Star’s Lover Is A Fashion Show

You might be getting the feeling that you are watching a fashion show playing out before your eyes while watching SBS Star’s Lover starring Choi Ji Woo and Yoo Ji Tae. According to statistics tabulated until episode 12, Choi Ji Woo has had 147 costume changes, the highest-ever in Korean drama history.

Sampling of Choi Ji Woo numerous costume changes in Star's Love

Choi Ji Woo plays Lee Ma Ri in Star’s Lover, an Asian movie star. Even though it’s on a equal footing with Kim Ha Neul and Jung Joon Ho who are also movie stars in On Air and The Last Scandal of My Life respectively, their wardrobe is uncomparable to the quantity and quality of Choi Ji Woo in Star’s Lover.

According to Choi Ji Woo’s stylist, “On the average, Choi Ji Woo has 12 costume changes per episode. The most number of costume changes is 25 in episode 2. As of now, she has had 147 different costumes after 12 episodes. According to someone at SBS, although there are no official records, the staggering amount of costume changes should be the highest-ever in Korean drama history.”

Before the conclusion of the drama at 20 episodes, it’s possible that Choi Ji Woo might have already tried out 200 over costumes for Star’s Lover.

28 thoughts on “Star’s Lover Is A Fashion Show

  1. for some reason she allways looked weird, like an alien or something. i can’t pin point exactly what she looks like but its not human

  2. big deal for all the wardrobe she wore in the drama and the rating of the drama is not even above 10%? feel bad for CJW, she had had two flopped series in her resume…

  3. It really stinks because that drama is pretty good. The chemistry between the leads is crazy good. The story is meh, but the acting is really good.

  4. i love her …. she is great in that drama.. (though it’s starting to be sllllllloooowwwww)…. i love the stylist for this show….

  5. Great Drama….Love everything in Star’s Lover….very enjoyable….super cute couple ( Jiwoo and Jitae )… Nice scenary Nice Music….who care about the rating ? Stupid no. Choi Ji Woo is a real Fashinista. I don’t mind bad comment to her….you can think what you want….but to me….She is perfect and also perfect for this Lee Ma Ri role !!!!!

    Jiwoo and Jitae Fighting !!!!!! If you can’t sell in Korea….I’m pretty sure in Japan / China / Taiwan / Singapore / Malaysia / Philipinnes / Thailand… are Rock !!!!!

  6. I feel like this series is like the mature and older version of boys before flower. four handsome suave men, one gorgeous main leading lady.
    Yeah the ratings are a bit low, i hope they didn’t BUY all those costumes
    didnt she go out with bae yong joon??

  7. the first question that comes to mind is who does this? count the number of costume changes. and the second question is does it really matter? i watch this show not because of what costume she is wearing but because of the great chemistry between her and her main lead

  8. Ofcourse they know the count of the outfits. The purpose of those outfits is to show how a top star become a fashionista. In reality, Ji Woo is not only an actress, she’s also a top model & spokespersonl for some brand name skin products, drinks, beauty products, etc for S. Korea, Japan & France. She’s not only beautiful outside, she’s also humble, kind-hearted & a down to earth person in real life. She always have excellent chemistry with her co-stars. She’s a very hard working actress who has good relationship with her co-workers. Lots of women are green with envy because of her success & beauty.

    Ji Woo & Ji Tae’s chemistry in Star’s Lover is excellent. Their acting is superior. I hope they both win best actress & best actor awards for SL.

  9. Who keeps track of clothes? The producers who have to buy them and pay taxes and need to claim deductions on their drama income, that’s who. Everybody who complains about her clothes, get real! You wanna see ‘movie star’ look like street person? I enjoy seeing beauty. Just like going to museum and admiring art. Choi Ji Woo is beautiful woman and so is this production. There are many countries enjoying this drama. Just because flop in Korea does not mean it is bad drama.

  10. It started rather slowly and yes must admit bit boring at first, maybe that;s why the rating is low. I perservered with the next and following episodes before I know it am totally absorbed in the show. The chemistry between ji Woo and Ji Tae is so so AMAZING!! Made me wish they were together in real life. They look so comfortable in each others arm. I love Ji Tae too! The more I watched the more captivated I was.

  11. oh yes as for her clothes, I must agree some looks weird like ‘pop’ commented ‘alien’. In those scenes I cringe feeling very painful for her and wondering why they made her wear those weird clothes. There were few really nice outfits too, my fav being the green (rich) tube dress shown in one of the pictures in this site.

    nania commented she’s old, but of course. She is already in mid/late 30s. She’s really beautiful and elegant. So womanly yet breaks into her girlish charms occasionally. Hahaha yes am a big fan of hers!!

  12. ojala pueda trabajar con ji ji hee y hagan una serie siendo los protagonistas, espero que asi sea

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