Kim Hyun Joo Boys Before Flowers Star Cameo Role

After seeing off Han Chae Young as Min Seo Hyun in Episode 4, Boys Before Flowers will welcome another big-name actress, Kim Hyun Joo who will appear as the beautiful, fiesty elder sister of Goo Joon Pyo, Goo Joon Hee.


According to Group Eight, “Kim Hyun Joo is well-liked by all age groups. She is able to perform well regardless of whether it’s a romance or period drama and her acting is acknowledged by everyone. Asian viewers will undoubtedly be impressed by her charismatic portrayal of Goo Joon Hee.” Kim Hyun Joo agreed on the cameo role because of her good relations with director Jun Ki Sang.


Kim Hyun Joo will appear in 8 out of the 24 episodes and will start appearing from episode 6 onwards from 20th January. She will be appearing mainly as a problem solver figure, Goo Joon Hee and is the elderly sister of Goo Joon Pyo. Goo Joon Hee is a bright, cheerful person who tends to use a little violence along the way and is considered to be pretty scary in the drama.

Whenever Joon Pyo meets with some problems, regardless of whether she is in America/Europe, time or place, Joon Hee would be stepping out to help solve it for him. Joon Hee is thus the only person who can stand up to their mother, Kang Hee Soo (Shinhwa Group CEO) and is her brother’s safety net.


Can’t wait to see how Kim Hyun Joo will influence the drama flow.

25 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joo Boys Before Flowers Star Cameo Role

  1. Man I love the role of the odler sister (tsubaki) she’s super nice to Jan Di’s charrie. I hope the keep one scene that was in the Japanese version of the drama where Jan Di cries her heart ou tto the older sister.

  2. OMG! I can’t wait!!
    Domyouji’s sister is one of my favorite characters!
    I hope Kim Hyun joo will do well.

  3. OMG! I love Kim Hyun Joo. She’s one of my fave k-drama actresses and I seriously can’t wait for her appearance on episode 6.

  4. Can’t wait for her .. She’s looking beautiful from this pix .. Hope she can perform well as Joon Pyo’s sister ..

  5. i REALLY like domyouji’s sis!
    she’s just the coolest sister EVER!!!
    and i love the relationship she has with her brother it seems so sweet~

  6. kim hyun joo is not only pretty but is a good actress.
    i’m glad this series has found some pretty good actors and actresses that fit the characters to a tee.

  7. ow, she’s so pretty. is she still going out with SJS? i wonder.
    they’d be so perfect for each other.


  8. I think the Japanese version of her is cooler! KHJ is pretty cool but sorry that’s just me! ^_^

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