SM Artistes Barred Indefinitely From KBS Music Bank

Update: At least KBS was not sneaky about this. Despite the ban from appearing on Music Bank, So Nyeo Shi Dae still managed to win the K-Chart for Gee, their first win since their comeback over Baek Ji Young and K.Will.

BoA, DBSK, etc will not be appearing on KBS Music Bank indefinitely after SM Entertainment were served with a notice from KBS this month. This apparently was because of DBSK no-show at KBS Gayo Daechuk last year.

DBSK was in Japan for the final 2 days of 2008 as they had to attend the TBS Japan Record Awards and the 59th Kohaku Uta Gassen 2008 respectively and thus couldn’t attend KBS and MBC gayo festivals. But in the process, there was a breakdown in communications between SM Entertainment and KBS resulting in Shinee, Super Junior, etc missing KBS Gayo Daechuk as well.

Competition was fierce to get singers to appear at the year-end gayo festivals for the 3 respective major broadcasters, SBS, KBS and MBC. KBS was probably incensed to see BoA and DBSK appearing at Festival S (SBS gayo festival) but not appearing at theirs. As a form of punishment, KBS has thus decided to prohibit SM artistes from appearing on Music Bank indefinitely.

The worst hit SM artistes at the moment must be So Nyeo Shi Dae who made their comeback recently with their Gee mini-album. They were originally scheduled to make a grand comeback on Music Bank on 9th January. But it was shelved at the very last moment on 8th January and the girls had to make their comeback a day later instead on Music Core. The girls are already handicapped by SM Entertainment problems with Mnet (rumors put it that it was because of DBSK failing to win major awards at MKMF) resulting in the no-shows on M! Countdown, leaving them with only Music Core and Inkigayo.


The ban was initially dismissed by SM Entertainment who said that the girls wanted more time to prepare and so their Music Bank comeback was delayed to 16th January. But it was strange that they would say that since it was only a day later before they would appear on Music Core. But fans didn’t make too much fuss over it since Shinee was on the 9th January episode of Music Bank. But after seeing Shinee and So Nyeo Shi Dae missing from the 16th January Music Bank lineup, the ban looks like it’s being enforced by KBS.

In an interview with a Music Bank PD, “Currently, SM Entertainment artistes are only barred from appearing on KBS Music Bank. It will not affect their appearances on other shows on the KBS network. The ban is indefinite.”

There were also talks that Tae Yeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae was actually considered by KBS to take over from the outgoing Seo In Young as the MC of Music Bank. But the ban effectively puts an end to that and announcer Park Eun Young will take over Seo In Young instead from today’s episode onwards.

142 thoughts on “SM Artistes Barred Indefinitely From KBS Music Bank

  1. ohhh again???
    didnt the same thing happen before but htye changed their mind when thye realised that dbsk was “high rate” quality

  2. aww tae yeon must be upset that she wasn’t able to take over seo in young’s spot at becoming the host =(.. i agree.. what a way to screw up artistes !

    this is punishment?.. oh grow up ! blame the communicators.. not the singers!

  3. why should artistes be blamed and punished for this situation?.. shouldn’t they talk this out between their managements instead of putting it out on the artiste’s careers?.. this is ridiculous!

  4. This. Is. Ridiculous. How childish can they get? Seriously, TVXQ had more important things to attend – Japan’s Kohaku and Award show. Those stations need to realize that they don’t EACH need to make their own Gayo Daejun (this year, it was three days of shows in a row) and that some artists have other priorities not because they don’t want to attend the show, but because there are other audiences that need to see them perform.

  5. actually whos side at lossin this situation? artist cant perform cant promote, Music bank less artists come means less profit..

  6. they’re just pissed because dbsk didn’t appear so they couldn’t get high ratings. it’s a dumb move because didn’t mbc and sm have that fight and when dbsk made their comeback, they went on every tv station and even the small shows of each station too…then mbc realized it was their mistake and how much profit they were losing so they welcomed back sm.

    and shouldn’t they be proud that dbsk made it to kouhaku? i would very much like to break the japanese/korean barrier by attending an important show rather than an awards ceremony where you sit there for hours, exhausted, and wait for your turn to perform. dbsk needed to wait until midnight to perform in order to use the original lyrics, so having them wait until midnight is gonna be more exhausting adding to their immensely busy schedule.

    c’mon kbs, don’t be so childish. it doesn’t affect sm that much for them not to appear on music bank. when dbsk makes another comeback, BoA makes her comeback, suju comes out with their 3rd album…they’ll know it was a bad move.

  7. I don’t think SNSD will be affected much by not appearing on the Music Bank and M!Countdown. Like the PD said, SM artists are only banned on Music Bank, not other KBS shows so they can still promote their album. SM artists were banned from ALL MBC shows last year and they still did extremely well.

  8. Well, this won’t affect DBSK nor BoA since they are currently active in Japan and America, respectively. I feel bad for the other SM artists, though. It’s a pretty immature move of KBS to ban all SM artists just because DBSK couldn’t attend the KBS gayo. They didn’t attend the MBC gayo either, but you don’t see MBC throwing a fit.

    Besides, Kouhaku is more important than the KBS gayo will ever be.

  9. SM entertainment must have did something to upset kbs. i mean by banning such big artist it will also effect their rating and such. i guess they jus have to wait it out. umm. suck for the artists.

  10. Oh for the love of God. This is just one more example of how unprofessional and petty the networks are.

    How does Korea expect anyone to take them seriously when this kind of childish bullshit is still allowed? It’s disgusting and I feel bad for the artists that have to deal with it.

  11. well i am upset about this. but i will say. KBS is not MBC. KBS is a government funded channel. and as much as DBSK and the rest of SM artists are popular and bring in the money. i doubt KBS actually NEEDS them. especially since with things like KBS World and the fact that its government funded… so i will say that KBS will not let go of this ban that easily…

  12. for SM but oh well.
    First MBC & now KBS…I like how the stations are putting their foot down on the “all mighty SME” *rollseyes*

  13. This is stupid. Music bank will be the only one suffering from this. They make it seem like SM artists will not have any other way to perform and promote themselves.

  14. how come sm like to offend those music organization and why can’t kbs music bank be more understanding.. nothing gain from it..perhaps they should sit down and have a good conversation. i don’t think it will affect sm artistes that much since they are so popular.

  15. My goodness. That is so childish. I can’t believe KBS is banning all SM artists just because DBSK couldn’t make it to their Gayo. That’s just ridiculous. DBSK had much more important events to attend to then some Gayo. It’s an honor to even be invited to Kouhaku and DBSK was finally able to be one of the stars that got to perform on that stage. I remember DBSK talking about wanting to perform at Kouhaku for like, two years. Of course, it’s going to be more important to them!! For the entire month of December, they were constantly flying back and forth from Korea to Japan. It was a feat of its own that they were even able to make it to one Gayo let alone another…

  16. This is dumb. It wasn’t DBSK’s fault for not attending their award show. It just happened to be that their schedules clashed with the gayo shows. You need to be the best of the best (in Japan) to be invited to Kohaku. It’s their loss anyways.

  17. i wouldn’t say “stupid kbs.” why? because this isn’t the first time that sm has been banned from a show or an entire station. if it keeps happening to one entertainment company with different stations [first that superr long ban from mbc and now kbs’ music bank], you kind of have to wonder if it really is the stations’ faults. i LOVE sm artists, no doubt, but i feel like sm kind of manages their relationships with the stations badly. it sucks that sm entertainment’s choices and decisions as well as the stations’ decisions have to affect the artists and fans.

  18. I don’t think it should matter how many times SM artists have been banned, but WHY they were/are banned. I can understand the problem with MBC, but KBS’s reason is just simply immature.

  19. KBS is really stupid…Their executive whatever probably have gone crazy so a child have take up his place….LOL…(Am I being too mean or what?!) Anyhow, from SeungRi’s “Crack” to “Clap” and he won’t be performing there anymore, now to SM Entertainment banned?

    They’re just stupid….They act like people don’t work on a schedule especially singers….

  20. If DBSK not attending their Gayo is the reason why KBS is banning SM artists from Music Bank, then that is so petty. What I’m really wondering about is why SM artists are a no show on M!Countdown as well. What did SM supposedly do now?

  21. KBS has been really anal these days… first with the flagging of Mirotic and Strong Baby and now this…

  22. I think Kohaku’s so much more important- only the honored singers who got hits get to sing, hehe and DBSK did a good job :3. WTF is wrong with people nowadays? Do they just care about pride? They needa get Rick Rolled.

  23. MBC & KBS gayo festivals rating higher than SBS.
    even though DBSK appears on SBS Gayo
    but it’s rating is the lowest amongst those two
    they didn’t need dbsk to raise the rating
    but wonderbang..yes

  24. mbc had the highest ratings and they didn’t have DBSK or boA perfoming…. and the festival wasn’t even as grand as the SBS… probly because of the collaborations that MBC had…

  25. and they should understand that DBSK is very busy these days… DBSK had another show to attend, so they should respect that….lol, why so many conflicts in kpop these days… first the song controversy, then the conflict with Sony BMG and now this…. certainly not the best way the start the year for SM…

  26. I think Lee Soo Man must introspect himself. Why SM always banned not only in KBS. You see from MBC with Kang in problem. Now with KBS and M net. I think it’s not from The TV station but i think the mistake is from sm management. Before doing that things, they need to think first. make a negotiation or something like that. you see YG and JYP, they even don’t have any problem with all de station. Soo Man grow up la…Don’t be so selfish. If you continue do this poor SM artist. They will damage in your hand…

  27. Kbs shouldn’t do this banning thing. I mean,what’s there to lose if DBSK not appear at their gayo daejun?
    MBC get the highest rating because of WonderBang not SBS. I don’t think KBS should should do ‘I-don’t-get-DBSK-and BOA-so-SM-is-banned-from-MB’. It’s only making them lose more ratings.
    And also,SM really need to learn how to manage their dealings with tv stations. First MBC,now KBS? =.=

  28. how long will this happen? KBS is the one who will feel the lose, not SM artists. come on, it DBSK!!! and super junior! they’re so popular around asian. they dont feel anything with one station banned them. and the reason is so childish! what? just because u feel like dbsk neglect them for other bigger awards?? stupid…

  29. wow…that sucks….the Mnet thing is so weird… SM needs to stop thinking they are so almighty…. he should bury the hatchet and let his artist promote adequatly….wtv, not my problem really

  30. Ok, I get KBS, but why Mnet? O_o;; SM is mad at Mnet because DBSK only won Best Album of the Year? Wow, that’s immature of SM >.<;

  31. since ever when did MBC get the highest ratings ?? O__O
    TNS ratings :
    SBS Gayo Daejun : (highest)20.5%
    MBC Gayo Daejun : 17.6%
    KBS Gayo Daejun : 12.1% (’s the lowest..boohoo)

    W/e, Kouhaku is many times more prestigious (it reached 40% ) and it’s DBSK’s first time. And SM being mad at Mnet just because DBSK didn’t win major awards…crazyyy…

  32. bobby
    MBC & KBS gayo festivals rating higher than SBS.
    even though DBSK appears on SBS Gayo
    but it’s rating is the lowest amongst those two
    they didn’t need dbsk to raise the rating
    but wonderbang..yes


    Check this FACT data from


    SBS가요대전 SBS 19.0
    SBS가요대전 SBS 18.0
    특집MBC가요대제전 MBC 17.0
    특집MBC가요대제전 MBC 16.0
    KBS가요대축제 KBS2 12.9
    KBS가요대축제 KBS2 11.6

    As YOU can SEE KBS is just like hell.

    If you dont’ believe me see IT FOR YOURSELF.

  33. I got the feeling that this decision were made by an executive level not a PD like in MBC. When SM were banned from MBC it was due to the un-professionalism from SM artist (in this case Kangin) and the mis-communication between SM and MBC PD. In KBS case, the music bank PD seem eager to get SNSD on their shows but the higher level say no, that’s why SNSD (or other SM artist) still able to attend other show on KBS (variety).

    I’m not gonna put blame on SM alone, since the station seem to think that they own the artist popularity alone. They should be able to fix this. MB will be at lost. As much as you hate it, Gee is making their way to the top and it is the most popular song right now.
    BTW I love Gee… 🙂

  34. kookke
    i got it from here..i don’t know which one is right..
    All 3 end of year Gayo shows aired around the same time 9:55pm [+9GMT]

    The ratings, according to research firm TNS Media Korea. MBC Gayo Daejeon was televised on 31 December which had the highest percentage of views of the 3 end of year Gayo shows.

    Part 1 MBC 가요 Daejejeon 16%,
    Part 2 MBC 가요 Daejejeon 17% [Wonder Girls perfromances]

    KBS 2TV:
    Part 1 KBS Gayo Daejun 12.4%
    Part 2 KBS Gayo Daejun 15.5%
    Part 3 KBS Gayo Daejun 12.3%

    Part 1 SBS Gayo Daejun 12.1%,
    Part 2 SBS Gayo Daejun 11.4%

    credit: Empas News

  35. lol i dont know why people thought that SBS Gayo had the lowest ratings . If you check the tv ratings thread in Soompi , you can see that SBS gayo had the highest and KBS has the lowest , like above people said

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  37. that’s a dumb move. once their business starts getting affected with poor ratings, then they’ll be on their knees begging. lol

  38. so if they don’t show SM artists and SeungRi, the options left are very little and ratings will eventually drop ALOT. so i’ll just wait to see what they will actually show on KBS music bank that will actually keep ratings high..

  39. These aren’t cold hard facts though, but ya, we pro’lly won’t be seeing SM artists on KBS for a while.

  40. StiLL Wonder Bang De BesT…EVerY boDy ArOuNd De WorLd Waiting For TheiR cOllaBOratioN. Hope WIll See Them Soon. FiGhtIng SeUng Ri…StroNg BAbY…CrAcK…CraCk…

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  42. oh lol. i hope KBS suffers big time for this ratings wise. srsly childish and immature.

    either wise, both sides get hurt.

    i feel bad for SHINee and SNSD.
    i hope they work up a storm on MBC and all the other channels then and KBS will take a thumb and stuff it.

    i cant really say anything about SM now since the reason given is because “DBSK didnt attend award and attended Kouhaku instead”.

    that is the silliest thing ever.

    do you think KBS will come scrambling when DBSK appears in Korea again? hmmm :X the power and numbers of Cassies….

  43. bobby, you’ve incorrect information.

    3 gayo program air different day

    here’s full list (I’ll including all year end program)

    ***29 DEC 08***
    NO.1 MBC Entertainment Award 20.2% approx
    NO.2 SBS Music Festival 18.5% approx
    no KBS here.

    ***30 DEC 08***
    NO.1 MBC Performance Award 28.6% (part2)
    NO.2 SBS Entertainment Award 21.2% (part2)
    NO.3 KBS Music Festival 12.9% (part1) 11.6% (part2)

    ***31 DEC 08***
    No.1 MBC Music Festival 17% (part2)
    No.2 KBS Performance Award 12.4% (Part 1)
    No.3 SBS Performance Award 11.4% (part2)

    Once we select only music festival you’ll get this :
    No.1 SBS Music Festival 18.5%
    No.2 MBC Music Festival 17%
    No.3 KBS Music Festival 12.9%


  44. how stupid is that….
    Might of they think that DBSK was more active in Japan last year then they were in korea for only a few three months that’s why….sure must love drama.

  45. i’ve been waiting this kind of problem to be appeared on news…this is actually REAL thing ‘behind the scene’ in korean entertainment…. there must b hustle episodes between entertaiment companies n the entertainers ….
    im glad this article to b posted today…its not only to read about the schedule or work by entertainers but this kind of problem SURELY happend between them…

    nwy, hope all these will turn out better soon….problems MUST be tangled sometimes to come out with better solutions or preparations in order to have a strong industry in the future…..

  46. seriously i don’t think people realize that KBS Music Bank does not bring in a whole rack of money for KBS. KBS does way more stuff than MBC and SBS. being a government funded network, they do the News, music, dramas, and much more. KBS can handle a ban against SM. i mean sure i agree its an immature decision, but it doesn’t change the fact that KBS will regret their decision so easily.

  47. what? so that was the reason?!
    oh come on…
    its some kind of loss for SNSD especially on their comeback..
    why why? why?
    i know nothing more on this…
    so i’ll shut now.

  48. they are fu*kin’ losers. why does Korean ent act like that nowadays, they take it personally and seriously. stupid, stupid, and some blame it on dbsk? shocks!!think hard !!work with your gifted brain!!!

    Now KBS music would be going downhill. and i must say, poor sm artists, you’re just a victims between your co. and those co. i knew this gonna happen.

    anyway, im getting nervous whenever coolsmurf posted something like that, lol

  49. No, I have to disagree. I think the problem lies with SM. They shouldn’t overbook their artists, plain and simple. They shouldn’t make commitments they can’t keep. SM is a huge entertainment company- where is the professionalism? How can they have a breakdown in communication?! They should be keeping tabs on ALL of their artists and their engagements. They’re doing such a disservice to SNSD….poor girls. Hopefully, this fluke won’t be as detrimental to them. SM needs to get their act together, instead of slaving all their artists…

  50. At least SM artists showed GREAT performances during SBS GAYO DAEJUN.. i got totally bored at KBS’ and a little with MBC GAYO. LOL.

    Is this a new trend?
    Banning SM ARTISTS everywhere? lol.

  51. How childish..and dont blame the artists it wasnt their faults..blame the people who make their schedules…well i guess this just means that Music Bank wont be getting as much money..a lot of people love the artists in SM Entertainment, including myself that childish..

  52. You don’t see mbc going all ban-happy because dbsk didn’t show up for their program either.

    Props for them for not rigging the votes against sm though!

  53. KBS gayo had the lowest ratings. That is probably why someone is a little upset.

    DBSK was already scheduled to be at the those Japanese events at least a month prior.

  54. i m sure theres more to the whole situation that what the public knows. theres so many sides to the entertainment industry than the surface. SM s excuse for SNSD is pretty bad considering their comeback wasnt that great anyway. i m actually glad for this because other artists of lesser known companies can get their screen time while SM artists are banned.

  55. there is a definite reason why SM.ent ALWAYS gets banned from this channel and that channel.

    first MBC
    then MNET
    now KBS..

    those channels are big. they dont do that shit for no reason. SM.Ent always does stupid shit that pisses channel companies off.. and no netizens seems to be siding against KBS. either.

  56. uh.. kBS gayo fest did get high rating… around 20 30%… wtf are u guys talking about..

    DBSK fans need to chill the fuck up and grow the fuck up. u guys are like BLINDED by crazy fanism that u cant seem to REASON and think WHY the channels always BANN SM.ENT each year? EVER HAD A THOUGHT??? jesus. fools…

    KBS channel basically represents south korea.. its run by the government and suppported by the government. if u mess with KBS. they’ll definitely get their nose hurt big time.

  57. reason why SM .ENT gets banned all the time is because they always mess with the channels. seriously. there is a reason to why sm.ent and only sm.ent gets banned. the reps there always think they are bigger n better than any1. KBS isnt a channel to mess with. because they are run by the government. it has the most influence out of the 3 channels. KBS doesnt do stupid shit for no reason. every1 in korea doesnt really seem that surpised with SM.ent getting banned from the show. they dont seem to disagree with it. except the stupid fangirls. but what a surprise with em. they can’t even communicate and reason 1 on 1. SMENT always finds reason and excuses to blame by using other artists. but news flash ur artists represent ur company. who else would they bann? for ur companies stupidity? uh,,, shinhwa?? o wait. they LEFT cuz of SM.ENT’s idiotic move and childish ways of trying to prevent shinwha from using their name SHINHWA cuz the name was owned by SM.ENT right?? PUHAHAHHAHA.

  58. SM sounds like they think their s don’t stink. but on the other hand its messed up for kbs to ban other groups.

  59. SM artists are banned from Music Bank but not from the rest of the shows of KBS, who cares for Music Bank?

  60. well technically isnt KBS gonna be on the losing end? >.> dbsk is very popular. and to be this petty just freaking blows my mind. it wasnt the artists fault. i mean doesnt everything they do or make go through with someone in charge?

  61. that is ridiculous! what idiots at kbs thought this one up? don’t they know the viewership they lose from banning such popular artists from their shows…

  62. Well that really sucks. (obvious much?)
    Hopefully things will work out in a matter where KBS and SM can benefit from it.

  63. i guess being in a big company have it’s up and downs.

    funny how most comments are saying it’s kbs’s loss. sm artists have one less music show to go on = less promotion.

  64. Well at least I won’t have see anybody from SM on 1 station for awhile, though they will surely resolve the conflict with LSM’s money soon enough. That sucks.

  65. To be honest, I don’t know who’s fault it is but I’m pretty sure this won’t really affect the SM artists since they are already so big. I guess it’s KBS’s lost?

  66. @ uh:

    KBS did not get the highest ratings. Where are you getting your information from? KBS gayo had 20%-30% ratings? Where is your source? You sure didn’t get that number from

    “Fans need to grow up”, you say? I don’t see any “crazy fanism” going on here.

  67. “…there was a breakdown in communications between SM Entertainment and KBS resulting in Shinee, Super Junior, etc missing KBS Gayo Daechuk as well.”

    Doesn’t that mean that ALL SM artists skipped out entirely on KBS Gayo. If that is the case from a business stand point I would say that it is completely logical for KBS to be pissed off and institute the ban. KBS knows what it is doing. This ban is actually a really good move considering SM has bad blood with MNet as well. SM’s promotion abilities are now pretty much cut in half…a huge disadvantage. I mean, sure it’ll significantly impact Music Bank ratings for a little while…especially now when the music scene is in a lull…but in the long run SM and their artists will suffer the most. Look at this upcoming year…there’s going to be new and intense competition from all the groups that are planning on debuting as well as heat from all the big names that are probably going to ‘comeback’ again.

    Oh…and KBS having some kind of problem with you is a huge deal…they are the biggest of the 3 major stations…and government backed…and the ban is indefinite…

    and that is why business wise it effectively sucks for SM.

  68. GODD. i HATE kbs..theyre such wusses, theyre so immature!!! gosh…
    its ridiculous how they screw over every artists as they can! jesus..
    kbs is being ridiculouss!!!

  69. @ nadia:

    Thanks for the article, though it has nothing to do with the SBS/KBS gayos.

    That article states the ratings for MBC’s GAYO music festival was around 16%-17%, while ratings for KBS DRAMA award was 12.4%-15.5% and SBS DRAMA award was 11.1%-12.4%. These events all took place on December 31st.

    The Drama Awards and Gayo festivals are two different things here, people.

  70. but i will see SNSD on Mubank eventually right? i only have KBS world, so never miss mubank.

    “Currently, SM Entertainment artistes are only barred from appearing on KBS Music Bank.”
    among all show,why music bank? Lord~

    so i WILL see SNSD on Mubank,haha KBS just wanna show some of it’s ‘power’

    still love KBS,cuz it’s viewer friendly

    thanks for the news

  71. instead of banning tvxq, shouldn’t the kbs music bank ppl be proud of them for being honored to participate on the prestigious Kouhaku?am sure they would have participated on kbs gayo program if they’s just a matter of priority and am sure tvxq had no bad intention of failing to join kbs’ gayo program…………

  72. Whateverrr… banning popular artists from your own channel? pshhh that’ll just make them flock to other channels instead.

  73. well let’s see:

    the different TV channels compete with each other to see who gets the bigger artists and thus better ratings.

    artists (and their agencies) cooperate with TV channels to increase promotion.

    when a TV channel bans a certain artist, they’re sending the banned artist to their competition.

    when an artist is banned from one channel, other channels will welcome that artist with open arms.

    so in the end, KBS loses.

  74. Hmm… You know, SM artists has been having some troubles for a while now. First, I think it was the lyrics for TVXQ’s Mirotic. Then, Yunho’s JT song incident and then Taemin’s song incident.

    I don’t know why KBS is banning all of the BIG artists right now. They’re just ruining things for themselves.

  75. ohhhh gosh KBS need to like grow up -_-
    them banning the girls is so freaking stupid too
    in the end its them who’s gonna like lose all the rating
    and such…gosh

  76. i don’t really know the problem… but…

    i watched Korean dramas, and found that Korean are high- valuable in their own country and culture

    so, appearance in Korea is more important than in foreign country? KBS has that reason, i guess… hmmm…

  77. “KBS knows what it is doing. This ban is actually a really good move considering SM has bad blood with MNet as well. SM’s promotion abilities are now pretty much cut in half…a huge disadvantage. I mean, sure it’ll significantly impact Music Bank ratings for a little while…especially now when the music scene is in a lull…but in the long run SM and their artists will suffer the most. Look at this upcoming year…there’s going to be new and intense competition from all the groups that are planning on debuting as well as heat from all the big names that are probably going to ‘comeback’ again.

    Oh…and KBS having some kind of problem with you is a huge deal…they are the biggest of the 3 major stations…and government backed…and the ban is indefinite…

    and that is why business wise it effectively sucks for SM.”

    playprtnd poses a good point, but in my point of view, it is still a bad move on KBS’s part because while they are effectively showing SM what he did wrong, it becomes still a lose-lose situation for both parties. It’s still no denying that KBS will suffer the consequences alongside SM; it’ll be in the ratings, no doubt.

    In the end, all KBS can earn is an apology from the company, and that’s where it becomes such a petty matter to me; it is based on words and showing who is boss, therefore both parties, to me, are being extremely inadequate as professional entities. If KBS can really turn a blind eye towards the SM artists, then so be it, good for them. But everybody knows that this barring can’t and won’t go on, so it is just a move to provoke an apology from SM.

    And for me, if I was one of the executives over at KBS i would not make such a stupid decision. If the KBS Gayo Festival suffered because of those absences, how is it a smart move to make KBS suffer more with even more absences just to prove a point?

  78. well, having BoA -AND- DBSK appear on Festival S… must have been a huge blow to KBS’s Gayo Festival…. the good thing was Wonder Girls had more chances to perform on KBS’ festival though.

  79. @YOGURUTU:

    You do make a good point in that SM artists do have pretty influential market power and its loss will negatively affect KBS’s ratings. But it’s only ONE of their shows. They aren’t going to suffer too much. Also, do people really only watch Music Bank for SM artists? If they do than extremely dumb move on the part of KBS. But if not then the show will only suffer so much and might be revitalized by substitutes (aka new artists and old popular artists).

    I agree that KBS might just be looking for an apology. But considering that saving face is an enormous part of Asian culture as well as considering KBS is government sponsored entity, to them it might be worth this temporary loss to get such an admittance from a major force in the entertainment community.

    In my opinion, if all they were trying to do was exercise power and make a statement, the dumb move by KBS was to just ban them from Music Bank. The stakes are too low for SM to be effectively pressured. Banning them completely from KBS would have really changed the situation and made it lot more interesting.
    But honestly, the reason for all this in the first place despite being valid is ridiculously PETTY. So that might not have flown with neitzens and could have incited backlash, hence the ban only on Music Bank.

    Also, I apologize…all my business oriented opinions are due to the fact that spring semester has started…

  80. @artsyfartsy
    The reason why SM .ENT gets banned all the time is because of the high demand of SM’s artists. In this case, no artist from other companies ever get a chance to be invited in Kouhaku/Japan records awards and the KBS year-end show in the same time, just an example.

    “So SM wont allow any of their artists on MNET because DBSK didnt win the BIG awards? what sore losers. <– rumors spread easily, doesn’t it? DBSK won the album daesang, and you can see how glad they are even on the stage. They didn’t win the artist deasang as many fans expected, but it doesn’t make the album daesang less important. DBSK still performed in MNet after MKMF and got the mnet coundown awards of the year. Well, it’s from the memory though.

  81. @ Uh
    I think YOU yourself need to CHILL. Swearing doesn’t make anything better. And when do you see DBSK fans bickering about this ban? Get your facts straight!

  82. Lol at haters/antis saying that dbsk’s are bitching bout the ban. Oh how pathetic and idiotic, maybe UYOU should stop bitchin, do everyone a favor and gtfo.

  83. zzz… -__-

    just KBS and SM who know the truth~~

    we don’t need to be upset.. just watch it and enjoy it..

  84. “At least KBS was not sneaky about this. Despite the ban from appearing on Music Bank, So Nyeo Shi Dae still managed to win the K-Chart for Gee, their first win since their comeback over Baek Ji Young and K.Will.”

    I don’t really mind… I think KBS is pretty fair.
    But i feel sad only bcos i can’t see SNSD perf in MB in the meantime…. Hope it’ll be solved soon.

    Btw, i don’t get why there r some people who can’t chill and blame the artists. lol

    And the Gayo ratings…
    It’s obvious that SBS has the highest one. HAHAHAHA….
    i knew it just by watching it.
    I didn’t even bother to watch MBC n KBS, maybe later i’ll dl them.

  85. whoa whoa whoa…hold up, they were banned because they ddint attend one show on KBS? its funny, they don’t come to one show and KBS goes nuts and bans them…eventhough KBS does not need SM artistes to perform on their show and still succeed, this totally ruins their image. it just shows how theyre full of crap and can’t dismiss a small thing. 😦

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  87. Whoa… so THIS is why I’ve been seeing a lack of multitude of SNSD performances. That’s crazy. I seriously feel bad for SNSD, considering they’re finally coming back after a long hiatus, and this hits them.

  88. @crackykey,people that go on KBS are seen worldwide so I dont why SM doesnt need KBS.Its run by the government,people have to use their brain to figure out what SM is having beef with every station. MBC banned them before,they’re not allowed on Mnet,and SBS is mad at SM for having DBSK go before Rain at the Gayo festival and now KBS banned SM.are you guys blind to this?

  89. tsk tsk… Stupid SM
    This is exactly why I have lost all respect for SM.
    They cause so much drama and trouble.

  90. Also that was a bad move to piss KBS off. KBS is worldwide and on basic cable. SBS MBC and Mnet are not.

  91. All I can say is that KBS is being seriously immature and stupid. I mean, they missed it for personal reasons. Don’t expel a kid from school just because he had to go to Hawaii and attend another school for a day or two. Geez, how immature can KBS get? It’s like a little kid fretting because he didn’t get picked or something.

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  93. To me, problem starts with SME.

    It doesn’t seem to have any problem with other entertainment companies but why always SME? Even without having SM artists appearing in the 3 main boardcast station, both side still earn profits. Money could also be one of the problem!

    Korea nowadays everyday have new singers/groups debuting, who cares. Too many artists~ why not give chance to other new singers/groups or existing but still unpopular ones to get on air! Korea ent industies very xian shi. I rather petty those than caring all this.

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  95. this is retarded…LOLS.
    Mnet banned SM artistes because DBSK either came in late or didn’t appear at all in one of their shows.
    They got pissed and thus the ban.
    I realised that SM artistes always get banned because of DBSK.
    WHY?! DBSK’s always affecting Super Junior.
    & now, DBSK has this lawsuit against SM entertainment.
    They are such trouble makers.

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