Princess Ja Myung Go Interviews + Pictures

There were many doubts initially on whether Ryeo Won was in the drama or the female lead, since she hardly appeared in any photos and it was all about Park Min Young. But that was only because she joined the filming late because she had to work on the post-production of her movie Wandering Mr. Kim which had been delayed. So we are starting to see more Ryeo Won photos now.


Ryeo Won revealed in an interview, “I thought that I would never film a period drama ever in my life, but I am now actually filming a fighting saeguk drama now. I have been eating a lot recently so that I can be in good shape.

I heard that you need to have great acting skills and endurance to film a saeguk drama. So I once said to myself, to never ever take on a saeguk drama. But Princess Ja Myung Go, I felt like it was tailor-made for me. I didn’t need to pick the drama for it just came to me automatically. The character and life of Princess Ja Myung is very similar to mine and I just felt that it was for me.”


Ryeo Won actually lost a lot of weight (5kg) while filming for her movie Wandering Mr. Kim because of her role. But for her new drama, Ryeo Won is now doing a lot of sports and eating tonics to beef herself up in preparation for the fighting scenes. Ryeo Won expressed, “After filming, I would go with my manager and order some meat to eat before returning home. There’s a saying that goes ‘Rice is the best medicine’ and so I am eating a lot recently.”

Ryeo Won also spoke frankly about her friendship with Daniel Henney which started from the time when they filmed the drama My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon. Daniel Henney had dropped by to visit Ryeo Won on the 12th at the set of Princess Ja Myung Go and took some pictures which the latter uploaded to her Cyworld with the caption that Daniel Henney was a comfortable friend.

Daniel Henney and Ryeo Won Are BFF

Ryeo Won said, “Daniel shocked me when he came to the filming set recently. 4 years ago, we would rehearse lines from our scripts with each other, but now I am the female lead of a big production. We kept laughing while still in disbelief that this is happening. Daniel is still very modest and sincere. We gave each other pointers and actually we often contact each other on the phone.”

Ryeo Won conlcuded, “I never quite understood the heroine’s character initially, who could give up on her love for the greater good. I was quite agonized after taking on the role also. But after watching the Dark Knight movie, I felt that love is only a supplement for a hero. I also familarized myself with some fighting moves after watching Hong Kong period martial arts movies.”

Ryeo Won posted the following pictures on her Cyworld of her character Princess Ja Myung and Princess Nak Rang (Park Min Young). They might appear to be rivals in the drama but off it, they are probably developing a good friendship. Park Min Young has been leaving comments on Ryeo Won’s Cyworld while Ryeo Won has been grabbing pictures off Min Young’s Cyworld for her own. It’s great for fans that they update their Cyworlds very frequently.


Behind the Scenes


In an interview, Park Min Young talked about how much she wanted to challenge herself after reading the Princess Ja Myung Go script. She regrets that she didn’t do much for her single-act drama Return of the Gumiho last year and was just reading off the script. For her role as Princess Nak Rang, Park Min Young has become much more dilligent and hardworking, picking up fighting, horse riding skills, etc for a better potrayal of her complex character.


Prince Ho Dong and Princess Ja Myung
Princess Ja Myung was discarded by her nation, Nangnang-guk since she was young but she was the divine one who was bound by destiny to safeguard her nation from enemies. After lots of suffering, she makes it back home but falls in love with Prince Ho Dong who is already married to her sister of the same father but different mother, Princess Nak Rang. But for her country, she has no choice but to plunge the sword towards her beloved Prince Ho Dong.


Prince Ho Dong and Princess Nak Rang
Park Min Young plays Princess Nak Rang who was showered with lots of love from her parents. But she is prepared to sacrifice everything for her love, Prince Ho Dong played by Jung Kyung Ho. An ambitious and tragic character.


Min Young was also very grateful towards Ryeo Won, “No matter how you look at it, Ryeo Won is my senior with much more experience than me, but she is very modest. She doesn’t treat me like a junior but as a fellow actress on the set and takes good care of me. I am very thankful.” Min Young also revealed that she had received a text message from her good friend Jung Il Woo, “Both of us have picked saeguk dramas with lots of episodes. We hope that everything goes well and encourage each other to do our very best.”

30 thoughts on “Princess Ja Myung Go Interviews + Pictures

  1. gahh i am soo looking forward to this drama
    and im glad park minyoung is in it!

    its also great to see jung ryeowon in it, and that she put on some weight

  2. i am so scared to watch the drama because i read the history of hodong and i dont like him at all. if you read, you’ll understand what i mean. prince hodong is a arg. ok, but looking forward for it though.

  3. wow I really like that pic with pmy and jrw side by side and it’s good to know they have developed a friendship and comment on eachother’s cyworld!

    one more month is just too long to wait 😦

  4. i watched a lot of sageuks because of my parents ,but lately they stopped so i havent watched any. but this one has caught my interest.

    jung ryeowon has caught my interest since she was in MNIKSS because she is beautiful ,but not in the same way as a lot of korean faces nowadays.

    this one looks interesting because of the love story & the fighting. not expecting much from the fighting, but it should be interesting nonetheless. especially ’cause park minyoung is in it. she didnt really interest me at first ’cause i just passed her off as a typical looking girl, but for some reason, she seems to portray her character very well in the pictures

    looking forward to it 🙂

  5. Wow, Ryeo Won’s character sounds pretty awesome. Cant wait to see her in action! And im glad she’s attempting to put on some weight because she looks more radiant and bubbly with some meat on.

    Love the pics of her in the prince’s arms- very touching and romantic though its sad to know that the relationship is going to be a tragic one.

    PMY looks pretty cute too, i love her red-and-white gown. Very stunning-looking!

  6. ryeo won needs to eat A LOT more… she looks deathly unhealthy and skinny when standing next to Park Min Young… Ryeo Won is a beautiful girl, but her face has a long shape… she looks very unhealthy with no cheek fat to round out her long face.

  7. DANG.
    I have to watch this.
    Two of my favorite actresses in one drama?

    Saranghaeyo Ryeo Won and Park Min Young.

  8. ”Princess Ja Myung Go “drama is attractive because of three main characters with their beautiful costumes. I like this drama ….Korean gingseng root is good for Ryeo Won ‘s health . It is vitamine

  9. Thanks for the news..coolsmurf .. Glad to know that JRW is trying to beef herself up .. She’s too thin ..

  10. im excited to watch this drama, just done watching KINGDOM OF THE WINDS. can’t wait for this one to come out!!! (*_*)

  11. I’m new to this drama, but why are they dressed up like ancient Chinese people? I don’t think Korean hairstyle and clothing looked like that back then. Or, am I wrong? I though they wore Hanbok, not “Hanfu” (Chinese clothing). But then again, Korean culture is influenced from China, so it’s no suprise their ancient clothing and culture is similar to the Chinese.

  12. why hodong be loved while he keep lie on boko and rahey? i think he follow alot of cheating ways to win his aimes he also lie on respective king and his tow wives ,for me i hate aperson like that for me the most important think is true why we lie? hf we have aconfidance by ouerselves we will never lie specially on ouerselves

  13. I think it’s great series, I felt the historical characters were them not they were the characters.Generally speaking, I love the Asian history since I adore the legendary & mythical breeze in their historical stories.

  14. Because of this great serial I love Jeong Ryeo Won more. The beautiful special features of hers & face help her to act & give emotions for example, eyes look, her sweet feminine voice, Her innocent smile..etc. So 난 널 사랑해, in the language of my own Arabic (أنا أحبك=Ana Uhibok), in chinese(我爱你=wo3 ai4 ni4), in Japanese(私はあなたを愛して), in French (Je t’aime), in spanish(Te amo).

  15. Ryu Jung has palyed her character as Princess Ja Myung really well. Honestly, she deserved an award. If someone else has played her part, this drama won’t be interesting and her audience will not be asking for more. Her efforts are not in vain. This is the best drama and she is the best actress. She’s for real a soft spoken person with great moral values. Her fans just can’t wait to see her in another great drama like this. Luv her.

  16. For me im morrocan and i really love this serial , i love lahiya relly it’s so beautiful and the princess ja myung ❤ ❤ it's a great actress ❤

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