Go Ara Unveils Her AMOR Pictorial

Go Ara unveiled her newest pictorial titled AMOR this afternoon.


The vacation concept pictorial was taken in southern Spain from 17 – 22nd December of last year. AMOR is a spanish word which means love. In the pictorial, Go Ara bring out the charisma of a mature woman, a contrast with her usual bubbly image with the European architecture serving as a backdrop. Ara also signed on her favourite photograph to serve as a remembrance.


AMOR pictorial pictures


57 thoughts on “Go Ara Unveils Her AMOR Pictorial

  1. at first I didn’t like the photos from Newsen, but then I saw the pics where she was modelling…and now I’m like sooo jealous…the last pic! OMG. but…(please DON’T get it wrong)..has she done plastic surgery? speaking of her eyes…-.-

  2. did you hear? Charice Pempengco is performing for the President Elect, Barrack Obama Inauguration Party on January 20.

    Many suspect its from her connections with Oprah.

    Just a tip ^^…

    .. that i will continue to send in.. LOL.

    ty coolsmurf, you have the best articles.

  3. i’ve no idea where this come from, but sooo suddenly i have thought that she is a changmin figure type…hahhaa…
    p/s:i’ve no idea why ive this kind of thought…hahaaha.. whatever…~~ this absurd idea juz coming up from nowhere..huhuu
    nwy, she is stunning in her own way..

  4. second to last if my fav sigh so pretty me so jealous
    I cant believe im such a jealous person but I dont hate anyone, I should give myself kudos for that

  5. she is definitely GORGEOUS! man, i’m jealous~
    her eyes are so pretty~
    i really like her ever since the 1st time i saw her. apart from jung ji hyun, she’s the 2nd in my list of gorgeous korean female actress. ^^

    n oh really? charice will be performing for Obama? wow~ she’s one lucky girl~
    how i wish obama will take over as soon as possible. the Israel-Gaza problem is getting worse…
    man~ why can’t people just live together in harmony n peace? why must kill each other. jeeeez~
    I HATE BUSH! (-_-)

  6. wow she’s gorgeous…love the pic of her with the poofy dress on the window sill…extremly photogenic

  7. i loved her in the drama “who are you”.. i always wondered where she went haha.. she’s so pretty in the pictures =).. while watching her act i noticed her beautiful eyes ! .. i wonder if they are contacts who if they are natural.. cuz they are like a light hazel and not the ordinary asian eye color.. either way.. she’s become more mature and prettier =) kawaiii

  8. She has a baby face that makes her look like she could be 13 ro something but she takes amazing photos!

    I always wonder where people have to go to take pictures like that. The backgrounds are freaking cool.

  9. @ jo – why does it matter if her eyelids are natural? Either way she’s amazingly gorgeous.


    This is a slight rant but I don’t understand why people are automatically put-off when they hear a girl got her eyelids or something else done. I read this in another thread but I found this to be true: someone mentioned that surgery merely enhances their natural features – like make-up. You have to have a natural base. If someone was born unattractive in the first place, surgery would only make them average at best. Surgery isn’t freakin’ magic – there’s only so much it can do.

  10. She’s definitely an eye catcher 🙂

    I am wondering how she got those hazel eyes of her? She’s not mix descent if I’m correct!

  11. She’s lovely, but doesn’t her teeth bother anyone? It’s like she’s perfect everywhere except her teeth. They’re kinda ..big..ish.

  12. @Hyewon

    Very well said. It amazes me how some people think cosmetic surgery is like a magic wand where you just wave it in front of an ugly person and make them beautiful.

    If anything, surgery more often than not makes them less attractive. Just take a look at Michael Jackson, he used to be a decent looking kid when he was younger.

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  14. hyewon, totally well said. it’s what i keep trying to tell people. i hate it when people go “omg she’s so gorgeous, too bad she’s plastic…she’s only pretty cuz she had surgery blahblahblah”

  15. Lols, some of you are ridiculous. Of course plastic surgery enhances your face. That’s the whole point of the procedure! Anyways, I’m not sure if Ara had her eyes done but I know for SURE that she fixed up her ears. She had huge ass Dumbo ears before.. Like massively huge! Personally, I can’t get past the whole unnatural factor. It’s just a constant reminder that she’s just another addition to all the Korean entertainers who fell under pressure and went under the knife. That’s why I can never really like her that much, or anyone who has gone under the knife for that matter.

  16. @callisto, I completely agree with you.

    speaking of my comment above (about her eyes that may have been “done”), it was just a question. but then again, if you’re pretty when you have done surgery before, it basically means that you’re uglier without those retouches. what I mean isn’t that she was ugly before (if she had any plastic surgery at all – thus I don’t even know how she looked like when she was younger), but that she wouldn’t look THAT gorgeous if she didn’t have her face done.
    you can’t call someone who’s hella sexy with a lot of make-up/or got his/her face fixed a “natural beauty”. so yes, she’s pretty and all, but I just hope it isn’t her “fake” face if you know what I mean.

  17. she’s so pretty! she almost reminds me of sunmi in the picture w/the white fluffy dress where she’s sitting in front of the mirror cause sunmi often makes that pose.

  18. I think it’s the lighting that made her eyes look that color, just like how all colors take on a different tint in different lighting. She does look absolutely breathtaking, the more I look at her the more mesmerized I am.

  19. I know I’m replying on this post really late… BUT! I have to say that the people who said that Go Ara’s just another celeb who fell under pressure to go under the knife. That may be true, but that’s a little harsh. Celebrities have their lives scrutinized at every turn. You’re not famous so you do not know what it is like to have random strangers look at you at say crap. At least Go Ara didn’t do anything serious like a complete facial re-do.

  20. yay, they really captured go ara’s beauty… she’s so gorgeous on d photos… even words can’t describe it… hehe

  21. She’s one of the prettiest young ladies in Korea.
    Not mentioning well-established top-notch actresses like Kim Tae Hee and Han Ga In who are drop-dead gorgeous.
    For young beauties, I’d vote for her, and perhaps Kim So Eun.
    Except for her height that may hinder her slightly, coz height do a play a part, arguably.
    Thus, I’d still vote for Go Ara as the top young beauty, with both the looks and height.
    She’s one lucky girl, getting into the industry at such a tender age, and have worked with Super Junior’s Kibum at the age of 16 (WTF?! *ENVY*) and DBSK’s Yunho at barely 20.
    It’s quite an achievement we have to admit, though we may be jealous of her (like hell for these respective boybands’ die-hard fans) that you want her to practically vanish, but, I salute her and (I do admit that) no matter in terms of looks, height and success, it’s every girls; dream to be.
    It seems to be she have a long way to go.
    And I wish her all the best, though I rarely even post comments on female celebrities’ news (normally Super Junior’s you’d be able to see me have tons of comments – LOL)

  22. She is pretty for sure. But it is only me who can see what kind of face she will have when she gets old?

  23. hi
    i am zagros.
    i com from IRAN
    I SEE FILM her. she is verry beuty full gerl.
    i can not type and gramer ENGLISH. I AM SORRY. tnx.

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