Rain Wants To Emulate Park Jin Young As a Producer

Not content with just singing and dancing on stage, Rain is now moving up a level and trying his hand at becoming a producer, probably trying to emulate his mentor/former, Park Jin Young who is doing a mighty fine job with JYP Entertainment. In the earlier part of 2009, Rain will be unveiling one of his trainees on the music scene and begin his music production activities.


Rain revealed in a recent interview that the female singer that he is debuting is under the age of 20. The debut single has already been decided, with Rain not only involved in the song composition but also cheoreographing the dance movements. He expressed, “The debut single and dance are all completed. The rest is up to her own effort. The time for her debut will be when she has completely mastered the song and dance, and making it her own.”

Since J.Tune Entertainment was established in September 2007 by Rain, outstanding performers who had cleared the company’s auditions were signed up. Besides the female singer who will be debuting soon, there were 2 other groups that was singled out by Rain. The 2 groups are a 3-member female hip-hop group and a 5-member male group. If everything goes well, the female singer plus the 2 groups could all be making their debut in 2009.

Rain returned to Korea on 15th after ending his Japanese promotions and is now busy preparing for his Asia concert tour and his singers debut.

32 thoughts on “Rain Wants To Emulate Park Jin Young As a Producer

  1. well we’ll see how good Bi is at producing. im sure he will be awesome. im sure JYP is supporting him all the way! but wait 3 member girl group??? JYP/Cube 3 member girl group. uh oh…

  2. debuting three products in a year….thats crazy. ambitious i must say. i lost most of my respect for him when he left for america. i wish he wouldnt try so hard and think he s some big shot. “rainism” =/

  3. wait, so when is he going to fit in the whole “debuting/succeeding in the american market” thing?!?

    isn’t he overextending himself a little?

  4. i really admire rain (:
    when he was at that one variety show, he said something about his mother dying and he couldn’t do much about it cuz he didn’t have that much money. so it’s really amazing to see rain succeeding this far 😀

    good luck bi oppa!

  5. wow… I can’t say that I’m surprised…
    I’ve always thought that Rain would branch out and I guess become the next JYP. I sort of expected this from him. I’m anticipating both the girl band and boy band.
    Can they really stand out with all of the popular boybands and girl bands right now?? Wish Rain all the luck! 🙂

  6. JYP inspired his artists to be like him..
    sunmi also want t be producer like JYP too..
    so good luck to him. & i think unleash 3 products in one year is quite ridiculous though..
    why he always rush the time?
    probably he will join compulsory military service soon
    i though he’s one can exempt it

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  8. i really admire rain for this
    although his debut in the US was a disaster, he doesn’t stop working foward! and is now creating oppotunity for others too! that’s really cool
    GO RAIN!

  9. jyp trained him, then he decides that he’s too good and leaves.
    he did pretty “well” until the point he wants to go to America to be an international idol… which is pretty fail.
    now he decides to be like jyp again by being a producer… so sad.

    sorry, but my respect would never go to him. a guy who ditched the man who trains him, and then copies exactly what jyp does.

  10. new banner
    so cool coolsmurf
    so relaxing
    i read rain also the man behind of
    debut wonder girls
    he also choose wonder girls’s name
    instead of ladies club
    and picked irony as WG debut song..
    now he tried to debut 5 member boy band
    i hope this group will be male version of WG
    no back up dancer, 1 rapper, 4 singer
    3 hotter, 2 cuties
    but no retro song
    not suitable to guys i think

  11. I absolutely love the way Rain dances and just how he performs in general, I wish he would stick to creating more moves and continue doing his acting, I hope he doesn’t give up Hollywood, I don’t know about the groups he is putting up, there’s so many groups already in Korea. But what can you do I wish him the best and hopefully the groups will do a good job and make Rain proud. Fighting!!

  12. as long as he keeps singing and performing, I’m good with anything he does. He is the super-entertainer!!!

    Love the banner coolsmurf. Thanks for sharing this news!

  13. Can he even compose his own music/lyrics? He cant even sing properly, only dance. And now wanna be producer. *pukes*
    He’s going to fail terrible.
    Yay! Rain = FAIL!

  14. I dont see where he says he’s wanting to outdo JYP.

    People should get over themselves, before talking BS about other people.

  15. Rain is very admirable for what he has accomplished and what he’s setting out to accomplish. He has a goal in life, wants to do the best he can with his life and I respect him for that. Good luck Rain *^_^*

  16. He seems to make good choices, like choosing WG’s names and Irony over Ee Babo for their debut song (if I’m not wrong)…. I’m waiting to see how well he does as a producer!

  17. lol its funny the reasons some of you hate rain for!!
    first, leaving JYP is not betrayal ( how old are you peolpe?)
    starting your own producing company is normal.
    secondly, it wasnt rain’s fault that speed racer failed! he did his part great! and why say rains emulate jyp, is jyp the first singer turned producer in korea or the world for that matter!! and for your information jyp’s contract condetions are very controlling, im not surprised rain leaving him! he maybe wanted more freedom, or simply wanted to start his own company! or what ever reason!
    its fully his right!

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