Infinity Challenge Haru Haru Parody Finally Revealed

After the no-show of the Haru Haru MV parody in an edited version of the 2008 Infinity Challenge You & Me Concert on Christmas Day last year, the unedited version of the concert was finally shown yesterday after the media strike was called off earlier this week. And it was definitely well worth the wait.

Just to refresh your memory if you didn’t know who was who.

Yoo Jae Suk = Suk T.O.P.
Park Myung Soo = Myung-Dragon
Noh Hong Chul = Dubukri
Jeon Jun Ha = Won Sung
JunJin = An Yang
Hyung Don = Extra carrying Big Bag
Shin Bong Seon = Park Min Young

Top marks to them for doing this parody.

52 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge Haru Haru Parody Finally Revealed

  1. LOL! Funny, and Hyundong sang in junjin’s part, rofl, that was cool xD Hyundong was totally extra anyway, BIG BAG ❤

  2. omg this was hilarious!!!!
    espcially at the end where MC Yoo did the hand thingy!!
    and the vocals are actually pretty good!
    looking for more parody to come!!!!!

  3. They did great! PMS scared me during the chair and mirror part though. YJS looked hot with the eyeliner and good as TOP even though he was fighting to be C-Dragon(GD) when they were picking who they wanted to be. Biggest Big Bang fanboy I’ve ever seen,lol.I wonder what would be Big Bang’s response to this.

  4. lol i almost fall off from my chair. darn funny man !! i loved park myung soon as G dragon!! He really sing well muhhaha

  5. hahahahaha. loved it. YES infinity challenge is back!! now they need to comeback and dominate the Saturday’s viewers. LOL im telling you Infinity challenge is THE DEFINITION of KOREAN REAL VARIETY COMEDY PROGRAM =) there would be no 1 night 2 days without infinity challenge.

  6. Hilarious!!! I was just watching the concert on YT & was wondering where the music video was. Too Funny!!! I love this show! I wish there were more subbed episodes…

  7. Hilarious! Jeon Jun Ha has got real good vocals!! Can’t believe it! Go C-Dragon!! (even though MC Yoo didn’t get that part! But he’s so kyo!!)

  8. i remember Yoo Jae Suk got a real nosebleed behind the scenes while practicing for this parody =( they worked really hard on this.. GOOD JOB GUYS ! =)))))

  9. hilarious…
    this one is really funny… worth watch it…
    jeon jun ha has a really good voice. like it…
    thanks for sharing it…

    Go BIG BAG !!

  10. I am surprised that the IC guys can sing, and PMS really suits rapping. I can still remember him sing prince of the sea during xman days, which his live singing was hillarious. MC Yoo was totally in role. I love these guys.

  11. Hahaha! ROFLMAO, that’s brilliant! PMS is spot on and totally killing me with laughter! And yeah, Jeon Jun Ha is a surprisingly good singer but they sounded really good. Way way better than when they had to sing in the stadium! And I especially liked MC Yoo’s gag with PMS hat & “ears” at the end of the concert. LOL.

  12. Wow, was impressed with the guy doing daesung’s vocals! His voice was actually really good! And I like the front rapping part, great job by all!!

  13. omo that was soooooooooo funny and so cool at the same time… i was crying because i was so ahrd laughing
    Suk TOP was the best at the end!!!
    Myung-Dragon HAHAHAHA

  14. they are REALLY good! Hahah I thought it was gonna be a laugh but they surprised me with their vocals! Omg kudos goes to PMS and Yoo Jae Suk, they were sooo good at their impersonation of GD & TOP. SO FUNNY!

    I was anticipating Jinnie’s part but I’m kind of glad he didn’t sing. He already looked too much like a star by just dancing! Whoohoo go guys!

  15. omg y is jun jin in there with them.. haha

    just wondering where is shin jung hwan and mr one thousand chon myon won?? i miss them!!!

  16. LOL soooo funny XD
    Yoo Jae Suk & Park Myung Soo were the best!! ^^
    LOL @ PMS’s face in the close-up shots
    Jung Joon Ha is surprisingly good at singing o_o

  17. haha… this is really the ‘laugh of the day’.
    Just love these guys and their parodies ^^

    and Hyung Don = Extra carrying Big Bag? —> I was like wth? hah ha ha – genius

  18. Too funny 🙂

    Myung Soo was totally into being G-Dragon. And I didn’t know DonDon can sing?! He has a good voice!

  19. Myung Soo, Joon Ha, Hyung Don and Junjin can sing, actually^^

    omgggg these guys are totally awesome. I agree with what someone here said, Infinite Challenge is the BEST =)

  20. jae suk has finally fulfilled his wish of mastering big bang songs lols! big bag is just so hilarious with their voices hahahas(:

  21. Jun Ha,don,PMS nice vocals!seriously jun ha the best!
    but did MC Yoo sang his part? is that his singing voice? nice too!
    LOL at the ‘lie lie’ and ‘bye bye’

    the making was funnier,but this i think this shows their vocal skills, i know it’s recorded but still,very nice!

    thanks for posting this

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  23. Officially a fan of Big Bag-

    Lol! PMS face in the ‘mv’ and wow…Jun Ha is really good. They all did well, very! Thx so much for this.

  24. they rocked the stage….wow…lol…omg i have to say this make my day..and my week ….ahahhahah…lol…they did really good..loved it…

  25. GEesshh.. this is what i’m waiting for ages.

    Thank you so much.. I can’t stop laughing everytime I watch this video.. PMS is so horrible. LMAO

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