Pledis Entertainment Unleashes 5-Member Girl Group After School

There’s no better time than now for companies to debut their new singers with all the big hitters either away or taking a break. In the absence of Son Dambi who is filming her Hollywood movie Hype Nation, Pledis Entertainment has unleashed a 5-member girl group After School on the music scene.

After School

Part of After School actually with Son Dambi at the year-end gayo shows last year. There was even talk that Son Dambi would be part of the group but apparently not. The group comprises of Park Ga Hee (leader), Kim Jung Ah, Yoo So Young, Bekha and Lee Joo Yeon. Leader Park Ga Hee is the rapper for Son Dambi’s Bad Boy single. Lee Joo Yeon is a famous internet ulzzang (pretty face) and appeared recently on MBC Introducing Star’s Friend with Son Dambi. Yoo So Young is also famous on the internet for being a Kim Tae Hee lookalike while Bekha hails from Hawaii. Kim Jung Ah had a album release in 2000.


2 of After School’s tracks Play Girlz and Ah were made available for streaming yesterday along with their Ah MV teaser. Sales of their mini-album will be available offline and online from 20th January. Pledis Entertainment expressed, “After School is a group that has been training for 2 years and is modeled after the Pussycat Dolls. They will be a group that Korea has never seen before. They will perform live on 17th January via Music Core and start promotions.”

63 thoughts on “Pledis Entertainment Unleashes 5-Member Girl Group After School

  1. I wish music producers would stop using the “made in sound” in the beginning.
    BEG has it
    UKiss has it
    Dambi has it.
    Now even them?
    Image is too slutty for me. But whatever, who am I to judge? Good luck to them.

  2. when i first saw the picture.. it was screaming “korean version of Pussy Cat Dolls” ! korea hasn’t seen this kind of group.. but to americans.. it’s just another lookalike but in a different language.. 😎

  3. considering that they were sort of modeled after PCD, the image just comes w/the territory. i’m looking forward to what they have in store, and although i’m not against their image, i think it might be a bit too much for the conservative koreans.

  4. the middle one has a banging body! the left two and the one to the far right are pretty and i agree.. the 2nd to the right is ok..

    and i think the “made in sound” spot is the producer’s imprint on the beat, so listeners know that it is that producer and therefore his popularity would expand 🙂

  5. If they dress like sluts what about hyori (after school’s clothing isn’t even that revealing)? Not bashing on her or anything but her clothes are just as suggestive if not more. Let’s be real people sex sells no matter if it’s right or wrong.

  6. I don’t understand why people keep on saying that it’s a concept Korea has never seen before, their image is different, etc. etc. because honestly it’s not. It seems like something Jewelry has done in the past and the beat in the beginning sounds like Seo Inyoung’s ‘Cinderella’ song and another Brown Eyed Girls song. It’s going to be tough for this group to succeed when you have much younger girls out there that appeals more to the general public.

  7. btw with all the trouble with like DBSK and Rain not being able to perform their songs on serveral music shows and all the censoring, and all the netizens going crazy over scandals and stuff, i doubt they will get far

  8. they scream pussycat dolls but their music screams girlicious… i hope they can change that, i don’t really like girlicious’ music compared to pcd’s music.

  9. i think its nothing new… i’ve seen othe girl groups with same style… they are like the korean version of pcd… i hope they do well… so many girl groups debuting this year… i wonder what happend to debuting solo artist…

  10. VALXD: ohh they use that because it’s the signature sound for the BRave Brothers. it’s like their “signature” so that’s why, and since recently people have really gotten bakk into the dance themed music, it’s perfect that they produced a lot of peoples songs.

    i like the after school’s concept!!
    but i was hoping that their Player Girlz song would be longer… it’s a short like 1 min something.. but i find that the only part that attracted me was the rapping in the beginning (or the part that was show cased on son dam bi’s performance)
    but i do wish them luck!

    however.. i’m still waiting for the girl big bang! (sista? or w/e their new name is now lOl)

  11. yeah i wonder about that too kpoplover123. Korean are so into groups. don’t see much people going solo now days. also, not to be mean or anything pcd isn’t all that great. i mean why chose to be like the pcd. everytime i watch their stuff its like one girl singing only while the other is just there to look good same iwth girlicious they’re not all that great either but at least some of the other looks have more lines then pcd. anyway, thanks for the news. good luck to these girls.

  12. I don’t think they’re sluts.
    Really, why can’t why try a new girl group on for a change. Their concept is interesting and fresh compared to korean girl groups now.

  13. They’re not really an idol group are they? because they’re not that young to start with. I love the song though.They’re talented. This image suits them since they are not at a young teen age. So,I got no problem with it.

  14. it’s pretty sad when people say they are too old.
    i think some of the singers these days are way too young. It’s like instead of getting more mature stable singers they just start to find them younger and younger.

  15. after listening to their title song i was quite disappointed. I think that playgrilz intro song would suit them better.

  16. haha..come on! ppl hate on anyone who is not “cute” these ppl can act sexy as much as they want at least they are not underage !! Their song is really catchy ^^ can’t wait to see it live..hope they are as good!

  17. I found out they’re also known as the female Big Bang.. haha.. After watching this, I’d rather stick to “Korean PCD” then female Big Bang..

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  19. How old are they anyway… and i heard that 1 of them ae micky yoochun’s ex girlfriend… i don’t know if it’s true though…sorry

  20. FINALLY.

    Welcome sexy.

    Bye bye cutesy.

    The korean music industry is overpopulated with cutesy bands. Finally something a little hot and a little dangerous. Woooo!

  21. @ VALXD
    don’t know if you’ll read this but its ‘brave sounds’. all the music is made by the brave brothers, a music production duo. its like when they scream out timbaland in songs that are produced by him. its just a signature. you can’t blame them. they are the ones that made the song.

  22. Sluts, wannabes..

    whatever they are called. It doesnt matter at least there is something new to look forward to. aren’t you sick of watching Music shows offering cute performances from girls? I mean, i am a HUGE fan of Wonder Girls but i think its better to leave it to them and have something new.

    give yourselves a break from the cute girls image.:D

    be positive. Just wish them a good break in Kmusic.

  23. i don’t think they look like SLUTS
    that’s kinna too much because i see WG’s irony concept was kinna like this or hyori’s and all
    but yeah, it’s true that they need to put out girlgroups with different concepts
    like punk-rock-ish types maybe

  24. modeled after pussycat dolls? the pussycat dolls have a reputation for being back-up dancers for their one main singer. i don’t know why they would want that.

  25. they are not pussycat wannabes =.= , the company just modeled them after PCD >.> you guys are getting too serious over their image, I’m glad that korea is finally having a freshly “sexy” girl group ^.^ am done with all the wondergirl crap as well as SNSD but what up with bands always being formed without friendship >.< hate the idea but it seems to work. But thats how trax is now silent as well as groups trying to be all lovy dovy with with their members

  26. They look hella sexy.
    I like but then again I’m a sucker for anything that doesn’t have “if you wanna pretty” in them. LMAO

  27. @ VALXD:
    there is a big difference between being a slut and a sexy image. Their image is sexy, do you wanna se a slutty image? LOL check out SNSD’s GEE shit.

  28. Wow…. ^ atleast come up with a valid “slutty” group… Realistic anti’s would know that SNSD is no where near slutty… no matter how much they hate them… =.=;;

    Anticipating… but expectations are low… I agree with the censoring 19 year old thing… might not get them enough coverage, but who knows…

  29. we’ll see just how well they perform when they take a stage and sing live.
    quite interesting, and good timing with WG’s nobody officially dying down etc
    and jewlery taking a break all they gotta do is make one big hit and they’ll have it under the belt

    but i’ll remain skeptical of them till i see some real action
    and their charisma on stage

  30. If I wanted to watch PCD, I’d watch PCD. If I wanted to listen to Girlicious, I’d listen to Girlicious. Honestly, I find it so hard to female artists to pull off the sexy concept (of course excluding Queen Hyori and Son Dambi.)

  31. I wish them lots of luck, I wonder how old they are?? hopefully they are not too young otherwise the sexy image will be weird!

    and hopefully they will be sexy and not slutty….but so far I like the sound of this song!

  32. @ VALXD
    ahahhaha so
    thats what it said? made in sound?
    i heard blade XD
    anyways i was curious cuz i thought
    all the ppl with that were with sondambis agency 😮
    cuz i heard with son first lol

  33. This is quite interesting to me… Seeing that Park Ga Hee used to be a backup dancer for a lot of my favorite Kpop artists. I’ll be sure to check it out because i thought she put a lot of flavor into her rap in Son dambi’s Bad Boy song. i always thought she was the prettiest backup dancer BoA has ever had. Can’t wait to see their debut performance.

  34. Wow. I definitely see the Pussycat Dolls influence, and I don’t mind that they’re basing it off that. They seem pretty good. I’m definitely looking forward to this. It’s nice to see an actual sexy girl group after Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, and KARA, the big three in the cute and not exactly sexy like this image. Seeya and BEG are not really in the sexy genre either, and Jewelry’s attempt at being sexy is not very successful in my opinion.

    I wish them lots of luck, and I’ll follow them definitely.

  35. I saw their debut and they were really good! Their dance was not a slutty sexy. Their dance was good and fitted their song. I’m glad they debuted at a mature age! If people just gave them a chance they will see what “AS” can do!!!

  36. I think it’s actually, “Play the sound.” xD But… I don’t really approve of their image but it’s nice to see a different style on the scene. Since they aren’t jailbait pushing the “cute image” like most of the new girls, I’d like to see more of them. They’re song isn’t that bad either. ^^” Eh… It still bothers me how similar to PCD (not that I listen to them in the first place).

  37. They’re too much like PCD to me…one of the girls even tries to pull off Kimberly’s signature move, lifting the leg up and all. Also, the set up of the stage for their debut is wayyy to similar to PCD when they first introduced their new single “When I grow up” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s almost like they used those same metal stairs. They lack a lot of orginality..personally..and some of them remind me too much of some of my friend’s moms 😦

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