party from kangin and her listeners . . . sad


    Okay, she didn’t mean it as such, shes probably feeling very sorry. She will probably never do it again. They are people just like us, tell them what was wrong so they understand not to do it again. But you don’t have to sit there and bitch and bitch and bitch.

    I do understand entertainers/singers/actors have a greater responsibility to keep these kinds of things to a minimum since they are in the spotlight more but seriously, how many times has TY done this? Not many. Did she mean to offend anyone? I truly believe not.

    So, in the end, TY and KI were wrong, they apologized and the issue and the criticism along with it settled. if it happens again, THEN i think its valid to get so heated over it. People make mistakes, you, me, everyone.. Get over it.

  76. You can’t blame her, after all she does live in a country where everyone are ethnically the same. So fro her it must not be that big of a deal. There many countries that are not that multiethnic in which making comments about being dark are considered normal by everyone. It’s kind of a cultural thing.

  77. TO lea@ and everyone who thinks wht she said is okay
    Dont make excuses grow up what she said was wrong i live with mostly black and Latino. That dont mean it okay for me to go into the white neighborhood” calling people cracker wrong is wrong.

  78. The whole, “for a black person she’s pretty” comment that was really rude? I mean what?? Black people arent made to be pretty??

    Seriously if someone had said for a asian she’s pretty, what would you take from that? I’m offended by that one!

    The hospital comments? Well we have all said stuff like that, but in her case she was on a very public platform and she’s an idol star. She knows that she cant really say things like that, and if she needed something quickly she should have went to the ER…..and if someone had told her to wait b/c they were on lunch in the ER then that would be something to complain about.

  79. Humans make mistakes. I think we can all agree that Taeyeon slipped up. This should be no big deal for somebody that doesn’t have the kind of position. But precisely since she is a role-model and someone that is in the face of the public most of the time. You should be more responsible for the things coming out of her mouth. Sure, she can think whatever she wants, but when she’s on a national radio station, you’d think she’d put more thought into the things she says. Several of you are defending Taeyeon saying not to judge her, but you guys are the ones who watch and judge her the most. Since you’re fans of her, you can’t help that. Just be aware that it’s not only because she slipped up. It’s because she messed at a time where its her responsibility to keep things together. More than anything, I’m disappointed about how little awareness she is showing about the importance of her situation. She is not only representing herself, but the rest of her team. When she does something like this, all of SNSD has to face up to her mistakes. Basically even though we’re all offended by the things she said, ultimately she’s the one losing the most. Too bad for her.

  80. she might be very sick and the nurse/hospital could be at real fault. but ranting publicly and EVEN MORE telling other people to not go to that hospital is plain retarded. thats way too immature unless the hospital sell organs or do illegal stuffs. she has no right to judge a hospital just cos of they treat her poorly.

    the comment on alicia keys is really stupid.
    & im sure she saw couple of black people when she came in US. wonder if she went around calling them black as well?

  81. Because Kangin and TaeYeon are hosting a radio show, I think that they should have known better. I like Kangin and all but yeah…that’s all i have to say on that i think the point has already been made by a good sum of the people who have posted ahead of me.

    Now TaeYeon…while that may have been her opinion. I do believe that there is a time and place for everything. I don’t care how else it could have been said. The ‘for a black person’ comment was very unecessary ‘period.’ I am very dissapointed in her. I liked her but I refuse to stick up for ignorance, in any race.

    😦 immaturity at it’s best.

  82. omg!!! i cannot believe she said that about alicia keys!!!! that skank!!! lol but it’s not like she the first one to say that… everyone says stupid things

  83. Some lawyers of Taeyeon defending Taeyeon using the arguments that ‘she lives in Korea – a non multicultural country’ and the likes –> they totally made me laughing on the floor.

    One prevailing principle in life that you have to adhere to: IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE

    Besides, she went to LA for HB, didn’t she? Plus, it was heard that her favourite American TV Show is Gossip Girl? She’s not colour blind – she should be aware that there are colourful people based on her experience.

    And whatever versions of translation of her remark – it lead to the same thing – she thought that black people are generally not pretty. duhhhhhh…

  84. Black people can’t go to Korea or actually all of Asia or they will just get weird looks. Sorry but that’s the true. And Everyone who has been to Asia knows that.
    For Asians black is the worst skin color you could have so sometimes they think that it’s ok to say it out loud.

  85. Hey anonymousss, you clearly don’t know what it means to be racist. Okay, so you claim it’s an issue of translation, where her statement merely “REFER TO SKIN COLOR TONE ONLY,” but how is that not racist? You are judging someone based on the color of her skin. Hear any famous speeches lately? Wow, MLK must be turning in his grave.

    “judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” Martin Luther King Jr.

  86. “For a black person, she’s really pretty.” – Taeyeon

    Hahaha… that is true. I remember when Seungri made a comment about black people and cars or something like that. It’s true, I’ve seen many of these events my lifetime and I can back it up as well. But what race doesn’t have ugly people?

  87. you know for a leader,
    she sure causes most of
    the trouble instead of
    covering up for them
    i seriously don’t know
    how much longer her
    fans are gonna have to
    cover up for her seemingly
    endless ignorant remarks.

  88. “For a black person, she’s really pretty.” For all those who DIDN’T find this offensive, I’m black, people, and I found that to be offensive. There are many pretty black people out there in the world, and it doesn’t have to be an idol. Though we don’t get much recognition in Asia because people see differently than over here in the U.S. But if a black person heard what she just said, shit would hit the fan because we’re made to stand up for ourselves and prove our point.

    But still..you’re on a public radio show. At least be careful of what you say because it will surely come back to haunt you. /: Maybe if she had taken legal action against the nurse/hospital and then “won the case”, then that permits you to say something.

    This is defintely TY & KI’s fault
    and i don’t think anyone should cover &
    side with them!
    Everyone’s been to a hospital
    and saw how hard the nurses work!
    If she was so desperate
    why didn’t she go to an emergency room?
    And this is commen sense in Korea! Even
    kids from elementary noe this: not to go
    to the doctor’s during lunch time.
    I hope TY didnt think tht everyone would
    treat her differently just b/c she’s famous.

    Anyways i still love them
    but this case definitely made me think
    twice aboout them.

    I hope this will never happen in the future! Plz be
    careful and learn from this mistake!

  90. Because I’m a nurse myself I’m so freaking pissed off by BOTH their comments.Taeyeon should have known better to say out this ignorant brainless comments like this,I thought that she was different from the rest of the SNSD…with more brains then them but,oh well she’s the same as them. And Kangin who is older then Taeyeon should have known better then to add more oil in the fire.Kangin is even more irresponsible and should be criticized for his actions.Both of them should have get their facts right instead of whinning like a big baby.
    I think its’s perfectly fine to say comments like this between yourself..but on air with thousands of listeners??

  91. Again? Sigh. Taeyeon really need to watch what she’s saying on a radioshow. Especially those kind of comments since it’s a big deal to us international fans. I’m sure there are international fans listening and watching the radioshow as well,remarks like that do no good either to her and also to her group. Plus,she’s the leader. She should’ve known better to watch her words whether on a radioshow or not.
    I wonder how that Nate Jackson guy gonna react if he knows about this.

  92. It’s not the first time Taeyeon has been caught making such remarks (of course not all are brought up by netizens) on the show… yes although it may be a slip of the tongue, but still… when WG was on the show she commented something like “You all look so natural…” to me I thought that was mean it’s like assuming they were plastic-surgeried before or something.

    Although I agree that the nurses should have arranged for her to get treated, celebrity or not, but still she should not have complained and throw a fit like that. Plus she seemed perfectly fine to wait a while. Safety first, since there are no doctors to administer or whatever she should wait and maybe occassionally ask the nurse to ask about the doctor etc. I guess that’s what I would do.

    Nonetheless, I support her vocals and songs but I do wish she will reflect on this experiences to be a better person.

  93. omg. those SNSD chics need to

    haven’t they learned that for the past years?!
    they are getting more and more antis.
    [&more pervs].

  94. both of them disappointed me as well. kangin, i seriously thought he would know better. he should have shut her up. he has far more experience than her but instead of that, he kept on goading her. his childish comment about the nurse makes me cringe because i actually had respect for him.

    taeyeon, i was really close to liking her. i’ve been listening to if like all day everyday these days and there’s no doubt that she has talent. but sorry, i don’t anyone with that kind of attitude.

  95. “When it comes to black people she is really, really pretty” or ‘as for black people she is really really pretty’.

    Ok, I understand that put in context, she might have meant something different. But so far, all of the ALTERNATE translations provided here, on this page, strike me as JUST AS RACIST as her original one. Why does one even need to distinguish between black, white, purple, whatever for beauty?

    “When it comes to black people she is pretty,” what, so when it comes to other people she’s not? Seriously….some people are blowing it out of proportion, but defending this racism and denying that she did anything wrong is even less reasonable. Would she like it if someone told her, “Wow, for an asian girl you’re pretty.”

    Even if she wanted to make a fuss about the nurse, it was pretty irrelevant at a radio show. Also, threatening to give out the hospital’s name so no one would visit it is just absurd.

  96. The stuff about Alicia Keys was extremely stupid from her. That shows how brainless are those little spoiled stars !

  97. Does this mean that no one here made such a mistake? Or are you all just being hyprocritical? =) Because if you aren’t…

    Wow. I applaud you all. That’s quite a feat, going your entire life making no stupid remarks or actions. =)

  98. hi everybody,
    I’m a black girl from France, I’m a little bit dissapointed and sad with the ‘Alicia keys’ comment because i really wish to visit korea and i was thinking, while watching some shows like infinity challenge (thierry henri special and the concert with the black man), that korean people are very open-minded
    I hope that she was only ignorant but for a young woman in 2009 this is big

  99. @JLau: to be against racism but defend this comment from her, is also hypocritical. if you can make that assumption, can i also assume that everyone who is defending her is a racist? or just a hypocrite? =)

  100. They could complain all they wanted to but that still doesnt justify their remarks.
    First of all the nurse has no authority to just “give” her the shot
    what if she didnt need it or it had bad side effects on her?
    THATS why doctors are necessary !
    the remark about alicia keys sounds pretty offensive to me but hey if she wants to say that kind of stuff
    then she should ACCEPT the consequences not let her company cover it up for her.

  101. in any part of the world. NURSES are not allowed to manage a patient with shots if the DOCTOR is not PRESENT. dont be fucking backing her up.

    the article calmed down what they really said on the show.

    taeyeon exactly said ” iwanted to get a shot because i had a cold but the nurse said the doctor was on his lunch mean so she had to wait and so i wanted to create scene but i decide to just leave faint-heartedly.”

    kangin just blew it up even more by saying ” the nurses are so irresponsible i hope they eat their lunch until they die.”

    is what they said. obviously the nurses/ doctors would be fucking pissed off they embarrase them on public radio.

    u dont say that kinda shit anyways on a radio show. n the alicia keys comment. she is definitely not thinking. what idiot fan would back her up from that. ignorant mistake b.s. or what not. its common sense and basic to not make stereotypical comments on public radio broadcast taeyeon. is 20 years old or over. im pretty DAMN SURE. she is old enough to know that by now.

  102. SNSD girls who the hell do they think they are. they always talk shit and get bitched at n then say sorry but never really improve jesus.. those girls are helpless.

  103. Racist Idiot!! If ppl are defending her because its culturally accepted in Korea well that says a lot about the state that Korea is in! Your views of black ppl and dark complexion is utterly disgusting all shades have beauty and supposed “Ugliness” As for some one to single out black ppl as if they can’t be beautiful is absolutely offensive. Its funny to note that this music they make and the dancing is influenced by those same black ppl you like to put down. Disgusting comment indeed

  104. ogh, no wonder, 122 comments
    here come the antis and the fans..
    making it a no-end discussion

    they made a mistake and they apologized for it
    should have been the end of discussion
    and then comes the “if she..” and “if he..” or “if she..”

  105. Seems like everyone’s blowing it out of proportion. If you guys worked in an industry where some sort of customer care is required, you’d understand the need for staff to take scheduled lunch breaks.

    We don’t know if this was only just the one nurse. It’s not as if the whole staff went on lunch, do you honestly believe a hospital will do that?

    People seem to think that staff who work in these industries need to pretty much serve their every whim and desire.

    Think about it from the staffs point of view. What if every single patient that needed a flu shot ran up to these nurses and demanded they help them. Better yet, what if you were in their position? You’re about an hour past your break because of that.

    Try to understand different points of view before you blatantly label the staff as slack.

  106. Some of you need to get your facts straight.

    Those of you who are defending the girl by saying “what if I really needed help and was going to die waiting?! just because they’re on a lunch break??”

    I hope you know that she went to the hospital not the ER. If you were in a near-death situation that needed medical attention ASAP, you would be in the ER.

    There’s always doctors and nurses available and switch shifts for lunch breaks. Tae Yeon was NOT in a near death situation. She was merely waiting for a pain relieving shot and apparently she wasn’t that hurt, or she would have sucked it up and waited for the doctor’s to get back. If anything, she could have gone to another hospital for the shot.

    As celebrities/stars, you HAVE to be careful of your words. The remarks would already be considered arrogant or rude in a natural conversation even if they weren’t celebrities. But the fact that they are makes it even worse because the media will blow the situation up.

    It’s their fault. I can’t find a reason to feel sorry for the attacks they are getting. They made the mistake, therefore they need to suffer the consequences. I’m glad the apologized later on the show and have made a formal apology announcement.

  107. All I know is lunch time usually lasts not more than an hour? So let’s say she arrive right when the doctors were on their lunch break, she couldn’t wait an hour for her flu shot? And that’s if their doctors even get a full hour! I usually have to wait at least 2 hours before I can even see a nurse and then 3 to 5 hours to see the doctor for a mild case like the flu! I think she was playing the celebrity card and wanted special treatment and didn’t get it and got pissed off. And like you guys say, if she was really on the verge of fainting, the nurses would have gone to get a doctor or done something!

  108. so all the doctors in the hospital had lunch at the same time?

    i don’t know any doctors but my close friend is a nurse. he told me that they have rotated lunch breaks.

    “But because all the doctors were away for lunch, the nurses couldn’t administer the shot without doctors’ approval. But Tae Yeon didn’t know about that and said that she almost wanted to create a scene”

    so at the time when the nurse said no we cant give you a shot cause the doctors are at lunch, clearly without an explanation of the approval thing (from the statement that Tae Yeon only found out later), i think her remarks ain’t bad just ill informed.

    however, what Kangin said and Tae Yeon not disagreeing with him annoys me.

  109. OMG! this is crazy just because taeyeon said a comment like it not a big deal i know thats this is not the first time u heard of a racial comment it happened everywhere u hear it on magazine, radiostation, t.v., and etc. i don’t know why they made a big deal out of it they blew it out of proportionand plus that is not a racial comment it how u translate if u don’t know how to speak, write, and read hangul u can’t assume its a racial comment.i know that it was wrong for her to act like that in a hospital she should have think it throught before she try to made a scene. to me when people here about racial statement they tend to overeact to the situation kinda like this article for example to me i heard so many racial comment to me and my friends but its not a big deal to me anymore because racism is out there it always happen but to me that statement is not racist comment its how u translate it if u don’t know hangul well u can’t assume it a racist comment.

  110. Hi, guys. I’m a big fan of Taeyon.
    There may be a problem in translation or something for comment of Alicia Keys. But I’m sure she didn’t mean at all. As an Asian like her or me, we have never prejudiced any race such as black or white. This only happened in Western world and America. Please don’t put pressure on her or SNSD because of misunderstanding and you are not clear of what her real intention is.
    This was quite a mistake that she thought of making a scence because of that hospital as a celebrity.
    Anyway please forgive her for something you can let go if this is made by a mere commoner. Thanks beforehand, guys.

  111. @aznsensation

    You contradict yourself. You say that her comment isn’t that bad because people make racist comments all the time (terrible logic by the way), then you say it wasn’t racist.

    Her statement means the same thing no matter how you try to twist the words. It’s racist no matter how you look at it. And just because you hear racist comments all the time doesn’t make them okay. Tae Yeon was stupid for saying what she did about Alicia Keys, and it shouldn’t be excused. Yes it was meant as a compliment, but it was a backhanded one.


    Are you seriously saying that only westerners have a problem with racism? What rock do you live under? Black people, and foreigners in general, face discrimination in Asia. And it’s worse there than in America/the West. There is no misunderstanding; what she said was racist and she should take responsibility for it.

  112. ‘And for an asian person, she’s really dumb’
    So, why isn’t the Alicia Keys statement offensive??

  113. I’m a nurse and I know that nurses can give a shot if it was ordered by a doctor, the doctor doesn’t have to be around the pt. when giving a shot. Nurses also know and have lots of knowledge about medicines like doctors do. These days nurses work with more independence and have lots of knowledges in medical field.

  114. Okay people, You’ve all got your chance to put your opinions. But you also need to understand that mistakes are a part of your life, we all will make mistakes. If you say that you never made a mistake be4, that means your lying. And lying is worse than making a mistake. Well, mostly is they both doesn’t really understand the stituation and doesn’t know wat are the problems they will face after that. Yes, they did something that causes a huge haptic problem and yes they shouldn’t have said it. But wat has been done can’t be undone. At least the problem is solved after that.

  115. i dont think there is a problem there….
    i mean even i am a normal people i also doesnt know that nurses should get doctors comfirmation to give injection…
    in my opinion the hospital should have some doctors around right??
    at least 1 or 2 during lunch time, to be able to help during emergencies that time, right??
    i think that the nurse might have some attitude problems…
    as for TaeYeon, she is sick, and she deserves to be cure, its not like she wanted sick for herself right??
    But to say it without knowing that it will cause anti’s flew in rage again…she make her decision quite roughly…
    Kangin was just trying to help her…

    dont be to harsh to them, everyone makes mistakes, most importantly is they learned from their mistakes…

  116. I honestly don’t think so Taeyeon meant it to be insulting. Thinking back, if I say that in Tagalog (I’m Filipino, and this is my native language), it would go “Napakaganda niya kahit itim/maitim.” < which, even if you say this to other Filipinos, I don't believe they'd go, "that's racist!" It's the same translation in English but I can swear that it doesn't sound "racist" in Tagalog. There are just some words/terms that, when translated into English, becomes misinterpreted — hence the term "lost in translation".

    Copy-pasting from a comment I've read:

    LOL. It's been more than a year ago, do people still hold such long grudges against someone they don't even know personally?

    No one ever made a fuss about Seung Ri's racist remark. I'm guessing it's because it's SNSD that this has gone on for this long. Their anti-fanbase is pretty well-known for having no lives…

    I don't believe she meant it the way it came out (which is, to say the least, quite insulting being translated into English). From what I heard in the audio clip, the conversation goes:

    Guy 1: I love Alicia Keys.
    Taeyeon: Me too!
    Guy 2: Especially because of her pretty face, right?
    Taeyeon: For a black person, she's really very pretty.
    Guy 1 & Guy 2 agreeing.

    Question 1: Why would she intentionally insult the singer she likes?
    Question 2: If the remark was as insulting as it came out in Korean, why would Guy 1 & Guy 2 agree to what she said? Shouldn't they immediately know if she said something bad?
    ANSWER: To them, it didn't sound insulting.

    Audio Clip: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ttmymmgtwm

    A lot of people are spreading the hate, when most of you don't even KNOW Korean. There's a reason why "lost in translation" became a term.

  117. I honestly think that “for a black person she’s pretty” is racism. I hear lots of people everyday saying “for an asian, she’s gorgeous” or “For an Indian, she’s hot”, etc. People are just making a big deal out of Taeyeon’s remark cuz she’s famous, she has a radio show, blablabla.

  118. Okay this is pissing me off. I really don’t care about the hospital thing, if she wants to whine, then go ahead, but the Alicia Keys remark was offensive in the worst way. It’s nothing you can defend because it was rude, no matter how you look at it. she’s pretty for a black person, so that means its surprising black people can look pretty? If some artist had said the opposite, like for an Asian she’s pretty, all of her fans would have rushed to defend her, and flamed the person until there was nothing left, but people are just brushing this aside. It’s this kind of irresponsibility i can’t stand about the group sometimes. It may not sound like an insult, but it, nonetheless, is.

  119. I just want to say that what Taeyeon said was out of line. She should be careful of her words and actions especially since she’s an idol and all. However, there is the issue of what is beauty in her culture, so growing up an idea was already set for beauty and perhaps Keys did not fit that criteria. I know this personally because my mom is always saying errr… ‘racist remarks’. But that’s just something she grew up with and has been embedded into her.

  120. As a Korean American who is fluent in both languages, I can affirm that Taeyeon’s comment on Alicia Keys is racist. I don’t believe she has any malicious intent; she is merely ignorant. I would forgive her if she was a typical passerby, especially considering that she apologized.

    However, Taeyeon is an idol. Young girls all over the country idolize her and look up to her. They will follow her actions and grow up with her words in mind. She is a national, and to some extent international, role model. Knowing that, Taeyeon should try to monitor herself more carefully in order to lead our nation’s youth to a brighter path.

    I would expect a villager ajumma who grew up right after the war tore through the country (when Korea was for the most part in poverty and proper education scarce) to make a statement like “Considering her black heritage, she is really so pretty”. But for a national idol to say such at thing? What an embarrassment to Korea.

    I am disappointed that SNSD members, and indeed most K-pop idols, do not seem to care about this enormous influence that they possess. If I had such power, I would try to use it to educate in a positive way– not to teach girls how to shake their hips and fling their legs at teenage boys to arouse some attention.

    @kilocharlie11: LOL, are you f *king serious? Korea is full of people who are openly and unashamedly racist. It’s far worse than in America. Certainly racism exists in America, but it is at least strongly reprimanded here. In Korea, racism seems to be a social norm. Many people in Korea are also discriminatory against people with disabilities and people of size. There are, of course, plenty of Koreans who are open minded and not racist or bigoted. But certain factors have contributed to a nation whose population remains largely ignorant about these issues.

  121. That comment is offensive. I don’t care if it’s been a year, it’s still offensive. If I was sick I wouldn’t just say that I thought. I’D THINK. If she was so sick, why didn’t she just stay home or something? Cancel the event or something.

    She’s acting like the black race are the only one with ugly people. EVERY RACE HAS UGLY PEOPLE.

  122. OK SERIOUSLY GUYS??? 3 years and no one still publishes a legit translation. All these antis and crap are really peeving me off. I just found an article of what she said and it says” “The black person is really pretty”, not “For a black person, she’s pretty”. Do you people believe anything on the internet? Maybe these smartasses should check if the actual source came from a person who understands Korean and not just anything they see on the web. 도데채 뭐하는거야?! 항극말 도 못한는대, 개새끼놈은….

  123. The comment was just disappointing. @Gullibleass People it doesn’t matter how it was said; at the end of the day she specially pointed out that the artist was black. Why not just state she thought the singer was pretty? Why not address Alicia Keys by her name and not just recognize her as ‘The black person?’ Would she say ‘The Chinese person is really pretty’, ‘The Japanese person is really pretty’ or ‘The white person is really pretty’?

    Addressing her as ‘black person’ is disrespectful. I’m pretty sure she would’ve had a clue to who she was as well as her name seeing as it was played on ‘her radio show’. Taeyeon being famous and all, she really should act more professional seeing as what she says and does is in view of the fans.

    SNSD is a internationally well known band, meaning they’d get fans from every race – including black. She really should think about what she says, and if shes angry: suck it up because she cant afford to make offensive comments.

  124. Hahaha..does she have a brain or beautiful only but no brain..acting childish and stubborn in the hospital..well can’t she understand that the nurse said its lunch time hahaha plus if this nurse give her a flu shot without a doctor command or order, the nurse might rebuke her license.. Can this bitch taeyeon hold the responsibility if that happened?? Think first before you speak taeyeon..you have an attitude problem..

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