Seo In Young and Crown J Departs We Got Married

Seo In Young and Crown J departed MBC We Got Married today with their farewell episode being shown in 1 episode instead of the usual 2 for the other departing couples. They are the last pioneer couple to leave the show.

Tearful Goodbye to Crown J and Seo In Young

Footage of Seo In Young crying during a radio show while speaking about leaving the show and the newspaper advertisement advertising their “divorce” were shown. Fighting back tears, In Young expressed, “Thanks for being together with me through this make-believe marriage. You are a nice person and I will never forget the memories that we had together. I love you.”

As a special event to mark their farewell, In Young went home early to prepare dinner while Crown J prepared his gifts, 321 roses to mark their 321 days together and course a pair of high heels. They will be deeply missed!

85 thoughts on “Seo In Young and Crown J Departs We Got Married

  1. Too bad they were pretty funny.
    I think the ratings will drop now unless the new couple will bring something good.

  2. waaaahhh….the last pioneer couple is gone. I admit, at first I didn’t like those two but they definitely grow on you.

  3. T__T they were the most entertaining couple, although at first i really disliked them, but towards the end i wanted to watch more and more of them. Its really too bad.

    They are the most compatible couple, i wish that they will date in real life.

  4. a pair of high heels…omg i want to laugh and cry at the same time. haven’t even watch this yet and just from looking at the caps is making me teary.

  5. :….( so sad!!! The Ant couple kind-of grew on me through out WGM! I will miss them! Hopefully this will be the one couple that lasts off-screen too. Wish them all the best!! Fighting!

  6. goodbye gaemi couple, you will be missed by mania fans. Hope both of you can have a great time in US. Pls announce to the media if both of are are dating just like amy and minwoo. crown j you ought to propose to her with 321 roses…aishh u miss the chance..

  7. Just ONE episode? Wow, they sure don’t care about the pioneer couple at all huh? Oh well, hope they have a good rest. Sigh. And I desperately hope someone would sub their episodes!!! Ever since muish stopped I mean.

    The WGM era is truly over!

  8. j’s the sweetest most romantic man alive. aish, i wish my ex-bf was like that. aigoo. that’s why he’s an ex. kekeke. anyway, im crossing my finger, i will have a husband as sweet and romantic as crown j to in young. waaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  9. 321 days 😦 OMG it’s almost a YEAR. The longest couple, the most realistic couple 😦 I love and miss them. Hope they will really go out.

    I think they are going to US together

  10. Crown J is really really really a nice sweet guy. 321 roses… Oh my dear!!!! They’d better go for real now.

  11. Aww it’s so sad seeing all the original couples leaving.
    Crown J did spend a lot of money haha wow 321 roses, I wonder how much that costed him.

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  13. OMG!!!! 😦
    I’m so freaking depressed now!! XD
    All of the old couples are gone now…
    I will miss them so much. I’ve had tons of laughs because of them. Ant Couple HWAITING!! A!! ^^

    Yah, all of the ‘manias’ are gonna stop watching WGM now that this couple is gone. XD
    The rating is definitely going to suffer a blow.

  14. Oh it’s so sad! They were such a good couple despite their fights. They always seem to fight in every episode, and I’m not a real big fan of them, but even still they will surely be missed. Who’s gonna walk around and speak ghetto English now??? See Seo InYoung cry makes me tear up to see the last original couple leave.

  15. Well, the last couple, I can’t believe all the first couples in the show are now all gone, time flies by too fast. I’ll miss this couple they made me laugh so much, they were really unique in their own way. I hope Seo Inyoung gets to visit the A town (Atlanta, GA and hopefully she will stop by Florida) wish her a nice vacation.

  16. omg I was just crying at looking at these pictures TT___TT, they were perfect for each other *sighs* goodbye ant couple TT_TT

  17. huge shot too the WGM. but no worries hyungdon is going to bring back those viewers =). the ant couple were enterntaining. even though sometimes it felt like crown j was a poser, it was all worth it

  18. 321? They were so close to their 1 year anniversary…… T_T

    I really don’t know how WGM is gonna turn out from now on.

  19. Just reading that made me cry.
    To me they were the funniest couple and them being the last marks a really sad end to the first generation for WGM.

    Btw thanks for keeping us updated and spreading the WGM love.

    i know i know.
    its just the reality hurts too much
    they are my fave couple since alshin left the first time
    and now they r no longer there T.T

  21. Man… They grew on me after a while.
    WGM won’t be the same without them.
    I think the PD’s should do a special ep
    where they check up on everyone later
    on after the good byes. That’d make my
    day. ^^

  22. 321 roses at 3 US dollars a pop, i would say he spent about 1000 US dollars on the roses alone. well, there is no price tag on love, now is there? so sweet!

  23. ngawwww
    ill always love the ant couple (:
    gonna miss them
    but dont worryy people
    crown j’s going to america for some work i think and so is seo in young for a vacation 😉

  24. The last original couple =/.
    i really hope they would have a special where
    all the original couples come back again just for one episode. all we need is one episode!!!
    looking at the pictures already makes me tear up ><
    aish. thanks for trans.

  25. Although im going to miss them deeply what SIY said before is true, theyve done like everything already might as well leave with fond memories in everyones hearts rather than when they hit rock bottom with everyone sick of them. They created so many “hits” lolss the “new product” fetish, gold suitcase etc..lolss. I’ll miss them but im sure theyll be around =)

  26. Bye bye to the coolest “A!” couple !!
    Evil-new-items-wife-wife & gold-atlanda-boy were fun to watch !

  27. Aww, and there goes the last couple…

    I have to admit, at first, I didn’t really like this couple. But as time went on and continued to watch them, I joined the “mania” as well, haha. Their cute moments and closer-to-reality relationship will be missed!!

    *on a side note, has anyone else noticed that the Hwanyobi couple has been the couple shown in the same segment as the leaving couples? Ex. JoongBo last eps, and now Ant couple last ep… I just found it a bit strange o.O

  28. OMG the last of the original couples have left. This is so sad. Well I’m done watching this show. Thanks Alvin for always keeping us posted 😀

  29. please tell me they will do more advertisements or show up in one last thing. i’m not satisfied with their departure and hyung don taking up their air time. aaaagh my favorite couple and the only reason why i watched this show in the first place. yes they will indeed be missed.

  30. Argh… They were my favorite couple along with the other three… I honestly do not like the new pairings.. =/

    But I might watch Junjin’s couple.. =/ DEPENDS…

  31. they are the first couple i really liked and loved!….
    seeing the Witch tear up like that is so heart breaking!….
    and seeing CJ giving her the flowers and the shoes and asking her to meet up in the summer for the other pair….
    OMO…. their farewell was so sweet and short but very sincere!… you can tell by their eyes…. both are trying not to cry! I LOVE THE GAEMI COUPLE! “A!”

  32. 😦 ANT COUPLE!
    i remember how the first epi went.. it was really cute how Crown J bought tons of candies.. and now he bought 321 roses to mark the end of their make believe relationship.. :c

    i’m gonna miss their quarrels and SHOES! LOL.


    for sure, WGM’s ratings are gonna go down.. down and down.

  33. OMG They were my favourite couple. Their gonna be deeply missed by me. It’ll be nothing without the Ant couple!

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  35. sigh. they were the ones that caught my attention towards this show.
    it’s a cute idea. but it’s not for every star to appear in unfortunately (don’t want broken hearts).

    indeed they made a super cute couple & i will miss them! *tears*

  36. 321 roses…
    awww~ so sweet…
    n sad~
    ant couple is like the most realistic couple out of the couples…
    they fight, they made up, they learn to appreciate and stand each other…
    and they’re like the only couple who never kissed altho they seem to be the couple who would do it the most…
    i doubt i wont cry if i watch dis…

  37. T___T this ep is so touching (just like the others)’ll be even better if I can und eng sub yet, bt I’m tearing up already!! >__<

  38. … Wow! At first I didn’t like them because of the arguing. But throughout the show, they are the “couple to be,” that’s also including Andy and Solbi; and Alex and Shin Ae. These three couples, even it’s fake, in real life; they’re perfect for eachother.

    Later on in life, there is an announcement about one of these three couples getting married in real life, I wouldn’t be surprise 😀

    I’m going to miss them! >__<

  39. i stopped watching a long time ago. but it’s really sad that they’re leaving.
    my fav. couples were andy and solbi, alex and shinae[before they became an 8 minute couple] and of course the ant couple.

  40. aaaaaaaaa~ im too afraid to watch
    they would be missing each other a lot
    inyoung crying ? it must be very sad 😦
    hope sometimes there will be an episode where all couples is having a reunion.

  41. wattt???they already departed from this show?
    ahhh its not fun anymore
    they are my fav couple in this show..

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